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Horny stud fucks hot anal
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"I am going to rape you like the slut you are," Janet yelled. I froze in terror as my mind filled with visions of Turtle raping me. I could not move as vision of that day with Turtle filled my mind. I felt the pain and the sting from his hand at the side of my face where he had slapped as I stood there. The smack of his hand echoed in my head as well. Janet grabbed me by my hair as she yelled, "Did you hear me BITCH," "I am going to rape you." "Janet, please stop," I begged her as I tried to get away for her.

Janet grabbed the old tee shirt I had on as she left go of my hair. I turned to run but she had a hold of my shirt. The ripping sound filled my ears as Janet ripped the shirt from me. I stood there in just my bra, with a pair of light blue shorts, white thigh highs and panties under my shorts. I stood there looking at her with pleading eyes. "You know you want it slut," Janet said smiling as she came toward me again. My mind filled with fear just as it had done on that day with Turtle.

While at the same time, my body filled with short zaps of pleasures. My nipples grew hard pushing against my old bra until their hardness showed through it. I could feel my pussy tingling and my clit swelling as my pussy juices wet right through my panties and my shorts. Janet came closer and she reached out grabbing my bra right in the middle.

She yanked at it as it broke away from my body. My big tits bounced and jiggled as she tossed the bra to the floor. Janet grabbed one of my tits as she lowered her face to it. She brushed her tongue across my hardened nipple once or twice before she sucked my nipple into her. Janet sucked at my nipple as she slowly engulfed more of my tit into her mouth.

She suckled at my tit gently and lovingly almost as if she was nursing from my breast. Janet's mouth jumped from one tit to the other where she suckled gently on it as well. Pleasure rippled through my body as she did. "Ahhhh Janet," I moaned softly kissing the back of her head.

"I thought you wanted me to stop," Janet replied removing her mouth from my tit as she stepped away from me. "Not that just your raping of me," I said back to her with a wanting look in my eyes.

Janet stepped back toward me wrapping her arms around me. She kissed me deeply and passionately. I returned her kisses with my own before I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

Janet slipped her own tongue deep into my mouth, as we stood there locked together in each other's arms. Janet broke our kiss as I felt her hand running up between my legs. "Your pussy has soaked right through your panties and your shorts," Janet said as her hand caresses my pussy.

Janet rather smiled at me as I stood there as she rubbed her hand at my pussy. I thought about how she was right my pussy had gotten very wet at the thought of being raped once more. What was wrong with me I thought as I stood there? I truly hated the fact that he had done what he had to me however I was enjoying it by the time he had finished with me. I wanted to get the thoughts of that day from my head.

I looked to her as I said, "Make love to me Janet." I closed my eyes as I begged her, "Make me forget that day, please." Janet did not reply she merely knelt down to the floor onto her knees. Her hands went to my thighs as she buried her face into the wetness of my shorts.


She began to use her mouth against my pussy. Almost as if, she was lightly biting or taking my pussy into her mouth. She grabbed at the sides of my shorts and she slowly pulled them down my legs.

They hung down at my ankles as Janet kissed her way up both my legs. She used her tongue on the insides of my thighs pushing my legs apart with her hands as she worked her tongue toward my panty-covered pussy. I moaned softly as Janet nestled her face against my pussy, her tongue pushing my wet panties between my pussy lips. She used her face and her nose to rub against my wet panties. Her hands pulled my panties down slipping them down my legs until they joined my shorts at my ankles.

Janet lifted one leg from the floor as she left my panties and short slip from it. Janet's hand pushed at the insides of my leg making me spread them as her face worked up to my now exposed hairy pussy. Janet used her hands to part my pussy as I felt her tongue licking at my hanging pussy lips.

My hands went to the back of her head as I felt her shoving her tongue up into my wet hole from under me. "AHHhhhh," I moaned softly as she worked her snakelike tongue in and out of me. A wave of pleasure raced through my body as she darted her tongue in and out of my pussy. My tits heaved as I pumped my pussy into her face as she tongued me. My pussy twitched then started to drip with juices wetting her face as I stood there.

Janet lay back onto the floor and she looked up to me from between my legs as she said, "Sit that pussy down on my face." She did not have to tell me twice. I spun around and I squatted down right on her face. My pussy was facing her face as I squatted over her.

My thighs enclosed around her head as I sat right down on her face.

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She buried her tongue into my pussy as I started to rock back and forth on her face. Janet's hands went to my butt and she pulled me back and forth across her face with her hands. Her tongue would run from my pussy up over my clit as I rocked on her face.

Janet started to rub my ass with her hands then she was pulling my butt cheeks apart with them. I still love having my butt cheeks pulled apart to this day when I am riding a cock or riding someone's face.

I was cupping my own breasts as I rode her face. I was soon pinching and pulling at my nipples as I felt my pussy getting ready to have an orgasm. I had my nipples at their hardest as I lifted a breast to my mouth. I licked at my nipple with my tongue then sucked my tit into my mouth. I felt Janet pulling my butt cheeks wide apart then she slipped one hand from my butt cheek into the crack of my ass.

"AHHhhhhh Janet," I screamed out letting my tit fall from my mouth. I felt her long slender finger entering my asshole. Janet poked her finger in and out of my asshole matching my rhythm as I rode her face. My body started to shake and tremble just as it had when I had my orgasm on Turtle's big cock.

I moaned loudly as my pussy convulsed at her tongue. "JANET ahhhhh," I screamed out as my pussy squirted all over her face. It was a powerful and a very wet squirt. I think it was a combination of pussy juices and pee. It was pussy juice first then I just lost control as I started to pee in Janet's face. She turned her face to one side as she withdrew her tongue from my pussy.

My pee shot right up her face and then over her head. I was peeing freely and I was unable to stop it. It finally slowed to a trickle with my thighs still shaking as I rolled from her face. Janet rolled over on top of me kissing and licking at my face. She worked her pussy onto my leg just above my knee and below my thigh. Janet rocked on my leg rubbing her wet pussy on it until she reached a wet squirting orgasm of her own. We had to scrub the carpet before daddy got home as we had gotten it all wet with our juices and our pee.

Janet and I swore that we would never let a boy come between us ever again. The summer ended with me going back to mom's for the start of ninth grade.

I no longer cared what anyone thought about me at school. I no longer needed anyone to want me as I had Janet. We did not let the other kids at school know we were now lovers.

For the most part the boys left us allow and Kevin was no trouble as his parents had moved away. Janet and I were very happy with each other. A few of the girls even guessed what was going on between Janet and me. We were even more shocked when those same girls asked if they could hang out with us.

We would allow them too only after we had initiated them into our little secret club. We would invite them over to spend the night especially on Friday nights when my mom went out on a date. Janet and I made the girls get undress and they had to show us how they played with their pussies. Janet and I also took turns with each new girl we initiated into our club.

Our little group grew until there were six of us in our little club. We called our club "No boys allowed." We took turns having sleepovers at each other's houses when our parents were away on the weekends. Most of the sleepovers were at my house when my mom went out on Friday nights, as she normally did not return until early Saturday morning.

That gave us girls the whole night to play. We soon had about eight of us at school that no longer needed any boy as we had each other. We all stood up for the other if someone picked on them. No one gave any of us any trouble during the school year. None of the teachers or other students at school knew just what our little club was about or what we were doing to each other during our sleep over's.

Janet and I even went back to that clothing store where that woman worked. Her name was Linda and we made plans to meet her on Saturday morning at the near by park.

During our talking with Linda, she asked us just what had happened in the changing room. "Janet ate my pussy until I had an orgasm," I said to her. "Mmmmm nothing finer than tasting some pussy juices," Linda rather cooed out as her hand rubbed between her legs.

"Are you into women too?" Janet asked her. "Yes, I am as I have never been with a man as I only like the ladies," Linda replied. Janet and I told her about our club we had formed with some of the other girls at school. Linda asked us if we could use a house mom. She told us her house was free on weekends and us girls would always be welcomed.

"In fact why don't we go back to my house now," Linda said with a smile on her face. We loaded our bikes into the back of her car and we rode with Linda to her house. She had a charming little house done up as only a woman could do. Linda got us all some soda to drink and we sat with her on the sofa talking about everything but mostly about what Janet and I have done together sexually.

"You girls have me horny," Linda said. "How about we all take off our clothes and have a little fun," She added as she stood up and started to undo the buttoned shirt she had worn.

Janet and I watched her as she removed her shirt. Linda worn a bra that barely covered her big no huge fucking tits. We would find out later Linda's tits were 44 dd.

I felt my pussy start to tingle as Linda reached behind her self and she undid her bra. She removed her bra freeing those big tits. They bounced and swayed side to side as she stood there looking at us. Linda's nipples started to grow hard as I stared at them. They grew outward and stiff from her big aureola around both of her tits. Janet and I both stood up and we pulled our tops over our heads.

Then we removed our bras. Linda smiled at us both as she unfastened then unzipped the jeans she had worn. Linda pulled her jeans down to reveal that she had no panties on under them. She had a patch of neatly trimmed black hair cover her pussy.

Janet and I removed our jeans and panties. The three of us stood there naked checking each other's bodies. Linda told us how lovely the two of us looked. We returned the favor by telling her she was very lovely as well. "You girls lie down on the floor there and I will be right back," Linda said to us. Linda walked from the room with Janet and I watching her shake her fucking ass as she did. Janet and I got down onto the floor and we kissed as our bodies touched.

My hand went between her legs as I felt hers going between mine. Our fingers rubbed lightly over our pussies as we kissed. "You girls started without me," Linda said as she walked into her living room. We broke our kiss and I saw Linda had a good size handbag with her.

Linda placed the bag onto the sofa and she opened it. Linda reached in and she pulled a bottle of something from the bag.

"Let's start with me giving you both a relaxing body rubs with this warming lotion," Linda said as she got down onto the floor with us telling us to lie on our backs. Linda squirted some lotion onto both of our breasts. We both let out a little cry as the cool liquid hit our skin. It did not feel warm, as she had said in fact that lotion made our nipples grow even harder from being cold. Linda used her hands on Janet's pale breasts, as she had not gotten much sun this year. Janet gave a little moan as Linda cupped her hands around her breasts rubbing the lotion all around them.

Linda went from Janet's breasts to mine. Her hands felt like silk as she skillfully rubbed the lotion into my tits. Linda spent some time rubbing the lotion into our boobs. Linda used her fingers on our nipples rubbing them around the tops as she lightly blew onto them. "AHHhhhhh," Janet moaned out then I did the same. The lotion suddenly turned warm when she blew air from her mouth onto our breasts.

It must have been cinnamon flavored, as I could smell cinnamon when her breath blew over my breasts. My boobs felt warm and nice, as my nipples grew even harder. "You have very lovely breasts," Linda said to me as she cupped one of them with her hand. Linda moved her mouth to it as she added, "They are so nice and round." Linda covered her mouth over my nipple as well as part of my breast. She licked at my nipple then suckled on my breast. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet with my juices as she went from my breasts to Janet's breasts.

Linda used her finger and thumb to pull at our nipples. Linda pinched at our nipples just to where there was no pain only pleasure. Something only another woman can do. Janet and I both were breathing heavy as Linda toyed with our tits. Linda ran her hands from our tits down to our pussy. She ran her hands around the hair covering our little mounds. She gently slipped a finger between our pussy lips and ran it in and out of our pussies.

"I see you girls are ready for more," Linda said as she brought her fingers up to her mouth. Linda used her tongue to lick at the wet juices on her fingers. She sucked at both of her fingers together before she parted my legs. Her hands rubbed lightly on the insides of my leg as she drew them wider apart. Her fingers tickled at my inner thighs as she worked them toward my pussy. "Janet, why don't you hop up there onto Betsy's face," Linda cooed out as her face went between my spread legs.

Janet stood up then she got over my face spreading her legs. She sat her pussy right down onto my face. I swear she must have had an orgasm when Linda was playing with her breasts. Her pussy was dripping juices all over my face as she squatted down onto it. I felt Linda squirting some of that lotion onto my pussy lips and onto my growing clit. Linda used her hand to rub the lotion around my lips and teased my clit with her hand as well.

My tongue was lapping at Janet's pussy as she rocked on my face. Linda started to blow air from her mouth onto the lotion covering my pussy. "AHHhhhhh GOD," I moaned into Janet's pussy. My own pussy started to tingle as it warmed up with Linda blowing onto the warming lotion.

When I thought my pussy could not get any hotter, Linda buried her face into it. She used her tongue to lap at my pussy lips then she buried her tongue deeply into my hole. "AHHhhhhh Linda," I managed to moan out from Janet's pussy. "Rub her clit and she will squirt in your face," I heard Janet cry out to Linda. Janet pressed her pussy firmly down onto my face covering it as she ground it into my face. I buried my tongue into her pussy darting it in and out, as she did.

I felt Linda removing her tongue and licking at my clit; it seemed to throb as her tongue licked at it. "I am going too…" I started to yell. "AHHhhhhh," Janet screamed out as her rocking stopped on my face. Janet's pussy throbbed then a little squirt came out followed by a gush of clear liquid. Janet was having a powerful orgasm as my tongue darted in and out of her pussy.

My head went side to side as my own orgasm raced through my body. "AHHhhhhhh fuck," I cried out as I pushed Janet from my face with my hands to her butt. My pussy exploded as Linda sucked at my clit. My juices shot from my pussy splashing at her neck. She just kept sucking hard at my clit as I felt her slip two fingers up into my pussy. I felt her fingers digging at my G-spot as my eyes rolled up into my head.

My body trembled as I lost all control. "AHHHHhhh LINDA," I yelled out as I flopped around on the floor. My pussy left go with a torrent of liquid.

It was both pussy juice and pee as she dug her fingers into my G-spot. I felt close to passing out as I felt her removing her fingers. My pussy twitched and my clit throbbed as Linda removed her fingers and her mouth from my clit.

I caught my breath as I came down from the powerful mufti-orgasm I just had. I looked down between my legs to see Linda looking at me and smiling. Her face was dripping with my juices as well as my pee. Janet got to her before I did and she kissed and licked at her face. I felt a little jealous as I watched them kissed.

It was a long passionate and deep kiss. Linda broke their kiss and she crawled to me. She embraced me as her lips touched mine. We kissed deeply and with passion just as she had with Janet. The jealousy I had felt left my body as she did. I broke our kiss as I pushed Linda down onto the floor. "Janet, grab that bottle of lotion it is our turn to give her pleasure as she gave us," I said smiling at Linda. Janet and I did the same to Linda as she had done to us.

We used the lotion on her big boobs. We each played with one of her big tits. When it came time to eat her pussy I told Janet to get under her in a sixty-nine.

I coated both their pussies with the warming lotion before I got behind Linda's ass sticking in the air. I used the warming lotion on her butt cheeks and poured it down the crack of her ass.

I blew my breath all over her ass warming her butt cheeks as Janet ate her out. I pulled Linda's butt cheeks apart as I blew onto her asshole. "AHHhhhh," Linda moaned out into Janet's pussy. I used my tongue running it around Linda's asshole. Her asshole started to pucker as my tongue stabbed at it. Her asshole smelled of cinnamon as I buried my tongue up her ass and my face between her butt cheeks. I ran my tongue in and out of her ass as Janet licked wildly at her pussy.

Janet moaned first and had an orgasm moaning as she squirmed under Linda. I removed my face from Linda's butt and I saw Janet was sucking at Linda's hanging pussy lips. I shoved a finger deep up into Linda's asshole and I started to work it in and out of her asshole. "OHHH GIRLS," Linda screamed.

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Linda had a powerful wet orgasm on Janet's face before she rolled off her pulling my finger from her asshole. I went straight to Janet's face and licked at Linda's juices that covered them. I licked and kissed at Janet's face until I had cleaned all of her juices from it. Janet and I sat up in each other's arms on the floor.

I looked to Linda then to Janet as I said, "I think we have a house mom for our little club." The three of us hugged and kissed each other on the floor.

Linda got some towels for us as well as for the wet carpet in her living room. We sat and talked some more until Linda told us she had something else she wanted to show us. Linda got back into her bag and she pulled out a strap on dildo. "You girls ever been fucked by a women?" Linda asked us as she stepped into her strap on. Janet and I both could barely walk by the time Linda was through with us. We took turn fucking Linda with the strap on as well. It was well into the afternoon before we said our goodbyes.

We also told Linda we would bring the rest of the girls over to meet their new house mom next weekend. That was the start of weekend long girl's only parties at Linda's house. We all would tell our parents we were spending that night at one of our girlfriend's houses. When in reality we were really spending the weekend with Linda. She would hold slumber parties at her house on the weekends for us girls from the school.

Linda even included a few of her own girlfriends in our play as well. None of us thought it was wrong or anything nor did we care as we all were having fun and it felt so good. We would form daisy chains with us lying girl to girl. With each of us using our tongues to bring that girl in front of us to an orgasm. All of us really enjoyed fucking each other with that strap on dildo as well.

All of us were having fun over at Linda's on the weekends. It was not every weekend but we tried to meet there at least twice month. Our little club stayed intact through the ninth grade and into the tenth grade. No one knew of the fun the girls in our little club were having.

There were now ten of us in our club. Some of us started to date boys however Janet and I did not as we just did not need a boy we had a strap on for that. By the end of tenth, grade Janet and I both had turned into rather lovely young women. Janet had gained enough weight to fill her body out nicely in all the right spots.

Her boobs had grown to 36 c while mine were now close to 40 c. Boys were always after us to go out with them however; we flatly refused to do that.

Near the end of the tenth grade one of the girls in our little group got into some trouble. In fact, that girl was Mary as she had joined our little club as well. To get herself out of trouble she squealed about the little club that we had formed which was "NO BOYS ALLOWED." The shit really hit the fan over just what all of us girls had been up too. Linda left town however, I think she was ran out of town for what she had been doing with us girls.

Janet and I also were in the most trouble. Most of the girls said we had lured them into doing the stuff they had done. They also told everyone we were the ringleaders. My mom became extremely angry when she found out what I had been up too. Mom grounded me for life and told me that I would never leave the house again. I had never seen her so mad at me.

Mom even slapped me across my face telling me I had brought shame to her in this town. She told me she would never be able to find a man or show her face in town with everyone knowing what kind of a daughter she had.

"If that is how you feel then I want to go live with my dad," I said. Which was not how I had put it? I had used a lot more of fuck you bitch I will go live with my dad.

Mom was on the phone right away. She informed daddy of just what was going on over here. Mom told him I wanted to come live with him and that if he wanted me to come get the little bitch.

I was upstairs packing my bags when dad arrived. I heard dad and mom arguing over me. Mom was yelling that I had been nothing but trouble since I had been born. My mom even told my dad that I had even driven him away from her when I was little. I heard my daddy yelling back at her that it was not true. "Your daughter is queer just like you," mom yelled at him. I flopped down onto my bed and cried over the mess I had made of things.

I blamed myself for everything even splitting up my mom and dad. My mom even thought I was a queer awkward child. I finished packing my bags and I made up my mind as soon as dad left for work tomorrow I was running away. I knew not where I was going and I did not really care. I just wanted to get as far away from here as I could. I did not even tell my mom good-bye as I walked out of her house. It was the last time I would see or hear from my mom for many years.

As daddy drove us to his house he said, "Your mom is just upset I am sure she will calm down in a few days." "No she won't she hates me because I brought shame to her because I like girls and not boys." I replied.

"Daddy, your little girl is a fucking lesbian," I added.

"Betsy, please don't use words like that," Daddy replied. "And you are right you are still daddy's little girl however it does not matter to me if you like women or men," he added. "Sorry daddy I am just so mixed up right now after Turtle raped me I just lost myself," I said. "TURTLE, did what to you?" Daddy yelled loudly. Daddy pulled his car over to the side of the roan throwing it up into park.

I sat there for a few seconds then I busted into tears. I told daddy what Turtle had done to me that day at the lake during the reunion. However, I did not tell him that I had rather enjoyed it. Daddy was furious he was cussing and yelling he was going to kill Turtle the next time he saw him. I told daddy to let it go and that we would probably never see Turtle again.

I also told daddy that was when Janet comforted me and we became lovers. "Betsy, not all men are like Turtle someday you will meet someone nice, you will see," daddy said as he hugged me.

We soon arrived at daddy's place where Daddy helped me with my bags into the house. After I got my stuff put away, daddy had me sit with him and we talked.

Daddy told me I should have informed him about what Turtle had done to me. He also told me if anything like that ever happens, again I was to tell him right away and he would take care of it.

We talked some more about what had been going on in school as well as on weekends. Daddy also wanted to know just how our little club had gotten started.

I explained to daddy about how I have been nothing but a misfit in school since second grade. I explained how the other kids would always make fun of me. I told him no one liked me at school until these came along as I stuck my tits toward him. "A popular boy at school asked to walk me home one day," I said to daddy. "I showed him my tits and he became my friend," I added.

I explained to him how that boy made me feel good about myself. I told him how he had gotten the others to stop making fun of me. I also explained that at the time I had liked this boy a lot. I explained to him how it all went bad when I shared the boy with Janet. Daddy sat there shaking his head as he replied, "Betsy, you share toys not boys." "You realize that boy was just using you to get what he wanted?" Daddy asked. "Yes, but I was just using him to get what I wanted which was to be popular with all the other kids," I replied hanging my head down to the floor.

I looked to daddy as I added, "Then I went to the reunion and Turtle had his way with me." "You should have informed me about what he had done to you," daddy said. "I was too scared to tell anyone daddy other than Janet," I replied. "When that boy dumped Janet she turned to me and I turned to her for comfort and love." "Janet and I became lovers and other girls wanted to be part of the fun we were having." Daddy wrapped his arms around me as he said, "Betsy, I blame myself I never should have walked out on your mother." "Did you leave mom because of me?" I asked him.

"NO Betsy," daddy replied. "Then why did you leave?" I asked staring at him. "It was not because of you, Betsy," daddy replied as he looked at me. "I guess your old enough now," daddy replied. Daddy told me a little story that I just could not believe. It seemed that my mom and dad used to be swingers. Daddy told me how they had an open marriage as well as an open relationship. He explained that my mom never really enjoyed that type of a lifestyle however he did. "You could say I got caught up in it pretty much like the trouble you did," Daddy said.

"I left your mom with still loving her but also loving the lifestyle more," he added. Daddy went on to tell me how he would not judge me for liking women rather than men.

He asked me if I knew what Bisexual was. I informed him yes when you love both sexes. My jaw hit the floor when daddy told me he was bisexual and my mother just could not handle that. "Is that why mom called me queer like you?" I asked with a blank look on my face. "Betsy, bisexual does not mean you are queer or gay," daddy replied with a little laugh. Daddy and I talked well into the night. He informed me that what I and the other girls had been doing was what he would just call experimenting.

He would not tell me it was wrong or right. He told me that was something I had to figure out for myself. "I will not stop you from seeing Janet," daddy said. "However, I hope you two will be a little more discreet about it especially around town and around me," he added. "I do not know what I really want daddy at least right now," "Maybe I am bisexual like you," I replied.

"Then just go with it until you decide; the choice will always be up to you," "Never let others make your mind up for you," daddy said. "You're the one who has to live with it not them," daddy added.

At least I did not have to worry about-facing any of the kids at school. Daddy lived in another school district so I had to go to a different school once more. I started my new school as a loner. I hid my big boobs and I dressed most of the time in black. It was the start of my Goth years. I made no friends at this new school, as I did not care to get to know any of them. To me they were all misfits and I was the only real person at that school. They were all rich kids and at least daddy made sure I fitted in with having nice clothes.

I finished tenth grade turning seventeen without making a single friend at my new school. Daddy kept his word about not keeping me from seeing Janet. However, Janet's parents would not allow her to see me or be with me. After a couple of weeks, we met in the park. Janet told me she was not giving up on me and that we still could be together we just had to sneak around to do it. It worked for a while that was until Janet and I were at the park one weekend during the very beginning of summer.

We would go into the woods and have hot passionate sex. One day as Janet and I walked from the woods with our clothes a little disarrayed we heard. "YOU LITTLE FUCKING TRAMP," my mom yelled out as she drove by us. Mom never stopped or anything; she just kept driving after yelling at me. The next day Janet called and she told me my mom had told her parents about seeing us at the park.

Janet cried as she told me she could not see me again. I ran up to my room and laid across my bed crying my eyes out all day long into my pillow. I cried so much I must have cried myself to sleep.

I did not know how long I had been asleep but when I woke up it was dark out as I sat up in my bed. I left my room and as I started down the stairs, I heard my dad talking on the phone. "There is nothing at all wrong with the girl, Esther," my dad said angrily into the phone.

I knew it must be my mom on the other end telling him about seeing Janet and I together. My mom was still bitching at my dad on the phone as I walked by him into the kitchen.

I took a seat at the kitchen table just staring blankly across the room. My life was over I thought, I no longer felt anything in my body as I sat there. Daddy came walking into the kitchen and he sat across from me. He did not say anything he just stared at me.

"I am sorry I got you in trouble with mom." I said to daddy as I looked to the kitchen floor. "I was in trouble with her the moment I met her," daddy replied as he lifted my head up with his hand. "I think you need a change of scenery for the rest of the summer," daddy added. "What do you mean?" I asked. Daddy explained that his sister Lisa my aunt along with my Uncle Mike was getting ready to spend the summer at their campsite. Daddy told me it was lovely down there with a swimming pool, a lake and plenty of woods to explore.

You will have plenty of time to forget all that has happened to you here. "I guess so if you say so daddy," I replied. Daddy got up to use the phone. Maybe it would do me some good to get away for a while. Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike were cool as well. Aunt Lisa was in her early twenties as was my Uncle Mike. Aunt Lisa was a very lovely woman; she was only 5' 2" tall with long lovely black hair down to her waist.

Aunt Lisa was like me in that she had really big and round tits. I think they were around 42 dd. She had a great ass with lovely short legs below that lovely ass. Aunt Lisa was the most beautiful woman I knew at this time. I had always looked up to her because she was so lovely.

Uncle Mike was fun as well as handsome. He was not much bigger than Aunt Lisa was but he was all man. He drove truck for a living and loved his motorcycles both dirt bikes as well as street bikes. I even had a small crush on him when I was younger. He always made me laugh and I enjoyed being around them both. I over heard my dad talking with his sister on the phone. They were talking about me. Daddy told her I needed a change of scenery so to speak. I heard my dad say she needs to find her way and I believe she will fit right in with the rest of us.

I did not understand what daddy meant by she will fit right in with the rest of us. I was soon to find out just what he was getting at.

"You're Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike will be here Friday to pick you up," daddy said as he wrapped his arms around me. "I am sure you will find all you are looking for at their campground," daddy added. I really did not want to go as I figured Janet and I would find a way to be together. I wanted to stay and play with Janet, as I was sure she would sneak over when her dad was at work. I tried calling her but they must have gotten a new number, as the old one did not work.

I waited all week for her to call me but she never did and Friday was soon here. Uncle Mike and I loaded my bags into his truck while daddy and Aunt Lisa talked. As we loaded the bags, I saw Uncle Mike staring at my tits as I had on a tank top. As we put my last bag into the truck, Uncle Mike looked at me. "Damn girl I know someone who is going to love those," Uncle Mike said with a smile.

I wondered just who he was talking about or if he was talking about himself. I felt my pussy twitching as I jumped into the truck. I sat in the middle between Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike. It was a rather quiet drive as well as a long ride to their campground. Aunt Lisa asked me about the trouble I had gotten into but I told her I did not want to talk about it.

We finally arrived at the campgrounds. They camped in style as they had a mobile home sit up on their permanent campsite. They spent their summers here, Uncle Mike drove truck through the week but on weekends, he was normally here at the campgrounds. As we were unloading, their truck I heard a motorcycle approaching up the dirt road by their trailer.

I turned when my uncle did and I saw a young man on a dirt bike coming up the camp road. The young man gassed the engine and popped the front wheel up into the air. He rode by us doing a wheelie giving my uncle the thumbs up sign. "HEY get your ass back here," Uncle Mike yelled loudly at the young man.

The young man spun his bike around and he pulled up next to Uncle Mike. He turned his bike off and he put the kickstand down as he got off the bike. The young man was dressed in a motocross outfit with a helmet on that covered his face. He pulled the helmet from his head as he shook his long blonde hair down upon his shoulders.

I stood there just staring at him as he pulled the motocross shirt from his body next. His body was muscular but not bulky. His face and chest had a dark tan so I knew he spent a lot of time in the sun. He tossed his shirt over the bike seat as he stepped toward Uncle Mike.

I watched him as he stopped to slip a pair of dark sunglasses on which only added to his mystique. "How long you guys here?" The young man asked my Uncle. "For the rest of the summer," Uncle Mike replied.

"So that is the new 250 I take it," Uncle Mike added pointing to the dirt bike. I just stood there staring at this golden tanned god in front of me. I felt my pussy twitch and then throb as I stared at him. For some reason I could not take my eyes from him. I felt my heart flutter as I watched his cute butt as him and Uncle Mike walked to his bike.

I watched as he removed his sunglasses and the sun shined upon his lovely blue eyes. He rather reminded me of one of those blonde haired blue-eyed surfing dudes out in California only this one was here and into motorcycles. My pussy was throbbing big time as I just stared at him. "Betsy, give me a hand," Aunt Lisa said.

"BETSY, HEY girl," My Aunt said loudly again. I had been too lost in this young man to realize she was even talking to me. I turned to her as I replied, "Sorry I was day dreaming." "Day dreaming about that boy," Aunt Lisa replied with a smile and a gleam in her eyes. "NO not really besides someone like him would have no interest in a girl like me," I said as I grabbed a bag of grocery and went inside the trailer.

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Aunt Lisa gave me a sorrowful look as I walked by her. I still considered myself ugly especially in the fact I wore glasses. I had low self-esteem about how I looked. Mainly from all the teasing, I got when in grade school. Even with all the changes my body had gone through, I still thought no one thought I was cute let alone sexy. I really did not have any respect for myself and with all the trouble I had been getting into lately, I was really down on myself.

I was just little Miss four eyes. What would a blonde haired beach dude see in me? I returned outside to find my Aunt down talking to my Uncle Mike and that boy. Uncle Mike looked to me and he said, "Betsy, come over here." I walked over to him and he said, "Betsy this is John," "John this is my niece Betsy I think she will be spending the rest of the summer with us," turning to me and smiling.

"Nice to meet you Betsy, if you like I could give you a tour of our little park here later," John said to me. I just stood there like the misfit I was not saying anything just looking at him. It was if I could not speak in the present of this boy. My aunt finally told him I would love too. I must have turned every shade of red as I just looked from John down to the ground. I felt John's finger raising my chin from my chest. He stared into my eyes as I stared back into his. A smile came to his face as he looked into my eyes.

I thought that was strange, as most boys never looked me in my eyes. Their eyes were always on my big 40 c boobs. "Shy are you, just how I like my girls," John said with a little laugh. "Give me a couple hours as I have some work to do but I will be back to give you the full tour." John walked back over to his bike and my Aunt ran up to him.

She gave him a long big hug as well as a kiss on his cheeks. I could not hear what she had said to him however John had only nodded his head yes. He jumped on his bike and rode off as my Aunt came to me. "Never sell your self short young lady," Aunt Lisa said to me as she hugged me. The three of us finished unloading the truck and went inside their trailer. As we unpacked our stuff, I asked them just who John was.

Uncle Mike told me that his parents had a camper down over the hill. He explained that John was seventeen and had already graduated from High School early due to being so smart. Uncle Mike told me that John worked here during the summer and that he lived here. His parents would join him sometimes at the campgrounds on the weekends. I stood there taking it all in thinking great.


He is good looking, brainy and down right sexy. There was no way this boy would be interested in me. "John is a very nice and respectable young man," Aunt Lisa added with a smile. "He comes from a nice family and they are rich," she added.

"Damn woman, you got her marring him already," Uncle Mike said with a laugh. "UNCLE MIKE," I screamed as I punched his arm. "Pay him no mind and I am just saying you need to hang around someone like that and not that tramp Janet," Aunt Lisa said.

So that was what all this was about I thought. My dad had sent me here to get me away from Janet and the other losers in the neighborhood. I was pissed at first but then my mind went back to John.

I turned to my aunt as I asked, "Why would a good looking boy like that want to be seen with an ugly duckling like me?" "BETSY, you're not ugly," Aunt Linda replied.

"John is sweet, charming, loving and so caring as I am sure you will see," She added with a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her face.

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I found the look she had in her eyes to be very strange. It was almost as if she had some sort of feelings toward this boy. I was not sure what was going on what with the look in her eyes as I turned to my Uncle Mike.

"Don't look at me, I just go along with what your aunt tells me to do," Uncle Mike said smiling at me. I grabbed my bag and I walked back to the room in their trailer that was to be mine. I unpacked my clothes trying to figure out just what was going on here at this little campground.

I started to walk back out into their kitchen area when I heard my Uncle say, "She will find out sooner or later." "When the time is right my dear when the time is right," Aunt Lisa replied before they kissed. I had no idea what they were talking about and to be truthful I did not care. My aunt came over to me and she asked me if I wanted to lay out in the sun with her.

I told her sure, why not I may as well work on my tan I thought. I went into my room and I changed into my new hot pink bikini. I grabbed a towel as well as a tee shirt. I walked back into the kitchen and as I did, Uncle Mike was coming into there as well. We walked right into each other. "Sorry abo… holy fucking tits," Uncle Mike yelled out staring down at my big tits which were being pushed over the top of my bikini.

I covered my big tits with both hands just as my aunt walked into the kitchen. I turned to see that she had on a black one-piece outfit that hugged her body tightly. My aunt is very lovely with a body like a model. I also noticed that she has trouble keeping her bush in her swimsuit just as I do.

"Leave your niece alone you have these to play with," Aunt Lisa said as she flashed her tits at my Uncle right in front of me. Her tits were perfect as they were lovely and round.

They had medium size nipples, which were harder than mine were getting. Aunt Lisa did have 42 dd tits as I had seen her bra lying when I came into the trailer and I checked the size of them. The three of us gave a little laugh as she tucked her tits back away and we all walked outside.

Uncle Mike walked up the road to where John had gone as my aunt and I grabbed the camp cots to lie out in the sun. We sat on the cots and rubbed suntan lotion onto our bodies. I watched her rubbing the lotion onto herself. She started with her legs bending down with those big tits ready to fall from her suits top. I stared at her tits as she rubbed the lotion into her legs. I felt myself getting horny as I watched her caressing her thighs gently as she rubbed the lotion in them.

Aunt Lisa then popped her tits out from her swimsuit. She squirted lotion onto them rubbing it in skillfully. Her nipples were hard and sticking straight out from her big tits.

Her hands rubbed the lotion into her tits as well as into her big nipples. Her big tits were all shiny with big hard nipples as she finished rubbing the lotion into them. "We can go topless here most of the time as there are never that many people around then until Saturday," Aunt Lisa said as she lay down onto the cot putting her sunglasses on as she did. I sat there watching those lovely big tits sort of just roll to the side of her chest as she laid back.

I also noticed she had her legs slightly spread apart. I could see black bushy hair sticking out the sides of her swimsuit. I lie down onto my cot with my pussy twitching.

I did not pull my tits out of my bikini. "Your dad told me about what you have been up too." "What with letting boys feel your tits," Aunt Lisa said without looking at me.

I looked to her as I replied, "The boys all like me when I let them touch me." "They don't like you, they like playing with your tits," Aunt Lisa said. "To them you are just a slut like Janet," she added. "JANET is not a slut and we have fun together," I replied from my cot.

"Yeah I heard about that fun as well," Aunt Lisa said. "Besides that I enjoy my fun better with Janet than I ever did with those boys," I added not realizing it had come out that way. "Betsy, you have been having lesbian sex with Janet?" Aunt Lisa asked as she sat up on her cot. I somewhat just laid there for a few seconds then I sat up as I replied, "Yes and she is better than any boy," I added staring right at her big tits. "So you have had sex with those boys too then," Aunt Lisa asked.

"No, I have only left them play with my tits and feel my pussy," I replied still looking at her big tits. "Then you do not know if sex is better with a man or not," Aunt Lisa said. I started to cry and I ran back into the trailer. I sat down at the kitchen table crying. Aunt Lisa came in after me and she asked me what was wrong.

I explained to her how Turtle my cousin had his way with me during our family reunion. I told her how horrible it was and that it hurt like hell because of how big his cock was. I did not tell her I was begging him to fuck me harder before we were through.

Daddy must not have told Aunt Lisa about that, as she was shocked to hear about it. "You poor child that was not right and sex with a man can be very enjoyable especially with a skilled one," Aunt Lisa said as she wrapped her arms around me. "I think he has made me a lesbian," I sobbed out.

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"I am afraid to try sex with any boy and Janet makes me feel good," I added. Aunt Lisa gave a little laugh as she replied, "You're not a lesbian you probably just bisexual like me." I smiled a little as I asked her, "Are you bisexual?" "Yes, I enjoy both worlds," Aunt Lisa replied. "You better dry those eyes before John comes to take you on a tour of the campground," She added.

"He is not going to come back, he was just being polite," I said to her. "Oh, I am sure he will be back trust me," Aunt Lisa replied with a devilish smile on her face. Aunt Lisa and I returned outside but this time we just sat in some chairs outside their trailer. We talked some more and I asked her if my dad had sent me here to get me away from Janet.

Aunt Lisa told me no he thought I needed some time to sort things out and to find myself as well as just what I wanted. I told her thanks for letting me stay, as I did not know what I wanted. Aunt Lisa leaned over wrapped her arms around me and kissed me fully on my lips.

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I just smiled at her when she broke our kiss as I said, "I think I might like it here after all." A couple of hours later my Uncle came walking back up to the trailer. He grabbed a beer from the cooler outside. He sat down on the picnic table in front of us sipping on his beer. Aunt Lisa sat there looking at him for a while before she yelled at him. "Well don't ask if anyone else wants one," Aunt Lisa said.

Uncle Mike got back up and he grabbed two more beers giving my aunt one and me one as he said, "Don't be telling your dad we let you drink," as he smiled at me. "She knows what happens here stays here," Aunt Lisa said with a smile. "I thought you were bringing John back with you?" She asked Uncle Mike.

"He is working on his bike and you know how he is when he is doing that," Uncle Mike replied. "HE was supposed to give Betsy a tour," Aunt Lisa said with some anger in her voice.

"That's OK I am use to boys not paying any attention to me," I replied taking a little sip of beer from my can. "Well we will see about that," Aunt Lisa said as she jumped from her chair. "I will be back," She added as she stormed walking away. "Leave the boy alone woman you don't own him," Uncle Mike said to her. Aunt Lisa just kept walking down the hill toward John's camper. She stopped just long enough to flip Uncle Mike the middle finger before she went on her way.

Uncle Mike just shook his head as he sat back down at the picnic table. I just sat there wondering just what my aunt was up too. Uncle Mike looked at me and he smiled as he said, "Damn girl I think you have burnt those tits." I looked down to my boobs and he was right they were bright red. I touched the top my tits with my hands they were fried. I had forgotten to put any lotion onto them as I was to busy checking my aunt's tits out when she was applying her lotion.

Uncle Mike got up, went inside the trailer, and then returned with a tube of something in his hand. "Here rub this on that sun burn it will take the sting away," He said handing me the tube. I squirted some onto my fingers and it felt cool to my touch.

I rubbed it into the tops of my boobs. My nipples got instantly hard and poked through my pink top. They were rock hard as I rubbed the lotion into the top part of my breasts. I looked to see that my Uncle was staring at my nipples as I rubbed the lotion on to them. I also looked down to the front of the shorts he had worn. The front of his shorts was pushing outward. My uncle had gotten a boner checking out my tits. My pussy gave a little tingle as I thought about giving him that boner.

"UNCLE Mike, did I do that?" I asked smiling at him while looking at his hard cock tenting his shorts. "It's going to be a long hot summer," Uncle Mike replied giving a little laugh shaking his head. About fifteen minutes later, we saw my aunt walking back up the hill toward their trailer. I heard Uncle Mike say it must have been a quickie under his breath.

I had no idea what he had meant by that at all. Aunt Lisa came over and she sat down in her chair. "John, will be here in a few to give you your tour he has to clean up a little," Aunt Lisa said to me.

"I bet he does," Uncle Mike replied with a laugh. "His hands were dirty from working on his bike you pervert," Aunt Lisa said to him. "Damn Betsy you fucking fried those tits," Aunt Lisa added looking at my red boobs.

"Only the tops of them," I replied as I lowered my top exposing my tits to her and to Uncle Mike. Uncle Mike almost choked on his beer as he was in mid drink when I had whipped the girls from my top.

I gave them a little shake from side to side to tease him a little more. Uncle Mike sat there watching them sway from side to side. "Better put them away before you give him heat stroke," Aunt Lisa said with a smile and a laugh. I slipped my breasts gently back into my top as the top of them were still burning. I slowly slipped the tee shirt I had with me over them as well. My Aunt winked at me. "You may have to give her some of the other cream to take that burn away," she said softly looking to Uncle Mike.

The sound of a motorcycle filled my ears and I looked to see John coming up the hill on his bike. Seeing him made me to forget what my aunt had just said. My stomach started to flip as John approached the trailer on his bike. My hands seemed to start sweating as well. I felt very nervous as he parked his bike. John walked over to Uncle Mike, they bumped fist, and then John walked up to me. "Sorry Betsy, I got lost in working on my bike and forgot about giving you a tour," John said very politely to me.

"That's OK I understand if you are to busy," I replied. "I am never to busy for one as lovely as you," John said. I was once again without words to say. I looked at him then to my aunt who was smiling. John asked me if I was ready for my tour and suggested I put some sneaker onto my feet first.

I ran inside to get my tennis shoes. As I came back into the kitchen, I leaned against the counter to put them onto my feet. I heard John, my aunt and my uncle talking through the kitchen window so I went to it and looked at them as they talked. "She is a little shy and scared of boys and she has a good reason," I heard my aunt say.

"Remember our little deal," she added just before she gave John a kiss fully onto his lips. I made some noise in the kitchen and my aunt hurried away from John.

I came out to them and told John I was ready for my tour. He grabbed my hand and he walked me well it was more almost as if he dragged me to his bike. He got on his bike and started it as I stood to the side of it. John looked at me as I just stood there. "You have never ridden on a bike before I take it," John said. I shook my head no, as I stood there. John told me to get on the seat behind him and to place my feet onto the pegs sticking from the frame.

John told me to wrap my arms around his waist and to hold on tight. I did as he told me. John took off on the bike and I felt like I was going to fall off. I squeezed my arms tighter around him. I also buried my sun burnt tits right into his back. John rode me around the campgrounds showing me this and that. As he did, I got very comfortable with my arms around his waist and my tits buried into his back. John pulled his bike up by the swimming hole and we both got off his bike.

He grabbed my hand as he led me down to the swimming hole. We were standing by the waters edge when he turned to me.

"Can you swim?" John asked. "Yes," I replied. The next thing I knew John swept me off my feet and up into his arms. I was screaming and wrapping my arms around his neck as he ran into the water carrying me.

He slipped and we both went down into the water. We both started too laughed as we came up from under the water. I stood up and took my glasses off, as they were useless with the water running down them. John swam away and I started to get out of the water. "Where are you going?" John asked. "Going to take my shirt off that is all," I yelled to him. I made it to shore where I pulled my shirt off over my head. I placed it onto the ground with my glasses as well.

I turned to John and he was but a blur to my vision, as I cannot see to good without my glasses. I ran back in diving under the water. I swam over to John and surfaced by him as he was in about waist deep water. When I got to him, I stood up jumping from the water. I wipe the water from my eyes and my face. I could now see him very good what with as close as I was to him.

John was standing there with his eyes wide open just staring at me. I also could tell he was not staring into my eyes. His mouth was hanging open with his eyes glued to my chest. He was just like the other boys I thought. He was only seeing my big tits and not the real person behind them.

He just stood there staring into my chest. "Is something wrong?" I asked tilting my head to the side. "Well not really other than you seemed to have lost your top," John replied smiling and looking up from my tits. I looked down to see that I was standing there without my hot pink bikini top on in front of him. I saw water dripping down from my breasts as well as from my hard nipples. I covered my boobs as I turned from him I saw that my top was floating a little ways behind me.

I ran to it holding my breasts. When I got there, John surfaced from under the water grabbing my top. He swam a little ways from me and he stood up in thigh deep water with it in his hand as he asked, "Is this what you are looking from?" "Give that back," I said with a little laugh covering my tits with my hands.

"Only if you promise to go have dinner with me tomorrow night," John replied holding my top out to me. I stood there thinking, as no one had asked me out before. I was once again speechless as I stood there.

John walked a little closer and he held out my top still about arms length from himself. "OK, I will go have dinner with you," I said smiling at him still covering up my tits. "OK and one more thing," John replied as he held out my top. "You have to let me see those lovely tits one more time before I give you your top," John added smiling from ear to ear. I dropped my hands from the front of my tits.

I started to walk toward him with my big tits swinging side to side. John's eyes followed the side movement of my tits as I walked toward him. I just happened to have glanced down to the shorts he had worn.

His shorts were sticking straight out in front of him. I think my mouth might have dropped open as what ever was causing that had to be huge. John looked down to his dick and he tossed my top to me. He dove back under the water and swam out into deeper water.

I put my top on and I joined him out there. We swam around splashing each other and having a good time. John grabbed my hand as he led me from the water. He walked me up to my tee shirt. He stood there looking into my face for a second then John reached down and he handed me my glasses. "Put those back on I like you better with them on," he said.

I almost fell over, as no one has ever told me to put my glasses on only to take them off. Boys in my neighborhood did not even like to touch my breasts with me wearing them. I slipped them on to find John staring at my face. The next thing I knew his hands were pulling my face toward his. His arms wrapped around me as his lips touched mine. His lips rolled across mine as he kissed me deeply onto my lips.

I kissed him back deeply as our lips rolled against each other's. My body went flush from his kiss. John broke our kiss as he said, "Sorry, I could not help myself please forgive me," as he walked to his bike. I stood there watching him walk away as some type of a feeling filled my body. I already had that horny feeling but this was a very different kind of feeling coming over me. It was almost as if I was lost in a dream or something.

I slipped my shirt on and ran to him as he got onto his bike. I turned his face toward mine as I said, "Forgive me I cannot control myself," as I kissed him deeply once more. John was sitting on his bike as I stood there kissing up a storm with him. I ran my tongue against his lips and his mouth opened taking my tongue into his.

Our tongues touched as we French kissed.

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John's hands went to my back as we kissed. I felt him rubbing my back as I felt his other hand move down my back to my butt. His hand stroked at my butt cheeks as we kissed deeply sucking on each other's tongue. I felt my nipples growing hard as we kissed. My pussy started to throb between my legs. I closed my thighs tighter in case my pussy started to leak from just kissing him. I started to feel weak in my knees.

I got that wonderful feeling again as it raced through my body. John broke our kiss as he said, "We better get back to your aunt and uncle before they miss us." John started the bike and I got on behind him. He turned and gave me a quick kiss onto my lips. I cuddled up to him tightly on the bike as he drove away. John dropped me off at my aunt's trailer and he told me he would see me a little later as he had some work to finish. I told him OK as he kissed me lightly on my lips.

John drove off with me just watching him ride into the sunset as he zipped down the hill to his trailer. I felt very strange and so very horny as well. I ran my hand over my lips that had just kissed his.

I slipped my hand from my lips down one of my very hard nipples as I moved it to my pussy. I gave it a quick rub as I watched him drive out of site. I walked into the trailer and down to my room. I heard sounds coming from the back bedroom as I did. I walked down toward the open back bedroom door. "Fuck me, fuck me hard," I heard Aunt Lisa moaning loudly. I looked through the open door; my aunt was on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed.

My uncle was behind her slamming his cock into her from behind. I watched my aunts tits swinging as he fucked her. They started to swing wildly as he started to give her his cock hard and deep. My uncle was really giving his cock to her and I could see his balls were swinging up under her as he did. My aunt started to moan loudly as the room filled with the wet slurps of my uncle's cock driving in and out of her pussy.

I left my hand drift down to my bikini bottoms. I slipped them to the side as I pushed a finger inside of them. I rubbed at my clit as I watched my uncle slamming his cock to my aunt.

"AHHH FUCK Yeah," Uncle Mike yelled out as he pulled his cock from her pussy. Uncle Mike stood there pulling on his cock as he slapped it against my aunt's ass. His cock was not huge of average length but it was a nice thick one.

He pumped on it a few times before heavy streams of cum came blasting from it. His cum shot all the way up onto the middle of Aunt Lisa's back. The first splash landed on her back as my aunt spun around quickly her hand shot out as she grabbed my Uncle's cock. She lowered her mouth to his cock as she sucked out the rest of his cum from his cock. Damn it I thought I had not gotten off yet as I turned from their bedroom door and walked into my bedroom closing the door behind me.

I removed my bikini and flopped down onto my bed. I pulled at my nipples as my other hand dug into my pussy. I started with two then three fingers in my pussy. My pussy was wet in fact it was more slimy than wet. My pussy sucked at my fingers as I ran them in and out of my wet hole. I fingered my pussy while pulling at my tits. I closed my eyes as I thought about John.

I was thinking about that large bulge in his shorts that he had from checking out my tits. I was lost in my fun as I fingered my pussy. I started to scream his name telling him to fuck me. I thought I was doing it quietly but I guess I was not. An orgasm came over me as my pussy convulsed my juices flowed onto my fingers then squirted onto the bed. "Damn girl we better get you some rubber sheets," Aunt Lisa screamed out. I jumped from my bed covering my body as I yelled, "I wasn't doing anything." Aunt Lisa laughed as she said, "Girl what ever you were doing you sure were enjoying it." "Now go shower and then come help me with supper your Uncle Mike went to see if John wants to join us," Aunt Lisa added as she walked from my room.

I hurried to the bathroom where I took a nice long relaxing shower. I also thought about how relaxed and laid back it was here at my aunts. As I was thinking about that, I thought about John and about the feeling that came over my body as he kissed me down by the swimming hole. I was thinking about how wonderful and gentle his lips felt against mine as Janet's lips had. As I thought about his kiss, I remembered seeing my aunt kissing him.

I started to wonder why she had. I suddenly remembered my aunt's words. Her voice filled my head as I heard her say to John, "Remember our little deal." I turned the shower off and I stepped from it. I wiped the mirror free of the fog that had formed on it.

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror as I put my glasses onto my face. I only saw ugly in the mirror as I stood there looking at myself. I wanted to break the mirror as I stood there looking into it.

I turned from the mirror in disgust of myself. Who was I kidding John was only being nice to me because of my aunt.

I sat down onto the toilet and I cried into my towel. There was no way a handsome boy, as John could like someone as me. What had my aunt paid him or promised him to be with me? Why was this happening to me? First, my own cousin rapes me. Then the girl that made me feel good was no longer able to play with me. Then when I thought I might have met a boy who may have liked me for me.

I only find out it might not have been because of me but because of my aunt. What was John to Aunt Lisa? Why did she have that gleam in her eyes when she looked at him or talked about him? You will have to wait to find out in my next chapter.