Junge israelische Mädchen madtrubate und spritzen unter der Dusche

Junge israelische Mädchen madtrubate und spritzen unter der Dusche
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Meanwhile… Mike was out shopping with his dad. "What television do you like better?" asked Mike's dad, Sean. "That one," said Mike. "Okay so what do you want to do after this?" asked Sean.


"How about we go work out," suggested Mike. "Okay," said Sean. They paid for the television and headed over to the gym. They each went through a separate workout for a while. Eventually they were the only ones left except for one college kid who would lock up. Mike and his father hit the showers before going home.

"I don't know if I feel comfortable showering with you," said Mike. "Why not? We are both guys and anyway there is not enough time for both of us to shower," said Sean. "Fine," said Mike.

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They both stepped into the large shower and removed their clothes. They started to let the hot water run and soon the shower was steamy. Mike looked over and saw his father's flaccid cock, which made his cock start to rise, and Sean's penis started to rise when he saw his son's penis. Mike didn't know what had gotten into him as he walked over to his father. He stuck out his hand and grabbed his now rigid cock.

He stroked the 11-inch penis very slowly. "Mike this is so wrong," said Sean. Mike slowly went down on the hairless penis and sucked the head while stroking the rest. "Uh God keep going Mike, suck your father's dick," said Sean.

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Mike continued to move his mouth further down on the cock until it hit the back of his throat. At this point, only half of the cock was in his mouth so he stroked the rest. "Get on the floor and let's 69," said Sean. Sean laid down first on the shower floor with hot water flying around them. Mike laid on his father and his cock slipped in his father's mouth. His father sucked all of his boy's cock in his mouth while his son tried his hardest to suck more.

Mike was going to lose it soon and to too long later did his cock spasm in his dad's mouth. The hot cum flew in his dad's mouth as he swallowed it all. Mike continued to suck until his father's cock blasted his cum out. Mike couldn't swallow half of the load that flew in his mouth with so much force. "Ah that was refreshing," said Sean. "Okay you guys closing time," said the college kid as he looked in to see the son with his father's cock in his mouth, "Never mind we have time." And with that he pulled off his clothes… Meanwhile… "What are guys doing?" asked Ace's sister, Alix.

"We were just having fun," said Ace. "Well now I get my fun, I have only been fucked once and it was horrible," said Alix.

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"Okay," said Bryce, admiring Ace's sister. She was an 18 year old at 5'10", she had long blonde hair, long legs and a big bust. "Well first get each other horny again," said Alix removing her t-shirt and pants leaving her in a small set of red bra and thongs. Ace and Bryce stroked on each other's penis and eventually they were hard mostly from looking at Alix's hot body.

"Okay I don't want to get in trouble for fucking minors so don't tell anyone," said Alix. "We won't," said Bryce. "Okay well I'm going to stand and I want Bryce to fuck my pussy and bro you can fuck my ass," said Alix. She removed he bra letting her tits fall free and she turned around and slowly bent over while pulling down her thong.

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The guys stood up and went over to the hot women standing there exposed. "Fuck me you little bastards," said Alix. Bryce slipped in her hot little pussy and Ace shoved his cock into the little brown star.

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They started to pound the hot pots and they could feel each other's cock while they pounded away. Alix erupted into an orgasm as they fucked her hard.

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Soon Alix erupted again and so did Ace. He shoved his cock deep into her ass and let a torrent of cum into her ass. His flaccid cock slipped out leaving the gaping hole. Bryce pushed Alix over so she was lying on his bed. He continued to pound the pussy raw as he played with her tits. He leaned in and sucked each of he nipples hard as she erupted again.

Bryce couldn't take it anymore as he shoved his cock to the hilt and let his cum enter the hot, young blonde. His cock slipped out and Ace went over to lick the cum from his sister's holes.

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He kept it in his mouth as he kissed Bryce hard while swapping their cum. "Uh you guys we are going to have to do that many more times," said Alix still recovering from her latest orgasm. Meanwhile… "I need to fuck someone's ass," said the college kid, named Jack. "Well why don't I fuck my son and you and fuck me?" said Sean. "Sure," said Jack as he stroked his 8-inch cock.

Mike walked over to a shower wall as directed by his father.

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The hot water felt so good as he faced the wall and put his hands on it. His father's rough finger pushed against his anus and he pushed it in. He finger fucked his son with a couple of fingers before shoving his cock in. Jack shoved his cock in Sean and there was a lot of moaning. The thick cocks pounded the tight asses and the cocks weren't going to last much longer.

Jack could feel his cock spasm and as he shoved his cock all the way in it started to erupt. Sean could feel the cum in his ass which caused him to erupt in his son. His son felt his father's cock stretch him to the limit when he shoved it all in up his stomach and his cock erupted all over the blue tile.


"Well I'm going to lock up now," said Jack as he toweled off and put on his clothes. Mike and his father did the same and they walked out to the car…