Hot teens experiment in sofa

Hot teens experiment in sofa
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I was always very curious about sex and was masturbating all the time from a very early age. I would use anything I could get my hands on (Bananna,cucumber,hair brush,toothbrush).

I like to cum and even took my own virgity with my hair brush I fucked myself so hard with it. I had oral sex with a couple of boys and even a couple of girls. Sex was something that I just needed even with everything I was doing I needed more.

I didn't really love cock or pussy just the way an orgasm made me feel. I was and still am very vocal when I cum it's a religious experience for me. I started to get very unhappy around the age of 12 because I was bored with the boys,girls,hair brushes. I justed needed more and I got it that summer. I had a new boy in mind to eat me out he didn't know it @ the time. I was going to make his 10 yr. old summer. I went to his house early that morning looking for him.

He kind of knew I liked him and from what happened I could tell he told his Dad. I got to his Dad's shop and ask if Kent was home and he said no and you need to leave him alone.

I was getting ready to leave and he said slut I have something for you. I looked up and he had his cock in his hand swinging it back and forth. I will admit that scared the shit out of me and I ran all the way home. I didn't stay scared for long I went home and had the best orgasm of my 12 yr. old life. I started rubbing my clit with my thumb thinking of his cock and pinching my tits.

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I had very big tits for my age I could even lick my nipples they were so big. I tell you I got my hair brush and fuck myself crazy. I knew right after my orgasm I wanted his cock and I needed to figure out a way to get it. I wanted until he was all alone @ the house. I told my Mom that I was going to ride my bike around the field. I knew that would take a while and my Mom would not be able to see me from the house. I rode up the field to where his house was and hide my bike behind a tree.

I went to his shop and sure enough he was there. He didn't know what I wanted so I showed him. I went right up to him and pulled down his pants and put the very 1st dick in my mouth. He said want the fuck are you doing but I didn't answer I just started sucking as fast and hard as I could.

I was pretty good @ it (I practiced the night before on a cucumber). His cock was soft when I started but soon was hard as a rock. He asks me to use my hand too, so I started stroking his cock and so I was rewarded with a mouth full of cum. I loved the taste and swallowed every last drop of his cum. I got up and said did you like that and he was breathing so hard he could not talk. He said you are crazy you are going get me locked up.

I will never tell anyone what we do. He said what we do is their going to be more. I looked @ him and said shit yes right know you are going lick my cunt till I cannot see straight. I laid down a blanket that I was smart enough to bring.

I took off my clothes and set down and spread my legs and pulled apart my pussy lips and said get to work old man. He got to work to my utter delight and I knew from that moment on I was through with boys.

He made me cum about six times with just his tounge then he added his fingers and sent me over the moon. He stared sucking on my nipples and then I saw his cock was hard again. I said I better take care of that and started to give him another BJ but he said he had another idea. He got up on his knees and then he startled my chest and put his cock between my breasts.

I started to laugh because it felt funny he said don't worry you won't be laughing for long. He started moaning and swearing then he yelled and said he was Cumming and spewed all his cum on my face and hair. I loved it and lick the rest off his cock and even stuck my tongue in his pee hole.

I went home after that and dreamed of what we could do next. I didn't get to see him for almost 2 months and boy was I horny. I was very glad to find out so was he. I was the one this time that got throw down and licked until I begged for mercy. He told my he wanted to do something special and I said ok. He said have you ever fucked anyone and said no, but I us my hair brush a lot that made his cock rock hard.

He said well little lady you are going to get yourself fucked today. He set down and put his hand on my cunt which was dripping wet and spread my lips.

He put my legs up over his shoulders and put his cock on my pussy and I was so excited I almost passed out. He didn't pussy foot about putting it in one minute it was laying on my cunt the next second it was to the hilt in me. It hurt a little going in and he was fucking me really hard and fast. I had the best orgasm I have ever had in my life within seconds of starting and before we were done I had cummed 6 times. He started shacking and telling me to hold on to him.

I grabbed his thighs and he went off so hard inside of me that his dick came out of my pussy. I then did something even to this day is the thing I like doing the most.

I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and suck it dry. I love sucking a cock that just came out of my pussy. He taught me to French kiss after we got done fucking. He loved tasting his cum and my pussy together. We fucked as much as we could that summer. I got my period a couple months after that so he helped me get on the pill, because I didn't like the way condoms felt.

The day I started my period we were supposed to meet. I told him when I got there that I would be able to BJ him but nothing more. He then took off my clothes and laid me down and spread my legs and gave me the best oral of my life. He loved eating my pussy when I was bleeding and I fucking loved it too. We fucked in every position we could think of that summer my favorite was when he is sitting up and I'm sitting in his lap facing him.

We could kiss and fuck @ the same time.

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He started telling that things were not going well with his wife and I told him try new things in the bedroom. He said he always wanted to do anal but didn't think she would even you said no. I thought about for a minute and said let's try it. He said I didn't say that to get you to do it and I said I know but I might like it.

The next time we got together he brought some lube. He told me to lay down on my back and he spread my legs and picked up my butt and laid my legs on his shoulders. He then began something that to this day makes me wet just thinking about it he ate out my pie hole.

He ran his tongue all around the hole and even put it in the hole I came as soon as he did that. He then put me down and told me to get in doggy position.

He lube up his cock and me hole and stuck his dick in it took him a awhile to get all the way in. He finale had his cock all the way in and had started fucking my ass. It really hurt @ 1st but soon I loved the heavy full feeling. I told him to fuck me faster and harder and soon he was pulling his dick all the way out and slamming it all the way in again.

We both came so hard it was not funny and yes I suck him dry with my mouth again. We fucked,sucked,analed and kissed all summer long.


I had to go back to school in the fall and I hated that. I knew I would not be able to use the excuse about the field for much longer with my Mom. I told him we needed to find another way to meet. My BFF Tina knew all about us and her Mother worked @ a local Hotel. I had asked Tina if she wanted to join us a couple of times and she had always said no. She would hang out @ her Moms work when she didn't have a babysitter. I ask her if we could use one of the rooms to meet and she said yes.

We could only hook up once a month so I was always very horny and very loud. My friend who was in the next room said is really that much fun and I said yes. I then got her to agree to join us the next time.

I didn't tell him about it until she was there. He was mad @ first worried that I told her about us. He didn't stay mad for long when he found out she had never done anything sexual before. He was going to be 1st to suck,fuck & anal her. My friend went from zero to slut in one day before we left that room she had given head,fucked,analed & ate a girl out (me it was great). I also got in on the deal and got to taste her as well.

I also brought along my handy camcorder. I told them this was so he could use the tape to masturbate with when we could not be together. He got his first of many virgin pussies that day. The next time we got together I told him that I had done something for him now he had to do something for me.

He looked @ me and said what baby anything I love you. I want to do it with 2 guys at once, so find us a guy not a boy a man. He didn't want to because he was afraid that we would get caught. I told him I had the perfect guy in mind his hired hand Shawn. Shawn is this hot looking black god that is always given the once over.

I told him it would be easy to get him to agree.

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I didn't tell him why I knew Shawn would agree so quickly. I would wait till Shawn was there. I caught Shawn going down on another worker a week before that. I ask Shawn if he was Gay and he said no he was Bi. I didn't know what that was and asked Tina and she said like us. I said what you mean us because we both like to fuck but we also like to lick pussy. I knew right then I wanted Shawn to suck his dick and I wanted to watch. We had not seen each other for about three months and I was going crazy.

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I planned to sleep over at Tina so I could spend the entire weekend with him. We meet up a couple of miles from the house and I got in his car.

He had told his wife he was going to a Farming Convention. He had made planes for me and him to stay @ Shawn's house. He still didn't know what I planned for him.

We got to Shawn's house and had dinner and put on Porn to set the mood. The movie was with a Bi couple and I ask him if he ever considered it and he said no way. I told him before the night was out he would do more than consider it. He looked @ me and told me I was crazy I'm not gay.

I told him that is I why I wanted Shawn to get with us. He got up and looked like he was getting ready to leave and he said you are serious. I told him I wanted to see Shawn suck his cock.

He said ok, but I'm not sucking his. I and Shawn got him undressed and got busy on his cock. He loves 2 people sucking him at once. I soon let Shawn take over for me and sure enough did. He had him groaning and begging to cum in no time.

Shawn suck ever last bit of cum down his throat. We watched the rest of the movie and soon they had me in a DP and I was so loud the guy next door is yelling to keep it down. The next morning I was sucking Shawn and he walked in and I told him it was his turn and again he said no way. I told him if you want this pussy again you will get your ass over hear and give a him a BJ.

I was just picking but I guess he didn't think so, because he pushed me a way and went right to town. He had Shawn crying that it felt so good and he sucked it dry when it was time. I told him I loved him after that.

The weekend was a turning point for both of us. Before the weekend was out he had suck cock, fucked a man in the ass & had gotten fucked in the ass by a man.

I knew then that I loved him. I might have been only 13 at the time but I knew. We made planes to be together forever. I ran away from home a couple of months later and stayed with Shawn until he got his divorce a yr.

later. We now live in a different state and I leave when his kids come and visit so no one @ home knows that we are together. I wrote my parents a letter so they know I'm ok, but not where I'm at. I told them I was a lesbian and they are so prejudice I knew they would not try to find me. We got married when I was old enough. We have 2 great kids and still fuck 3-4 times a day.

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We add other people to our bed sometimes and we both are complty Bi now. I going make sure my children are comfortable with their bodies. I will let them experiment as much with sex as the want and show them how to be safe.


My oldest is 10 and masturbates all the time, but she won't have to be like I was. I got her a vibe and a dildo to use and told her sex will be much better if she takes her own virginity. She asks me the other day to help her do it with the dildo.

I went to her room and ask her if she had anymore lube left and she said no, so I had to help her a little. I got down and licked her to a really good orgasm and then help her slid the dildo in. I then left while she fucked herself with it and I heard her screams of pleasure all the way down stairs. Her boyfriend Tim who is 20 is coming over later and she wants to surprise him with her now non virgin pussy. I hope you have enjoyed how I became a woman.

I trying to find another virgin pussy for my husband it's been a long time since he has had one.