My sister fingering amp_ stretching open my butthole

My sister fingering amp_ stretching open my butthole
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Chapter 1: Happy New Years Rose was anxious for Tony to get home. She had cleaned the house, and prepared food for the nearing New Years Eve party. It was Tony's idea to host a party this year, and it was their first New Years together. Recently Rose and Tony had gotten married, and their wedding had taken quite a strange turn of events.

The two of them had quite the unorthidox relationship. Tony was the typical man of the house, ringleader, and dominant figure. Rose was the submissive and obedient housewife, ready to do anything Tony demanded of her. Rose looked around the kitchen. There were meats and cheeses and bread for sandwiches, a crock pot of meatballs, Tortilla chips and salsa, a veggie tray, fruit salad, chex mix, and brownies for dessert. In the refrigerator was cold bottles and cans of beer, a bottle of champagne, and cans of various soda.

Rose checked her watch. Tony should be home soon. The door made an audible click as Tony unlocked and twisted the handle. Rose hurried to kneel in the living room. It was the typical way she greeted her husband.

"Mmm, good evening Rose," Tony smiled down at her, gently lifting her chin and pressing his crotch to her face. Rose obediently nuzzled into the dark fabric of his work pants. Tony ran his fingers through her hair, grabbing a handful and pulling her to her feet. "Go put on your make-up and brush your hair. No clothes tonight." He released her and she hurried her way to the bathroom. While Rose was busy in the bathroom, applying layers of make-up, Tony headed to the master bedroom, pulling the knot of his tie free.

He hung the tie on the door handle to the closet, and untucked his shirt. Idly he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing the white undershirt underneath. He unfastened his belt and pants and removed them, only to replace them with a pair of dark black jeans.

He pulled free from his work shirt and then from the white undershirt, replacing it with a black t-shirt. He gathered his dirty clothes and placed them in the laundry hamper, and pushed his work shoes against the far wall.


He turned just in time to see a naked Rose, now fancied up with make-up and beautiful blonde curling hair. "Beautiful darling" he praised, perching himself on the edge of their large king sized bed. "Come here, girl." Obediently, Rose crawled her way to her husband, and kneeled again at his feet. "Chin up," he ordered, and Rose obeyed. Tony snapped a metal collar around Rose's neck, an O-ring rested against her collar bone.

Tony stood then, and led the crawling Rose to the living room. Once there, he unzipped his pants and pulled Rose to his crotch by a handful of hair. Obediently and eagerly, Rose pulled her husband's cock from his pants and sucked him into her mouth.

Eyes closed, Rose purred around his width, vibrating his shaft as she swirled her tongue against his tip. Moaning, Tony pushed her face against him, forcing himself down his wife's throat. He felt her tense, then begin to try to push herself away from him. He held her still, feeling her throat constrict as she gagged around him. Rose twisted her head back and forth, unable to breathe or stop her gagging. Reluctantly, Tony let go of her and she pulled away from him with a loud gasp.


The doorbell rang. Tony smirked down at Rose as she still tried to catch her breath. "Present yourself girl." Huffing and puffing, Rose turned and put her cheek to the carpet, still up on her knees, forcing her naked ass into the air. She spread her legs, and began to reach back to open herself up, but Tony stopped her. "Hands down." Rose put her hands next to her head on the floor.

She heard Tony open the door and greet the people on the other side. "Eddie, Paul! Glad you could come!" "The others are on their way, we lost them about two lights back." "Come in, make yourselves at home.

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Oh that must be them pulling up now! Beer's in the kitchen." The two men turned and headed for the kitchen. Rose could hear them chatting and opening bottles of beer. She waited patiently. "John, Mitch, Scott! Glad you could make it! Brian you can put your coat in the closet." The men all chatted. Rose guessed they were taking off their coats and hanging them in the front closet. "Come, I have something special for entertainment tonight, boys!" Tony led the group into the kitchen and then into the living room.

"Woah!" "What's this man?" "Is that your wife?" "Shit, that's a nice sight to see!" The men were all surprised to see Rose, naked and presenting her holes to them.

Rose wondered what Tony would permit them to do. Tony, still smirking, straddled Rose's exposed body. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her open. Rose heard his loud hacking, then felt his spit land directly on her asshole.

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The saliva made its way down her slit. Tony gave her ass a double handed, hard smack. "She's ready for use!" Tony encouraged his friends. Slowly, they worked up the nerve to take advantage of their friend's naked wife.

They groped her ass, rubbed her pussy, spanked her, and fondled her breasts. Rose let out soft moans, looking around for Tony.

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Tony grabbed a handful of Rose's hair and lifted her head from the ground "Brian, come here and let her suck you." Not having to tell the man twice, he quickly unfastened his pants and dropped them to the floor, Rose opened her mouth and the man shoved himself quickly into her mouth. A finger slipped into Rose's ass, and she let out a squeak of surprise.

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Two other fingers pushed into her pussy, and roughly, Rose's holes were finger fucked. "Someone put a dick up her ass!" The hands pulled from her holes, and Rose felt the tip of a penis against her tight brown hole. Slowly he pushed, and Rose could feel her hole stretch and open and then cling tightly to the man's shaft.

Then the thrusting started. First slow, but quickly became more powerful, and soon the thrusts were impaling and gagging her on Brian's cock. Her nipples were pinched and twisted, and her breasts were fondled more. The man in her ass pulled free, not wanting to cum just yet. Brian moaned and quickly came down Rose's throat. He pulled out of her mouth, still hard, and ready to continue.

Rose let out a surprised squeak as she was lifted and then put on top of a man.


The man buried his cock in Rose's pussy and began feverishly thrusting. "That's it, jackhammer that bitch, Mitch!" Encouraged by the others, Mitch pounded into Rose as fast as he could muster.

Another man stood in front of Rose, and she obediently opened her mouth and sucked him. "Isn't she a good little cock sucker, Paul?" Tony stated, almost teasingly, from somewhere behind Rose. Another cock pressed against Rose's asshole.

Mitch stilled his thrusting so new cock could shove into Rose's backside. Rose let out a loud moan around Paul's cock in her mouth, as she was impaled by cocks in all her holes.

The man in her ass gave her a rough spank to each ass cheek. The three men grunted in pleasure, thrusting in and out of Rose mercilessly. "Scoot up Eddie, let's really stuff this slut!" Rose felt Eddie pull himself up, straddling her, and laying his body over her back.

Then Rose felt more pressure against her holes and soon another cock slid slowly into her pussy, along side of Mitch's. Eddie grabbed Rose's hair, pulling her head up as she sucked Paul's cock still. The new cock in her pussy began thrusting roughly, and Rose let out a whimper, unprepared for the new stretching.

"Slow down John, give her a second to adjust" Tony coached. Rose glanced to her left to see Tony gently reaching down and toy with her nipple. Soon the thrusting began again. "Shit I'm gonna cum!" Mitch groaned from under Rose, "let me up, or I'm gonna cum!" "Cum in her, we'll clean her out later" Tony assured.

Mitch let out a loud groan as he pounded up into Rose, and spilled his cum deep inside her. John and Eddie did not let Mitch pull out, as they continued fucking Rose.

Paul pulled out of Rose's mouth and came on her face. "Now that's a pretty slut!" Another man put his cock at Rose's lips. Rose assumed it was Scott. Rose licked his cock then sucked him as John pulled free from her pussy, pulling Mitch's limp cock out as well.

Scott pulled himself out of Rose's mouth and slapped his cock against her cum-coated face. Eddie let go of Rose's hair and Mitch shoved her off of him, angry that he had gone limp.

"Fucking bitch" he mumbled. "Her ass needs some cum too" Tony noted, and Brian, happy to get a second go, shoved himself balls deep in her ass. Brian wrapped his arms around Rose and lifted her into the air, and then down on top of him as he sat on the couch, his cock still deep in Rose's ass. Scott propped one leg up on the couch and shoved his cock back down Rose's throat.

Brian grabbed Rose's hips and slammed her up and down on his shaft as John grabbed Rose's hand and guided it to his cock for her to jerk off. Quicker to cum the second time, Brian's cum sloshed deep in Rose's bowels. When he pulled out of her ass, Mitch grabbed Rose by the hair and threw her to the floor. He lifted her ass and shoved the bottom end of his empty beer bottle into Rose's pussy.

He fucked her roughly with it, shoving it as deep as it would go. Rose squeaked and squirmed at his roughness. She glanced up to see Tony watching cautiously at the bottle fucking. When Mitch's arm became tired, he let go of her, leaving the bottle buried in Rose's pussy. "Loose whore." Tony narrowed his eyes at Mitch before slowly pulling the bottle free from Rose's pussy.

"Breeding position," he whispered to Rose, and she pulled herself up on all fours. Tony sat behind Rose and began gently fingering her pussy. Two fingers, then three, then four. "Eddie, hand me that opened beer bottle." Eddie retrieved the bottle, and handed it to Tony, assuming he was going to drink it. Instead, Tony pushed the mouth of the bottle into Rose's cunt, gently pouring the beer into her pussy. Rose whimpered, feeling the beer slosh inside her. "Hold it," Tony ordered, leaning down and slurping a bit out.

Then he pushed four fingers back into her pussy, using the beer as lube. Slowly, he pushed his thumb in. He waited, "relax" he instructed Rose, and then slowly pushed until she took his knuckles into her pussy.

Fist deep in her, he gently thrust his hand in and out.

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The beer sloshed and leaked out around his hand. John laid down and put his head under Rose, licking her beer coated clit, and slurping it into his mouth. Slowly, Tony pulled his hand out. Rose's pussy gave an audible pop!

When his knuckles were free. "The champagne from the fridge please," Tony stated, pointing with his beer and pussy juice covered hand, to the kitchen.

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Rose wasn't sure who retrieved the bottle, but she felt it soon rub against her soaked pussy lips. Slowly, the thick end of the bottle pushed against her hole and slid in. Tony paused often to let her adjust to the thickness, applying his own saliva to her pussy to help her.

When the bottle was in, Tony stood up. "Come, it's almost time!" The men turned on the TV and watched the crystal ball lower in Time Square, counting down with the people on TV.

Tony pushed Rose's head down to the carpet, and straddled her body. He passed around champagne glasses, and when it was finally time to ring in the new year, he popped the cork on the champagne bottle that was still in Rose's stretched pussy. The men filled their glasses and toasted to a wonderful year. When they had drank their share of the champagne, Tony pulled the bottle free from Rose's pussy, turned it, and pushed the mouth of it into her ass, pouring the champagne into her bowels.

He reached down, feeling Rose's belly as he poured. He could feel her belly fill. He pulled the bottle out and pushed the cork into her asshole. "Hold it." Rose whimpered and squirmed a bit. "Clean everyone's cock," Tony ordered. One by one, the men let her lick and suck them clean.

Tony dipped his fingers into Rose's pussy as she was busy sucking. He was surprised to find that her pussy was already tightening back up after having the champagne bottle in it. When the men were clean, Tony picked up his empty champagne glass, uncorked Rose's ass, and instructed her to expel the liquid. Like a fountain, Rose pushed the champagne out of her bowels. Tony held the glass under the stream, filling it.

When the last of the champagne was out of her bowels, Tony grabbed Rose's hair and turned her to face him. He put the glass to her lips. "Drink," he ordered, and Rose obeyed.

The men cheered at the sight.

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When Rose had finished her champagne, Tony forced her face to his and he kissed her, deeply, forcefully, and lovingly. What a happy new year Rose thought.