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Sexy Camgirl With A Big Butt Bends Over Naked
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It had taken me a long time to get here, even if "here" was a run-down condo on the edge of one of Chicago's suburbs. I'd talked to people, gone through search after search on the web, gathered clues, made contacts, and shelled out money, lots and lots of money.

But I was here at last. Most of the buildings around this unit were obviously empty, shaggy yards going to weeds around their foundations, once carefully-tended hedges now gone wild, a general air of decay about them all. Guess the bubble burst here pretty hard I thought to myself as I walked to the front door. Anyone who had half a brain could tell just by the door that there was something different about this unit. The paint on the siding was just as shabby, and the yard was in no better shape, but that slick, solidly-built metal door spoke volumes.

It said, in no uncertain terms "Don't come here unless you fuckin' got business here!" As I stepped up to it, I saw something up in the corner of the small overhang that protected the door from the rain.

It was a small, well-protected CCTV camera, and the shadows of the overhang nearly made it disappear. I didn't look directly at it, but I took note of it. Nobody, no matter how quickly they might try to approach, was going to get in here unless they were invited.or brought a lot of force. Well, I didn't have to bring force, I had an invitation. Once, there had been a string of bells, one for each of the units inside the building.

The old cover plate was long gone now, replaced by a single plain piece of steel with an old-fashioned-looking brass doorbell switch in its center. I pressed it, but I never heard a chime anywhere nearby. The old brass grate, and probably the speaker that had been installed when the building had been put up where still there, though, and that's where I heard the only noise come from.

"Yeah, what do you want?" a disembodied and slightly bored-sounding voice spoke to me from it. "Delivery. Sam's Pizza and I have three pies to drop off." I replied, giving the password I'd been given. I waited.

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For a moment, I thought that something had gone wrong, that my contact had been bullshitting me. Then I heard the buzz of the door lock being released and the voice from the grate said "Okay, come on in.". I did. I didn't go far, though. Inside, just out of sight from anyone who might be watching from the outside, stood two men who looked like they could have played tackle on any pro football team.

Behind them stood a third man who didn't need to be so big: he had a Browning 9MM in his hand, and while that arm was hanging at his side, he watched me with the intent concentration of someone watching for his moment to shoot. One of the big thugs produced a hand-held metal detector wand and went over me with practiced thoroughness, finding nothing but my car keys and the handful of change I had in my pocket.

He finished, stepped back and motioned to the door of what had once been the managers suite. "Go on in there, they'll get you taken care of." he said.

"Thanks." I replied, turning towards the door. I watched the gunman, who kept his eyes on me, and noted that he never relaxed, even after I'd been cleared.

Not a man you want to piss off. I noted to myself. I opened the door and stepped into what had probably once been a hall. Now, the wall had been partially knocked down to make space for desk, it's occupant, and the two security men who flanked him. They had the same look as the gunman, a cold and calculating look, and while neither had a gun in sight, both had the tell-tale bulge near their armpit that spoke of a shoulder holster.

They didn't smile, but the man at the desk did. He had the looks for his job: a sleazy-looking weasel of a man with a face full of expensive teeth to match the tailor-made suit he wore.

He rose and extended a hand. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Mr. Sams and I.manage this establishment. And you are.?" he asked. "I'm a friend of Mr. Willis. He recommended you to me, and I hope his glowing.description of your facility was not all flattery and fine words." I replied as I took his hand and shook it. Mr. Sams gave me a surprisingly firm handshake. A weasel, but one that probably still has his teeth. I though as I let go of his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Willis is a very good friend of mine, and a valued.customer. I am so glad to hear that he trusts you enough to have suggested the idea of paying us a visit." Sams sat back down at his desk and opened a large drawer on one side of it.

He drew out a large portfolio and laid it on the desk in front himself. "I don't know if Mr. Willis explained how thing operate, so I will tell you now so there are no.unfortunate misunderstandings. These are photos of our.merchandise. You may look through the book and select the.item you wish to have. If it is.unavailable, then you will have the option to select an alternative item, or to wait until the item you want is.available." With that, Sams slide the book to me and continued his speech.

"Once you have made your selection and we are sure it delivered, we will ask what.time frame you wish to have the item for, and are planning on doing with it.

We will then tell you what this will cost and you will pay, as there are no negotiations here. Is all of this clear?" I nodded to let him know I understood and opened the book. Each page featured a different young woman, and the images went from them dressed in different outfits to at least two of them completely nude. I flipped through them slowly, admiring the selection and trying to figure out which one I wanted.


Several caught my eye as I made my first pass, and I tried to mark each page so I could go back again for a second look. It took me three passes before I chose the woman I wanted, one labels "Angie" with long blond hair, a slim body and what were listed as C-cup sized breasts. With the book open to her page, I turned it around and announced "I want her.

Is she available?" Mr. Sams looked down at the picture, pulled a small book out from under the desk and examined it. "Why, yes, she is!


You're quite lucky, she is one of our most popular items. So how long do you wish to be with her, and what, precisely, do you intend to do with her?" he asked, a greasy smile spreading across his face. "I'd like, say, a couple of hours with her and as far as what I want to do.well, I guess all holes service.bare if I can have it." I replied.

Now Mr. Sams' face fell. "Oh, I'm sorry, we don't allow bare service here except if you want oral. It's for our customer's protection, after all!

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So, if you can live with that." He left the question in the air, watching my reaction. I wasn't happy, but I wasn't sure I was going to leave this place without some sort of problem if I didn't want this, so I nodded and agreed. Sams gave me a price. It wasn't cheap, but for what I wanted.I pulled out my credit card and handed it over. "I will be watching my card statement, by the way, so if there are any sudden extra 'charges' I can't explain, I will be making some calls to my card company.

Do you understand me, Mr. Sams?" I said as he prepared to swipe it. "Oh, of course sir. I must caution, though, that are charges are usually broken up into at least three payments.

This is to keep the card company from becoming suspicious, and also to make it easier to.keep the billing, shall we say, less obvious?" he replied as he fed my card through the machine. I had no problem with that, so I waited while the card cleared, then reached out for it when he was done. Sams didn't let it go, though. He kept a grip on it to get my attention and added a little more to the rules, information I could have lived without having.

"There is one other thing I should tell you,sir. We monitor all our rooms here, partially because many of our customers enjoy taking a.reminder of their time here with them. It also allows us to make sure that the customers don't forget to 'protect' themselves, and it also lets us make sure that they don't get too.enthusiastic, shall we say, with the merchandise. We take an extremely dim view of customers who do things like that." Sams leaned towards me, and the sharp-toothed weasel came back in full force.

"So, sir, if you do something that might keep the woman from being ready for her next customer, or worse, if you mark her in any way that might distract from other customers enjoyment of her. Well, I'll put it to you this way: two of my larger employees will hold you down, then I'll find a nice, dull knife to use. I'll cut your cock off, then your balls, then.I'll show you what I do to people who really piss me off.

Are we clear?" At that point, Sams had his face only a few inches from me, and it was clear that he was not only serious, but that he'd probably enjoy something like that. I nodded, letting him know I didn't want any trouble. Sams opened another drawer on the desk to reveal a rack of keys. He selected one, stood and said "If you'll come with me, I'll take you to your.'delivery'." We went back out and up a set of stairs.

After climbing to the second floor, he led me down a corridor to what had once been the "D" unit of the condo, the letter still visible in the faded paint of the door. Sams didn't use the key here, as the door was unlocked. Inside, the room bore no resemblance to any conventional room lay-out I knew.

Instead of an open, cheery room, we stepped into a narrow corridor featuring cheap plywood walls showing all the signs of hasty building. On either side, doors opened onto that narrow passage, door I saw, as we walked past, that had large deadbolts placed on the outside.

They were there for a reason, because they weren't keeping anyone out, but keeping someone in. I found that out when we turned a corner and stopped at yet another door, this one clearly in an opening from the original construction. Sams put the key he'd gotten from the drawer in the lock, turned it, and then turned to me. "Someone will knock on the door ten minutes before your time is up.

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If you aren't.finished and ready to leave by that time, our man will haul you out, in whatever state you're in, and you'll be thrown out the front door just the same way.

Are we clear?" I nodded and Sams smiled at me before adding "Well, then, enjoy yourself, sir!" and walking off. I took hold of the door knob, took a deep breath, and opened the door. I hadn't been sure what to expect in the room. Willis had been very vague when he'd told me about this place, but I wasn't prepared for the bare functionality of it all.

There was a low stand beside the door, and a chair next to it that were clearly intended for the use of the 'customer'. There was a large light fixture in the center of the ceiling and it was not only on, but any shades that might once have been over the bulbs were now gone, leaving the room bathed in a bright, glaring light. Opposite the door was a garbage can and another stand that held a dispenser of cheap disinfectant wipes and a large, open box of Trojans.

Beside the stand, a mattress was on the floor, and on it I saw the young woman I'd selected from the book. She was curled up in a ball, naked except for what looked like a dog collar. It took me a moment to figure out that it was one, specifically, one of those collars some people put on their dogs to keep them in their yard.

The collar could give a shock strong enough to keep a stubborn dog in a yard, so I had no doubt it could keep a young woman in a room like this. At first, she didn't look at me. But when I closed the door, the noise must have roused her from whatever thoughts she had been having. She looked up at me with a confused sort of stare, then she spoke.

"Are you here to get me out? Please, I promise, if you let me go, I won't say anything about this. I just want to go home. Please!" She was just as pretty as I thought she'd be, and watching her face as I undressed, as my now-hard, thick, seven inch cock came into view was just what I'd imagined it would be. As I walked over to her, she pulled back, acting as though she could crawl through the wall behind her and hide. Sorry, little girl, no such luck!

I thought as I came up to her and grabbed a handful of her long blond hair. "Suck my cock, bitch! I need you to swallow some cum so I can last a good long time while I fuck that pussy of yours!" I half-yelled at her. I had hold of her hair, tightly enough that she must have been in a fair amount of pain. Either that, or she knew that she was going to do this no matter what. Her mouth came open and I shoved my cock into it, slapping her hand away so I could get as far down her throat as possible.

I shoved her head back against the wall and began to give her a fairly brutal face fucking. I could hear and feel her gagging as my cock hit the back of her mouth. Knowing she wasn't broken enough to be able to deep throat me made it more enjoyable for me, and caused me to fuck her mouth even harder.

I was slamming into her mouth now hard enough that I could hear her head bouncing off the wall every once in a while.

The thrill, the rough and nasty nature of it, made me start to cum faster than I'd cum in years, and the load I felt squirting out of my balls reminded me of some of the performances when I was in my teens. I held her head against the wall, my cock buried as far down her throat as it would go, and forced her to swallow every drop of jiz I poured into her. As the first shot hit her, I felt her try to retch, then swallow, and my cock popped fully down her throat, so I could empty every drop straight into her belly.

I pushed against her face harder, shoving her nose flat against my crotch, enjoying the sweet afterglow of having raped her mouth. Ah, one down, two to go!

I thought as I relaxed and slowly eased myself back out of her throat. She coughed, took a deep breath, coughed again, and began to cry. I let her go for a moment until she started getting on my nerves. "Time to quick that fucking shit, whore! Open you fucking worthless mouth and get to work getting me hard again.

Come on! I don't want to make you wait all day now, do I?" I asked, and laughed at the look on her face. Yes, she knows what she's getting me hard again for. Little slut is learning, isn't she? She also knew what to do next. She took my dick in her hand and began slowly jerking me.

Every other stroke, she licked the head, giving me the extra stimulus that helped my cock harden in near-record time. Time for me to get some of the nice, tight pussy! I thought and pulled back from her. I had to take a step away from her to reach the box of condoms. She started to get up, like she thought she could run, but as her head went over the edge of the mattress, she gave a jerk and I heard a distinct snap, like a static electricity discharge.

So they've got the restraint set up to keep her in her place, huh? I thought to myself, and an interesting idea popped into my head. I grabbed a packet out of the box, ripped it open and rolled the condom down my cock. Ah, time for some serious partying! I thought and smiled. "Get out your hand and knees, bitch!" I yelled at the girl. She was stunned from the shocking, and seemed confused.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her towards me. Zap! went the collar again, causing her to jerk hard enough to almost pull out of my grip. I kept her in place. Zap! Zap! Zap! She received three more jolts before I shoved her back onto the mattress.

I climbed on after her, shoving her onto her back. "Well, then, if you don't want to be fucked like a bitch in heat, I guess we'll just have to fuck the old fashioned way!" I said with a laugh as I yanked her legs apart.

I crawled closer, leaned forward and took a firm hold on my dick. It only took me a second to find the opening to her fuck hole, and as soon as I was lined up, I put all my strength into the shove up her snatch. She was dry, and my dick nearly folded because she was so tight, but I got in nearly to the hilt on that first shove. For her part, the girl arched her back and screamed in pain. "OOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! God, it hurts!!!!! Pleeeeease, please take it out!!!" she screamed.

"You want it out? Oh, I'm happy to oblige!" I pulled myself back, then rammed forward again, hitting bottom hard this time. With that, I started fucking her as hard and fast as I could. She kept yelling, begging me to stop, but hearing her cries just made me adjust my position so I could slam her harder.

With her being dry and seemingly naturally very tight, I was glad I'd raped her mouth to get rid of my first load.I wouldn't have lasted five minutes otherwise! By now, I was hammering her snatch like a wild animal, her legs by now locked up on my arms so she was open as wide as I could get her. Part of me wanted to ripe the condom off and finish off dumping my load in her womb, but the memory of Sams warning smile kept that impulse under control.

Can't stop me from imagining I'm raping a baby into this little whore though, can you Mr. Sams? I thought as I plowed away at her. The human body adapts, though, and her body was starting to react to the fucking she was getting. Her pussy was wet now, and I could feel her trying to move with me, that she was getting into the sex. "Oh, yeah, baby, you like a good rough fuck, don't you whore?

DON'T YOU!" I screamed the last in her face and came to a stop balls deep in her. She had her face half covered with her arm, like she was ashamed that I knew she wanted more, but she spoke anyway.

"Yes, it feels good, don't stop." she sobbed out. "So tell me what you want, whore? Come on, SAY IT" I yelled at her again. "And look me in the eye when you say it, slut!" She pulled her arm aside and looked at me. I could see her hate, but I could see her need to get off too. "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!

GO ON, FUCK ME GODDAMN IT, YOU OLD FUCKING PERVERT!" she screamed at me, and I was happy to give her what she now so obviously wanted. I went back to hammering her, but now, she grabbed my ass and started pulling me in on my forward strokes. She kept up a constant stream of filthy talk, telling me how she wanted to be fucked, how much she loved my hard cock ramming into her.

Having her fuck me back, and fuck me like the whore I knew she was, pushed me quickly towards the edge again. She got there first, though. I felt her nails dig into my ass, her hands clench on it, then her whole body went ridged. she threw back her head, screamed "OH, FUUUUUCCKK ME, IIIIIIIIIMMM CCCCUUUUUUMMMMMMMIIIINNNGGG!" and I felt her pussy squeeze my dick tight.

That was all I could take. I roared myself as I felt my balls pull up and what felt like a gallon of cum flooded into the condom. My hips bucked a few times, spasms as I tried driving myself even deeper into her, and for a moment, I thought I might pass out from the rush of pleasure. I did fall forward onto her, letting all my weight come down on her, but I didn't give a shit.

No need to try to be a gentleman when you're raping a whore! I thought to myself and felt a smile spread over my face, knowing what I'd do next. After a moment, I rolled off of her, reached down and stripped the condom off. As I watched it come off, I was actually pretty proud, as I could see the entire tip swollen up, filled out tight with my load. Part of me thought to dump its contents out on her now well-fucked pussy, see if some of those little swimmers might manage to get up where they belonged, but I knew that would be inviting trouble.

I tossed the entire mess towards the small garbage can next to the bed and laid back for a rest. Beside me, I could hear the girl breathing deeply, then begin sobbing.


I looked at her, her arm covering her face again, tears coming out from underneath it, and almost felt sorry for her. Almost! Time to move on to the final act. I moved so my mouth was next to her ear and whispered to her. "Why are you crying?

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Did it feel good, having me fuck you?" I asked her quietly. She didn't say anything, just nodded her head in agreement. I touched the breast closest to me lightly, running my hand over her nipple. I watched it stiffen and knew she had a lot more fucking in her. Good, just what I need! I thought. "Would you like to feel good again? Is it bad that you get some pleasure from this, is that what you think?" I said, hoping she'd take the bait.

She did. She nodded, and I whispered to her some more. "It's just your body, not you. It can give you pleasure, so why not enjoy it? Would you like to enjoy it, would you like me to make you feel like that again?" I said, pushing hard while I knew she was weak.

At first, she didn't reply, then she nodded again and said "I know it isn't right, but if you're going to do it, I want to enjoy it." I smiled.

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Gotcha! was the only thought that flashed through my mind as I spoke to her. "Okay then, I know a position that will help you feel it at it's best. Roll over, get up on your hands and knees, and I'll make it feel better than you've ever felt it before." I watched her as she did as I told her to, secretly reflecting on how she was preparing herself not for her own enjoyment, but for mine.

When she was in position, kneeling like a bitch in heat, I got up, rolled another condom on and got behind her. "Move your legs apart so I can get my cock into your pussy." told her calmly, and watched her obey.

I lined myself up with her, caught the head of my dick in her slot, and slowly shoved forward. When I hit bottom, I stopped and took in the feeling of her incredible pussy again.

Then I drew back and started fucking her. I kept the pace slow, making sure to keep as much pressure down on my dick so I was sure to rub her clit as much as possible. I wanted her really hot before I moved to the final act.

She started coming to life, fucking me back now with as much energy as I was using on her. Withing a few moments we were moving at a steady pace together, the slapping sound of my pelvis hitting her ass punctuating our sex.

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I picked up the pace, really starting to hammer her hard. She began to almost throw herself back at me, wanting to get me even deeper inside her. "Oh, god, you're right! That feels sooooooo good! Just keep fucking me like that!" she said, her mind now fixed on one thing: orgasm. Not right now, whore!

I thought to myself. I was ready and I put my final plan into motion. I pulled back, like I was readying myself for a really hard thrust, but instead, I pulled my dick out of her pussy. I didn't take long, but she started to shift and whine, wondering where the instrument of her pleasure had gone to. Time for you to find out where it's going, bitch!

Went through my mind as I put the head of my cock against her asshole and shoved. She'd loosened up some, the effects of her drive for orgasm, and even when she felt my dickhead starting to try opening her shit shute, she seemed to not quite figure out what was happening. I took hold of her hips and shoved forward, hard. As the head started forcing her asshole open, she figured out what I was doing and started to scream. "NO, NO, TAKE IT OUT.GODS, NOT THERE!!!!!!

As she tried to pull away, I pulled her back and shoved my hips forward, putting everything I had into that thrust. I went in, and I went in deep, nearly half way up. Her screams went from pleading to howls of pain.

I pulled back and shoved forward again, getting in to the hilt on the second try. Fuck, was her ass tight! Even with myself all the way in, I could barely move, so her wiggling and struggle helped stimulate me a lot. I pulled back and slammed forward again, wringing another scream from her. Then I started the real business of raping her ass. She tried to get away for a while longer, and I kept a firm hold on her, but after a bit, the fight went out of her.

I let go of her hips, leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "This is what whores who cum while they're being raped get.they get their asses raped! Enjoy it, bitch, because I sure am!" I'd cum twice now, so even though her asshole never really loosened up much, I was able to keep fucking her; long, hard, brutal strokes that I noticed where beginning to draw blood after a while.

I whispered into her ear again, enjoying the moment. "You're starting to bleed out your ass, bitch. I just wish the fuckers who run this place weren't watching, I'd rape your ass bareback so you'd have the pleasure of shitting my cum and your own blood for the rest of the week!" I decided to have one final bit of fun with the whore.

I ran my fingers down her leg, then up to shove first two, then three fingers into her pussy, and I started finger fucking her as well. I adjusted my position so I could bring my thumb to bear on her clit and began to work her over.

She must have been in a fair amount of pain, because it took a good amount of time before I began to feel her shift herself and respond to the finger banging she was getting.

Respond she did, though, and she started humping my hand, fucking herself in the ass as she did so. Oh, yeah, bitch, get that ass working for me! I was covered in sweat and my thigh muscles were starting to ache, but I could feel that glow in my balls that told me I was just about ready to deliver load # 3.

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I wanted one thing before I got off, though. I shifted my hand around, pulled my index finger out of the whores twat, and used it to pinch her clit, hard.

It got the desired result. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" she screamed as every muscle in her body seemed to freeze up.

Her pussy clamped down on the fingers still in it, and her juices flowed almost like she'd just squirted. Oh, yeah, you enjoyed that one, didn't you, whore! I thought, then my own needs blotted all other thought out of my head. The effect of her orgasm on my cock was that her already tight ass grabbed hold of me like it would never let go.

That was fine by me, as I gave her one final thrust and let fly with one hell of a respectable third load. I held her tight, keeping my dick hilted in her asshole, feeling my own body shudder with the joy of release. Then, I let go of her.

She toppled forward, as limp as if she were dead, but I knew she was still coming down from the orgasm she'd just had. This time, I reached down, rolled the condom off my cock, and, rolling her over, poured the contents out onto her face. Then I laughed at her. "Yeah, now I know you're a real whore, cause only a complete whore would cum while she was being raped in the ass!" I told her, and enjoyed the disgusted look that spread over her face.

Looking at her, I had some serious thoughts about forcing her to get me hard again so I could rape her one more time. I didn't get the chance, though. There was a knock on the door, followed by a voice saying "Time to wrap it up in there, so get done and get ready to get out!" I looked at her, lying there trying to wipe my cum off her face, and slapped her hands away.

"You leave my cum where I put it, bitch, until after I'm out of this room, you understand? I might be leaving, but that doesn't mean I can't spend a few minutes before I go with my hand up your worthless snatch to the elbow now, does it?" She gave me a look of horror, and I gave some thought to doing just what I'd threatened. No, better to not run the risk this time.

I figured, and concentrated on getting dressed. After I finished getting my shoes on, I walked over to her one final time and grabbed her face in my hand.

"Next time, I might buy you for a whole night. Now, wouldn't that be fun? Would you like to spend an entire night with me while I rape the hell out of you?" She looked at me in disgust and spit at me. I slapped her across the face, hard. "You better hope they move you somewhere else before I can come back, cause next time, I'm going to finish by shoving one hand into your whore snatch, and the other as far up your worthless ass as I can get it. I don't know about you, but that sure as hell sounds like a fun way to spend an evening to me!" I heard the door open, saw the look of absolute fear on her face, and laughed as I walked out the door.

It was the gunman who had come to get me, but while he watched me just as closely as the first time, his gun was in its holster and he made no threatening moves towards me. He escorted me back to Mr. Sams desk, where the gentleman in question was waiting, a DVD in his hand. He held it out to me as he addressed me. "Here is all the video of your.adventure. I hope you find it quite as.enjoyable to watch as you found it to make. Do you have any questions before you leave?" I had tons of questions, but decided to limit myself to two.

"Yes, How long do you usually keep the girls here?" I asked. Sams frowned at me, but answered. "That depends on the girl and how much in demand she is. Girls like the one you just saw; slim, blond 14 year olds, are.a very valuable commodity, so she'll be here a while. However, if you do come back to see her again, I would strongly advise against trying anything of the nature you threatened her with." I'd known there was a good chance the room was bugged, but I guess I hadn't thought they'd be listening after I was finished.

I must have shown my recognition of that problem, because Sams continued speaking on the subject, his eyes narrowing. "I will remind you of the rules: No activities that might diminish other people's enjoyment of the merchandise! Mind you, I too enjoy the look of fear on a young girls face, and will use threats freely to make a point, but in the case of visitors such as yourself, they will remain just that: threats. I will remind you of that any digression from the rules brings.unpleasant results.

Are we clear?" I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut and simply nodded. ""Any other questions?" Sams prompted me, his face relaxing to a sort of bored attention. "Yes, just one more." I replied. "Mr. Willis spoke to me at some length about some of your more.specialized services. Specifically, he said you do.custom jobs, specific requests. Is that so?" Sams eyes narrowed again. "I think that the next time Mr. Willis is in our establishment, I shall have to have a very long and very.pointed discussion with him about speaking of this place.

To address your question, though, yes, we do that sort of work. Do you have something.special or specific you wish to.enjoy?" I looked him in the eye now. I knew what I wanted. "Yes, Willis said you will.acquire specific.merchandise, and that you will allow the person who pays for this to be the first person to.use the merchandise. Is that so?" Sams nodded, his eyes still narrow, and answered. "Yes, it is. If we decide that the merchandise is worth acquiring, then we will allow the person who makes the request to be part of the initial.breaking-in period.

Specifically, they can be the ones who start the.process. What merchandise is it that you wish to have us acquire? Is it a particular type, or is it a specific.item in mind?" "I have a specific item in mind, but I want to know: just what does the 'breaking-in' process involve?" I answered. "The item is brought here, the.consignee has their time to use it, then I and the rest of my associates take over and.make sure that the item is ready to use.

We will often, if the item looks as if it will be demand, notify certain people who are on a special list and offer them the chance into the process. Some items are in enough demand that they can draw as many as, oh, twenty successful bidders, and all of the winners join us in the.breaking-in.

Does that answer your questions?" he said, giving me a final stare. "Yes, that's just what I was hoping." I replied, pulling a photo out of my pocket. I placed it on the desk and slid it to Sams.

"Oh, very nice! I think this one will be very much in demand! What can you tell me about her?" Sams asked, actually licking his lips as he ran his eyes hungrily over the picture. 'Her address is on the back of the picture. She's 12 and she's my daughter. I want you to bring her here so I can rape her, then.she's all your to sell to any man you want.

I do set two demands on this though: the first is that I want all, and I do mean all of the video of her being broken in. The second is that when I rape her, I get to rape her bare. If I can, I want to rape a baby in that little slut's womb." "No, I can't let you do the second, I'm sorry." "Why not? I'm clean as far as STD's are concerned." "Oh, I'm not worried about whether the girl catches anything, it's just that, if she's pregnant, she can't work, can she?

And after all, this establishment is about the girls making us money." I looked at him like he was stupid, which I thought he was. "Oh, you might miss a month of two of time, but then again, how much do you think you could get from some of your.customers for the chance to rape a pregnant 12 year old girl?" Sams eyes narrowed again, but I could see that this time, it was in contemplating the possibilities. After a moment, he looked at me, smiled, and held out his hand.

"Sir, I like the way you think! Shall we discuss the details?" "Gladly!" I replied, taking his hand and shaking it. Finally, after years of watching and wanting, I had the chance I'd been waiting for.

No more finding young girls and raping them, now I'd get what I'd always wanted: the chance to rape my own daughter, to rape her and impregnate her. Who says life isn't good! I though as I sat down to plot my own daughters degradation and enslavement.