Festinha prive acaba em suruba

Festinha prive acaba em suruba
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They get to Susy's house suited and booted to a T around 7:55. They are riding in Michael car and could see that Susy's house is hopping, music loud and people all around. Adam says, "She only does this when her parents go out of the country.

I wonder where they went to this time to get away from her." They all laugh. They walk in the house and see everybody from school. They see Margaret and Candice. Candice looks like she is going to church picnic but in a sex way. She is wearing a halter top dress with her large size b's breast sticking out the top and the dress comes a little bit shorter than mid-thigh. If she bent over she would show off her milky cream thighs and her tight round ass.

Candice had a nickname around campus and it was candy or eye candy. She was 5ft 2in and at this party she was wearing 4in heels that made her come to 5ft 6in. She had midnight black ear length hair with deep brown eyes that you can get lost in for days. She was a sight to see when she jumps off the top of the pyramid. To tell you the complete truth John had a crust on her for a year but didn't tell the boys.

In fact he had wet dreams about her often. He knew she was a virgin and he wanted to fuck her for all she was worth in every hole and then make her scream, cry and beg for him to stop. He was in love with the poor girl in the worst way but you would never know just by looking at him. Now Margaret was a bit different. She was wearing a tube top shirt that look like it was a size or two too small for her average b breast and wearing jeans that were cut off so short that you could see her dumps.

She had long curly auburn hair with deep dark emerald color eyes and was 5ft even. She was sexy all in a new way. Around campus all the guys know she could deep throat and do it great. They also knew that she only had sex with little dick or what they would call baby dicks guys and knowing this they knew she was tight. However she would tease all the guys in school regardless of the size of the dick.

She would rub on it in class and lick her lips or sit on the guys laps at lunch. Her nickname was DT (dick tease). She had an apple bottom ass that made you want to bite it all day long and leave bite marks in it and squeeze it till it turn blue. Well that is if you asked Mark. Mark had told John many times of the things he wanted to do to her but never told anyone else. In fact he would ask John legal issue on how to get away with some things that he wanted to do to her and she not tell, in other words entrapment.

John would tell him the up and downs but never really how to get away with. All four walkup to the girls and John asks, "I thought the party started at 8 and where are Susy and Tammy?

Y'all are never apart." Candice says, "Well Susy didn't think Tammy was dressed sexy enough so they are upstairs getting dressed and if you would please excuse me but I have somewhere else to go. I know your rich and all but I will tell you this you are not all that to be talking to me." and walk off to join the other cheerleaders. See Candice does not like John at all. She thinks John is a know it all and a rich show off.

Candice really has her heart set on dating Mark. Mark was like her dream husband, rich, sexy, in to beauty as much as she was, and the apple in every girl's eye. Candice didn't want to look like a complete slut like her best friend Susy but she did want to show off like Margaret.

She though by being with Mark (whose mother owned some beauty supplies stores and all that money) she could make it happen if not look better than Margaret. John thinks to himself "You bitch how dare you walk away from me. I will have you begging me for your forgiveness one day.

I'm willing to bet my whole life savings." He is still smiling and joking with his friends but sips him drink and making plans in his head.

You know he has law in his history and he gives Mark advice. So he shakes his head and thinks "Just you wait." While everyone downstairs having a blast Tammy and Susy are almost at war. Tammy can't find anything she likes in Susy's closet.

She thinks Susy is a real slut but hell that is her best friend and willing to do almost anything. Susy says, "Damn Tammy you making me miss all the fun downstairs. Just pick something or go down naked. Shit I don't care anymore if you never get laid or get a boyfriend. I mean for real what the hell is the matter with you. Oh wait I got an idea." She runs to her mother's closet and finds the sexy business suit she can find.

She come back and finds the shortest tank top shirt and shortest skirt to match the black jacket. "Omg yes that it. We will make you look business sexy. Try this on I think you will like it." Tammy say, "Ok but" she is cut off and Susy says, "For crying out loud just go and put the damn thing ok." Tammy goes to the bathroom and puts the bright red tank top that is low cut to the top of her D size breast.

She find out that the top is way too small but she pulls it down and it makes her breast pop out the top like two huge pillows.

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Next she puts on the black skirt. It comes just above her knees, so if she bent down she would not show off any booty. However it was form fitting so it showed off her tight round ass like it was hugging it goodbye for the last time.

Next she put on the jacket. It was black with three silver buttons going down the front. She liked the skirt, but not the top, so she was happy that she had a jacket to put on over top it. However her happiness was short lived because when she put it on she found out that it was tight also.


In fact it was so tight that she could only button the bottom button. She though it look off so she just wore it open and walked out to meet Susy. Susy screamed, "Omg you are so sexy I would fuck you myself. You are smoking." She licks her finger and touches her and says "Ouch! Girl the guys are going to love it. Oops one more thing you need some high heels. You do know how to walk on high heels right?" She runs to you closet and pulls out 6in heels.

"Because you are short you need some high. Let us see how you look and if you can walk in these." She hand Tammy the monster 6in red heels. Tammy takes the heels and says, "I never worn anything heel over 2ins. What if I fall? I'm scared." Susy says, "If you fall trust me someone will be there to catch you. The way you look someone will break their neck to come and save you. So stop being chicken beside you really don't have to walk anywhere other than down the steps.

Some guy will look at you and be your lapdog all night. Watch what I say. Now stop talking and put them on so we can go have some fun." Mins later they are headed downstairs. Susy says, "I will go down first. That way if you fall I will be there to catch you. I need you to hold on to both rails as tight as you can so your sexy ass don't fall and break both our necks. Ok?" Tammy shakes her head and agrees. She is really praying in her head that she don't fall and make a fool out of herself.

In enters Susy coming down in a halter top that is bright pink with short shorts that are black. When I say short shorts I mean short. Omg these things should not have even been called shorts because they look more like boy cut panties. The question was what you could NOT see in them.

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Susy knew she was sexy and was not scared to show off anything she was born with. All the school knew she was not a virgin but she was still what every boy wanted. She stood in black heels that were 8ins so it made her ass stand out even more and her back had to be straight so her breast stuck out and up higher.

They pushed up against the tightly stretched halter top. The top was so tight that the bright color did nothing to cover up the fact that she wore no bra under the top.

The exact effect she wanted. She wanted to tease every boy and even some bi girls at the party. She had planned on getting some sex that night but not just by anybody. Tonight was the night her plan would work and she was going to get Michael. She wanted him and his money. Everything about him turned her on.

Wet her panties and made her want to scream his name in pure lust. Little did she know what was not going to happen tonight. Next came Tammy she was very carefully not to trip over her own feet. She was smiling the whole time but praying while she was walking down the stairs. Now she is wearing 6in heels and the poor girl is only 5ft 3ins, so now she is 5ft 9ins and higher then she has ever been.

She was glad when she reached the bottom. All eyes were on Susy of course but some were looking at Tammy. Sometimes a guy would walk over to Tammy and as if she needed anything or if she would like to dance. Tammy was getting more attention that night then she had in a while. She was blushing and turning as red as her shirt and shoes. In all she was having a blast but she really wanted John to come sit next to her but all he would do was look over at her and smile.

Adam walks over to Susy and smacks her on her ass. Susy yells at him and say, "What the hell do you think you're doing? I dress this way for Michael not for you. Don't you ever touch me again. I swear y'all think just because y'all are rich y'all can do whatever the hell y'all want. Well this girl or piece of meat is off the table." Adam says," Look here you money digging whore. I can touch whatever I want because you put it out there to be touched. If you didn't dress like a slut I wouldn't treat you like one." He laughs but it cut short by a slap to the face.

Susy say, "Fuck you." and storms off. Adam is thinking "ok bitch your days are numbers. One day I will catch you and will nail you sexy ass to the wall." Susy goes over to Michael and says in a soft but whining voice, "Your friend just slapped me on my ass and called me a whore. What you going to do about it? You know I dress this way for you. By the way do you like it?" She bends over show everything the shorts can't hide and wiggles her ass in front of Michael.

Michael says, "Mmmmmmmmm. Yes baby I like. Can I touch it?" he licks his finger and traces his wet finger around the outside edges of the shorts that is on her right ass cheek. She says, "I didn't say you could touch but my god that feels good.

What you going to do about Adam?" He says, "Nothing. Girl you know he was just playing with you. Good stop taking things so seriously. Tell you want if I tell him if he does not say he sorry then we can't be friends anymore. Will that make you happy?" She act surprised, "You would do that for me. Hell we are not even going out yet. Unless you are asking me now?" she pauses and looks away teasing him. She wants him to ask. If he does then that means her plan is working.

He thinks for a min and then say, "Would you like that if I asked you to be my girl? What would you do tonight if I asked you that?" Susy thinks for a min, she didn't see that coming but she got to thinking, "What would I do tonight?, what wouldn't I do to have everything he has?, what am I risking?

And hell why does all that matter?" she answers, "Yes I would love to be your girl and anything and everything." He smiles that is the answer he wanted to hear. Michael want her to say that exactly, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, were the magic words for that night and every night for the rest of her life.

He didn't tell her or anyone other than his friends that he was going to record their talk just so they could use it against her later and it had worked. Just to get her to say it one more time he asked," Do you Susy Shaw swear to do anything and everything tonight and every night just so I Michael Ja'cobs can be your boyfriends?" Susy though it was weird that he was saying it that way but hell why did it matter at this point in time. She was getting what she wanted. Michael, his money, and him to leave his four friends, so at this point life was great, right?

Wrong but she didn't know it at the time. Susy says, "Yes. Yes oh god yes. I need you in my life and willing to do anything to get you. I love you Michael." Michael smiles and pulls out the recorder and plays it all back to her and everyone that is around her.

Michael says, "You can never go back on your word and lets go and show the guys so you can get your apologize." Susy was shocked by the recorder and was thinking, "Like all shit what I got myself into. However he said he would leave if I didn't get the "I'm sorry" from Adam.

She was hoping Adam would be an ass and not say sorry, if he didn't then only part of her plan worked. She would have to come up with another plan later on down the road.

"Hey guys I need y'all to hear this." he says smiling as he walks hand and hand with his new girlfriend.

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"Susy here has said she would be willing to do anything and everything tonight and every night just so I can be her boyfriend. Check it out I got in to tape." He plays it back with the volume up as high as he can get it. That way all around in the new area could hear it.

He wanted lots of witnesses. Just like John had told him to so if she ever decided to back out the deal she could be in trouble with the law. Just like John to use the law to back him and his friends up. The guys all smile and mark says, "Omg I can't believe you got her to say it and it was said loud and clearly into the recorder." He is laughing so hard because he knows that is not what happen but that is not how it seemed to everyone around listening and watching.

Susy says, "Anyway that is not why we are over here is it Michael? Go ahead and ask or rather tell him." She points her finger at Adam and gives him an evil grin.

Michael say, "Did you smack Susy on the ass and call her a whore? If you did you need to say you're sorry or I will leave this group right now. So what will it be?" The whole party gets quiet to hear what's going on and what the answer is. Adam smiles the whole time takes a sip and slowly put it down on the table. He say, "Yes I did call her a whore and slap her on the ass but before I say anything else I need to ask you a question.

Are you saying that if I don't say I'm sorry to this whore right now in front of everyone then you are leaving this group?

You are willing to break up this group over a whore that sleeps around?" smiling every time he says whore he looks over at Susy and winks. Michael say, "Yes and yes and if you say whore one more time you don't have to say you are sorry to her I'm out now.

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So what is your answer?" Adam picks up his drink and looks at everyone and them puts his drink back down and says, "Susy Shaw I'm sorry with all my heart that I called you a whore over and over and over again and that I slapped that sexy fine ass you have. Is that good for you?" When he said whore over and over and over again he would pause and wink at her each time and then he laughed at the end.

Susy was so hot at this point that you could have cooked an egg on her head. She knew he was calling her a whore every time and was hoping that Michael was catching it too.

Michael says, "Ok now see I don't have to leave the group. You didn't say he had to mean it and come on he did say he was sorry.

"He laughs so hard that the party started back up. Susy was so pissed at that point that she yelled, "Party is over!! Everyone get out that includes you Adam.

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Mark and John nothing against you but y'all have to go too. Michael and I have to talk. He will call you when he is ready to go home. Girls y'all got to go too. There will be no sleep over tonight." It was about 2am when the house was cleared out.

Now it was just Susy and Michael. Susy walked up to Michael and said in a soft seductive voice, "Baby now that I'm your girlfriend and you know that I love you and all. I need you to do a few things for me. First I need you to kick Adam ass and tell him that he can't call your girlfriend a whore anymore.

Second I need you to get the other girl hooked up with your friend and third I would love it if you could just tell the group that you are done being their little friend. Can you do that for me? You know I'm willing to do anything and everything for you?" She kisses him as she climbs up on his lap like you would when you start to ride cow girl style.

She starts rocking and humping all on his dick. She always wondered how large it was. She could feel it starting to wake up so she opened her legs and grinded all her pussy down on it, knowing that her short hardly covered any of it. Michael could feel all of her. The heat of her pussy was getting his dick all excited but not really him. After all he was thinking only about Tammy. Oh yes Tammy was where his brain was. He had been having day dreams about her all night in that tight ass sexy business suit.

He knew how she was and knew he could break her. Tammy hated his guts because she thought that he had so much money that he was too flashy for her, that he felt like he could get anything or buys anybody and she wanted no part of that.

She wanted a more down to earth guy like John.

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In law with him feet on the ground, he had money and didn't show off with it. Unlike Michael who had 30 cars. However at this point in time Michael was thinking about Tammy and all the things he could make her do and his dick was thinking about getting in to the next warm hole that was near now. Michael didn't let his dick run his life he was still very much in control. His brain was thinking at how he could use this to his advantage. See what you didn't know about these 4 smart guys was that they are in chemistry together.

They have come up with two fertility drug that they had perfected it to be 98% effective. They only tested it out on dogs and rabbits.

We will get into the animal a bit later in this story. However the one with the side effects were exactly what they wanted. These were created side effect. They were it would make the woman pussy muscle would tight up for pleasure and to hold the semen in longer and better, the woman pussy always stayed wet for constant lube, for the woman to crave sex more often, to crave to have babies, to do whatever it took to have sex to have the baby, even if they were already pregnant they were to think that they were not and to beg for sex, it also would start early milk production (which would make the breast grow in size but the milk glands would never turn off) and to always never gain weight after having the baby.


There was a weight blocker and that they could not over eat. They always felt full when they were given three meals and one dessert a day. Which was the hard part but the dogs and rabbits could not really talk. So they didn't know if that work. The only way they saw it working was that the animals were not gain any more weight than they had to be when they were carrying the babies. The other thing was because they were testing it on animals they were not sure what was happening to them mentally but Susy would tell them tonight.

They didn't tell anyone that they were making this drug because they have not tested it on human, yet. Susy was going to be the first and she didn't know it.

They had many different ways they could deliver the drug. They came up with the pill for those who wanted to take the pill form and liquid form that was tasteless and colorless.

So it could be given to animal or for those who couldn't take pills could mix it in a drink. Oh and it works great with alcohol. They knew was on some kind of birth control. So they made the drug so that it would override any form of birth control. The patch, pill and/or shot. The only birth control that they could not overcome was male and female condoms and IUD. If there was nowhere for the egg to sit, then it would just get dripped down the leg. Also with in mins after the baby was born or also called giving birth the drug would help with the body, the womb and cervix to heal and act like they were virgin again.

In fact it would fool the body into thinking it never had kids. In other words it would rest the all the organ, excluding the milk glands. They wanted the women to be able to feed their young and to have the added bonus of seeing and keeping the large breast look of the women. "Hey, Susy, how about a glass of wine or something, to get us started?" Michael had the liquid form in him pocket. So far so good their plan was working. The guys had driven home to get another one of Michael car so they would have two cars.

John drove one and mark drove the other. They were back at Susy house sitting outside all in one car waiting on the signal.

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Susy gets up and walks slowly over to the kitchen counter and pours to classes of red wine. She walks over and sits next to Michael and hands him a glass. He says to her, "Hey baby how about you go slip into something a little less tight and come back. I want to get my fingers in that tight hot sexy pussy of yours while I drink my wine." smiling and sipping on his glass.

Susy gets up and runs on her tippy toes to her room upstairs and finds one of her sexy nightgowns that she had brought just for this moment. It was mid-thigh short, soft and white silk and it hung very nicely off her body. As soon as Susy was out of sight he kicked his plan into action.

He pulled out the container with the liquid in it and poured the whole thing into her glass. That was the one thing the guys were not sure on was how much to give a human female. So they just winged it. After all they tested that on the dogs and rabbits too and found out that there was no really bad result.

However they did find out that if they gave too much that the dog's pussy would be so wet that it would drip as they walked around and the boy dogs would go crazy trying to all get in at once. This was funny to them because the male dogs would end up double fucking the female dog. One in her pussy and one in her ass and the female wouldn't mind at all, so who would really care if that happened to Susy.

After all she was really a whore. Michael was laughing softly to himself as he added half of another container to her glass of wine. He wanted to see just how wet he could get her. He heard her coming back so he put the containers back in his pocket and sat back.

"It's about time you came back. I was about to go to sleep. I missed you and my dick is getting cold." He smiles as he sips his wine. Susy comes down the stair slowly and has her finger in her mouth and say, "Sorry, I wanted to look special for you.

So what do you think?" He says, "I think you look so good that I could eat you raw. Mmmm girl you look sexy come here and let's watch this porn movie and drink our wine while I come up with some ideas on what I'm going to do to you." Smiling at her but thinking "I need time for the drug to kick in.

She is going to be so out of control and want sex so bad in less than 10 to 20 mins. Damn I can't wait." Susy was a bit bothered.

She wanted to get right down to it but she didn't mind finishing her wine. Hell maybe this was going to be a time in a life time. Little did she know it really was.