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HITZEFREI German cougar Texas Patti loves younger men
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When the Harrum family woke on Sunday morning they had breakfast together. It was the only chance the family had together. Though middle daughter Victoria went to a local college the various busy schedules kept all the members into their own lives. They cherished this time to get re-acquainted.

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Victoria and her eighteen year old younger sister Pam cooked breakfast for the family this morning since Gertrude their housekeeper didn't work on Sundays. Bionca was first to arrive for breakfast today.

She came down in her short satin house robe. She always liked to dress in sexy clothes to try to keep the interest of her husband Bill. She looked at her growing children and noticed how they had inherited her ice blue eyes and blonde hair. Pam her youngest obviously was going to have the life long battle with her weight that she had.

Victoria, her second, on the other hand only gained her breasts, large and upright with emerging hips and ass that would do great in any outfit. With a wisp of a stomach she was definitely 'hot to trot'. Bionca began to set the table as Pam went to get the rest of the family up. She pulled her favorite house shorts out of her butt cheeks as she walked up the steps to her sisters' room.

The shorts had grown ever more snug lately as her bottom continued to swell over the last year. She was jealous of her sisters who both had large proud standing breasts on hourglass figures, while her thighs and breasts just wouldn't stop expanding no matter how many crunches she did.

She banged on the doors of her father and sister calling them out for breakfast. Bill came from the bedroom in his long pajama bottoms exposing his bird chest and spaghetti arms.

He ran down stairs with a smile on his face as the smell of the morning coffee had caught his nostrils and set his body to go. When Pam's oldest sister Marianne didn't come out Pam opened her door and saw her oldest sister sitting on the edge of the bed in tears. Pam tried to comfort Marianne by putting her rounded arms around the nude Marianne. Pam's shrinking tank top allowed her breast to fall free as they cuddled one another.

Marianne explained that she had been slipping in her work at the aerospace company that she worked for. With downsizing running rampant now was the worst time for mistakes. Marianne explained that she couldn't handle losing her job and was feeling kind of desperate. Mary told her youngest sister Pam how she asked this black guy who had been hitting on her to help her with a project due by the end of the quarter. The problem was the bastard wouldn't give her his notes unless she came to his house dressed in a tight sexy dress with no bra & panties on.

Mary knew she was no virgin and she kind of expected he would want at least a blow-job. Marianne never expected him to fuck her in the ass. Mary broke down crying again into the arms of her sister Pam. While the story was being told from his oldest daughter Marianne to his youngest Pam, Bill Harrum stood outside his oldest's door with a raging hard-on. He had turned back upstairs heading for the john to take a leak. He never knew till now that hearing about the sexual exploits of his own daughter could excite him.

Hell she asked for it he thought and headed to his private bathroom in his bedroom. He reached for the jergens and started pulling. Bill thought about his hotter then hell daughter being forced to fuck a black man. His mind inadvertently went back to his college days and his ever horny and persistent black room-mate, always using him as a helpless wrestling practice dummy.

How his room-mate would wrestle him down rubbing his hard cock all over Bill's body until the day finally came when the room-mate jumped him while he was sleeping, pulled Bills underwear to the side and slid his previously greased cock up Bill's virgin ass.

Bill hated how much he was made to take it, and like it. Bill squirted cum while his wife Bionca was yelling upstairs if he was 'coming' for breakfast.

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He was glad he chose not to pursue a gay life. He figured it was forced on him and he was really heterosexual at heart, which was clearly proven by his beautiful brood. Bionca was always hot and ready for his six inch pole. His children seemed content with the life he provided. As a Sr. partner at his brokerage firm he managed to produce a rather opulent lifestyle for his Harem as he called them to his self.

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By the time he got to the table the family was already seated. Bionca started the talk at table as she spoke about her trips to the gym and dieting while Marianne shoved food down her throat as fast as she could. Pam talked about all the attention her breasts kept getting even though she always wore sizes too small.

Victoria chided in "maybe your just overweight" which prompted giggles from Bill and a look of disapproval from Bionca. Pam defended herself saying "My weights not the problem they just don't make the stylish clothes to fit me properly." Bill looked over at the plate-devouring Marianne and asked her how her week was.

His dick restirring in his pants. He blew a kiss to his plump but still sexy wife, signaling a good fuck after breakfast. He then turned his attention back to his oldest daughter. He began probing for information. Mary was obviously shaken and Pam continued to try to redirect the conversation so much so Bill asked her to go in the kitchen and squeeze some juice to get her out of the way.

When Marianne realized her father seemed concerned in her behavior she started to speak with tears welling in her eyes. "I made some bad choices that got me into a bad situation. I know you've always said I should work hard and carry my own weight. I don't know why I let myself be put in such a stupid situation. I let a man take advantage of me last night." "Is that why you looked like a hooker on your way out the door last night"?

Bill asked trying to sound like the concerned father, concealing his dick growing rigid in his pajamas. "Bill I needed his help and he insisted I pay him for it. Dad I don't need you condemning me right now I just felt like I need to get this out please try to be understanding damnit!" Bionca pointed out to her husband Bill that right now her daughter obviously needed them and he needs to hear her out with-out all the accusations.

Bill immediately turned back to his oldest daughter and apologized. Bionca told Marianne to finish telling them what happened. Mary began, "When I got behind at work, yes I know I was spending a lot of time with Jerry but after we broke up I tried to get focused at work.

I had allowed myself to fall so far behind I hadn't even scheduled the stress test for any of the main parts. Mark is some kind of physics genius and was always hassling me to go out with him. I spent too much time moping around this house missing that pea-fuck Jerry that I pretty much left most of the project up to Mark. About a month before the project was due I went to him to get his notes on the tests." "When I got to his office he walked to the edge of his desk and showed me the note pad.

I panicked when he tore the first page off and put it down the front of his pants. I ran from his office back to mine. I tried to figure some way out of this situation.

I worked night and day for a week but I was so far out the loop I was lost in my own notes and figures." Mary continued telling her story over a breakfast that was getting cold. The juicer had cut off and everyone sat quietly listening to her tale. "As wrong as it was to throw away all the money that you guys spent on me to go to school for me to get put in this position is probably unforgivable but I had to give updates to management in two days. I called him on the phone hoping to reason with him but he insisted that if I wanted his notes I knew where to find them.

I had very few options and I chose the easy way out. I went to his office and he repeated the same scenario. I pulled down his zipper and grabbed for the page and couldn't help but rub his big ass cock. I pulled out the first sheet and he pulled another page from his note pad. He put that one in his pants as well. I thought for a moment I might get out of this with just a hand job. I was so wrong mother!" "When I reached in for the second sheet of paper his dick was huge and bulging.

I couldn't get to the page without adjusting his cock for him. I figured I'd play up to him for a little sympathy, so I stroked his cock for him.

That's when Mark pulled another page from his note pad and handed it to me. I actually blushed for this perve. The second page had slid down his trousers so I had to bend down to get it. He chose this time to open his pants and let them fall.

As the page slid down with his trousers I knelt to the floor and he shoved his black dick in my mouth. When I tried to pull back he held my hair telling me how he liked my blonde lockes for grips.

I knew now that he expected a blow-job which I was kind of ready for but I just wasn't ready for this guy to be hung like that. After he told me how he wanted it sucked good and wet I just tried to please him and get it over with. The way he yanked me onto his desk top I kind of got scared, I had no idea he could be so strong.

I figured he was a little older and harmless before then. He let my head hang over the edge of his desk while he decided that he was going for my throat." Mary rubbed at her throat with the memory of the moment.

Bionca had moved her chair next to her daughter putting her arm around her for support. Mary continued, "I was so surprised that I was on his desk I didn't notice him in my throat at first. The way I was pulled had forced him in my throat and I started gagging but there was no way my throat was going squeeze to let me vomit. He seemed to get off rubbing his balls on my nose.

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He pulled my sweater off of my tits along with my bra. He pulled his wet cock from my mouth and put his balls inside my mouth. I felt him pulling my nipples like he wanted to remove them. So by the time he told me to squeeze my tits on his dick I was ready for anything to get him off. He fucked my tits for a while then threw me from his desk. He put his dick back in my mouth. He stroked the base of it till he came in my mouth. He said to make sure I swallowed if I wanted enough information for my report.

By then I felt so degraded I just swallowed it. He then put his hands up my skirt and laughed at me for having drenched panties. Bill, she called her dad Bill, I thought the worst was over until he made me come over his house yesterday. Mark said I could have the report finished top to bottom if I gave in to him top to bottom.

My spirit was broken by then. He had ridiculed me on more then one occasion how he made me orgasm while sucking him off. I just wanted to end the nightmare so when I went to his house with no bra or panties I knew we would have sex but after he took his time getting hard in my mouth he greased his cock and ass fucked me.

He made me say all kinds of nasty things to get his old ass off. He didn't care how much he was hurting he just kept telling to say things like call him 'king cock'. When Mark started rubbing my clitty I squirted all over his balls slapping against my pussy lips. I just couldn't help it. He was just so determined. I was rebounding from Jerry's cheating ass and Mark wanted me so ferociously it made me feel hot.

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Mark laughed and told me how he likes "wet balls". Then he pulled his dick out leaving me empty and spun me around. Before I could put it together he had that huge cock of his down my throat again. I smelled my cum that his wet balls left on my nose when he pulled out my throat to have me suck the head. The smell of my own cum on my nose drove me over and I came again right on his bed without anything touching me. I reached up and rubbed his balls and felt them shifting in my hands.

Mark pulled my dress open and started squeezing my breasts. He put my hand on my pussy and he started moving my fingers on my clit, rubbing hard and fast. He came in my mouth before I could come again. I tried to suck him hard again but he wouldn't let me. Mark made me get out before his girlfriend came over".

"Oh Mom" Marianne started bawling, "how can he still want another woman after all that"? Marianne started to cry again feeling unwanted. Bill on the other hand was trying to figure out how he was going to get out of the room without showing his obviously wet pajama bottoms. Bionca consoled her daughter explaining that her beauty intelligence and over all person was invaluable.

She didn't need to subject herself to abuse, that she was everything and wonderful. Jerry was just an ass for leaving her.

Pam also hugged her sobbing sister. Telling her how much she looked up to her still. Bill looked around at his family and noticed there wasn't a soft nipple to be seen. He figured he had to say something fatherly. "Mary the last thing you have to feel is though you deserve this. I know you've learned from your mistake. I'm positive you'll find yourself in a better relationship in no time. I'm going to go get dressed then we're going to head out for Coaster-land and get some fresh air." He had to scream the last part since he scurried from the room while everyone's attention was still on his daughter Mary and not his tented pajamas.

Victoria this time sat staring at her oldest sister. She couldn't speak. Vicky sat there with her abundant breast heaving. Her mouth was dry and her heart racing. Sweat on her forehead holding down her down soft blonde hair on her brow. She had listened to her older sister's tale with complete attention. Although she had yet to experience sex she couldn't help but relate to her experience of last week at her school.

One of the Sr. Boys had taken an interest in her. He was always crude and direct. He would say things like he wanted her to look up at him when he's in her mouth. She had never really put it all together until now since she had tried to ignore him. During the story she started to think through all the bumps and grinds that had happened in the hallways. All the gestures pulling on his baggy jean fronts. When her older sister Mary talked about pulling out Mark's dick she remembered being challenged by her suitor to pull his meat from his cage.

She had always just moved by him never giving his words thought until today. Images of this student man forcing his way with her made her feel dizzy.

She wore a bra at the table which she now felt like was constricting. Her body was sensitive all over. When Mary mentioned her orgasm in the office Victoria had to put her hands on the table in order to steady herself. She was shifting in her seat dripping juices in her cotton panties. When Mary talked about rubbing herself and coming while getting ass fucked her hand had slipped between her thighs and rubbed her-self to orgasm thinking of the day when her suitor had cornered her after class and rubbed his hard stick between her ass cheeks.

She remembered standing there not knowing what to do. She tried to lift her leg and walk away but that only spread her ass cheeks and had his dick pressing directly on her ass hole. The jolt took her by surprise and made her body freeze. He took this time to get her name. Then he told her he liked her and wanted her. He reached for her thirty eight inch chest, small in the Harrum family, and squeezed real hard, making Victoria mewl. He then just walked away.

She hadn't seen him on campus for a while and hadn't given him a thought until now.


Victoria realized she had a crush on some black upperclassman and she didn't even know his name, but thinking of him while going over the details of Mary's orgasm made her cum as well. Victoria had just had her first orgasm in her life and she got it from her sister's story.

She sat there totally lost and confused. Bill called his wife Bionca upstairs to help him get ready. When she came in wearing her short snug satin robe he watched her from the corner of his eyes and she never looked hotter. Her tits had swelled over the years to swelling out of her custom made 50inch bras that she insisted fit.

Her breasts constantly peeked out the side of her EE cups. He was never a tit man before he nailed his wife, but she was so damn beautiful he didn't care. He watched her rounded bottom toss around in her robe like two cats wrestling in a sack as she went about getting things ready for the trip to Coaster-land. Bill walked up behind his wife poking his dick in her expansive ass cheeks. He told her they would have to sort out the family problems later as now was the last chance they may get to have sex until the long week ahead.

Bionca didn't try and stop her husband's advances like always. When she felt his hard cock poking against her ass she just relaxed and enjoyed the squeeze he was giving her.


She felt the urgency and realized he must be sincere in trying to get in hot and heavy before the weekend ends. When his grip on her breast began to hurt she bit her tongue not wanting to interfere with his sexual desires. Bill bent back and lifted his wife by her tits with his dick still rubbing at her backside. He just tossed her on the bed face first grinding his dick into the clefts of her ass cheeks. He lifted her robe and slid her red satin baby doll panties down.

Bill then grabbed his iron hard dick in his hand and pushed it at his wife's virgin asshole. Bionca tried to twist away. Her husband was insistent in all of sudden after twenty years of marriage was trying to invade her ass hole. She squirmed with all of her might to get from under him. The lubrication of his pre-cum was starting to open her hole against her will.

Bionca was surprised at the new aggressive sex her husband was now trying. He had always been a sweet and gentle lover. Fortunately some of the workouts paid off and she was able to scramble from beneath him. She had managed to sit at the head of the bed with her back to the head board. Bill scrambled up the bed after her, raising to his feet his iron hard cock speared his wife's soft lips against the resistance of her attempting to slow him down trying to understand his new found forcefulness.

Bionca had sucked her husband's dick many times before. She licked it like a melting ice cream cone. Never before had she remembered it being so swollen and hard. His pubic bone was banging against her perfectly pert nose. She felt the briskly pubic hairs rubbing against her nose with each thrust. At first she thought she was dripping snot from her nose as she felt the sticky residue matted in her husband's pubics.

A few minutes of having her face fucked by her darling Bill she figured out he had cum. She realized it but wasn't in a position to deal with it as his bony hips kept smacking her nose. It was becoming extremely painful and she tried to push back against his thrusting movements but she found her blonde hair held tightly in his hands. Bill switched his movements so that he just pushed the base of his dick as far Bionca's sweet lips.

He pushed at the entrance of her throat and wished he had more cock to get down there. He knew he was pressing his wife's head against the head board Bill was looking down while he was shoving his hard meat in her mouth. Bionca's eyes looked up at him sparkling blue eyes staring at him waiting for this new sex thing to end. Somewhere in the back of his mind Bill knew he was trying to reclaim some of his male dominance role in his life.

After hearing how his daughter had succumbed to big black dick, as had also happened in his own college days.

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Knowing that his wife worked at the most prestigious black law firms in the city, he felt he had to assert himself in order to reclaim his rights to masculinity. He reached inside her open robe and pulled her bra up behind her neck. Gravity forcing Bionca's large EE boobs to swing free. He told her to rub them on his balls. As she did her best to comply she was having trouble.

Her normally gentle heart of hearts was grinding his cock in circular motions trying to stretch her jaws open. Bionca felt the heat of her husband's desire and she couldn't help but respond. Her juices started to flow from her pussy as the electric current raced from her nipples straight to her well of lubrication for her genital walls.

Bionca pushed one of her breasts against her husband's nut sack while she used her other hand to pull on her free nipple. She was as hot as she'd ever been in her life. Having the man she loved wanting her so bad turned her on. Instead of resisting his gyrating motions she stuck her tongue out to lick at his balls.

Bill couldn't believe the tickling sexy feel of his wife's fleshy breast wet with her spit and her soft tongue sliding on his balls while his dick probed the walls of her mouth. He went for the baseball method. He tried to think of something else, anything else.

Bill thought about baseball but his mind focused on the tight pants. Vigorous men with hard cocks going after his Marianne. That didn't help. He exploded in Bionca's mouth with a body shattering force.

His legs trembled, he had to rest his head against the wall and keep a tight grip on his wife's hair to keep support. Bionca swallowed on instinct. Bill had never actually cum in her mouth before but the blast was so strong she swallowed as a reflex.

Surprised at how turned on she was she just tried to endure the uncomfortable feeling of her bra still clasped but pulling at the back of her neck and her husband using her hair as leverage. Bill took his time pulling his dick from Bionca's mouth as he was sure he just had the best orgasm of his life. He was in no rush to pull his softening cock from Bionca's sucking lips.

Bionca didn't push to get away she kept lapping at his cock and balls squeezing her breast against his scrotum. As Bill recovered he pulled the head of dick to his wife's lips and told her to kiss it. Her compliance elicited a smile from Bill.

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He felt manly and satisfied. He'd be damn if these black bastards were going to best him in his life.

The Harrum family enjoyed the day at Coaster-land doing all the rides they could manage. Marianne was relieved to have something dominate her senses other then the loathsome feeling of rejection.

She knew this day was especially for her but instead of feeling special she felt more like special ed. Love had plagued her with bad choices in men cycle after cycle.

Evident in her hearts inability to separate being used for Mark's sexual and some sort of feelings. The Harrum family decides to separate Bill deciding to spend to time with Marianne to play out his fatherly role. If he happened to get more information about her sexual problems, all the better. Bionca took Victoria and Pamela to make sure her two youngest daughters got to enjoy the rest of the day at Coaster-land and to get them away from the troubles of their eldest sis.

Laughing and giggling excitedly coming from the haunted house, frolicking among the hordes of coaster patrons. Victoria came to a dead stop. Standing alone, his presence somehow calling her though the crowd. The upperclassman that had been molesting her in the halls of her college, was grinning at her, taking confident strides in her direction. Victoria panicked as she tried to hide her face from her mother.

Bionca immediately sensed the change in her middle child Victoria. She turned her head just in time to look in the handsome face of a tall broad shouldered young man. He extended his hand and gave Bionca the most disarming smile, "my name is Tim" I'm a friend of your little sister." Bionca couldn't help but giggle at such an obvious compliment, but seeing the effect he had on her little Veronica she felt at ease with him from the start. "Well nice to run into one of my daughters college friends.

Tim looked over at the fidgeting Veronica and stepped up beside her. He placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to his strong chest and looked back to Bionca and said "I don't mean to correct you but perhaps your sis hasn't told you about me yet but we're a little more then just friends." Veronica shrunk at Tim's words.

She just found out his name and here he is introducing himself to her mother as her new boyfriend. This was crazy. The words had to come from her mouth to confront this large dark man that was so easily charming her mother. "Tim can we talk a minute?" Tim ever smirking began to walk away from his captured prey until surprisingly Veronica turned and asked her mother and sister to wait right there and she was just walking away for a second.

Bionca cheerily tried to persuade her daughter to go on and catch up later but eventually her motherly instincts kicked in and she agreed to wait. Tim and Veronica moved away about twenty yards from her family when Veronica turned to speak she was cut off by thick dark lips claming down hard on hers. She was embarrassed beyond anything! She knew her mother and sister were only a few feet away but she felt the overpowering sexual energy coming from this man and her will to resist was sucked from her womb though her lips.

Her nipples extended and poked into his hard abs. There were hundreds of people milling by and it didn't seem to matter she felt his strong hands firmly grip her tight ass cheek.

Tim broke the kiss and smiled down into Veronica's eyes. "Veronica what we're gonna do is go spend time with your family while I get to know you." To follow up on his words he firmly pulled Veronica by her hand back towards her group. Bionca had witnessed Veronica's passionate kiss with her new black boyfriend Tim.

Watching the commanding way he took liberties with her posterior it was clear it was something serious. She was a little disappointed since she always figured she knew her children well. Up until today she had always felt that honesty and openness was the accepted household policy. She wasn't sure if she was ashamed since he was black. Her own bitter words towards the race may have been the reason Bionca herself may have caused Veronica to keep Tim to herself.

The guilt would make sure she was especially nice to Tim. Bionca thought to herself she would speak with Veronica later to make things right. "So what's the name sis?" Tim said boldly into the eyes of Bionca. Bionca too felt the manliness in Tim.

She blushed not from his silly attempt at flattery but thinking what a virile pick for her daughter. "Mrs. Harrum funny man." she said almost giggling.

"We still haven't been to the Jumbo-tron yet and we absolutely would love to have you join us." "Good idea. You lead the way." Bionca and Pamela started towards one of the sit down movie projector rides. While they were walking ahead of him Tim couldn't help but to appreciate the drastic difference in shape of the three women's asses that were presently keeping him company.



Harrum in her just a step below slutty body hugging sweat suit, with the short bottoms coming just an inch below her well toned ass cheeks. Veronica sister however looked like she had a pie for breakfast. Her jiggling ass cheeks hanging out of her roller skate disco shiny disco shorts. The shorts were about three sizes small but since they were partially made of lycra they managed to attempt to hold in her very rounded globes. The ass that he was now squeezing as stroking, pinching the bottom part of the ass cheek were the ass and thigh meet, was a bit wispy for his liking.

Veronica had always worn baggy clothing, so Tim was never really sure of anything except her very large and proud titties. Even though her ass didn't have the meat he would have preferred, looking at the switching asses that were taking over his whole vision in front of him made his dick start sliding down his basket ball jersey bottoms.

When they were seated four across and the bar was pulled down he and the attendant shared a knowing smile as the overhead bars once pulled down, forced all six titties to point out. Accentuated by the big thick black bars of the machine all three Harrum women looked very sexy. With a ever smirking Tim seated between Veronica and her mother. As soon as the lights lowered Bionca felt Tim's hand grab her thigh. She assumed he was giving her support in case she was to be scared.

Bionca reached down and lightly placed her hand on Tim's to show her appreciation. As the ride jerked to life she was surprised to feel his hand slap directly against her pussy. Her hands were glued to the hand rails as the seats were being tossed about to the horrific images in high definition.

Bionca somehow hoped it was some sort of mistake but when he started rubbing hard on her pussy it was clear this bastard was intentionally rubbing her pussy right between her two children! She blamed it on the ride, that she couldn't let go because of all the jerky movements, that he couldn't here her objections over all the noise.

She never bothered to consider that it was her feverously burning pussy walls, or nipples that now achingly rubbed against the cloth of her sports bra. It must be the excitement of the day, the hot sex with her husband Bill. It couldn't be the wicked sensation of being so brazen, so risqué.

Another bump and his fingers roughly entered her wetness. A view came on the screen of a first person view of a woman being chased by an alien then falling over the edge of a hill. The coinciding movement of the cart they were in to rise at an angle forcing his two fingers even deeper in her slit. The added dumps to simulate the decent of the heroine gave her the feeling of a super turbo vibrater gone completely wild. The pounding force of the cart pushing her clit down against the knuckles of the invading hand of her daughter's boyfriend lasted too long for Bionca's memory.

She can tell you that the orgasms lasted through the flying car bumping against the other racers, the pick-up and shake at the hands of king kong, up to and including the ride down the rapids over the waterfall. When the lights went down towards the end of the ride Bionca's closed eyes didn't see the wet fingers coming to her parted lips.

She did fell them enter and rub on her tongue for a moment. Her tongue discovered a desire for the taste of her own pussy juice of Tim's fingers instantly.

Her soft tongue swirled licked and sucked with abandon. Here in the darkness of the Jumbo-tron she let out sexual energies she would not know as her own until this time.

As the lights came up Bionca hurried to straighten herself up and try to get away from this situation as fast as she could. Fortunately for her own mental well being she didn't notice the gaping jaws of her baby daughter Pamela. She would have instantly realized that twelve inches is not enough distance in a darkened space to get finger fucked and then lick pussy juice without being seen.