Erotic three some with mature pretty hottie momsandteens and threesome

Erotic three some with mature pretty hottie momsandteens and threesome
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"That's her there." Jake said to his brother Jeremy as they watched a sixteen year old with long hair so blonde that it was almost white come out of the door of a small ranch house set back from the road through a pair of binoculars. "Wow." Jeremy said admiring the long slim legs clad in fitted jeans, slim waist and the suggestion of nice sized breasts under the white tee shirt and denim jacket.

"Look at that tan.

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I wonder if it is all over." "Just wait. We are going to be finding out." Jake promised and put the truck in gear. Slowly he rolled down the hill and pulled in the end of the farm lane. "I saw her old man leaving this morning with a duffel bag and the horse trailer. He will be gone for a couple days." "Are you sure?" Jeremy asked watching as the girl came out of the horse barn and look their way.

"Once I get my hands on her, I don't want to be interrupted." "Guaranteed." Jake said. "Keep that monster under control for a while. We aren't going to scare her yet." Grinning Jeremy rubbed the front of his pants where his cock was making a huge bulge all ready with him just thinking about what they were going to do.

Stopping by the wide front porch, he turned off the truck and opened the door as the girl walked back towards them. "Even better up close." Jeremy said. Wondering who was coming to the ranch this late in the afternoon, Elizabeth studied the driver as he stepped out of the truck, noting his dark hair, weathered skin, and faded flannel shirt and jeans.

Seeing the friendly smile on his face, she approached not knowing the danger she was walking towards. "Hi, can I help you?" she asked as she got within ten feet. "My brother and I were looking for the interstate and got turned around on a short cut." he said and she looked at him surprised. "You sure are turned around. The closest interstate is fifty miles.

You will have to take a left out of the lane and follow that road out to the highway. It will take you into Rock Springs where the junction is. Take a right and it will take you out to the interstate." she explained glancing at the one still in the truck. Seeing the wide smile and the way he was staring, she ignored it and looked back at the driver. "Thanks." he said. "I was wondering if you could spare a little water. The temperature gage in the truck came on just a few minutes ago." "Sure." Elizabeth said.

"I'll get a bucket and the hose." Going back to the barn, she came back a couple minutes later with bucket and funnel as he popped the hood open. Seeing the other out of the truck with his back to her, she set the bucket down and turned on the outside faucet.

Adjusting the hose nozzle, she wasn't paying attention to the two men and Jeremy snuck up behind her and dropped a cloth bag over her head and grabbed tight, pinning her arms to her sides. Kicking and twisting as hard as she could she almost got away from him and Jake grabbed her flailing legs as Jeremy tightened his arms under her breasts. "What a hell cat!" Jeremy said as she continued to struggle.

Taking her down to the ground, they pinned her there. "Calm down pussy cat. We aren't going to hurt you much." Hearing that she started fighting even harder and he moved one of his large hands up and covered her mouth and nose with it tightly.

Unable to breathe, Elizabeth fought as her need for air increased more and more. Feeling her struggles weakening, he held on for just a little longer as she finally lost consciousness. "Don't suffocate her to long." Jake said releasing her. Turning loose, Jeremy pulled the bag off her head and checked her pulse. "She's just unconscious." he replied. Kneeling down beside her, he pushed the front of the denim jacket open and saw small mounds under the white tee shirt.

Sitting her up, he took the jacket off her arms and Jake put a zip tie around her wrists, locking them behind her. "Give me the hose." Quickly Jake picked up the hose that was still running from the ground and turned it on a misty spray. "Wet tee shirt?" Jake said and Jeremy nodded.

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"Tie her feet first in case this wakes her up. Grabbing another zip tie, Jeremy pulled her boots off and bound her ankles tightly. Turning the water spray onto her, they watched as the tee shirt became soaked, very form fitting, and see through. "That's good." Jeremy said and Jake turned off the tap.

Pulling her over to a dry place on the ground, he knelt down straddling her legs. Placing his hands on her breasts he saw that they were completely covered and squeezed hard. Hearing a soft moan, he squeezed and twisted both again as her eyes flew open and a scream of pain came from her mouth. Feeling her twisting and moving under him, he laughed.


"You aren't going anywhere little girl. Your daddy shouldn't have left you home alone." "No, please. Let me go." she cried and begged, feeling his hard cock against her groin. "I won't tell." "We are going to keep you company for a while." Jeremy said. "Now stop that crying or you will get something to cry about." Twisting her breasts again, he could feel the small hard nipples under his hands.

"We have lots of time." Getting up, he moved out of the way so Jake could take a turn. Roughly Jake wrapped his hand in her hair and yanked her up on her knees and then pulled her head way back, making her cry out in pain again. "My brother and I have been watching you a long time. You don't know how beautiful you are and the feelings you make in men." Jake said as his free hand moved down the side of her face in almost a caress.

Tracing her quivering jaw line, he moved down her neck and felt her pulse beating wildly in her neck from fear. "You are going to feel every bit of those desires." Wrapping his hand around her throat, he held it gently and lowered his mouth to hers, holding her head still with both hands. Mashing his lips hard against hers, he kept pressing harder until he felt her jaw drop a little and he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

Twisting his head to the side a little, he pushed it deeper, gagging her with it as he reached the back of her throat. Finally he pulled away and saw tears streaming down through her closed eye lashes. Feeling her body heaving to get air back in her lungs between sobs, he turned loose of her throat and grabbed the neck band of the wet tee shirt. Pulling hard ripped it a little on each side of his hand and continued ripping the rest of the way down the front to her jeans waistband.

"We can't stay out here in the open." Jeremy said. "The barn or the house?" "The barn." Jake replied as he hauled her to her feet by the hair. Seeing the desperation in her eyes, he said.

"You aren't going to escape. The more you cooperate, the less we will have to hurt you." Turning her towards the barn, he kept his hand wrapped in her hair and pushed, making her jump forward to keep from losing her balance. "Bring the truck back out of sight." "In a minute." Jeremy said watching her breasts bounce just a little as she had to keep hopping forward to keep from falling and getting her hair pulled out.

Pushing her faster, Jake saw she was barely able to keep up with the pace he set and finally reached the barn door. Pulling it open with his free hand, he shoved her inside hard, releasing her hair at the same time and she fell forward to the wooden floor, landing on her knees and then hitting her head on the floor.

Dazed, she laid there as he looked around and saw an empty stall that was completely cleaned out at the end. Hearing the truck, he grabbed her hair again and drug her across the floor over by the stalls and opened the door wide enough for Jeremy to drive the truck inside. Closing it behind the truck, Jake locked it as Jeremy got out of the drivers seat.

"Lots of stuff in here we can use." Jeremy said and Jake nodded. Looking around, they found the tack room and picked up several ropes and a long roll of leather. "No whips or crops." "The leather will work for that." Jake replied and they carried the arm load out to the main aisle. "It's time for some fun." Dropping the stuff in the clean stall, he went back and saw she wasn't where he had left her. Quickly they searched for her and found her trying to get to a side door.

"Not smart little girl." Grabbing her hair, he yanked her back and slapped her face hard with his hand. Pulling her to her feet, they both grabbed an arm and dragged her back to the waiting stall. "Might as well not even have this shirt on." Taking a knife, Jeremy cut the top of the sleeves so the material fell off her body, hanging from the waistband where it was still tucked into her jeans.

"The jeans too." Jake said and Jeremy unbuttoned them and then pulled down the zipper. Yanking them down to her knees, Jeremy saw the white cotton panties underneath and slid his hands up her thighs.

Getting a couple ropes, he tied one end around each of her elbows and then two more around her legs just above the knees. "Not yet. She needs punished for trying to run away." Jeremy said and Jake nodded. Turning her onto her stomach, he helped Jake tie the ropes around her arms securely to the sides of the stall rails, pulling her arms out and up, her hands almost to the bottom of her shoulder blades while lifting her torso up off the floor.

Cutting the straps on her bra, it fell to the floor under her as she came out of the daze. Unable to move, she felt the cold steel against her skin and goose bumps raised up all over her body. Then Jake cut the sides of her panties and pulled them out, rubbing his hand down her slit as he did, making her start struggling again and cry out. "You are going to really be screaming in a second." Jeremy threatened as he pulled off his belt. Grabbing a handful of her hair again, Jake lifted her head and stared into her tear filled eyes.

"Did daddy ever whip you?" Not getting an answer, he yanked her hair hard and she cried out in pain.


"When you are asked a question, you answer. Understand me?" he growled.

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"Yes." she whispered, terrified, not knowing what they were going to do to her. "Did daddy ever whip you?" he asked again. "No." she whispered and Jeremy doubled his belt and slashed it down with all his strength across both cheeks. Instantly all the color drained from her face as an ear splitting scream came out of her mouth.

"You get ten for trying to run away and are going to count them or he starts over again." Jake said. "That one was just a warm up and doesn't count." Nodding to Jeremy he watched as Jeremy swung his belt back again and it smashed down on the right cheek making her scream again.

"One." she sobbed. Savagely Jeremy brought the belt down on the left cheek and she screamed again. "Two." Four more times he thrashed the belt down on each cheek as she screamed with each blow and counted them, barely staying conscious from the pain. Putting his belt down, he gripped her burning cheeks and squeezed them. Running a finger down her crack he stopped at her anus for a minute and pushed his finger inside making her scream again hoarsely and pass out.

Untying her arms from the rails, they turned her onto her back and tied the ropes again. Cutting the ties around her ankles, they stripped her jeans off and then tied the ropes around her knees to the rails, immobilizing her completely spreadeagle.

"Look at those tits." Jeremy said eyeing her hard nipples. "You can have those." Jake said as he eyed my spread slit. "Wonder if daddy fucks her?" Sliding his finger into my slit, he found her opening and marveled at how tight and small it was.

Pushing it inside her, he didn't get far and felt her hymen. "She's a virgin.

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I'm going to get that funnel. I want two clean holes to fuck." "Not for long." Jeremy replied and they both laughed. Picking up some of the leather strips, he began wrapping them tightly around her B cup breasts as Jake went out the door. When he finished, he stood up and then went over to the hydrant and filled a bucket with water.

Coming back over, he poured the water over her breasts, soaking the leather as Jake came back. Taking the ropes around her knees, he retied them higher lifting her bottom off the floor higher than her chest and head. "Want me to wake her up for this?" "Absolutely." Jake said and Jeremy slapped her face a couple times until he saw her eyes starting to open.

Pushing the end of the funnel against her anus, he felt her try to move away but there wasn't enough slack in the ropes. Slowly it parted the muscle and he pushed the four inch long tube inside her ass.

Picking up the hose that he had brought and hooked up to the faucet in there, he turned the nozzle on and filled the funnel.

Feeling the cold water entering her, Elizabeth tried to fight away again and Jeremy grabbed her breasts that were turning an angry red color, making her scream in pain. Leaning down, he began biting and sucking one nipple as his hand mauled the other.

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"How much do you think she can hold?" "Keep going until she pukes or it is coming back out." Jeremy said and Jake watched as more and more water drained down the funnel.

"Holy shit, look at her stomach." Quickly Jake looked and saw how distended her lower belly was from all the water inside her as she cried and begged them to stop, horrendous cramps ripping through her guts. Finally he turned the nozzle off and watched as the last of the water drained very slowly. Leaving the funnel in, he went over to the truck and got a duffel bag out. Setting it down beside the gate, he opened it and pulled out an assortment of sex toys and torture devices.

Getting an inflatable butt plug out, he pulled the funnel out of her ass and pushed the plug against the tiny hole where water was starting to leak out. Pushing hard, he got it buried inside her as she arched her back and cried out hoarsely from the pain. When it was seated good, he took the inflatable ball and pumped it a couple times. "Anything comes out of that hole before I say it can, you are in for another beating. Understand?" Jake threatened and she nodded unable to answer as pain was racking her entire torso.

Reaching into the bag, Jeremy pulled out a couple small tubes with cups on the end and placed them over her hard nipples. Turning on a small pump, he made sure the suction was working and saw the nipples being pulled up into the tubes. Turning it up a little higher, he adjusted the ropes around her arms lifting her a couple feet from the floor as Jake lowered her down a little until she was suspended level.

Dropping his pants, he knelt down beside her head and grabbed her hair. "Suck it now." Jeremy ordered and she refused to open her mouth as Jake knelt down between her legs and began licking her slit.

Slapping her face, he held her mouth up to the head of his cock and Jake bit down on her clit hard making her open her mouth to scream and Jeremy stuffed his three inch diameter cock into her mouth, stretching her mouth tight around him. Only getting a third of his twelve inch monster in her mouth before he was hitting the back of her throat, he moved around so he was behind her head and pumped deeper.

Seeing his cock slide into her throat, he could see her bucking and writhing to try and get it out. Pulling out before she lost consciousness, he let her get a breath and then slammed in deeper getting just over half his cock inside her. Over and over he pounded in her throat pushing deeper each time as Jake ate and fingered her cunt.

Finally he was buried completely in her throat and could see his cock head pushing at the base of her neck. "Shit, it's all the way down her throat." "Don't kill her." Jake said and he pulled out to let her gasp a couple times.

Turning off the nipple pumps, Jeremy pulled the cups off and grabbed the three inch long distended nipples as he plunged deep again. Pulling on them as he fucked her throat, he saw Jake opening his pants. Picking up the ball, he pumped the plug a couple more times and then lined his monsterous cock up with her tiny opening.

Grabbing her hips, he pushed slowly and felt the very tip start to penetrate. "Pull out, I want to hear her scream." Quickly Jeremy pulled out and he pushed a little more, pulling back on her hips at the same time. Immediately a gasping weak scream came out of her throat and he continued forcing the head of his cock inside her.

After just a couple small movements he could feel her cherry and smiled evilly. "I'm going all the way through." Pulling back just a little, he thrust forward hard as he yanked back on her hips, plowing through her cherry and tight channel through her cervix until his balls were slapping against her ass and the most heart wrenching scream filled the barn spooking the few horses that were in there.

As he plunged inside her cunt, Jeremy went balls deep in her mouth again, yanking her tortured nipples hard.


Feeling his balls tightening, Jeremy shoved all the way down her throat again and groaned as he unloaded into her stomach. Hearing Jeremy go, Jake lost his load and filled her uterus with shot after shot of cum. Slowly they both pulled out and Jake saw all the cum and blood coming out with his half hard cock and Jeremy saw the cum filling my throat and mouth. Picking up a set of clips he put them on the side of each of her nipples, keeping them stretched out grotesquely.

"Swallow it bitch." he ordered and she swallowed several times to get it all out of her throat and mouth. While his cock was still covered with cum, he moved so he was straddling her head and grabbed a tit in each hand. Mashing them together against his cock, he began tit fucking her as his fingers twisted and pulled her the clips on her nipples. Then Jake came around and pushed his cock into her mouth.

"Clean it off." he ordered as she gagged on it. Pushing deep in her throat, he felt his cock get hard and fill more and plunged balls deep in her throat. Over and over he almost suffocated her and finally lost his load again. Hearing Jake cum, Jeremy got off her chest and went around between her legs.

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Grabbing the plug, he inflated it three more pumps and heard a choked scream. Pushing his cock inside her gaping, torn pussy, he went balls deep on his first thrust, plowing through the ruins of her cherry and slamming against her cervix. Over and over he pounded inside her and lost his load as Jake finally took his cock out of her mouth and she gasped for air, unable to even scream or cry anymore as she dropped into semi consciousness.

Pulling out, Jeremy grabbed the plug hose and ripped it out of her ass with a torrent of water following it. For a couple minutes, water continued to run out of her as they planned what to do next. "Let's hook her up and go get some food." Jake said and Jeremy nodded as she hung there limp and unconscious.

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"Looks like she was pretty clean inside." "This hole ain't." Jeremy said and picked up the hose. Pushing the end of the nozzle in her cunt, he turned it on and water rushed up inside her womb.

Seeing her stomach distending like she was nine months pregnant, he turned the water off and pulled the hose out. Immediately water flooded out of her pussy and he put a tube on her clit and turned on the suction motor as Jake attached wires to the alligator clips and turned on a switch.

Watching for a couple minutes as her body twitched with electrical impulses, they got a large dildo out of the bag and Jeremy pushed it in her gaping ass hole when the water stopped. Then Jake handed him another bigger one and he put that inside her cunt. Watching until her clit was pulled several inches into the tube, they finally turned off the suction and then put an alligator clip deep on her clit, all the way to the base.

"You keep those in there now or we are going to have to get mad." Jake said lifting her head by the hair and saw the closed eyes. Just before he left the stall, Jeremy turned up the voltage a little on the clit and nipple clips and they walked away as her body thrashed in the ropes.