Adorable les squirting while pussylicked

Adorable les squirting while pussylicked
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Epilog : Who Me a Wizard A sad looking Halfling opened his eyes to a world of white he did not understand why the world was white. He did not know what snow was.

His next thought who am I, why am I cold. He was startled by the booming voice of a Silver-back Ogre, "Ambrose what are you doing in my territory? Did you bring your daughter?" The sniveling Halfling shivered and and said, "Who.Who. are you? Who is Ambrose?" The Ogre was startled by this response and placed both of his very large hands on the head of the Halfling. The first thing he spotted was the thought that maybe the ogre was going to eat him.

The 2nd thing was that the Halfling really didn't care. Every thing else seemed to be a big void. The Silver Wizard, Jo-be, took this as a challenge and he dove inside the mind of this pitiful halfling. It seemed that it was in a vast hall way with thousands of doors all shut and locked.

Jo-be began to systematically break down the doors and rape the mind of all its information. The information was then cast into the snow no longer useable. Jo-be crashed thru doors until he had the full story. Most of the story he laughed at especially the part about the Civet cat and its teeth. But the part he did not laugh at dealt with Marona.

That virgin pussy was promised to him. That was a crime that couldn't be left unpunished. The Black wizard would have to pay. First he would have to plan and figure how to enter the Black's domain. Anil and I was walking around the school grounds and I was explaining to her things about how Goshen differed from Earth.

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She had caught on to the clothes thing within 5 minutes of arriving and she had conjured her self clothes like she was seeing other women wearing. I asked her how are you getting used to the Bra and Panties. My face turned a little red with her answer. "What is a Bra and Panties." I stared to explain but then thought why bother.

Instead I asked her how long she was going to stay and where was Streek. " I am staying until I am sure that the spells worked on Ambrose and you are really safe. Streek and slinky are around somewhere. That spell you used on her works really well." That brought up another problem I discovered when I asked where they were staying. Her answer was "With you." We devised a spell and cast it on my family. They would not think anything about her being there in the house.

Each morning when we left for school as soon as we stepped out side the front door she would appear to my brother as if she had been waiting there for us. We would then walk to Ramona's house and she would walk the rest of the way with us. Ramona was no longer a sub in my class. She was teaching Senior English. So there was no hint of favoritism. The first day Ramona was a little put out that there was another girl with me. But with a little tweak she was alright. After school I showed her around town and she was fascinated by two things.

Cheese burgers and Malts. Movies and TV also got her attention. Slinky's voice interrupted my thoughts 'Al do you have snow leopards here in your village?' 'No and my town is to small to even have a zoo. so why do you ask.' I felt a strong grip on my arm. I looked at Anil she sad, " I think we have trouble. You do not have Snow Leopards as pets, Streek says the one he saw was full grown." " The only familiar snow leopard I know of belongs to The Silver Wizard, a Silver-back Ogre.

The snow leopard morphs into a silver haired lady a real temptress." "She will be after you and she is a seductress. Remember one thing her enchantment is strong. If I slap you hard it will be to snap you out of her clutches not in anger." "What about the silver wizard.why would he come after me and what does he look like." " Al first off he was an ally of the Green, it was rumored that Marona was promised to him as untouched.

His looks are a little hard to describe.He is an Ogre." Anil looked at me and said, He is at least a foot taller than you and he has long shaggy white hair with 2" fangs always showing from his mouth.

"That should be easy enough to spot a six foot hairy beast should be easy to spot around here." "Don't get cocky Al." " He creates and illusion and you never know if it is him. Except it is difficult to hide his size. Now this description is sort of rough,'' Jo-be has a barrel chest about 60" waist about 45" his thighs are 38" and his calf's about 24" His feet are about 12" long and 4 times the width of your shoe." I wear a size 11ee. " His size he can't hide, Oh and the size of his biceps are as big as most men's thighs." I must admit I had begun to look at the large men walking near us.

I decided not to let it get the better of me. I took Anil to the movies they were showing ' Men in Black' again when it got to the departure scene, Anil sat up straight She said she thought there were some of her friends in the movie. And wanted to know where they landed. Shortly after that a calmness transcended over my body I seemed to be in a euphoric state of serenity.

I was slipping into the seat on my left. Suddenly Slinky and Streek leaped across me and there was a blast of noise and I felt my head explode as I was slapped very severely across my face and my body was yanked toward Anil. I heard screams in the aisles and the next day the Newspaper Headlines mention the suspected sighting of a large feline creature at the local Theater.

"It has started. " Anil announced we must be careful from here on out. She looked at me and said You are strong but he is stronger and more cunning than you can imagine.

You must not go any where alone, one of the dragons will be with you at all times their telepathy will assist us when needed.


We made our way home. Later I was laying in bed with Anil cuddled up next to me Slinky was next to Streek I had my arms around Anil and allowed my hand to slide down her back to her waist. I moved my fingers back and forth increasing their range of movement toward her nicely round butt cheeks.

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I allowed my fingers to slip down into the crack between her globes. I could feel her nibbling on my neck. She had been with me for almost two weeks. She whispered do you remember what I told you when you rescued us. I nodded you warned me you wanted me to be fresh and ready to go all night.

She chuckled tonight is the night. She kissed me.deeply and scooted closer I moved to meet her and my cock slid between her legs and straight for her button. It tweaked her clit which caused her hips to move back and forth. The angle was not right for entrance. Anil lifted up and flipped me over on to my back.

Then she threw her legs over my head and settled her pussy down on my face. I slipped my tongue in to her tantalizing opening she says Ahhhh and leans forward and engulfs my cock into her mouth. I licked and poked with my tongue and the finger I had also entered into her pussy. The aroma of her pussy was very enticing and smelt like rose petals. The taste was indescribable but was a taste I couldn't seem to get enough. It was very difficult to continue to please her when she was working so well at lifting me up off the bed by the end of my cock then driving me back down on the bed as her mouth bottomed out on my cock.

She licked and sucked and I swear she was using magic. It felt as if while she was sucking me in her tongue was swirling around it felt like a second tongue was licking the underside of my cock I felt the fire down below getting out of hand and blazing to an explosion I slammed my mouth on to her tender parts and blew and swirled my mouth around.

It was enough and she began to fill my mouth with her juices. She made a few more slurps and I felt like I lifted her off the bed with force of the orgasm. I looked over and saw that Streek and Slinky were emulating Anil and I.


Slinky was sucking Streek dry just as Anil was doing to me. Anil lifted her legs and her head leaving only her stomach and her nipples the only thing touching me. Slowly her body began to move to rotate her nipples laying trail across my body until she was perfectly alined with my body.

She straightened her body lowering her head and sucking in one of my nipples.

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Her legs straightened and touched me sensuously they caressed my legs then opened. I could feel magic fingers stroking and directing my cock to her opening but first rubbing the head thru her slit and nosing it up to her clit. Then instantly she pulled me inside her.

Ooooh it felt like a velvet glove& that was on fire the heat she was radiating was making the friction so hot I was afraid my pecker was going to catch fire. She raised up and got her feet under her and while straddling me she began to ride me like she was a cowgirl. I was enjoying my self immensely the way she was using her pussy muscles. I felt Slinky's tail slip around my neck.When suddenly there was a crash like clap of thunder. The room lit up like a million watts of power surged through the bulbs.

Then I landed flat of my back.

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On very uneven ground and of course there was a sharp pointed rock for me to land on. I raised up and looked around 'Where are we?

' 'Slinky you came too. How about Streek' 'No I had just released him. Don't you think you need to cover that up.' I looked down and realized I was still as naked as a Jay Bird.

I conjured my robe and Black wizard get-up.

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Robe, boots, pistols and 10 gal hat. The next thing that occurred to me is protection. I cast an invulnerability spell. I t covered me in a circle 10 foot in diameter, as long as Slinky was inside the circle she would be alright too. Anil & Streek Anil was close to reaching her climax. One more stroke should do it.

She slammed her pussy down on Al's rock hard cock. Her pussy met no resistance and she slammed into the bed losing her balance she toppled off the bed and onto the floor. Streek screamed out he had been French kissing Slinky when she was ripped off his tongue. His mind was saying to much teeth and she was gone.

Anil looked to Streek, "Do you have them?" Streek canted his head and the strain was evident on his face, "No, faintly I feel something, but No I can't be sure. Maybe if Slinky reaches out. but not now." "Keep searching I will contact Goshen." Where am I I looked around, all around me seemed to be stone walls. Some distance away was earth moving equipment. I large drag-line with a bucket bigger than most dump trucks the Boom on the drag-line was over 60 feet long.

I was thinking wow that is a big piece of gear. I turned to Slinky and she was nodding her head 'NO' she could not connect with Streek. It was like a teaser she could feel him but couldn't touch him. Both of our heads came up. We had both heard a very loud noise. We turned toward the drag-line it was giving off exhaust smoke, then we heard a grating noise of gears clashing trying to mesh.

The tracks began to move and the behemoth was coming our way. Other machines began to start as well. The very large front end loader turned our way. It was a lot faster than the drag-line and it was charging our way. As it neared the bucket raised with the intention of smashing it down on us.

I pulled out my wand to enhance my spells. I began a subliminal chant within seconds Slinky had begun her chant as well. My thoughts was all on my spell would my invulnerability spell be strong enough. I was soon to find out, the loader was here. The bucket was at full height and it started downward, the bucket reached my protection with a flash of lightening the bucket hit smashed above me.

For a moment nothing happened then there was a screech of metal on metal and the bucket rebounded up to its apex, hesitated then tilted over backwards. Slinky stepped out of my protective circle grabbed the the front end loader with a large red hand on an arm of steel and began to spin it around and around up on releasing the loader it flew high in the air.

It came crashing down in thousand pieces in front of the tracks of the drag-line. The tracks slipped on the slick metal finally grabbing traction and crawling over the debris and coming on toward us. The engine of the huge Dump truck fired up and the gears meshed.

Standing on the hood was a large hairy creature. Running along side the Truck was a beautiful Snow leopard. The Silver-Back Ogre had shown his face. Slinky stepped back in the circle, she squinted her eyes and twisted up her face. A faint movement of the air in front of her was slowly emerging into Streek's face.he smiled then disappeared with a pop.

I was hoping he had seen us and was bringing assistance. I am not fool enough to think I am strong enough to take on a full fledged Wizard.

Especially one of the caliber of Jo-be the Silver wizard. There is no doubt that I am strong, there is also no doubt I am virtually untrained. In my mind I am screaming I need help. Jo-be has started all the machinery in the Quarry and it is moving toward us.

I racked my brain for something to use.I cast my mind back to Goshen. I grasped and transported and dropped 5 Cesterian worms in front of the machinery.

The worms began to dig their trenches and machinery began falling into the trenches. Jo-be roared in anger he ordered the drag-line. The huge bucket arose the teeth on the bucket was 14" long and 5" thick, they were 10" apart.

He lifted the bucket high and dropped it on the worms. I did not take long until the worms were dead. The trenches still held them out. A dozer began pushing rock and dirt to fill the trenches. My thoughts the SOB is making a bridge.

Coming from behind the Truck was a large group of Orcs. Oh how I hate Orcs. I checked my pistols even I knew they were fully loaded. I knew I could take out a lot of the Orcs with my pistols.

But to use them I would have to step out side my circle. I could cast spells but not push anything solid thru the circle wall.

I focused on the connection between the bucket and the cable I waited till Jo-be raised the bucket high. A few days ago a bolt holding the seat on Artie's bike the seat twisted but the nut on that bold was frozen. When he wasn't looking I used a small spell to loosen the nut. I now took that spell and modified it to work on the connection to release the bucket.

Jo-be was moving the bucket to the side which moved it right above the hood of the truck on which he was standing. I cast the spell and the cable sprang free.

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The bucket was falling straight for him when he heard the roar from the Snow Leopard, Suelee. He looked and leaped aside just in time. He slung a spell instantly which hit the bucket and caused it to change directions. It was heading for my circle. The teeth tore the fabric of my circle, I can not repair the circle. it is a time spell. Now what am I going to do.

I know I am not as strong even if slinky helps. I try to use what is left of the circle. He could have sent in the Orcs and we would have been easy prey, He decided they weren't needed and he dismissed them. Jo-be seeing my dilemma began casting various spells, a fire ball, a lightening bolt and a water blast. I cast a shield which diverted his spells.

He just looked at me and smiled. I knew he was building to a full magical blast. I didn't know what his primary attack was, mine was Ice which I had never used except in practice. I gathered myself to ward off his attack. I was a bit worried, I had lost track of Slinky. I looked at Jo-be and could see a circle of electrical energy around him.Damn it would be Lightening. He pointed at me and the electrical charge left his finger aimed at me.

I cast my Ice bolt.

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The two spells met midway between us. The Ice formed a dome shape but was melting quickly his electrical bolts were pushing my Ice back at me. Slowly I was losing, I was weakening soon he would penetrate my shield. Then I would be finished, where was Slinky. I heard the scream of the snow Cat. I was down to my knees his bolt was less than 6 feet from me and fading fast. Suddenly it seemed like my ice was pushing Jo-be' s lightening back.

I felt something next to my leg and heard a small voice. "It is not nice for you to attack my teacher. " Linda my savior is a now 10 year old little girl. Jo-be buckled down and increased the force, he was holding both of us back.

I heard him roar and his force relaxed for a second but was right back. He was waving above his head. I had to laugh attacking an Ogre and a wizard Ogre at that was a Tiny owl, Princess Aden. then he growled and screamed … Ooh Harpy claws in both shoulders had to hurt. He screamed again and his energy bolt ceased to exist. He was grabbing for his crotch when a ferret stuck her head out of his pants.

Jo-be was screaming I quit, a pair of arms wrapped around his body from the rear and a pair from the front as well two centaurs had a grip that even an Ogre couldn't break. Slinky finally showed up. She had been holding the rift open for my group to enter.

She had to get her licks in and nipped Jo-be' s left ear. Which finished stunning him. I heard a voice beside the truck and walked over to see what was going on. Roli was holding the head of the Snow Leopard and Barf was buried in her pussy hollering tease this bitch. And Rowrf was writing on his clip board. He smiled at me and said I am next.

Do you want a turn. A few minutes later and we were surrounded by the Queen and the full Wizards Council. According to the Laws of Goshen a Wizard can be stripped of his powers but a Wizard can not be sentenced to death. During the Wizards trial Jo-be was questioned. It came out about Marona and him being upset that I had taken what he had claimed as his, Marona' s Cherry.

It was explained that The Green had woven a spell that was a transport spell but busting her Cherry was required. The twists of Ambrose's mind was the cause of the problem. Jo-be said but I still want her and she is gone.

The Brown said "Not exactly, Marona," The slim and trim Marona stepped forward. Jo-be gathered her in his arms and began to cry. It was decided that Jo-be had misinterpreted the information from Ambroses head. And he was only guilty of love and lust. He was granted Marona as his apprentice. After a happy gathering of my group they all departed to Goshen, except Slinky, she stayed with me. I went back to school.