Crotch Bulging on my way to work

Crotch Bulging on my way to work
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The taking of both mom and daughter 3 Matt woke up to the sun shining; he thought to his self what a day it was going to be.


He walked down to his dungeon where Dani and Leann were both still sound asleep. We unlocked the cell and grabbed Leann and lead her first to the bathroom. After she finished Matt handed her a douche and an enema and told her she was going to have to do this daily. Then Matt lead Leann to a room where he locked her into a cross like device that was able to be rotated into a lying down or standing up position.

He had her spread out completely. Matt put the device so that it was in the down position and starts to spread Leann's pussy lips with his fingers. Matt looked over her pussy as he leaned in and started to lick her hot pussy. She tastes really good but she is struggling to get away from his touch.

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Matt tells her he is going to teacher not to try and move away as he pulls out a whip with cattails. He Matt tells her he is going to give her 10 slaps to start with. It would increase if she tried to move away again. He also told her that she is going to start calling him her master and would be punished if she does not. Matt gets Leann her ten lashes and watches as the tears are running from her eyes.

Matt leans in and starts to lick her pussy again. Good she tasted good.

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Leann was getting to the point of Cumming and Matt felt it and backed off. Leann moaned in frustration but then remembered she had to beg cum. Leann remembering and then asked her master if she could please cum. Matt was grinning to his self about her remembering to ask for permission.

Matt start to lick again, Leann started to shack as she exploded in the biggest orgasm she could remember. As Leann started to come down Matt started to rub his cock through her pussy.

Leann started to say something about not being on birth control when she realized he was going to try and get her pregnant. As Matt slide his hard cock into Leann, she started to cum right away.


Matt leaned over Leann and told she would be punished for cumming without permission. She told her master that she would take any punishment he wanted to give just so that she could feel that cock in her hot pussy. Matt started to pound Leann pussy harder and harder as his cock opened up her womb. Matt felt Leann's pussy contract while he keep pounding her.

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He started to feel the cum running up his cock as he slams into her womb and start to piss cum into her.

As Matt feels the spurts of cum stop he pulls out of Leann he tells her that he has something for her. He goes to the dresser he has in the room and pulls out a dildo with a remote and slides it up her pussy.

He then pulls out some lube and lubes up an egg and tells her that he has to get her hot ass ready to be fucked. He slides the egg up her ass and she lets out a moan. He tells her she will keep that in until he takes it out. He then pulls the butterfly up and adjusts it to fit tight. Then Matt turns on the dildo in her pussy and tells her not to try and touch it.

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Leann started cumming so hard she passed out. As Matt left the room he turned the dildo off. It was time to go check on Dani and start her training As Matt opened the cell he saw Dani still sleeping. It was time for her go get up but before he woke her he lubed up an anal plug and shoved it into her little ass. Dani's eyes flung open as she screamed at the sudden pain. She reached down to pull it out, only to find her hands tied to the bed. She started to cry as the pain just kept coming.

Matt slapped Dani's pussy which just caused her more pain having just lost her virginity. Matt leaned down and fastened a ball gag in Dani's mouth. He then told her that she was going to have to get use to having something in her ass. In fact he wanted to feel that hot pussy wrapped around his hard cock while he had the anal plug in her. He guided his cock to her pussy and in one stroke slammed his cock all the way into Dani.

She started to cry harder as the pain in both her ass and pussy got worse. Matt leaned over Dani and told her that she was to start calling him master, and that she was his to use anyway he saw fit, and the sooner she accepted this the better it was going to get. After a little bit Dani was feeling pleasure instead of pain and was begging Matt to let her cum. Matt was close too and told her to go ahead as he shot cum deep into her hot pussy.

After they both came down Matt told Dani that he was going to letter heal for a few days but she was going to help with Leann's training. After Matt had made Dani some really breakfast, he and Dani walked down to the cell where Leann was still strapped in and still passed out. Before Matt told Dani that she was to refer to Leann by her name or that she could call her sister but she was no longer her mother but her sister slave.

Dani smiled for the first time since she had been there. She was thinking that it was going to be some fun helping him make her mother into a good slave and that she did not have power over her any more.

Matt told Dani to wake Leann up so she went over and unhooked the butterfly and took the Vibrator out of Leann's pussy and start to like her. Leann moaned as she started to open her eyes, she was still a little fussy as she tried to look down and see who was licking her.

When Leann say that it was her daughter she told her to stop licking her mother's pussy. Leann's tits received a hard slap as Matt reminder that Dani was no longer her Daughter that she was her sister slave. Matt then told Dani to use the whip he left out and give Leann 20 slaps on her clit with it. Dani remembering the spankings she got as a kid and swung the whip down and slaps her clit. Leann let out a scream and starting to tear up as received 19 more slaps.

When Dani was done she leaned over and asks Matt if she could continue to lick Leann's pussy because it tasted so good. Matt said no that he had something in mind as he told Dani to start to suck and nibble on Leann's tits. Dani followed orders, because she wanted to become a good slave for her new master. What Leann did not see is that Matt had grabbed a piercer so that he could pierce her clit.

All of a sudden Leann felt a sharp pain on her clit and let out a loud scream.

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Tears start to really run out of her eyes as Dani looked down to see what had her sister to scream. Dani saw what was done and all of a sudden her pussy got really wet and could not wait to have her clit pierced as well. Matt was getting tired of hearing Leann scream and went and got a ball gag out and fastened it over Leann's mouth. He looked at Dani and said it was tit to pierce Leann's tits.

Dani said master can you please do mine first.

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Matt was proud that Dani was taking to being a slave very quickly for just having her cherry broken by being raped by him. Matt looked at her and told her to sit in the chair. She sat down and Matt strapped her into the chair and told her that it was going to her and he did not want her to try and pull away while he pierced her young tits.

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First though he had to make them hard so he started to suck and nibble on her tits. When Dani's tits got hard Matt pierced the first one and Dani let out a scream, she did not want to but it did hurt.


Now she saw why he strapped her into the chair. As Matt did the next one tears ran from Dani's eyes. Matt stated to let Dani out of the chair and told her not to touch her nipples.

Matt went back over to Leann and started to play with her nipples. Matt leaned over and asked if Leann was ready. Leann started to cry again as Dani leaned over and told her to just relax go with the pain. As Matt began with her tits Leann screamed into the ball gag. After he was done Matt took the new sister from the table that she was strapped to. Leann tried to stand but was a little too weak and fell to the floor.

Matt and Dani helped her back to the room and layed her in the bed. Matt and Dani went to take a shower and then draw a bath for Leann. After they got done in the shower they helped Leann to the tub and helped her to clean up. It had been a long day for her and she was out. Matt was going to let Leann as well as Dani rest for a couple of days. Next part to come.