Maggie Green gets dildoed by her girl and then sucks some cock

Maggie Green gets dildoed by her girl and then sucks some cock
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UNEXPECTED VISITOR PART EIGHT Thursday morning arrived as my alarm once again pulled me out of a deep sleep. This time Brett also woke up and turned to face me as we lay fighting off the temptation to slip back to sleep. We had made good progress with the job but only had two days left if we were to finish as planned, so we knew that we had to put in the hard yards today and tomorrow. Brett's hand slid over under the sheet and found mine.

He just held it gently as we lay there waking up. After about 5 minutes, we came together in a nice close cuddle; our naked bodies once again face to face and pressed gently together. Brett put his head on my chest and said quietly "Mate…I don't want this to end. I know I will have to go back home in a few days but I will never forget this time in my life Dan.

You have set me on the way to finding out who I am and what path I want my life to follow. The biggest hurdles are yet to come and I don't dare to think too much about that just now.


I know though, that you will be here for me to help me along and that makes me feel so good. I can't thank you enough." "Wow Brett; that was some speech" I said quietly. "I have no worries about that. You will find your way without too many hassles.

You only have to be yourself and stand up for what you believe to be right. This experience has certainly been an eye opener for you. I feel that it has given you a snapshot of how it might be to live a gay lifestyle.

Later, you may find that your attraction towards the opposite sex will become stronger.

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Maybe it won't. Only you will know within yourself what the truth is and NEVER be ashamed of what that might be." I continued "If you are lucky, as I feel I am, you will be able to enjoy 'The best of both worlds' as my wife puts it; and you are right mate.

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I am here for you for any support you need." With that said, I gave Brett a little kiss on the cheek and we climbed out of bed. This day was fairly normal and we both worked hard.

We even managed to work on until nearly dark before packing it in and heading back to our little cabin. On the way, we stopped to pick up some take-away fish and chips. We were both very hungry and looked forward to a good feed as the aroma from the packet promised. We just took our boots off, washed our hands and got stuck into the meal along with a couple of coldies as well of course.

We had been eating at the little table on the veranda and the evening air was fresh and with just a hint of cool in it. It was very pleasant just sitting there as the night time closed in. Thankfully no one came by or had asked us to do anything else tonight.

We were both so tired that we just wanted to be alone with each other like this with our legs touching under the table and the great feeling of happiness we were sharing. Tomorrow was going to be another full day so we headed for bed about 9pm. First though, we took off our dirty clothes and headed for the shower together.

The warm water on our tired muscles was so soothing that we both just hung over each other and let the water flow over us. I would have thought that we were both a bit too tired for any sexual activity tonight but Brett obviously thought otherwise.

That's youth for you!! After a few minutes of soaking up the warm water, he took the soap in his hands and started rubbing it over my back. He built up a good lather then used both his hands to wash every square cm of my back and legs and whatever was in between.

His touch had a remarkable affect on me as by the time he turned me around, my dick was nearly fully erect and threatened to jab him in the stomach. He didn't blink an eyelid as he started the same treatment on my shoulders, working his way down my arms and chest. When he reached my belly, he was very careful NOT to touch my now throbbing rod.

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He skilfully washed around it soaping up my pubes then straight down to the tops of my legs. He lathered up my hairy legs and massaged them from my ankles to my crotch and back down again.

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Then he stood up with a devilish grin on his face and said "You can do the rest". I said "No way! You have to finish the job or you don't get paid". "Oh!" he answered; "what do I get paid?" "You will have to finish in order to find that out mate; and it had better be done properly." So with that, Brett took the soap and lathered up his hands.

The next thing, he slipped his whole soapy hand sideways into the crack of my ass and started stroking my tight, puckering hole. Then further down and along the perineum to my ball sack and back again. He repeated this movement slowly and gently about 5 times before re-soaping his hands.

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Now he reached round from the back and cupped my balls with one hot and soapy hand as he massaged the full length of my tool up and down, up and down while his rock hard dick was probing at my ass cheeks. No one had ever done this to me before and I couldn't believe it was feeling so good. "OH man!" I groaned; "you are sure learning fast." Brett kept this rhythmic movement going slowly as his hard cock poked in and out of my crack. As he pushed in, the tip of the head gently touched my hole then slid up between my cheeks adding so much more sensation to his action.

We were both quickly getting close to blowing and this time it was my turn to say "please don't stop." He just whispered, "I wasn't planning to; don't worry." There followed a bit of a giggle then a loud grunt from Brett as he pushed in one more time.

His hard dick pushed against my twitching hole and I felt it slip all the way in just as he blasted a big, warm load up his shaft and into my ass. This had the most amazing affect on me and I immediately followed suit.

My balls and prostate seemed to pump hard as the hot love juice shot from my cock. It hit the glass shower screen and mingled with the steamy water as it slipped down the glass. We were both panting hard now and our tired legs almost gave way. I turned to Brett and as I hugged him I said, "Man oh man!

Whoever becomes your partner in life will be the luckiest person alive if you treat them like you treat me." "Thank you Dan. I just hope they will treat me the way you do. Then I'll be sure to be happy." We slowly dried off and headed for the bedroom. When we got there, I said "I don't think I can 'pay' you adequately after what you just did but maybe you would like your back and legs massaged before you fall asleep." "Oh Dan, that was just a joke;" he laughed.

"No payment required, but if you really do insist, I won't say no to a massage." "Right, just lie down and let me go to work." I replied. I had no massage oil but I did have some powder. That would do quite well. So after I sprinkled some powder on Brett's legs, I climbed up on the bed, straddled him, and rubbed his tired legs and back. When I had finished I asked him to roll over so I could do the front but I got no response.


Brett was fast asleep. I just pulled the covers over him and fell into bed my self. I was asleep in seconds also.