Hot couple sexy amateur anal

Hot couple sexy amateur anal
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(This is story version of hentai I read, it won't be 100% accurate but it be close to the actually thing. Also if you can give some comments about the story and tell me how to approve with constructive criticism ) A spray of sweet juices filled the sky.

I can remember it so well my thick rushing and rip through those tight walls of his ass hole. His little face as he started to gasp and cry out from being invaded it was just another part of our journey together I thought as I shot my warm cum deep into his anus.

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It started when he came, my little brother Surbaru. My names Koga I lived most of my life with just my father after my mother died in car accident. My father had affair while with my mother and just like my own she died as well. I didn't know I had little brother till dad brought him home. Surbaru was a weird child he loved to dressed in girl's clothes and never spoke a world to my father's knowledge.

One day I found in his room with his door cracked open. He was laying in his bed stroking cock back and forth his sweet little dressed and member were covered in his seamen. In his hands our father's shirt, he was sniffing in its scent. I couldn't turn my eyes away so I decide to push then I spoke.

"What the hell are you doing?" Surbaru didn't know what to do but I gained twist perverted on my face I could feel it, and then suddenly I took my cock. The look on his face was so cute filled with fear and amazement sense my near 8 and half inch monster stood before his face. "You wouldn't want dad to know would yea?" With that with tears on his face my younger cross dressing brother opened his mouth start lashing his tongue around my cock.

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I felt the warm of his breath go all the way to my ball sack before shoved it in, his head moved up and down my cock causing me to moan in pleasure I can even feel his tongue lash and slap against my dick.

Surbaru had no experience sucking my cock he just struggling to keep in his mouth and love head up and down my shaft burying his nose into my public hair.

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I just let happen thou after all he was the first guy I even decide to do it with but I felt so hot watching jerk of to what I believe was twist image my father and him in bed. It didn't take long till I flooded his mouth with my cum and swallowed all of that able to stay in his mouth.

The rest fell passed his lips and left him in that state telling him I would back tomorrow. For the next few days it went similar or it also got more exotic. His ass hole was amazing I honest couldn't describe the feel without sound more like pussy then ass. I even started to call ass pussy because he looked so much like a girl and his anus felt so good.

My brother was very thin, a light toned of skin just like me and my father. He had long hair which flowed down to his ass he about 13 years old the perfect image of girl expect for his cock which I say was about 6 inches nothing to bad for his age.

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My dad to avoid people finding out had deal with school to hide his gender so now knew he was boy in girls' clothing not even some of the teachers. I on the other hand was well built 16 year old, apes, strong arms, and dark black hair. I was well toned from playing sports up until high school where I went more to my work but I still kept at the gym. But back to the good stuff. I would dick my brother's little cunt almost every day. My thick cock start to stretch out the tiny little open I can feel it squeeze my member as if a pussy getting ready to cum out into the air.

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My hand finds it upon his nipples twist the pink little spots till they stuck out like good soldiers or I would stroke his cock feeling twitch in my hand while the veins rubbed against my palm. I think it runs in the family but we both shot out an unreal amount of cum I think together we could actually fill a bucket with the stuff. We normally came together my cock flowed out his sweet ass flowing down his cheeks and covering his sack in the warm substance, his own prick shot jizz into the air coating my hand the base of his prick and part of his stomach in a thick wave of cum.

Time to time it able to shot high enough to fall on his face, I even started to get him to catch it then swallow his own cum when we could.

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On home, school, even on the bus my little brother was not safe my perverted mind. One time I shoved vibrater deep into his ass, it shock caused him go hard the whole bus ride. I watch him drool out the side of his mouth in please as his legs shock he almost ready to just scream out and cum into the air if not for self control. Seeing like this I took to the back then started to fuck him deep till I shot cum into his ass and plugged it up with the vibrater.

Cum slowly came out and I forced him to keep it in till we got him, his panties were stained with semen. Thou whole time thou I didn't know how he felt he never said he hated or liked me could tell by reading him the only sounds he made where that any person would do during sex.

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Eventually the day came when our relationship went from victim and rapist to lovers. I invited some friends over they were bi sexual like I was and wanted quickie so made them pay about 50 bucks each then brought them to my house. Subaru was just sitting there in his room watch TV when we stepped in. I turned it off then spoke" Hey bro I brought some friends over won't mind pleasure them like big brother would you?" He just sat their shocked as my friends expected him.

They rubbed moved all over his body making feel uncomfortable at first but then he started showing signs of deep breath form lust sense I think I broke him. They shocked to find out he was boy even more he was my brother they rubbed his cock nipples treating toy. One my friends then pulled out special surprise he got for the occasion.

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A playboy bunny suit. Subaru put it on, it fit him perfectly expect the chest. But gave easy access to my buds to lick and suck his nipples.


I told not to play with his ass so they were doing everything else. They had him start to suck both their cocks and Subaru did a amazing job, after sucking mine so long and getting pointers my friends moaning and laughing at his jack off face then covered him deep in their cum. Then they started getting rough forcing him on his stomach then ripping and tear at his skin tight bottom they saw his little ass hole. They laughed as show pink it was and how it reacted.

Like I said I called his ass, ass pussy it moving just like a one would.


Then they started to jack themselves off and covered Subaru in as much cum as possible leaving my cute little brother curled up in ball with strange look on his red face. My friends started to laugh and leave even given me tip but when spoke their words it hit me hard" Wow I can't believe you did to your own brother. Hehe yea later Subaru! Play nice with Koga ahahaha!" I felt like knife hit me I was suppose to be his brother and protect him, not force him into being my sex slave when he did nothing bad to me.

I felt shame I looked at Subaru before I spoke. "You don't need to worry about me anymore; I'll leave the house I can make on my own." I was only taking step when I felt grabbing my cloths his bunny ears fell down before his face as smiled at me then opened his mouth to speak to what I think is the first time in years. "Big brother… it!" I was shocked seeing the look of love and lust on his face drove me mad.

"Damn you" I cried out. I went over to him literally ripping up and tossing both our cloths to the side, we wear completely named he moans out as thrust his cock in his dirty ass hole, he moans out into the air until I silenced him with kiss. My cock drove in and out of him like mad dog as I cursed him for not telling me and myself for hurting him like I did for so long.

It last for hours our bodies touching my stomach against his sweet cock as we bathed each other in our cum. We laid there in his bed I hold in my arms sense this was first and last break for the night till we passed out.

I looked at him and spoke. "Subaru do really like guys that much, even…our father?" He looks into my eyes before he spoke" I like…his scent.He wears nice colon.

I looked at him stunned I felt so horrible my brother didn't even like our dad sexual he just wanted to smell his Colon, you may find it weird but he is kid who spent most his life dressed and pretending to be a girl so I wasn't surprised. I actually start to curse myself again for my stupidity when sudden I felt him grab my shirt and he stares into my sis. "Koga…lets do it!" He said then I just sigh going another round.