Nackte frauen in der badewanne

Nackte frauen in der badewanne
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I first met Jessie during the summer when she would come to the Senior League baseball games to watch her son play ball.

As with most youth athletic programs, some parents come to the games, some don't, but as the season wore on and the team was winning more of the moms were showing up and sitting in the stands behind our bench. Several of the moms were hot and dressed the part with short cut-offs and halter tops, but Jessie is the one that always stood out, and I'd sneak peeks at her as often as I could from behind my sunglasses.

She was a knockout: probably fortyish judging by the ages of her kids but she could easily pass for thirty, long and lean, maybe 5-7 or 5-8, nice ass, big smile, wild dark shoulder-length frizzy hair and a slight crook in her nose that I found irresistible. And hers was the only black face in the crowd. Her son James was thirteen, one of the two best players on the team and the only black kid. He was a good kid with good skills and an attitude to match. He played shortstop and third base and I'd worked with him and helped him become a pretty good pitcher too.

My name is Rob. I'm six feet tall and about 165 pounds, thin from years of distance running in addition to the baseball, with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, German ancestry, about as white bread as you could get.

That summer I was 28, unmarried, no kids, unusual for a youth league coach, as most coaches are parents of the kids playing. But knowledge of baseball was one thing I had to offer and it was one small way I was giving something back to the community.

James was a very polite kid, coachable and we got along well. He never mentioned his dad so I figured maybe there wasn't one in the picture, and his mother always came to the games alone or with a friend. I never spoke to his mom that much other than to say Hi or Goodbye, or a brief few words here and there, but we shared glances and smiles before and after games and practices.

I caught her checking me out a few times and she caught me checking her out too despite my trying to hide behind my shades. She'd just flash her little smirk and I knew she had caught me. When the season ended and the balls and bats were put away I figured that the next time I'd see Jessie would be at practice the next spring, but I ended up seeing her just a few weeks later.

One of the fund raisers the league had every year was a big crab feast. After the season and the playoffs and the tournaments the league would rent the Elks Lodge and hire a well-known band and bring in the crabs and the burgers and the beer trucks and five or six hundred people would pack the place, stay for hours drinking and eating and partying.

Naturally I planned to attend and so I went with Geri, who was one of the league officers and another hot mom, maybe 5-6, 120, brown hair, blue eyes and a shapely bod. She'd show up at games in short shorts and tube tops with her sweaty nipples sticking through and gave all the coaches hard-ons. They all wanted to fuck her for sure, but I'm the only one who ever did. She happened to live around the corner from me, so we were neighbors and had become friends.

She was divorced and horny and I was single and there. She had two kids at home so she'd come over to my house and fuck me every now and then. She'd call and ask what I was doing, I'd say oh not much, then I'd invite her over and five minutes later she'd knock on my door.

We'd sit on the sofa and talk or watch TV or whatever and within a few minutes we'd be kissing, then our hands would be rubbing crotches, then unbuckling jeans, then pulling down pants and then my dick would end up inside her. We'd usually fuck, then hold each other and talk for a while and then I'd finger her and she'd get hot and we'd fuck again. Then she'd say she had to get home to her kids and she'd pull her pants back on, kiss me goodbye and be out the door. I was strictly a maintenance fuck for her and we both knew it.

Geri and I had kept it discreet, and both knew it was not going anywhere, but she asked me to escort her to the crab feast just so she wouldn't have to go alone and then maybe all the other coaches wouldn't be hitting on her. So we went together, turned a few heads when we arrived, and then we each just mingled on our own.

I'd been there about an hour or so, talking to the various coaches and other people I knew when I spotted Jessie. I had just gotten a beer and turned around and was scanning a few tables when I saw her looking at me. Our eyes met and we smiled simultaneously as she waved to me. She wore khaki shorts and a snug white t-shirt that hugged her slim torso and perky tits and gave perfect contrast to her smooth creamy coffee skin.

I walked toward her table. There was an open chair to her left and she urged me to sit. As I did we said our hellos and I squeezed her left hand with my right. She briefly introduced me to the woman to her right, a woman I recognized but didn't know. "So, how you doin', Coach?" she asked. "Enjoying the offseason so far? "Oh, okay I guess. Just going through the withdrawal symptoms, you know," I said. She replied skeptically, "Withdrawal symptoms?

You mean to tell me you miss the baseball? Or do you mean you miss the boys?" "No, I miss checking out those hot moms in the bleachers!" I said with a grin. She burst out laughing, an infectious cackle that drew a few glances. Slightly embarrassed, she covered her mouth with her hand. As she removed her hand her lips curled into a coy smile. "Anyone in particular?" she asked. I pretended to be confused, trying to remember.

"Uh, let me see, what was her name?" I said. "The real foxy one with the afro sheen…what was it?

James's mom. Was it Jessica?" She blushed and shook her head. "Call me Jessie, okay?" "Okay Jessie. And you can stop calling me Coach. You remember my real name, don't you?" "How could I forget?" she asked. "All I heard from James all summer long was Mr.

Rob this, Mr. Rob that. And thank you for being so good to those boys. I've talked to the other parents and we all agree that we were very lucky we got you for our coach." Now I blushed. "Aw shucks ma'am, thanks. And how is James doing these last few weeks without me yelling at him to stop dropping his shoulder?" "Oh, he's managing. It's time to concentrate on school now." We chatted about James for a couple minutes, and then I went to fetch a pitcher of beer.

When I returned I poured our brews and continued the conversation. "You have a daughter, too, right? College girl. What's her name?" I remembered she'd come to a game once.

"Jackie." "Right, Jackie. How's she doing?" "Oh she's fine. Off to college. She's a junior at State University." "Good for her. Good school," I replied. "That's where I went." We talked a minute or two about Jackie and then there was an awkward pause. "So," I said. "Is there anybody else over there at Jessie's house I should ask about?" "No. I don't think so." "No. You sure?" Her mouth twisted back to a sly grin, and then mine did too.

"Well, we have a dog." She was enjoying this. "A dog," I said. "How's the dog?" "She's fine." We both wore grins and her brown eyes bore into mine. "I'm pretty smooth, huh?" She cackled again and I laughed out loud. "Now comes the hard part," I said as our laughter abated. "No pun intended," I added, and she laughed again. "Hard part. And what would be the hard part?" she asked.

"Well, after being so smooth and all, now is when I should probably ask for your phone number. But that would be phony because I already have your home number because I was always calling James about games and practice and whatnot. But you might not want me to call the house anyway because James might answer.

So I guess I should ask you if you want to go out with me sometime and…" As I was babbling the band broke into "What Does It Take?" by Junior Walker and I stopped cold and grabbed her hand and squeezed.

"Please dance with me," I said. "I'm not much of a dancer but I love this song." I pulled her hand and she got right up and I led her out on the dance floor. We danced close, my right arm around her back and my left hand holding her right.

We moved in sync and our bodies touched here and there. We talked through our dance, and more at the table. I told her about the blues band I was in and the various gigs we had coming up. We danced another slow tune. We talked some about jobs, about the baseball league, about music and movies, and whatever else came to mind.

For close to three hours I was totally wrapped up in Jessie. The only time I spoke to anyone else was when I'd go get another pitcher of beer. When the band quit she excused herself to go to the ladies room. When she returned she handed me a card with her cell number on it. "I'm calling you tomorrow," I said.

"What time is good?" "Anytime would be nice," she said, our eyes glued. "If I miss your call I'll call right back." Then her eyes diverted and glanced over my shoulder. "Good night, Rob, and thank you. And good luck with Miss Geri." Jessie walked out the front door of the hall and I was not the only one admiring her ass on her way out.

When I turned around Geri was staring at me and she looked kind of pissed. She kind of was. I reminded her that I was only there as her casual buffer zone date as she had requested, not to stand at her side for four hours protecting her from guys trying to get in her pants. I took her home and dropped her off and that was the last time I saw her for quite a while.

-- The next afternoon I called Jessie and she picked right up and said 'Hello', and I started right in.


"Hello, Jessie. My name is Rob and I'm a local baseball coach and I think that you are a beautiful, voluptuous, foxy, sexy, smart, witty, mysterious, incredible woman and would you please go out with me?" I heard her laughing on the other end. Then she said, "Hello Rob. Did you rehearse that?" "No, I didn't have to," I said. "I have it written down." She laughed again and asked, "You want to take me out? You sure you're ready for that?" "Sure. What do you mean?" "Well Rob, I'm a forty year old black woman and you're a much-younger white man.

How old are you anyway, mid-twenties?" I told her I was twenty-eight. "Okay, twenty-eight," she went on. "I just want to…" I cut her off and went back to my notes. "Hello, Jessie. My name is Rob and I'm a local baseball coach and I think that you are a voluptuous, beautiful, foxy, sexy, smart, witty, mysterious, incredible woman and would you please go out with me?" Through her laughter she said she'd love to go out with me.

We set it up for Thursday night. -- I had asked Jessie about going out Wednesday night but she had a commitment, and I had gigs Friday and Saturday, so Thursday it was.

She wanted to meet at a shopping center where she would leave her car and then ride with me. She wanted to keep her personal life separate from her family life for now. Understandable, I thought, with a teenager at home. She got out of her car and as she walked toward mine I admired her and knew we'd turn some heads that night. Soft, sleeveless red dress falling to just above the knees and those long smooth legs.

That black frizz brushing her shoulder, her slim waist, that fine ass and her sweet mouth with the big smile. I opened the door for her and she got in and we said our hellos. I started the engine but didn't put the car in gear. I turned slightly toward Jessie. I looked her in the eye and said in the most ominous way possible, "Jessie, before we go I need to ask you a very serious question." Her eyes widened with alarm.

"What's the matter?" "I need to ask you a question," I said. "Okay. What?" "Can I kiss you now?" "Can you kiss me now?" "Yes. I've been dying to kiss you for like four days now and I really want this date to go perfect.

And I figure if we can kiss now and, you know, break the ice, then we won't have the pressure later of will we kiss and when we'll kiss or how we'll kiss and…" "Shut up and kiss me," she interrupted.

She put her hand on my shoulder and pulled me to her. Her lips were soft and slightly parted and within a few seconds our tongues were enmeshed. It was a long slow kiss, the best first kiss I could ever remember as our mouths became acquainted. When we finally parted her hand kept our faces close.

In a breathy voice she asked, "You happy now?" "Yes," I said. "Me too," she purred, and we kissed again and our tongues dove right in. We had a nice dinner at a nice seafood restaurant with nonstop conversation and laughter. It was very natural and relaxed and comfortable, a stream of consciousness continuation of the hours we'd spent together at the crab feast.

When I dropped her off at her car our kisses were again passionate and this time I placed a hand behind her head and ran my fingers through her hair. God I loved having that kinky hair in my hand, I get hard just thinking about it. When we parted we made plans to go out again the next week. The following Tuesday we met for lunch at a café near her work. It was a short and sweet lunch hour, but again free and natural. The hello kiss was a quick peck on the lips, but when we said goodbye she gave my tongue a quick little suck, then flashed me a quick little smile as we parted.

When she was a couple steps away I called her name and when she turned to face me I snapped her photo with my phone. She looked at me in mock anger. "What do you think you're doing?" she said.

"Took your picture. I'm going to blow it up to poster size and hang it on my wall," I said. "Better not," she replied. "I might start thinking you're some kind of pervert!" she said as she turned and walked back toward her office.

I saw her again later that week and we had a wonderful time together. We went to an outside jazz concert at the lakefront park, sipped wine, ate cheese, and talked. The conversation again was easy, and although it was an early night, her kisses at the end were more passionate than ever. The following Thursday night I took her to a community theatre presentation of Guys and Dolls and drinks afterwards. When I dropped her off we again did some heavy kissing and I again ran my hand through her sexy frizz.

Our hands had begun wandering a little and I had my other hand on her ass. After a while I pulled away. I don't know what caused me to be so bold, maybe it was because even though we'd only been together a few times our rapport and communication made it feel like much longer, but I said, "Damn, woman, you are dangerous." "What are you talking about?" she asked with bewildered eyes. "When you kiss me like that and I have my hands in your sexy hair and on that sweet ass of yours I get a raging erection that about drives me crazy!" I said.

"Well, it's good to know you're a healthy, young male and not some pervert. And I might like to see that thing sometime," she said with that coy smile. I smiled and said, "Just say when." She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and opened the passenger door and said, "I'll remember that." I watched her get into her car and drive away as my hard-on slowly abated. About an hour or so later on my bed at home I was still so horny I whipped out my cell phone and my dick and jerked off looking at Jessie's picture.

Then I texted her and we had a brief conversation: Just mstrbated to your picture!  Good. Only once? Workin on #2 Good Good!!!! Aaaaaaaah. C U Sunday? Probably will let u know. Jackie home for wkend & not sure what time she's leaving sun. OK good night Good night Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah --- The next night I was playing a gig and we had just started the second set when I was surprised to see Jessie and Jackie enter the club.

She waved as they took seats at the end of the bar. I admit being distracted as I eyed these two fine looking women. Jackie was a slightly smaller version of her mom: an inch or two shorter but with the same fine features, that slim body, curvy butt, medium sized titties pointing straight out.

The only difference was Jackie's hair was straight and long with some tan highlights. Both wore ass-hugging jeans, but Jessie had on a black designer t-shirt and Jackie wore a red blouse.

Eyes were upon them. When I sat down with them during the next break I grabbed Jessie's hand and squeezed and thanked them for coming. I wasn't sure whether to kiss her, not knowing what she may or may not have told her daughter, and her smile told me she understood.

Jessie re-introduced me to Jackie. I'd only met her once before because she lived year round near the university about an hour and a half away and only came back to visit every few weeks or so.

The three of us talked and Jackie seemed a little uncomfortable and she was kind of quiet but her eyes were a bit flirty. I asked her about her studies but she didn't tell me a whole lot. The longest comment she made during that break was when she said that she was glad her mother found a nice, decent, good-looking man but she sure hoped I wasn't messing around and I better treat her right. When the time came to re-take the stage I asked them if they were going to hang around and Jessie said yes, they'd stay one more set.

When the next set ended and I walked toward the girls I saw Jackie gather up her purse and say something into her mother's ear as she stepped off of her stool. When I reached the end of the bar Jackie looked right into my eyes and said, "Nice going, Coach, I dig your music.

You play a mean sax and sing good too. Take care of my mama." Then she turned and walked out. I looked at Jessie and asked, "What's up with her?" "Nothing," she said. "She likes you, she thinks you're hot. She said when you sing and blow sax you don't sound much like a white man.

You have any idea what that means? Believe me, that's a big compliment coming from her, she doesn't hand out compliments easily." She grabbed my hand, stared at me and said, "Look, she's just being protective because I'm a single mom. I told her about us, I confided in her, she remembered you and how James looked up to you. I know her, she's cool." "Then why did she run out?" I asked. "She didn't run out, she's waiting in the car, giving me a little space, that's all.

Girl figures you want to kiss me and she was cramping our style." "Smart girl. Like her mom I guess. Should I walk you out now, or…" "Nah, best to just get going, you got work to do," she said, and started to get up. "And Jackie will be leaving Sunday in the early afternoon. I'll call you and we can meet up after that if you like." "I like," I said.

"And thanks for coming tonight. It was a nice surprise." "Oh, my pleasure, I enjoyed it. Besides, I had to find out whether or not this man I've been seeing has any soul." She had a twinkle in her eye and that cute little smirk on her face. I asked, "Well, how did I do?" She kissed me briefly on the lips and said with a wink, "I'll let you know on Sunday." Then she turned and headed for the exit. She didn't look back and I kept my eyes on her ass until the door closed behind her.

--- On Sunday we met at the usual place. As Jessie got out of her car and walked over I admired how hot she looked. She wore sandals, white cotton shorts and a red tank top which showed off her strong shoulders and toned arms. I noticed she wore no bra, a first, and her nipples were poking through the thin red fabric. She got in and we kissed. We said our hellos and I told her that she looked especially hot.

Then she put her left hand behind my head and plunged her tongue into my mouth and kissed me with a force that about took my breath away. The kiss was long and her right hand went to my crotch and grabbed my half-stiff cock, another first. The kiss went on and I grew in her grasp. Our lips parted but her face stayed inches from mine, her hand still on my cock.

She said one word. "When." "When?" I replied. "Yes," she said. "You said that when I was ready I should say when. I'm sayin' when." We dove into another long kiss. She continued to rub my rock hard member and my hand went to her breast and I kneaded her taut nipple with my thumb. "Take me home with you," she panted. "You sure?" I asked. "Yes, I'm sure. Start driving," she said, so I did.

"Look, Rob, I've wanted to get in your knickers ever since the crab feast but I knew it was best to wait. But I'm tired of waiting, and every sign in the universe is telling me to fuck you!" I didn't know what to say. As I drove us to my house she explained in rapid-fire fashion. "First of all, I've known since last summer that I wanted to fuck this man out on the ball field coaching my son if I ever got the chance. And now this man I want to fuck is jacking off to my picture on his cell phone and sending me text messages about it so I know he wants to fuck me too.

And that makes me wet so I have to masturbate thinking about fucking this man who wants to fuck me. Then, after we went to hear you play music Friday night, I'm sitting up late having a glass of wine with Jackie, and she asked me how's the sex and I tell her I don't know, and she pretty near fell off the damn chair she was so shocked and blown away that I wasn't already fucking you, and she didn't mind telling me that if I didn't want to fuck you to just let her know and she'll fuck you herself, which surprised me because I thought she was into girls.

Then that night I'm sleeping peacefully and I have a dream about you. In this dream I'm trying to get my mouth around that big white cock of yours but I can't because your cock keeps flopping around.

Then you lay back on the bed so it will be easier for me to get at but in the dream I was looking at you through a mirror or some dream-shit thing like that, so then you're out of view and I can't see you anymore and I never did get to suck it. Then I woke up and was all hot and shit so I had to get myself off thinking about it and ever since then all I've been able to think about is sucking your cock, so I hope you don't mind but that's the first thing on my list.

Then yesterday morning, get this: James is sitting at the kitchen table eating his Frosted Flakes and I'm standing there pouring a cup of coffee and he casually asks, "So how's Mr. Rob doing?" So I play dumb and ask what he means and he says he knows all about it because the boys at school have been busting his chops because his mom's doing the coach.

But he says it's okay because he knows you and he likes you but he tells me to be careful because we don't want to have any little white baseball coaches running around the house! So damn, Rob, I'm thinking I want to fuck you, and you want to fuck me, and we're both playing with ourselves fantasizing about fucking each other, and both my kids, even the thirteen year old, just naturally assumed we were already fucking each other anyway.

And the rumors came from somewhere, so it's safe to assume that there are parents everywhere assuming I'm fucking you. So I'm tired of waiting, the hell with it. I'm saying 'when' and goddam it, it's high time we started fucking!" When she was done we both started to laugh. My cock was swollen and solid as a brick by the end of that little monologue. After a brief silence she asked me what I was thinking.

I told her that if she'd gone on like that much longer my dick would break.

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She started rubbing my brick again and was licking my ear as I pulled into my driveway. "I shaved for you," she whispered. When we were inside I started to ask her if I could get her anything but she muted my words with her mouth and tongue and started unbuckling my jeans. When she came up for air she glanced around the room as she put her hands inside my shorts and pushed down my pants, my cock bobbing in full salute.

"Sit on the sofa," she said as she led me there. "Don't you want to go to the bedroom?" I asked. "Not yet," she said, as she pushed me down on the couch. She got down on her knees before me and pulled off my boat shoes and yanked off my pants.


She looked at my cock and then at me. "Ooh, a wide body! I just knew you had a big cock. All last summer, watching you batting those balls all over the field, I was eyeing your balls, checking out your bulge and I knew you had a big one." She rose up and kissed me and then gazed into my eyes. "I've been thinking about going down on you for two days. I'm going to suck your beautiful cock until you come.

And I want you to come big. I want your first orgasm with me to be the biggest one you ever had in your life and I want it to be in my mouth. I want to taste your sperm and feel it ooze down my throat. I want to make you shake and feel you quake when you shoot your dirty white boy cum into my mouth. Then when we go into that bedroom we are going to rock the fucking house.

And it's going to be good, I know it. I'm going to be the best piece of ass you ever had in your life." I was surprised by the dirty talk, but God, what a turn on. My cock was stretched to the max, busting at the seams and starting to ache a little. I was hoping I didn't come too soon but at the same time I needed relief! She lowered her head and began licking the head of my cock, then the eight inch length of the shaft, then my balls.

I sunk both hands into her curly locks and gently massaged her scalp as her mouth explored new territory. Her hands crept up under my ass and she gripped my buttocks and spread my ass wide as her mouth covered the tip of my cock. The fingers of both her hands inched toward the widespread crack of my ass and she dug her nails in. I jumped a little but her nails didn't stop. Her fingers massaged the skin surrounding my asshole as her nails dug in.

My hands rubbed her hair and scalp harder. I watched her lips slowly moving down the shaft of my cock, her mouth taking me in. When all eight inches had disappeared and her lips were kissing my nuts she started bobbing her head, jerking me off with her mouth as her fingers massaged and her nails dug into my ass, all in rhythm and all in sync. I started pushing by groin into her, fucking her face. Then she backed off and my swollen lumber slowly reemerged.

After a cursory lick up and down my dick she again took it in her mouth and started taking me into her, again slowly moving her lips down my shaft toward my balls.

I couldn't believe what a turn-on it was to see my turgid white cock slowly disappear into her big, sexy ebony mouth. Again, once my rod was completely engulfed in her mouth and throat she started bobbing her head and her fingers fell into rhythm. I gently swung my hips, and her nails dug deeper. One nail had found my asshole and the finger had followed so she was now finger-fucking me in the ass as she deep-throated me and we swung in unison.

Soon I could feel it coming, almost in slow motion, my cum moving up the tube of my elongated shaft, about to erupt. Jessie must have felt it too because her finger was plowing into my ass with a new urgent force and she backed off a little and began sucking my cock so hard I thought she might yank it right off. I let out with a long guttural groan, it must have sounded like a ten foot bull gator in the springtime. I felt that load as it rose through the hose and Jessie moaned as she received it, sucking and swallowing as my body shook and I bucked in the grasp of her strong mouth.

As my spasms slowed and my spurts lessened she relaxed her grip on my pole and her finger slipped from my hole. When I finally rested she relaxed her mouth and backed off and I saw every inch of my whiteness reappear from behind those sexy dark lips. Her tongue appeared and licked her lips and she looked up at me.

"You taste good," she said. My hands were still enmeshed in her hair so I pulled her head up to mine and we kissed deeply, our tongues dancing in the slimy residue of my jizz. I pulled her tight and moved one hand down and held her ass as we kissed even deeper.

We parted lips and she said, "Was that good?" I replied, "Jessie, that was the most incredible, intense feeling I ever had in my life! You are fucking unbelievable! God, I don't know how I can ever top that for you…" She interrupted by kissing me. This one was long and lingering, soft and gentle. She nibbled my ear and whispered: "Make love to me." I took her hand and led her down the hall to my bedroom.

I took off my shirt and tossed it on a chair and started to take her in my arms but she pushed me down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She started to undress for me, her skimpy top yanked off and tossed in the chair. Her foxy chocolate body was adorned by a gold stud filling her navel. Then she walked to me and stood between my knees, her luscious torso right in front of my face. My arms went around her and I fondled her ass and lower back as I licked that shiny stud and kissed those beautiful tits and sucked her large nipples and they hardened in my mouth.

She ran her long fingers through my hair as I sucked and kissed and she moaned as she pulled my head to her body. "Rob, will you undress me the rest of the way?" she breathed. I nodded and she stepped back slightly. I took the button of her shorts and unhooked it and then took the zipper and started it on its downward path and as the opening widened I could see she wore nothing underneath.

Zipper down, I pulled her shorts southward to the floor and was almost salivating to catch my first glimpse of Jessie's jewel. When I first looked at that big handsome shaved pussy I about got dizzy at the same time. "What the fuck?" I blurted out. Jessie cackled again and just about fell over from laughing, and soon I was laughing too. Right there in front of my face, on that beautiful body, inches above her luscious love tunnel the words FOR ROB were tattooed with an arrow pointing right at her open snatch.

I pulled her onto the bed and started kissing her but it was not easy because she couldn't stop laughing. Finally I gave up and started laughing again too. "You should have seen the look on your face!" she managed to say through her giggles. "All right, you got me," I said.

I kissed that cute crooked nose as the laughter ebbed. "Oh, that was priceless! Wish I could have taken a picture of your face." I looked at the artwork and ran my fingers over the words and arrow. "Where did this come from?" I asked. It looked like a real tattoo. "Jackie." "Jackie?" "Yeah, Jackie. I asked her this morning. She's a good little artist, and I told her today was the day and would she help me play a little joke on you and she said sure. Then she got out some food coloring and went to work.

You like it?" "I love it. I hope it never comes off." "Goddam better come off unless you want 'Jessie' tattooed on that big-ass dick of yours!" We laughed again and then kissed. She was on her back and I ran my hand over her lower body—legs, thighs, rump, belly, and teased around her pussy—and I saw her clit swell before my eyes. My lips softly danced over her pretty face, kissing her nose, her eyelids, forehead, chin, cheeks, and sometimes teasing her lips.

I moved to her neck and shoulders and then to those perfect tits, licking and chewing on those big hard nipples. My hand continued to roam and I made sure a finger would brush her anxious love button and slip into her slippery slot every now and then to remind her where I was headed.

By the time my tongue was tickling that stud in her navel she was moaning and breathing heavy. She kept repeating, 'Yes, yes, yes…' as I worked my way down, and her groin writhed in anticipation.

I was licking the arrow that pointed the way to her open twat when I stopped and raised my head to hers and kissed her and she savagely sucked me in, and at the same time slipped two fingers into her pussy for the first time.

I felt her gasp beneath our kiss and felt beads of sweat on her face. When we released I said, "Jessie, you are such a sexy woman," into her ear and then headed back to where I'd come from. I lowered my head down between her dusky thighs and maneuvered my hands under her ass. I gently massaged her shapely cheeks as I got into position and her pussy lips moved, welcoming me.

Jessie's clit was big and ready, the largest I'd ever seen. I dove in. As I slammed my tongue into her gaping pit, I surrounded her love organ with my lips and I squeezed her ass cheeks with a pinching strength. She screamed and grunted with delight. I nibbled her big fat clit and kept squeezing her sweet ass.

"Jesus Christ!" she uttered as her body shook. I kept my mouth tightly attached as she squirmed beneath me. She screamed 'Yes' about ten times before she shouted "Eat me, Baby!" Jessie came. Damn, did she come. She came like nothing I'd ever seen in my life or even imagined possible. She squirted like a fire hose into my face, into my mouth, all over the bed and halfway across the room.

She bucked like a bronc, but I never let her tool out of my mouth, and I kept my mouth in place even after her throes subsided. Her hands were in my hair, gently tugging my head toward hers, but I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. I kept my lips plastered around her organ. I imagined her clit was the mouthpiece of my tenor sax and I was playing an extended solo. "Yes.yes&hellip.yes&hellip.yes…" she kept moaning.

Her juices had soaked everything so my fingers and her ass were already well- lubed so I stuck a finger in her ass and started finger-fucking her. "Yes," she hissed. "Yes. You like my ass don't you?" I didn't answer. I still had that glorious clit in my mouth and I wasn't letting go. I sucked and stroked that baby with my aching jaws and my finger poked her ass over and over again.

"Yes!" she spit out, louder, her body rocking. "Yes! You know how to eat me, Baby! Finally got a man who knows how to eat pussy!" She came again, her wet gush flying into my mouth and face.

It wasn't as big as the first one, but close enough. I felt like I might drown and started to gag at one point but my lips were not going anywhere. Then I started singing. And humming. And growling. This was a time when being a player of a wind instrument sure came in handy. I needed air but I had decided beforehand that I wanted this fine woman to have three orgasms before I stuck my dick into her. I continued to serenade her from down under. As her clit throbbed with my growly vocalizations, I snuck a second finger into her asshole and I felt her rubbery rim stretch out.

"Damn, boy, you do love my ass, don't you? Oh fuck…" She put her hands in my hair and mashed my head into her crotch and she slung her pussy into my face. After six or seven sloppy slams she unloaded again and I drank her chocolate sauce for the third time. Now I was ready to fuck her.

We wasted no time. I moved on top of her and she groaned as she guided my nightstick into her swelled gash. I started slip-sliding away, my slimy penis bathing in her fountain of love. I began swinging my meat into her oven and soon we were cooking. "Fuck me, Baby, give me that big fuckin' monster!

Oh fuck!" She grunted loudly, over and over as I pounded her. Harder, harder, our loins slapping with liquid thwacks, our bodies gliding on a sheen of Jessie juice. "Fuck me Rob, you fucking animal! Jesus Christ I needed you to fuck me, you fucking horny fucking machine." Her dirty talk always surprised me, but always amped me up, and I inserted my finger back into her ass and I started fucking her as hard as I could, slamming my cock into her pussy and reaming her lovely asshole with my finger.

"You dirty horny motherfucker!" she shouted. "You know how to eat my pussy, you dirty white boy, and you know how to fuck my pussy with your big-ass white motherfucking cock and now you got your fucking fingers up my ass." I was getting close and she must have sensed it because she then yelled, "You better dump your white load in my pussy, I can't take much more fucking the way you're fucking me…" She let out a squeal and I felt her gush rush over me and within several seconds I emptied my creamy payload, seven or eight spasms worth, deep into Jessie.

As we eased out of our throes we kissed gently and deep, and she held me tight and wouldn't let me back out of her, she kept squeezing my spent equipment with her sugar walls. "Just found out one thing," she said softly when our lips parted. "What's that?" I asked. "My man definitely has soul!" "I found out something too," I added. "Oh yeah, what's that?" "For a fine, upstanding baseball mom mother-of-two, you sure can talk raunchy!" She blushed and said she was sorry.

"Don't be," I said. "Keep it up. What a turn-on!" We held each other for a few minutes and then we started getting into more lovemaking. We repeated our earlier performance. Soon she was licking my cock. I wrapped my legs around her upper back and squeezed her close. She took me in and I fucked her mouth as hard as I could and when she sensed I was ready to come she sucked me dry.

Then I ate that pussy again while listening to more dirty talk, and once she soaked me again with her spray I climbed upon her and slid into her and fucked her nice and slow.

We lay in each other's arms and of course we started kissing and fondling and soon my dick was hard and I mounted Jessie again. As I placed my cock at the entrance of her shaft I made sure I soaked my fingers with her wetness. I eased my cock into her again. "Oh, My God, you're going to fuck me again, aren't you?" she gasped. I did. I stretched her ass crack and pushed two slimy fingers into her stretched asshole and then I started banging.

I was hitting her hard this time, heaving my cock into her cunt and my fingers into her ass in perfect cadence. She was getting into it too, pushing back, swinging her hips into me.

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It didn't take too long. We both came again. Then Jessie noticed the time and said she had to get going. She said no, she didn't have time to shower and besides I would probably try to get in the shower with her and fuck her again anyway and that might just about kill her and she didn't want to die naked in some man's shower stall.

So I drove her back to her car and when we were kissing goodbye I grabbed a tit and she slapped it away. She said no, down boy, she had to go, but this had been one of the best days she'd ever had and nothing could make her feel any better than she did right then so please save it for next time.

Later that night she sent me a text message with a photo of her big brown sugar pussy with the FOR ROB and the arrow pointing to it. She thought I might enjoy the souvenir before she scrubbed off the artwork. I sure as hell did, too. After that night, over the next few weeks we got into a routine of mad fucking dates.

She'd come over and we'd tear it up. Sometimes we'd have a drink first but usually she had some fun, creative idea to make things interesting. One time she wore tights and wanted me to undress her with my teeth. But as soon as I got those pants down a few inches I just started in licking her pussy and she gave up once she came on my face. She whipped off her clothes and we fucked and sucked for the next few hours.

Another time she brought a blanket and scissors and a razor and shaving cream and shaved my pubic hair. She said she wanted a nice smooth cushion for her pushin'. So I lay on the blanket and she gently fondled my pecker as she maneuvered the scissors through the hair, cutting it short, then she lathered me up and shaved me clean, wiped me off and started licking my hard cock. She then sucked me deep, my cock reaching the back of her throat and her face touching my smooth skin.

Then she mounted me. Now I don't remember many black women in the old westerns, but let me tell you, that cowgirl could ride!

We both came with an extended unified groan. Then we fucked and sucked for the next few hours. And another time she walked in, kissed me quickly and then started walking around the house counting all the rooms because she wanted us to christen all the rooms by performing a sex act in each one.

She said, "Let's see, three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, living room, family room, office. Nine rooms. We better get started. Which room first?" I told her since it was an eat-in kitchen, and I was kind of hungry, maybe it would be a good idea to start there.

So I ate her pussy with her sitting on the kitchen counter. I fucked her pussy on the living room sofa and fucked her up the ass in the office up against the desk. In one bathroom she sat on the toilet lid and sucked my cock. And through the house we went, room by room, fucking, sucking, licking. We ended up in the other bathroom and we soaped up and I assfucked her again while we showered together. That was a lot of orgasms! Then there was the oil. Oh God, the oil.

She told me ahead of time she wanted to fuck me on the floor and asked me to rig us up a nice soft bed in the family room right in front of the fireplace. So I dug out the foam mattresses from the garage that I used for camping and covered them with some bed sheets and got a fire going. That damn woman showed up with a big tote bag full of stuff. First she whipped out a giant heavy plastic tarp, twelve feet square, and covered the bed I'd made and the surrounding floor space. Then she pulled out a large comforter and spread it on top of the tarp.

Then she brought out a two-liter soda bottle and told me to lay my naked ass down. I laid my ass down and she undressed before me. She kissed me and told me she had mixed us up a special edible brew for me and her and she was going to cover us with it and we were going to slip and slide in and out of each other all night long and we'd lick each other off.

We did, too. I felt greasy for a week, but damn, we got our rocks off a bunch of times that night. Then a funny thing happened. Jackie showed up at one of my gigs one Friday night, alone.

From the stage I watched her walk in, never look up, go to the bar, sit down and order. I saw the bartender produce two shots of something and what looked like a glass of water. Only then did she look up at me on stage, and my eyes met hers when she did. Our eyes glued, she downed a shot and smiled coyly.

Before long she'd downed the second and ordered a third. When we took break I joined her and she surprised me with a hug. I thanked her for coming and she said no problem, she digs the music. We made small talk for a minute or two. "So, how you doin', Coach?" she asked me.

"Oh, I've been okay, how are you?" I replied. "Pretty good, I guess. Go to school, go to work, you know how it is." "And what brings you by here tonight?" I asked. "I told you, I dig the music.

And you know what, I thought maybe you and me could get together and make some music of our own sometime." This surprised me, let me tell you. "What? Are you kidding me? I'm seeing your mother, I don't think it would be appropriate for…" "I know all that. That's why I needed a couple shots before I said anything.

What's the matter, don't you think I'm pretty?" "Pretty? Of course you're pretty, you're a damn knockout. But I care about your mom, I can't even believe we're talking about this!" My voice was now slightly raised. "Take it easy now, don't get your gonads in a knot. I'm just being honest with you." I was shaking my head, at a loss for words. "I thought you liked girls," I managed to say.

"I do like girls, but that doesn't mean I don't like good looking men too. Shit, I'm getting wet just talking about it. But I'd feel a hell of a lot better if I was getting some of whatever it is you've been givin' my Mama!" This threw me off even more. I asked her what she was talking about. "Oh, come on, Coach. My little brother thinks you walk on water.

And my Mama can't wipe the smile off her face, so I know that means you've been keepin' her happy in the sack. And I want to get some of that!" "You'd cheat on your Mama like that?" I said. "I would with you," she said. "But hell, mama's pretty cool.

She might even be up to a trio, who knows." This was getting weirder every second. We talked a few more minutes and then I had to get back on stage. She said goodbye and kissed my lips and gave my ass a squeeze.

I played like shit the rest of the night, my mind in a haze. That week Jackie sent me a couple of emails, one with a photo of her naked from the waist up with her arms folded over breasts, telling me not to be such a prude, lighten up, how could I pass up the opportunity to be fucking two fine women at the same time, so what if they were mother and daughter.

And she said she'd turned twenty-one a few weeks back so she was an adult and not some piece of jailbait, and I was only twenty-eight anyway, closer in age to her than to her mother. She said I don't have to marry her for God sakes, just give her a nice birthday gift and let's have some fun. When I was with Jessie that Sunday the sex was great as usual…this time the theme was fruit, the highlight being when I ate a banana out of her ass…but I admit my mind did stray sometimes and I imagined what it would be like if it were Jackie I was fucking.

On the following Friday night Jackie showed up at another gig and she had a friend with her.


The friend was a pretty blonde, about Jackie's shape and size with long hair in a ponytail. She wore tight black jeans and a thin red sweater and looked to be maybe three or four years older than Jackie. When I greeted them at the bar Jackie put her arms around me and kissed me, and tried to give me some tongue. "Rob, this is my roommate Laura. Laura, this is Rob," she said. We said our greetings.

Laura cocked her head, looked at me and then whispered something in Jackie's ear. Then she turned to order drinks. I looked at Jackie with a puzzled expression on my face.

"She said to go ahead and do you." she said with a wicked grin. "So Coach, you ready to make some music together?" "You'll never get anything from me calling me 'Coach'" I said.

"Oh, sorry Rob. Rob Rob Rob. I gotta remember that. I sure don't want to call you Coach when you're in my bed, do I?" Her round eyes burned into mine and mine burned back. Then she moved her face to mine and kissed me again and for the first time I truly received her kiss.

My lips parted and accepted her long tongue and I tasted her mouth for the first time. Being in public, it was not a long kiss, but a barrier had been broken. Then she said, "So Rob. Are you ready to give me my belated birthday present?" Her hand was now on my thigh and she made sure it brushed my cock. I shook my head and said, "Damn you are bad!

I don't know, Jackie…" "I think you do know, you just don't know it yet." she cooed. "You know what, Rob? I have an idea. I've come to see you perform, so why don't you come see me perform?" "Perform where?" "At work." "I thought you were a bartender." "That's what I told my mother.

I'm really a dancer. In a club." "You're a stripper?" "Well, stripping is part of it, yeah. We're exotic performers I guess you could say. I'm not a hooker though, if that's what you're thinking.

Wait a second." She turned to Laura, who was talking to some guy, and said something into her ear. After ten seconds or so Laura started nodding her head. Jackie turned back to me and started digging in her purse.

She pulled out a card and handed it to me. It was a card from one of the well-known upscale strip joints near her campus. Many college girls danced there because the money was so good.

"You come see us Monday, Rob. Say around seven. Mondays are kind of slow and Laura and I are going to give you a free private show. We perform together and she said she'd help me. And I will promise you this: If I don't turn you on, and I mean really turn you on, we'll both know it.

And if that happens I will not bother you again, I promise. I don't think it will, though." She kissed me again and it was time to go back to work. I had to get back on stage with a hard dick. --- Of course there was never any doubt I would go. I got to the club at a little after seven and ordered a beer at the bar. There was a skinny redhead humping a pole on stage. Within a few minutes Jackie materialized and sat on the stool to my left. She gave me a kiss and rubbed my cock. I didn't try to stop her.

When she felt me get halfway hard she took her hand away. "So Rob, thank you for coming. Oh I'm sorry, poor choice of words, you haven't come yet. I mean thank you for accepting my invitation. Are you ready to be entertained?" The frog in my throat said yes. "Good. But there's been a change of plans.

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The show's going to be at our apartment, Laura's waiting for us. Little misunderstanding with management. Come with me." She grabbed my hand and led me back out the front door to my car and directed me as I drove us back to her apartment.

It was a first floor unit and when we entered soft funky music was playing and there was a multi-layered cushion of blankets and quilts covering the carpeted floor in the living room. Jackie sat me on the couch and handed me a beer. She said to relax, the show would start in a couple of minutes. Soon the music volume raised slightly and jungle rhythms pulsed with human oohs and ahs and moans in the background.

Jackie entered the room swaying to the beat, moving her legs and hips in perfect agile sync. She wore a hot pink sleeveless zippered dress, the thin fabric hugging her tight body, the dress barely hanging low enough to cover her swaying crotch. The thin zipper started at the low-cut neck and ran all the way down and ended inches below her hidden twat.

In her hands she held a huge dildo, fat and long, perhaps sixteen or eighteen inches long with a big cockhead on both ends. As she danced she licked the dildo and ran it through her legs and against her ass and took it in and out of her mouth.

My dick was already filling, swelling against the fly of my jeans. Soon Laura sashayed in, slowly moving with the beat. She also moved well and her fine legs looked a mile long. Her long blond hair was braided and she had long gold drop earrings dangling from each lobe. She had on an American flag bikini top and a pair of ragged, frayed, holey blue jean cutoffs probably not much more than six inches long, barely hiding her promised land.

She approached Jackie and Jackie turned to her side and they embraced and kissed deeply. Laura's arms enwrapped Jackie and her hands wandered over her writhing body and Jackie rubbed the huge dildo all over Laura, her legs, her crotch, her ass, her neck.

Their kiss went on and on as their bodies grinded. What came next was a show all by itself but it proved to be just the beginning. As they parted their lips Jackie immediately placed one end of the dildo to Laura's mouth and they both began licking it.

Their tongues ran all around the head and shaft and into the other's mouth, all in time with the primitive music. Then they stepped away from each other slightly and extended the apparatus between their faces and each took a cockhead in their mouth. And that big fucking thing just started gradually disappearing! Oh wow, talk about hot! They each gradually took it into their mouth, two inches, three, four, five… Before long their lips were touching and they each placed their hands to the back of the other's head and pulled even closer, passionately kissing, each with eight or nine inches of hard rubber cock in their mouths.

When they parted, I still have a hard time believing what I saw, this huge pole emerging from between those four sexy lips, but hell, they were just getting started! Laura held the tool as they entered into another long kiss and Jackie's hands went behind Laura's back and unsnapped her bikini bra and it fell to the floor. Jackie's mouth went for those big, firm, lovely tits. One of Laura's hands held Jackie's head as she fed her her nipples and the other hand traced Jackie's groin with the dildo.

Laura rubbed Jackie's neck and kissed her hair. Jackie sucked with a savage passion and Laura groaned her name. "Oh, Jackie honey…" By this time I was touching my fat cock through my tightening jeans. Jackie's hands went for Laura's cutoffs. She lowered herself to her knees in front of Laura and looked up at her.

Laura nodded and licked her lips. The top button of Laura's microscopic cutoffs was already unfastened so with one quick unzip the garment fell to the floor. Jackie kissed the inside of Laura's buttery thighs as her hands looped onto the straps of her thong and she pulled it southward. She then started kissing and licking all around Laura's puffy mound and then she had her sexy dark hands on that sexy light ass and within seconds buried her pretty ebony face into Laura's sweet shaved white pussy.

Jackie really went at it. Both girls were letting out with a wide assortment of squeals and squeaks. Jackie's hands pulled Laura's sex toward her while Laura's hand mashed Jackie's face into her.

"Oh, Jackie baby, yeah baby…get me off you dirty slut, love the way you do me baby." Jackie's head kept mining for pay dirt and Laura kept pushing into her.

They stroked to the tribal beat for several minutes before Laura gave out with a low scream, and those strokes briefly increased before Laura's cum oozed out from between both sets of lips and dripped to the floor. Jackie rose up and they deep kissed again for a few seconds before Jackie spun around to face me and started dancing in rhythm. Laura fell in behind Jackie, her naked body rubbing the back of Jackie's skimpy dress.

She ran the dildo through Jackie's legs as she kissed her neck and fondled her breasts from behind. This continued for a couple minutes and finally Laura's hand went for the zipper of Jackie's dress and slowly began to lower it a couple inches at a time. When it was unzipped all the way Jackie flicked it off. At first I thought she was naked but upon closer examination I could see she was not, but wore a skimpy bikini that barely covered her and was the exact same color as her carob-colored flesh.

Jackie then turned and she and Laura kissed. I saw the dildo emerge toward me through Jackie's parted legs and one of Laura's hands reached behind Jackie and unhooked her bikini bra. The top fell to the floor and Jackie turned back toward me and I was surprised and even more titillated by what I saw. Both of Jackie's nipples on her perfect medium-sized tits were pierced, and from each dangled two yellow gold hoops. I was surprised by my reaction because I wouldn't have thought Jackie could have gotten much sexier, but she did.

A short gold chain also hung from her studded navel, which was surrounded by a maze of tattoos. From behind Laura's hands dove into the skimpy bikini bottom and slowly worked them downward and soon I was in for another surprise.

Both of Jackie's wide pussy lips were also pierced and draped open, each lip weighted with two gold rings. Damn, I thought I was going to shoot a load right there. Next Laura was on her knees with her mouth on that pussy, licking away. Soon they started getting that dildo back in action. Laura licked and sucked on one end of the dildo for a few seconds and then placed the other end on the floor and still on her knees, held it vertically.

And then Jackie spread her legs slightly and lowered that pierced pussy onto the cockhead of the dildo and took it in and started humping. Up and down she went, down and taking it in, and up to let it out, up and down, down and up, those dangling hoops swaying with the jungle rhythms, Laura's lips dancing along Jackie's thighs.

Up, down, down, up, Jackie's eyes on mine, her right hand on her clit, her left hand meshed with Laura's braids, up, down, up, down, until Jackie's cum oozed from between those wiggling hoops and ran down the long shaft of the artificial cock she was fucking.

Jackie then sat on the cushioned floor and Laura sat facing her, licking the cum from the dildo. I had a side view of them sitting close, and each took one end of the dildo and inserted it into her vagina and they proceeded to do a pussy version of what they done earlier orally.

Guiding that huge tool with their hands, they slowly scooted closer inch by inch until the whole thing was mutually devoured by their hungry twats, and they fucked each other in slow motion as they slow-kissed and emitted soft moans.

Before long more fluids seeped out and soaked the blanket beneath them. They finally broke their kiss and parted, and their tool slowly reappeared inch-by-inch from their salt and pepper pussies. Laura rose first and walked over and sat down beside me. She put a hand on my cock and felt my hardness. "Ooh, Jackie honey, somebody is enjoying the show. I better help him get a little more comfortable," she said.

She unsnapped and unzipped me and opened my pants wide and I raised my ass a little to assist. "We got to let this stallion out of the stable, don't we?" she added. She then wrapped one hand around my taut cock and her other arm went behind my back and she kissed me, our tongues plunging, her hand stroking my dick and cupping my balls. Soon Jackie knelt between my legs and took me in her mouth and Laura took Jackie's head in her hand and guided those lips over my engorged shaft.

There I was kissing this beautiful naked blonde, white tit in my hand, and receiving glorious head, thrusting my hungry cock into the dark mouth of this ebony goddess. As Jackie sucked I heaved my meat into her mouth in search of relief. Laura broke our kiss for a moment, sensing the nearness of my release. "He's almost ready, Jackie. Save me some, honey." Her lips came back to mine and within seconds my groaning onrush began, my ass bucking, my cum shooting outward into Jackie's mouth, Laura's tongue inserted between my lips.

Soon after my final quake Jackie removed her mouth from my member and Laura's lips detached from mine. Then they kissed, their tongues swirling deep, sharing my cum. When they parted lips, Laura said, "Well, show's over, I guess I'll leave you two lovebirds alone," and again quickly kissed me, slipping me her oily tongue. Then with a breathy whisper into my face, she said, "Until next time." Then she picked up her specks of clothing and walked out of the room and down the hall.

Jackie rose up and sat her naked body beside me and kissed me and my right hand went right for her breast. I fondled her nipple and played with her hardware, pinching and twisting her hoops. Soon my mouth joined my hands and I sucked and chewed and tasted her metallic sweaty skin. I squeezed her ass as I nibbled and she squealed with delight. "Yes!" she repeated dozens of times.

Her nipple tips hardened like rocks and doubled in size, each a mouthful. With a tit in my mouth and her hand in my hair she asked, "You liked the show, didn't you?" "Uhhhhhm, Huhhhhm," I mumbled, talking with my mouth full.

"You want to fuck me now, don't you?" I lifted my head and told her yes I did. She tightened her arms around me and kissed me, and while we kissed she spun me back to sitting position and sat on my lap facing me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Her kisses traveled my neck and ears and chest and then she rose and stuffed her right tit in my face, my mouth again swallowing up her pierced nipple. Her hand reached for my cock and guided it toward her open pussy.

My equipment hadn't totally recovered from my recent eruption, but once I felt the steely friction of my swelling tool scraping by the gold rings latched to her lips I knew it wouldn't be long. She started up and down, up and down, just as she had in the earlier floor show, but this time the cock was real, and it was mine. "Make love to me, make love to me, make love to me…" she cooed over and over, and with hands on her ass, I helped lift her sexy frame up and down.

This went on for a while, serenaded by her whispering love call and soft moans. When we slowed down and stopped neither of us had come. Then she stood up, her legs straddling me, rested her knees against the back of the sofa and centered that pussy an inch from my nose. With hands on her sweet rump, I pulled her to me, and for the first time my mouth met her lower lips.

One by one I took the hoops in my mouth, kissing and sucking them, and I licked inside her lips and tasted her funky sex. When my mouth finally surrounded her stiff love button she let out with a raucous half-grunt, half-scream, and with her hand behind my head she grinded her groin into my face, gently mashing my tongue and teeth onto her puffed-up clit. She pumped and pumped, her gold jewelry skidding on my chin and cheek, harder, harder… "Oh my God, I think I'm going to come, I think I'm going to come…" she groaned.

She pulled my head closer, if that was possible, I had to struggle for breath. "Here I come…I'm going to come…" And come she did. If my face hadn't been there to stop it, I think her spray would have reached the far wall. When she finished shaking I laid her on the sofa and inserted my penis inside her gaping gash and started gently rocking.

I put my hands under her and squeezed her ass cheeks like a vise grip. "I don't have any rubbers," I whispered. "It's okay. Give me your cum," she said. I started fucking her with gusto and she fucked right back with muscular strokes. We stared into each other's eyes as we pounded over and over, the couch wheezing with each power poke. "Yes, Rob, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…" I groaned, "I'm going to come!" "Me too," she added, and then she let out with a war holler as for the second time her fluids flowed, and this triggered my own ejaculation, my slimy seed running the shoot, spitting its way out, deep into Jackie's comely cunt.

We kissed again as I continued to massage her butt, and when we separated her mouth spread into a wide grin. "Damn, that felt good. It never felt that good, ever," she said. I kissed her again, my hands still kneading her bottom. "You sure like my ass, don't you," she added. "I can't help it, you have a nice ass," I said. "I'll bet you want to fuck me up the ass, don't you?" she asked. "What makes you say that?" "Because guys always want to fuck me up the ass." "Well," I said, "What else can I say, you have a nice ass." "Want to see something special?" she asked rhetorically, pushing me up.

I sat back on the sofa and she stood up and faced me. The music had stopped but she swung slowly to an imaginary beat, then turned around and grabbed onto the back of a chair and stuck her ass out in my direction, beckoning. That beautiful butt was about four feet away and level with my face. Then her practiced sphincter muscles went to work. That asshole slowly opened to a wide diameter, and slowly closed.

Then it did again. And again. And again. Open, close, open close. Now I don't know what came over me, but I scrambled down on my bare knees and snuck up behind her and plunged my tongue deep into that sexy asshole and at the same time I probed two fingers into her juicy cunt.

She let out grunt after grunt as I tongue-fucked her, sticking her ass into my face to give me total access, squeezing my tongue with her strong ass muscles, and placing her hand on mine to keep it plastered to her pussy. "Oh, My God, he's eating my ass!" she cried.

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"Yes, yes, yes, yes… Fuck my ass, Baby! Stick your baseball bat up my ass, Coach!" We eased onto the padding. Face down with her ass skyward, Jackie reached behind and spread her cheeks and held her hole wide open for me. It was already lubed by my tongue and soppy fingers and orgasmic seepage, so I just put the head of my cock to her rim and pushed. In it went and then I was fucking that hot ass.

I swung my rod into her mine shaft over and over with increasing force and she hugged my organ again and again with the flexing muscles of her tightened anus.

"You like fucking my ass, don't you? I bet you like fucking my ass more than you like fucking my mama's ass, don't you. You like sticking that big white cock up tight black ass, don't you?" She kept squeezing me as I kept fucking her. "Bet you're going to shoot your cum up my ass too, aren't you?" She got that right. My hard drive downloaded deep into her asshole and I loudly groaned as I shot my payload. When I was finished I removed my penis from within her and watched my cum ooze out of her ass and drip down the back of her leg.

We retired to her bedroom and were up until four a.m. alternating between holding each other and fucking each other and talking in between.

Jackie came three more times and confided in me that I was the first man with whom she'd ever had an orgasm. I found this hard to believe but she swore it was true. She said she'd never had problems coming with girls or toys, just not with boys. When we woke up in the morning the bedroom smelled like sex but that didn't deter us from fucking and sucking a few more times.

She blew off class and I blew off work and we stayed in bed and tore each other up until noon. The last hurrah was another visit and cum shot into that beautiful ass. I offered to take her to lunch but she said no, she had to go to her one o'clock class because she had to take a test.

After we kissed goodbye at her door she squeezed my cock and said, "Say Hi to Mama for me," and patted my ass on the way out the door.

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On the drive home I thought about the unbelievable sex life I was having. There I was having a perfectly good thing going with Jessie, an uninhibited, incredible lover, a sexy slut wrapped up in a soccer mom's body, and a very satisfying relationship so far.

Then along comes Jackie the brazen vixen, who is even more uninhibited, with her lesbian sex show and her hot blond roommate and tattoos and rings and hoops and pierced pussies, damn, fucking her was like going on some wild and crazy thrill ride with an exorcist trying to remove all the sperm from my body.

But as I drove, and contemplated how I was going to manage to keep fucking these two black knockout nymphs, mother and daughter, without all hell breaking loose, one thought kept creeping back into my head: Laura and her "Till next time," comment. But, hell, that's a whole other fucking story! END