Cute Fat BBW Teen with Big Tits taking a hot shower

Cute Fat BBW Teen with Big Tits taking a hot shower
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Me and my partner Beth have always had an adventurous sex life. I think that most of it stems from the fact that her ex had very little interest in anything more than a missionary hump once a week. I still can't believe that there are men like that! I mean who doesn't want his wife or girlfriend to act out our fantasies!! Who knows maybe he cheated on her without her finding out or maybe his fantasises were so out there that he could tell her and he got his rocks off without her.

Honestly I don't much care. What I do know is that after they spilt up she found her wild side and I was lucky to be the guy in the right place at the right time.

We met in a bar got drunk, went back to my place and fucked all weekend. She let me do whatever I wanted and got off on it all. As the weeks progressed I got to live out everything I had ever wanted, she would come over on a Friday night and we wouldn't stop until she left Monday morning. I would usually start off Friday afternoon when I got home from work with a few beers while watching porn and reading the pervy stories getting plenty of ideas of how far I could push her.

However one week she had decided to surprise me by coming over and hiding and was going to jump out of my closet wearing her new latex outfit she had purchased ready for the weekend. What she had planned as a surprise for me turned out to be a shock for her. She had had it in her head that I got home from work, took a shower, and had a beer while I waited for her to come on over.

What she saw through a gap in the wardrobe was to see me walking into the room naked, hard and fire up the pc. She watched as I played vid after vid of cumshots, lez, group sex and much, much more. While the vids played in the background she saw that I was reading but couldn't see what. The sounds of the vids and the sight of hard and ready got her too horny and wet to wait any longer and she jumped out making me spit beer everywhere.

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Lust was written all over her face and she hitched up the short latex dress that only just covered her arse anyway and rode me hard. It wasn't sex as such, more just two people using the other as nothing more than a toy to cum with.

It didn't take long until we were both temporarily sated, just enough to take the edge off before we really got the weekend started. As we sat there my cum dripping from her pussy, and me sitting in a puddle of hers drinking a beer. She began to look through all the recent stories I had been reading.

Most of the stories were about incest, pissing, pregnant women even some bestiality stories. " This all gets you off does it?" "Fuck yes" I replied honestly. "As long as the sluts want it the more perverted the better" My dick was beginning to regain life as we began to talk about the fantasies I had so far only read about.

"So" Beth asked me " you want to all this for real? You want to fuck me while I am pregnant? You wanna piss all over me and in my mouth and have me do the same to you? And what about these vids, you wanna watch me fuck some other slut and then have both do you at same time?" "shit yer, is the pope a catholic" in replied as I slid another finger inside her already dripping cunt.

"Well you know that I've done my baby making and I'm not eager to start that again but the others we can explore. And baby, don't hide anything from me. Can't say that I will do it all, but doing new things just turns new on.

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Even if we can't do it we can still talk about them. I wanna do everything you want, any where you want. I want to do things we ain't suppose to be doing and fucking in places that we may well be caught. The riskier and dirtier we are the better. I love it when I get a knot in my stomach when we doing something new. Like the other day when u had me take my panties off on the restaurant and made me play with my self under the table.

Fuck I loved that". And so our weekend fun took a new and perverted turn for the better. Each of us tried to find new ways to shock each other, new places to fuck in. Beth would flash me her shaved pussy whenever we were in public as much as possible. On the tube she would always sit opposite me with her shorter and shorter skirts riding up even when others were nearby.

On the rare occasion that we went out to dinner she would always wear something to turn me on. Even if it was just a blouse she would make sure that it was sheer and that she was no bra on underneath. Her hard nipples clearly visible to me and anyone else that cared to look. Many a time did we nearly have our dinner dropped in our laps as the waiter noticed. Even doing the groceries became much more fun as she bent down in the shop.

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She always wanted something on the very bottom shelf! Many a spotty 18 year old we knew would be going home to wank over the sights of Beth 'innocently' squatting down legs spread and knicker-less to get bird food on the lowest shelf, we didn't even have a bird! After 6 months of exciting weekends we decided to make it a weekday thing as well and Beth moved in with me. The only downside was that she felt she had to tell her daughter and then also to invite her over to meet me.

And so it was arranged that her daughter Lucy would come over for the weekend with her boyfriend Mark. Lucy was everyman's dream when it came to the image of their girlfriends daughter in everyway but one. She had a tight fit body with about C cup tits and a fine arse. But she was so shy and reserved it crushed any fantasy I may have had of had about a little flirting if given the chance. Mark was your typical college jock even wearing the college football jacket.

He never let Lucy leave his side for more than a few minutes, and never lifted a finger over the weekend, expecting Lucy to wait on him hand and foot. He seemed a dick to me and Beth was much of the same opinion as me but she didn't say anything to her daughter, not wanting to interfere. We hung out in the backyard for the day, planning on firing up the BBQ later for dinner. Hot as day was, any hope I had of seeing Lucy in a bikini, were dashed as the most flesh I saw was when she changed into some not so short shorts!

I could tell she had the body for it, but seemed reluctant to show it off. All in all the weekend was turning out to be a fucking waste. Not a fuck on the horizon, and not even a bit 18 year old flesh to keep my perverted mind happy. Beth could see my disappointment in the weekend and promised a great session Sunday night after they left. I remember it being a long wait, but finally we were alone as Beth waved them off.

" Why don't you get into bed while I have a shower. Take the tablet with you a read some of your filthy stories, get yourself ready for me. I won't be long" she promised. So there I am, naked in bed reading various stories all getting me so horny of not getting any all weekend, stories of slutty whores with tits dripping milk being bent over and fucked hard by a huge black cock while hubby sits and watches, or being fisted by another slut.

The story I was reading as Beth entered still naked from her shower was about a man with a 18 year old slut, he was her master and did whatever she told her, she promised never to say no to anything he asked of her. The man had made it his mission to find something she wouldn't do!

I lay hard as rock think of all the thing I would do. "Mmm something got you all turned on, eat my pussy while I have a read and find out what's got you all hot under the collar!" Beth said laying back and spreading her legs wide, tempting me with her already glistening pussy.

Never one to give up the chance to eat her glorious cum I happily began to lap away as she read my filth. It wasn't long before I felt her getting close to cumming so with my tongue deep inside I started to rub her clit with my thumb and within moments she was thrusting into my face, still reading from the tablet.

She had a huge orgasm, no doubt from building up all weekend just like me and needing release. Her cum gushed into my mouth and soaked my face and lay there shaking as moved up the bed and kissed her so that she could taste her own cum. "Fuck I needed that, but also that story gave me an idea, for the treat I promised you. Pass me the baby oil, lay back and let me talk dirty for you while I play." She slowly dribbled the oil over my cock and balls gently rubbing it in, sliding a finger lower and playing with my arse hole only just slipping inside.

She used her other hand to play with the end of my cock, just barely rubbing it. " So you fancy having a teen to fuck do you? To feel her mouth around your cock as she sits on your face?" My cock jerked in her hand spitting precum to join the oil lubing my cock. "Oh yes I think so! So tell me what she would look like? Give me the teen of your dreams! Would she be slim?" Beth asked as she oh so slowly wanked me off.

"Yes slim and fit" I answered. "And I bet she would have nice toned legs and an arse that just begs to be groped?" I could only nod as she did amazing things to my cock and the finger sliding slowly deeper into my arse.

"Now to her tits. If I know you at all then she wouldn't have huge tits. A flat-chested slut in pigtails would turn you on no end, but I am betting that you are imagining your teenager with about a C cup or small D! Am I right?" "God yes she sounds so hot. I am going to cum so hard!" I told her. "Not yet my perv, I want this to last" and with that she went back to just gently rubbing the head of my cock but the finger in my arse was joined by another.

"liking your arse fucking aren't you, we will have to explore this some more, but that's for another time" she promised.

"So what does she look like? A nice fit body with nice perky tits begging to be sucked and legs that need to wrapped around you.

What about her hair long or short? "Long" I answered having managed to calm down a bit "Talking about hair what about her pussy? Hairy, trimmed or shaved?" "Shaved defiantly" I gasped as she once more slowly slid her wrapped hand all the down my cock. She carried on for a few minutes more no longer talking, getting me closer to cumming and then slowly down again bringing me back from the brink.

"Well I don't know about whether she shaves her teeny pussy but it seems to me that your fantasy teen slut, is my daughter Lucy!" Oh crap I thought, now I've fucked up.

I am so in the shit! "Sorry baby I didn't think what I was saying. I didn't mean it! We were just talking dirty. I didn't think what I was saying.

Don't be mad!" "But it's true isn't it? I saw the way you looked at her all weekend. I even saw the look of disappointment after she said how hot it was and came out in long shorts. I bet you were hoping for her to come with not much on weren't you?" It was then that I noticed that she was still stroking my cock. "You're not pissed at me?" I asked "Not at all, she's an adult, if only barely! I can't believe I am wanking you off while you fantasize about my baby girl!

I bet you wish she was single and desperate, and while I am work you could seduce her into your bed so that you could have your wicked way with her tight young body! Is that want you want baby, tell me what u want to do with her. Be honest with me!" Her hands had my mind numb in ecstasy and my defence is that it wasn't my fault. She had opened a can of worms that I couldn't stop what I said. "I would prefer it if she joined us in bed, baby".

"What" she gasped "You want us to have a threesome with my 18 year old daughter! And I bet you would want more than getting to fuck us side by side, wouldn't you babe? I know you! That wouldn't be enough! You would want to watch us in some mother-daughter action!" "God yes, I need to cum so bad.

You have me so close" "Do it babe cum over the thought of me and my daughter Lucy 69ing with her on top and then you sliding your cock into her pussy as I suck on her clit. Cum deep inside her. Shoot your load deep inside her and knock her up. Make my daughter pregnant with your cum.

Do it, Do it NOW!!" And I did! Boy, did I cum! Never before have I came so hard or so much. I came so hard I think I blacked out for a few moments. The next few months were wild as ever but now we seem to go further in every thing we did, talking dirty about Lucy had broken some sort of dam and now nothing was held back. And not just in our fantasies our physical sex life had taken a big ol' jump.

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We were giving each other oral in car parks, Beth even used a vibe in a restaurant as we tried to eat (she came at the table during dessert. We got some weird looks from those near by, but she was able to keep control well enough not to get us kicked out or arrested. We continued to talk about Lucy and the few times they visited for the weekend Beth encouraged me to look and wanked me off at night telling me how close her daughter was to us, just in the next room.

That always made me cum. I worried that she must being doing this all for me and that it could drive a wedge between us. I said this to Beth and she assured me that this was as much a turn on for her as it was for me. We had both gotten into anything that was extreme and taboo, and nothing fitted the bill better than talking dirty about her own child.

Something else that we had discovered was that we both enjoyed being dominant and submissive and often took turns being slave to the other fulfilling their every wish and desire. Beth said to me one week that for the whole coming weekend she would my slave and that everything I said she would do between 8pm Friday and 6am Monday and no matter what I was her master.

If a neighbour came over we would obviously have to be careful but still she would be mine.


Now you can imagine how excited we were as the weekend approached. Beth even started giving me suggestions on what I could make her do. One thing we had talked about before was her posing for dirty pictures for me, now we had done that many times before but this was to post on an on-line chat room.

And she heavily hinted that this would be a great weekend to do it! Friday night arrived and I drove home with a raging hard cock, Beth text me to say that she was stuck in traffic but she was so horny that she had started to play with herself as the cars crept along.

When she finally arrived home I said that I had booked a table at our favourite restaurant and that she should change into her most daring outfit for a night out. She said that she had bought a new dress that would be perfect, and perfect it was. It was a tight fitting blue dress that plunged, almost indecently between her tits. She was wearing a quarter cup bra that push her great tits up and out, but gave her nipples the chance to stand up and be noticed.

The outfit was completed by a pair of killer heels in bright white. They wouldn't be a bloke around who wouldn't need to adjust himself after one look at her. The table I had booked was in a corner relatively far from any other.

We were seated at our table by a cute looking waitress with tits almost bursting from her uniform. After we had ordered Beth said "so master, I am yours for the weekend as I will do everything I can not to say no to anything you ask, just like the sluts in your stories that get you so horny for me." "Good" I replied "because I want you to talk dirty to me throughout the meal.


The only time you can stop is when the waitress is right by our table" "About anything in particular?" she asked. I replied that was up to her but it had to be the dirtiest she has every spoken. It wasn't long before the waitress returned with our drinks. Just before she reached the table Beth suggested I get a eyeful of this sluts huge tits and to imagine the tit wank she could give me.

Beth even managed to knock her napkin off the table so that the waitress had to bend over to pick it up giving me a great view down her top. "So did you get a good look? Can you just imagine what it would feel like to have them wrapped around your cock, all oiled up and sliding in between. I could be there fingering your arse, or maybe it is time to take it to the next stage and it is time for you to get fucked in the arse with my dildo!

Don't worry, will take it slow to start with, but I want you to be able to take any dildo that I can." "fuck yes babe, you got me so hard" "Good cause I really want to fuck your arse with a strap on dildo, I want you to bend over and fuck you hard. Treat you like my gay slut, mmm bet you'd like that!

Maybe I will make you suck a guy off, remember next time I will own you for the weekend!" "Fucking hell, you know I will try anything you tell me, but just keep that in mind this weekend if you do everything I ask, how can I not do the same" "REALLY? You would do that for me" "Babe, you know that I trust you completely, and if you ask me to do something I'll know that you really want me to do it. I can't think of anything that I would say no to you about!" The look of lust on her face was plain for all to see, and the waitress noticed plenty "don't what you promised her honey, but she's gonna give you a great night." The waitress said as she placed our meals on the table.

"You have no idea how right you are!" Beth replied. As the waitress left Beth asked me if this was the sort of talk I had in mind, and was I enjoying her talking about what she may do to me. "God yes, I am loving it. I almost wish it was you in charge this weekend! I'm so horny that I would do it all!" "Be careful what you promise me, you have no idea how far I want to push you!" "Really?, tell me!" Definitely would make you suck a guy off!

Now who would it be? A stranger or someone you know. MMM I know I would make you suck Mike!!!" "Mike, you mean Mike my brother!?!" "Yes baby, take your baby brother all the way down your throat!. Then bend you over and have him fuck your arse while you have to eat your Mum's slutty cunt" "Fuck Babe, you are bad, so nasty, I love you" "Not sure about you baby, but I have eaten enough&hellip. Well food anyway! Lets go home and I'll show just how nasty I can be!" "Tempting, but we ain't going home yet.

But you're right, it's time to move on" We settled up with the waitress, who gave us her number along with the change! Outside we grabbed a taxi and I gave the driver an address to take us to. We pulled up outside the strip club I had previously scouted out. We walked inside and every man eyed Beth up and down as we were shown to a table by a long legged blond wearing nothing more than panties and bra.

"Did you notice their eyes baby? Everyone watched you walk by, wouldn't you just love to know of all the things they wanted to do with you?" "I did, and fuck, it turned me on. I just wanted to lay down and let them do what they wanted with me!" "You are such a slut, but not tonight. Tonight you are mine, and I intend to enjoy every minute of it" The same blond brought us our overcharged drinks, but tonight I didn't care. It didn't even register, I was having way to much fun, and it was only going to get better with all I had planned.

As she placed the drinks on the table she bent right over giving me a good eye-full of her cleavage, and asked if I wanted a table dance. "Not right now thank you and it was my wife that was here to have lap dance and I want to let her have a look and see which of you lovely ladies she wants to dance for her." "Anything you folks want, you let me know, it's always great to see couples in here for a change." With that she left to attend another table.

Beth looked at me as she ran her hand up and down my leg her finger tips gently brushing my cock. "Your wife? Something you want to tell me?!" she giggled "You want me to have a lap-dance?

I thought you wanted to have me watch you have one of these slut rubbing all over you!

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And believe me I would have been happy with that. It's really turning me on to watch your eyes wander.

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Maybe we can pay more to go to a private room and I can have one of them sit on your face, while I suck you deep in my mouth?" I just shook my head and said "not tonight, tonight you are indulging my lesbian fantasy!

If that's ok?" "Ok? Tonight you own me! Tonight anything you want is OK by me! So who do you want to dance for me? "Mmm tonight I own you? I like the sound of that! But if you can, I would like you to choose." "OK honey, lets see what's on offer!" Beth caught the eye of the hostess that had shown us to our table and beckoned her over, then asked if it would be OK if she had a wander around to see the ladies on offer?

"We don't usually allow that but I think we can make an exception in your case if it is just you. Just don't interrupt any of the dancers." Beth stood up and said " That's real sweet of you, one more favour, would you be good enough to look after my husband while I wander?

I would hate him to get lonely!" Beth leaned closer to her and whispered to her just loud enough for me to hear "If he's not still rock hard when I get back, I'm going to be real disappointed" "That I can do. Don't worry, I will take great care of him" and sat down beside me, really close so that we were touching.

With that Beth left on a slow walk around the club. Slowly sauntering past tables with groups men who looked at her and made crude suggestions and offers to join them. As she past the hostesses she gave them a good look up and down.

Meanwhile the hostess sitting beside me, was telling what a sexy lady my wife was and how she could almost sense the horniness radiating from Beth and how she would love to spend some time with us outside of work and that she just knew that we would all have a great time together. She whispered in my ear of all the things she wanted to do Beth, when she could really let loose. True to her promise to Beth, my cock was bursting in my pants. It seemed that the hostesses around the club had cottoned on to what Beth was up to, and as they past her they brushed up against her, or stroked her arm.

One even pulled her close and slowly danced with Beth and hands sliding down her back to rest on my wife's arse. It seemed as if eye watched as they gently swayed in the middle of the club.

Moments later another dancer joined them sandwiching Beth between them all three bodies rubbing against each other. Just as I started to worry that I may just cum right there and then as the the two hostesses kissed Beth's neck, even in my fantasies had it ever been this hot, Beth removed herself from between the two and walked towards the bar.

I couldn't see what was happening because the two hostesses were blocking my view. The next time I saw Beth she had a sexy young lady's hand in hers and was bringing her back towards our table. "Looks like your sexy wife has made her choice! I had better make sure I have kept up my end of the agreement." With that she slid her hand over the front of my jeans, her finger tips circling the end of my raging erection.

She carried on like this as Beth sat down on the other side of me. "It seems like you have been looking after my husband wonderfully, but it would be wrong of me not to check, just to make sure, you understand!" Her hands joined the hostesses hand gently playing with my cock through my jeans. I was in heaven, my cock spitting pre-cum. "So what do you think of my choice? Sexy isn't she?" Beth asked. "One of our newest is Sara, and you are right she is very sexy, but what was it that you made you choose her?

I could have bet that you would have picked either Indy or Mia as they were all over you!" "I thought that my man would like us to see us together, because she reminds me of my daughter! And he has already confessed that he has fantasised about that!" "Fuck, you are the kinkiest couple I have ever know! I'm not supposed to do this but fuck it. Can I give you my number?" And for the second time tonight we had the number of a hot women wanting are threesome with us. Of course, we took it!!!

"Well I'll leave you three to your dance, but don't forget to give me a call. You'll make my day!" With a final squeeze of my cock she got up and left. We watched her walk away and Beth said" She does have a great arse, we definitely have to call her!" Our attention focused on the lovely young women, Sara who was standing before us.

"Please sit down in between me and my husband" Beth said patting the seat and making room. "Let us get you a drink, you heard why I choose you? "Yes", Sara replied shyly "you want me to give you a dance, as your daughter would" "That's right, and nice sexy dance that is going to get my man so horny watching you tease and gyrate in front of me that he drags me home and fucks me raw." " Does Daddy want me to dance for him as well?" "Not tonight, but I like you calling him Daddy!

Maybe we will come again so that he can have the same!" Beth replied as she squirmed and rubbed her legs against Sara's A new tune started playing and Sara got to her feet and started swaying in front of Beth to the slow beat of the music. I dragged by eyes from Sara to watch Beth, who's right hand was tightly clamped between her thighs. I could see how horny she was, if I had bent her over the table and fucked there in front of everyone, she wouldn't have minded one bit. Sara had began to run her hands over her chest, her fingertips sliding over her breasts that were lightly covered in a white shirt that was tied below her small breasts leaving her stomach bare.

It was obvious that she wore no bra underneath as her nipples were clearly visible as they hardened under her own ministrations. As her hands trailed down her body feeling her short skirt covered derrière she slowly turned so that her back was towards Beth.

She bent over low, her short skirt riding high, giving just the barest glimpse of white panties. Slowly standing up she sat on Beth's lap grinding to the time of the music.

Sara took Beths hands in hers and directed the to slide over her thighs, then up the sides of her tight young body. With Beth's hands still underneath hers she slid them across her flat stomach to the knot of her blouse she turned her head leaning back on Beth's shoulder she said "Undo it" Now I thought patrons weren't allowed to touch but Beth wasn't gonna say no!

And did as she was told, slowly pulling the lightly tied knot open until it was free. "Now open it and take it off" Sara purred to Beth. After opening the thin blouse Beth then slid it down her shoulder. As she did Sara slowly stood up, leaving the shirt on Beth's lap, and turned around showing us her naked chest. We noticed two things, first the sight of a pair of beautifully succulent breasts topped with rock hard rosy nipples, just begging to sucked on. The second was that somehow the short skirt had risen to be noting more than a belt around her waist revealing a pair of white skimpy panties.


Sara carried on dancing to the music sinking low and spreading her legs wide, our eyes drawn the her pussy barely covered by the thin strip of material between her legs.

Standing up Sara leaned forward placing her hands on Beth's shoulders and slowly rubbed her nipples across the lips of a panting Beth. The music ended and unfortunately so did the dance. I knew we needed to get home now, that neither of us could wait any longer so I passed Beth a £20 note to pay for her dance.

Sara smiled and pointed to her panties indicating that Beth should place the money there and tucked the note into the band. " I would hate for that to fall our, would you mind tucking it further down" Sara asked. Beth simply nodded and slid her hand all the way inside Sara's panties and kept it there. It was obvious by the way that she grinded her pussy against Beth's hand that she was fingering her.

After what seemed like ages but must have only been moments Beth slowly removed her hand and immediately started sucking on her own fingers. As Sara left, Beth turned to me and kissed me, allowing me to enjoy the taste of another women for her mouth.

Breaking the kiss she simply said to me "Take me home now". The short trip home, felt like it was taking forever and it was all we could do to prevent from fucking right there in the back of the taxi. But before long we pulled up outside, I paid the driver not caring about the change, but as we walked up the drive our hearts sank there was a car parked outside. It was Beth's daughters car. I felt like screaming, and I could tell Beth felt the same way.

The whole night was all about teasing and building up to this moment, and now this moment was going to have postponed until we could be alone again. Inside Beth called out to Lucy but no reply came. In the kitchen there was a note. "Mum and Si So sorry to do this to you both. Guess you are both out for the night. Hope I am not going to ruin your evening, but me and Mark broken up I caught him cheating on me. I hope you don't mind that I stay for a few days. Anyway I'll talk to you both about it tomorrow.

I am fine about it but, just need a few days to clear my mind. I haven't slept properly for weeks. I have taken a couple of sleeping tablets, they are strong ones that will knock me out till probably tomorrow lunch, just need a good 18 hours sleep. Don't worry about waking me, I will be dead to the world till tomorrow. Speak to tomorrow and don't worry LUCY X" "Bless her, though I can't say I am disappointed, Mark was a dick.

Get us a drink while I get comfortable, maybe we can still rescue the night, if not how we were hoping." Beth found me in the kitchen pouring wine, she was wearing a red silky short night shirt buttoned up the front, a pair of matching shorts barely covering her arse.

She took her wine and drank it down, she then took my glass and emptied that as well, and said "now come with me". Taking my hand in her she led me to the bedroom, her other hand rubbing my cock through me jeans. " You have given the best night of my life, but you have woken something in me that just wont go away&hellip.and I don't want it too! I need to live my life like tonight, I am so horny.

Every sensation is so heighten, I can feel the silk caressing my nipples, my pussy needs to be filled. But I am even horny in my brain, I can't think of anything but perverted and sordid thoughts.

I hope you can cope with me, because I can't stop, I have changed deep inside. We stopped outside the spare room, outside Lucy's room. I had best check she is asleep, don't you think, I would hate us to wake her. I nodded, but encouraged her to be quick that I needed her in the worst way. She slowly open the door, the light in the hall allowing just a little light into the room.

Beth crept inside, but shocked me by not letting go of my hand and pulling me inside. "Lucy, Lucy" Beth whispered. Through the low light we could only just make out the bed. Beth moved closer pulling me behind her. Beth called our her daughters name again, though this time louder. Still no response came as she stroked her hair all the while talking, now in a normal voice. Even a gentle shake of her shoulders didn't interrupt the sound of gentle breathing.

"She seems ok, guess these tablets really do knock her out" I gasped as she let go of my hand and grasps my cock right there in front of her sleeping daughter. She unzips my jeans, taking my rock hard cock in her hand. My hands move by themselves to Beth's tits caressing her nipples though the silky material. " This turning you on isn't it?

Here we are wanking and groping while we talk dirty about my daughter like I know you love too, but this time she is right here. I could get on my knees by her bed and suck you till you shoot your hot cum in my mouth and she would never know, or maybe you would prefer it that I leant forward bent over her bed while you ram your cock in me as my tits sway over her sleeping body.

I bet you could tell me to touch her sleeping body while you watch and wank and she wouldn't even stir." I couldn't help myself and I groaned out loud. "That's what you want is it? I knew it would be and I also know that you would never ask me.

So I am just going to do it! If you want to tell me what to do, then tell me, if not just stand there and wank while you watch and enjoy" She ran her hands lightly over the sheet that cover her daughters sleeping body. I could see the outline of her legs and her mother gently stroked them, sliding up the inside of her thighs, but not quite reaching her pussy. Then she moved to just her pussy, all the time running her finger tips up her body.

I gasped as she ran over the outline of her tits, then again as she started to slide the sheet towards her daughters feet, giving me the sight of her daughter in nothing more than silky pj's. " I think we need a little more light, don't want you to miss any of the action!" Beth said as she turned the bedside light on and giving me a dirty look. I took the opportunity to have a good perv at her sleeping form.

"Mmm, I just love the look of pure lust that you have in your eyes" Beth said to me. "Feel me, touch me, while I fondle my daughter" I could only nod as I stood behind her my hard cock rubbing against her arse my hands on her tits.

Beth leaned back and kissed me deep and hard. "How about this, anything u do to my body I will do to hers." Beth's hands returned to Lucy's silky covered breasts and gave them the same gentle groping to Beth's. I began to feel braver and began to twist Beth's nipples, gently at first and gradually harder eventually grasping her hard nipples and pulling them away from her body, gentling pulling her breast away from her chest.

Everything I did Beth copied. I couldn't stand it any longer, what little remained of my sense of morality left me and I had to go for broke. I let go of Beth's nipples and instead my fingers found the buttons of her silky night shirt, I unbuttoned it.

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Beth looked deep in my eyes, the look of lust was plain to see. And slowly she grasped the top button of Lucy shirt and nimbly undid it. "Keep going" she said. And I did, all the way down the front until every button was undone, sliding my hand slowly up from the waistband of her shorts, across her naked skin till my hand cupped her naked breast.

Beth said simply "Watch" as she copied the same motion, the front of Lucy's shirt falling open revealing the two perfect globes of Lucy's breasts Beth's hand gently cupping them. " Can you feel how hard my nipples are? My daughter's are just as hard. Give me your hand so that you can compare our nipples.

She took my hand under hers, and guided my finger to brush her daughter nipples, and she was right they were rock hard. I was doing all I could not to rub my cock over Beth's arse cause I knew I was ready to explode. Here I was groping an 18 year old with her mum encouraging me and getting off on it just as much as me.

With one hand on Lucy's perky tits my other slid down Beth's body into her silky shorts and couldn't believe how wet she was. She was panting like a dog on heat as my fingers gently circled her clit. "You perv, you know that now I have to do the same to Lucy!" As she slid her into Lucy's silky panties and I could see the outline of fingers coping mine. "Damn, she's as wet as me! Guess we are giving her a real filthy dream" "Really?

I can't believe it, but I am sure loving this filthy you!" "I bet you are! Now slide a finger inside me, cause I want to finger my daughter!" Who was I to disappoint, and slid a finger deep inside Beth's dripping pussy.

I could see from the angle of her hand that she truly was fingering Lucy. She brought her fingers to my mouth rubbing the over my lips and said "taste her". After sucking as much cum from her fingers as I could get Beth said "you've tasted my daughter cum it's only fair that I get to as well. Help me take her panties down." Lucy's was shaved bare except for a small patch above her clit.

Beth gently spread Lucy's legs, knelt down between them and began to eat her. I could believe what I was seeing, but Beth didn't stop there.

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"Now get behind me a fuck me hard, I know you won't last long and I don't care. I just need to feel you cum inside me while I suck on my daughter cunt. She was right I could barely hold on long enough to slide into her, but I managed. It was obvious that I wouldn't last more than a few minutes and soon enough with the feel of velvet that surrounded my cock and the sight in front of me, I gave up to the inevitable and with one last hard thrust I shoot every once of me into Beth as she came with me.

I expected the realisation of what we had done, just sink in. But Beth seemed happy with what we had done to her daughter as she gentle re-dressed Lucy.

"She'll have no clue to how much pleasure she has given us tonight, but maybe we can give her something to make her wonder. Rub you cock over her lips, let her taste us in the morning. But this time you do it on your own I just want to watch this!" What could I do? So slowly leaning over Lucy's face I rubbed the end of my cock over her lips, giving them a gentle coating of our combined cum.

Not able to resist I pushed a little harder until I slipped just inside her mouth. "Come on perv, don't get any more ideas, save that for next time!"