Die schönsten frauen ficken

Die schönsten frauen ficken
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So. I am a bisexual, so I have a little lust when it comes to guys My friend James and I have started smoking with each other often, No not cigarettes. Anyways we would get so high and just be together all day Well one day we were stoned and at my house and of course we were starving so I decided to cook us some grill cheese sandwiches. James decided to keep my company as I cooked talking about life and problems we had at the time, I bend over to grab a pan then James just squeezes my ass, it happened so fast.

"Just wanted a feel" he says with a sly smile I shrugged it off and continued to cook. I kept hoping he would grab it again. His feel was so nice, his touch just gives me pure lust and I just want him in me.

But he was straight. We've been smoking a lot that day with a little bit of alcohol.

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I wasn't big on drinking so I didn't have much, I didn't think much of that little squeeze We hung out the rest of the day together, his parents left for the weekend so I decided to spend the night.

We kept the party going with dabs and bong hits. We were very high and my hornyness started to kick in. I started to fantasize about his dick, how big it would be, how it would feel I just took action I wanted that dick and I was gonna get it.

I was determined. So I asked him "if I gave you some bud will you let me have a few licks" He said "or you can just suck me off" I was in shock, I would have never expected him to even consider the idea I wasted no time. I started to rub his pant and began attempting to take them off.


Attempting is the key word there. Anyways he got them of for me and I was shocked how thick he was. I began sucking his dick, We were there for probably 30 minutes of non stop sucking. I was happy about this. When I got tired of sucking and wanted a little more i turned around and started rubbing my ass on his lap whispering for him to fuck me.

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He sent me to his mothers room and I prepared myself for some long over due fucking. He walked into the room about ten minutes after me. He was wearing shorts and a t shirt, he said suck me first and me being the submissive.

His dick doubled in length and thickness maybe it was cause he was standing up but I wasnt certain if I could take all of it, but it was to late he was already engaged to full fuck mode, he flips me face down ass up and proceeded to pound my ass. I loved every second of it at one point I let out an uncontrollable moan to which his response was pound harder.

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When he came his dick slightly wet so I cleaned his dick off and waited for him to climb in bed with me. It was a disappointment really, it was such a great fucking but I didn't have him to cuddle with. I wanted to feel his dick press against my ass as we fell asleep together. I wanted to suck him before he woke up :( but he thought that was too much.

That's okay.

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Because that is what I want and i always find a way to get it. Well the next day wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be.

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He didn't flirt with me not even a light squeeze so I was certain he remembered last night, we were still good friends and that wasn't gonna change anything. We began smoking again and had a nice buzz by the time I had to leave He walked me home and stayed for breakfast.

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My mom cooked and I my room was a mess so I took him to my moms room where we waited for food to be done. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I wanted to feel his thick cock stretch my little ass I want him to pound me and make me his slut. Such lust in such a young mind I leaned over to him, I placed my hand on his crotch and begged for a little time so I can ride him.

He chuckled and said "are you sure?" I began taking off his pants and seeing his wonderful juicy cock bounce out of pants.


*side note* it was laundry day and some clothes were hanging on the frame of the bed, Anyways he got in the mood right when I started bored so when I didn't expect it he grabbed my hips and pulled me on his dick.

"It's about damn time" I thought as he thrusted his 6 inch cock in me.

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He kept thrusting he filled me with me with unbelievable pleasure, the problem with this is my mother was in the next room. My body was getting weak from the constant pounding, my dick had came from it all and he still pushed my limit to the point where I was just lying there with my ass filled with cum I manage to put clothes on and wait till my body was rested.

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I hadn't motice at the time but all of the clothes that were on the Frame have fallen everywhere. It wasn't long before my mom wanted Her room back. James got ready to disappear and I kept wondering when can we do this again. (preview) James came over today.

We weren't really even high I just wanted to be his little fuck toy princess one more time. I didn't know how to break it to him that I wanted to fuck again. We were in my room lying on my bed. I slipped my legs in between his and I rubbed. It kept seeming like he was turning my signals down until I realized his dick was hard. I knew I had to make the first move