Amateur ehefrau anal creampie

Amateur ehefrau anal creampie
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The sun light shining through the window blinds made me wake. Slow in process, I got up to pull my boxers on and sat back down. With a good minute or so of sitting and gathering my thoughts. I stood back up and headed out. Unlocking and twisting my door knob at the same time, to give no suspicion of why my door was locked. While walking into the bathroom. I overheard my mother and aunt whispering in the kitchen. Closing the door behind me, I can only think of the number of ways to kill me.

After brushing and washing my face, I walked out to only be confronted by my aunt. She asked if I heard my uncle come in last night. Trying my best confused look, I replied with a no.

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Asking why, and how would he have gotten in. Being a single story house, climbing into a window would not have been a hard task to accomplish. In defense of arousing any more investigation. I acted as if a light bulb went off. I told her I remembered waking in the middle of the night to his knocking, to which I lazily opened the door.

With a sigh of relief, she thanked me and returned to the kitchen. Once I was dressed in my favorite blue shirt and khaki shorts. I headed to the kitchen in search of something to eat. Opening the freezer, I found we still had a few toaster strudels left.

Grabbing the box out, I put one on each side of the two slotted toaster and pushed down. My sister walked in and checked the school calender we had on the fridge. While reading the upcoming meals they would serve. I threw a tooth pick I grabbed from the pantry, while saying "bon appetit!" She made a disgusted look, and walked away. From the counter we had next to the kitchen, my mom shot "play nice" from around the corner. Soon as the toaster strudels popped up, I plated it to walk and sit on the counter to eat.

My mom had been sitting with the phone, talking to some company. Frequently placing her on hold, she decided to hang up. She looked over to me while telling me not to open the door for my uncle. Saying he must've been drunk as well, but we needed to protect my aunts feelings. He must have been drunk as well.

Those words stuck with me as I finished my toaster studels. Was that a compliment, or a low blow? It all depended on the conversation they had. I washed my dish, then wiped my hands on a new piece of paper towel.

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Pocketing the paper towel, I headed back into my room. The feel of paper towel after being wet was better than baby wipes. I walked over to grab my cell phone from the dresser, and from there made a trip into the bathroom. Standing next to the sink, I began browsing for decent pornography. This day in particular, I was looking for women who resembled my aunt. My search came down to Tia Sweets, who had the opposite attributes but a face nearly exact.

Next to doggy style, my only other favorite position is cowgirl.

Sitting down on the tub, I unzipped my shorts to pull my dick through my underwear. I fast forwarded to the cowgirl scene shown in the thumbnail, and began masturbating. With honestly no clue how he kept from coming, I tried mimicking their motion with my hand.

The smell of my aunt's pussy lingered from the head of my dick. This became as real as I could get from actually fucking her again. I sped up the pace getting ready to come after a good 15 minutes of massaging my dick, until the door shook as if someone fell forward. Pulling my shirt over my dick, I leaned forward to try and see through the crack in the door.

A shadow moved that showed through the hallway, within the sun light given. Having known it had to be my aunt, I pulled my dick back into view to finish. Shooting so much come into the paper towel I had. Flushing the paper towel on to washing my hands. I stepped out the bathroom and walked down the hall.

Checking into each room on my way to the living room. Nobody was on this side of the house. Hearing laughter as I approached the living room meant they were either in my parents room, or working out in the gym. Both being located near each other on the other side of the house.

Following the laughter to it's origin, I pushed the door open to our home made gym. My mom and aunt were in mid stretch. My mom asking why I didn't go with my sister and father to the movies. I replied that nobody had made me aware of the plan.

They laughed once again, while my mom said it was a rhetorical question. My sister was told to come and ask me if I wanted to go.

How I acted earlier actually made her pretend the trip to tell me, then come back with a rushed "no, now can we go?" as payback.


I asked what they meant by rhetorical. How could they have known I was here. My aunt looked at me, and said she knew I was in the bathroom.That confirmed it, and I knew I had to fuck her again. As the day progressed. I spent it outside with friends playing games of basketball.

Until two girls from down the block interrupted our game, who also grew up in the neighborhood with us three.

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Having a eighteenth birthday party happening later today, I decided to join along with my friends agreements. I headed back in the house for a shower. Walking down the hall to my room, my aunt stopped me on my way. She asked if I had any plans, to which I told her I was invited to a party. Asking if she can come with, I looked her body over. Telling her she had the body of a 18 year old and the face of a goddess.

So why not? She can easily pass as my date. Having to shower and dress as well, I waited in my room after my shower and dressing. Passing time with searching media sites. My aunt knocked on my open door, which shifted my attention to her. She wore another dress almost similar and short, though it had a design to it.

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The pumps she had on made her ass and calves pop as well. I gave her a approving whistle, and escorted her out and to the party. Staring at her ass or tits the whole way there.

We showed up on time. Not too early to be lame, and not too late to miss anything. As the music played loudly, and the crowd mix with scattered dancing in between.

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I stuck with my aunt the whole night. Exchanging jokes and dancing to her favorite songs. She told me a few times she wasn't here to hold me back and for me to go. I disagreed and told her I wanted to spend my night with a hottie anyway. Actually taking the time to spike the punch myself, my plan was coming along perfectly. After my aunts eighth cup, she asked if we could head home.

Searching in the crowd, I found my friends in a corner talking to two grown women. Shaking each hand in acknowledgement of leaving before I departed the party with my aunt. I lived only a few blocks away, so our walk back hadn't asked too much of us physically. We barely spoke, with only some small talk before reaching home. As we made our way through the front door, my aunt stopped abruptly causing me to walk into her.

My crotch poked her ass, as she looked back at me. "Lets go to my room!" We both slipped off our footwear, and made our way to her room.

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I sat on the bed per her instructions, as she closed the door locking it behind her. Now telling me she knew it was me last night.

Peeking through the bathroom door, the second time for confirmation. Telling me of how my uncle has a penis that doesn't stand fully when erect. How she felt a dick so hard last night, it couldnt be his.

Before I could say anything, she made her way over and covered my mouth. Dancing seductively stepping back and into the middle of the room. Stripping slowly as I undressed myself, and began masturbating by the time she was down to her underwear. I didn't get a good view last night, but damn her tits are nice. She turned around to bend over, at the same time pulling down her underwear.

The yoga pants did her no justice. Her ass is perfect in my opinion. Walking over, she pushed me on to my back to lift one leg over me facing away.

It's almost as if she read my mind. Lowering herself onto my dick, I laid my head back enjoying the warmth of her inside slowly sliding onto me. After six pumps, she picked up her pace. Her calves flexed, before I grabbed her legs to steady her. Ass cheeks wiggling with each hit to the base of my dick. She would lift herself to the very tip, then let her weight take over.

Dropping down to meet my balls, looking up at the ceiling as she enjoyed. Grabbing at and massaging her breasts. My aunt leaned forward shifting to a position on her knees, as I let go of her legs. She began bouncing her ass up and down quickly. I reached forward and rubbed her asshole with my thumb.

The juices from her pussy turning white as she continued taking me in. Switching from thumb to finger, having her motion slowly work on to envelope to my knuckle. My aunt whispered fuck, as I tried keeping a low volume as well.

Grunting, and trying to control all urges to yell. With my penis still in her, I held and pushed her forward. Ending up in doggy style, inserting my finger back into her ass as I began thrusting.

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Taking my free hand into her hair to pull on. As soon as my dick popped out from too much wetness between us. I grabbed for my shirt and with a quick wipe, I turned my aunt over. I began by sucking her breasts, licking from one nipple to the other without having my tongue leave her skin. Circling the nipple to cover all of her areola. Looking up seeing her eyes fixed on my process.


She reaches for her clit to rub. Grabbing for the other breast while having my tongue flicker her now erect nipple. Shifting now to meet eye to eye as I guided my member into her beautiful sex. She gasped a bit, as her eyes suddenly squinted. Biting her lip, I began pumping hard. Putting my head down to kiss her, then side by side with me pushing deeper.

Lifting my head back up to look her in the eyes.

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She told me to keep doing what I was doing as she was close. I held back my own orgasm, and waited for hers. Fighting hard to not explode within her already. She held her breath, then exhaled after it had hit. I sped up, and pulled out to rub my dick.

Shooting sperm that covered her stomach, while some reached her chin and lip. Dropping to the side of her, I thanked her. She thanked me back having us both smile and giggle. Telling me she already had plans for us as soon as I turned 18. I marked a date to remember in my mind, knowing I would get to fuck her any day of my liking from now.