My tatted beauty from Newark nj

My tatted beauty from Newark nj
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Passed Out in the Woods Chapter Five All week long I was thinking about my Saturday date. Had I done the right thing to ask her out? If I hadn't we would probably have fucked again. Going to a movie together would be fun but compared to fucking?

I was also worried about picking the right movie, what to wear, did I have enough money. I finally told my dad I had a date and asked for an advance on my allowance. He was surprised and kidded me, asking if it was with an actual girl. But then he gave me forty bucks and said enjoy.

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I wondered what he would think if he knew I had been drinking beer and having sex with her. Finally it was the night and I headed up to our usual meeting spot worrying that I might have overdressed. I was surprised to see that she wore a dress and had a purse. She looked pretty nice and after I kissed her I told her so.

We held hands as we walked to the theatre. She chattered away about my clothes, her week, the movie we were going to see. She was so happy she never stopped smiling. Inside we bought snacks and found seats. She led me to the back corner and I wondered how we would see the movie. We spent a few minutes sorting out the snacks and then the lights dimmed and I stared at the movie screen. In the dark Karen took my right hand and wrapped it around her shoulder and leaned against me.

I was thinking how sweet that was when she took that hand and pressed my palm against her right breast. After all we had done that still surprised me to do that in a movie. I gave her tit a gentle squeeze and pulled her closer. It suddenly occurred to me that I had already gotten to first and second base on my first date.

But it didn't mean much when we had already done so much more. Still it was nice. Then her other hand found its way to my lap and gave my cock a squeeze. I was wondering what she had in mind but she only moved her hand to my thigh and held it there. I turn to her and gave her a light kiss on her lips and then settled back to watch the movie.

When there were action shots Karen's hand would grab my thigh. I would hold her closer until it was over. During a romance scene I started squeezing her tit and rubbing her nipple. She got excited and turned her head for a very passionate kiss. When the movie was over she moved away and we both stretched. My arm was a little stiff from holding her the entire time. Your probably wondering why we didn't make out in the dark theater. It may have been our first date but we had already fucked so fumbling around in the seats didn't seem that appealing.

Holding her and a few kisses had felt really good and we had still enjoyed the movie.

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After we both hit the restrooms, the result of those super sized drinks. Of course I was out first and who do I run into but Jake. He said "Hi" and we talked for a bit and then his eyes went wide as Karen walked up and took my hand. "Jake, this is Karen, my date." Flies could have flown in and out of Jake's open mouth. "Karen, this is Jake. He and I go to school together." Karen said "Hi" to Jake and he finally pulled himself together enough to say "Hey" back to her.

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I told Karen that we needed to get going and we both said "Bye!" to Jake. Outside Karen asked me.

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"Why did your friend Jake looked so surprised?" I had been thinking of how to cover this. "I think he was surprised that I had a date with a girl. And he was really surprised that it was such a pretty girl." Karen smiled and pulled me closer.


"You say the nicest things." "What do you want to do now?" I asked, hoping she would want to go to our special place and fuck. I was getting very turned on thinking about running my hand up her dress. She looked so much sexier than she had in jeans. Her answer was to pull my hand and lead me in a different direction. We finally were next to a park and she looked behind us before pulling me into the trees. Once we were hidden from view she put her arms around me and we kissed. I ran my hands over her back getting the feel of what the dress covered and what it didn't.

I broke the kiss long enough to whisper in her ear. "I love your dress. It makes you look so cute." I meant fuckable sexy. Then I reach down and grabbed her ass and lifted her against me. "Best date ever." she said in a dreamy voice.

I was enjoying kissing and holding Karen but wondering where this was headed.

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It was really dark there and the idea of lying down without knowing what was on the ground bothered me so I just kept kissing and running my hands over her. Eventually she slid down my body onto her knees. Oh boy!

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I hoped this was heading where I thought it was. Sure enough she opened my pants and pulled them and my underwear down my legs. I was, of course, hard as a rock. Her lips closed over my tool and she began to work her magic. At first her mouth was soft and loving. No suction, just soft wet rubbing up and down me. Then she started softly sucking on the up stroke.

Soon after her lips pressed firmly, her touch lashed my glans, and the suction was non-stop.


When I thought she had reached her maximum she took it up one more level. She grabbed my hands and placed them on the back of her head. Was she really telling me to do what I thought she was? When I hesitated she removed all doubt by pressing on my hands so her head was forced onto my cock.

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Then she dropped her hands to her side. Her intent was clear so I started to fuck her mouth taking control of her head and moving it forward and back on my shaft. Gradually I became more aggressive, pulling her closer and moving faster. My hips moved against the motion of my hands and through all of this she continued to suck me. I was starting to feel close and wondered what to do when I came. She never swallowed so maybe I should pull back so just the head was in her mouth.

On the other hand she had given me permission to fuck her mouth and fucking usually ended balls deep. I was too close to stop so I pulled her close as I felt my cock spasm and shoot. I pulled back and fucked inward with each jolt of cum and then held her there, every muscle tensed, for a moment. I release her head and she pulled back sucking until my dick popped free of her mouth. I repeated her earlier words. "Best date ever!" and meant it. Karen helped me pull my clothing back up and as I buckled my belt she stood up brushing off her knees.

She moved into my arms and I went to kiss her and she pulled back. I pulled her closer and pressed my tongue into her mouth. She melted into me and it felt so good. I began turning Karen in my arms and she resisted unsure of what I was doing.

When her back was to me I pulled her close and kissed her neck. Finally understanding he snuggled back grinding her butt into my groin. My left hand went to her breast to cup and rub one and then the other through the fabric of her dress. My right hand moved down her front to rub the top of her pussy. She quickly reached down and pulled her dress up to the waist.

I slipped my hand inside her panties and went strait to her clit. She was wet from my attentions so I started rubbing circles around her clit slowly zeroing in on her button. I could feel the hardness of or nipples as I nibbled on her ear. She was already breathing hard so I stopped circling and began directly rubbing her clit. Karen's hips started humping back against my cock and forward into my finger.

I finger fucked her until she was close and then pinched her right nipple. Her body arched against my hands and she shrieked loudly enough that I worried some passerby might hear. Finally she relaxed against me. I removed my hand from her panties, allowing her dress to drop, and held her close. I was hard again and thinking about asking her for another blowjob when She again slipped down to her knees and took down my pants.

I was waiting to feel lips on my dick but nothing happened. Then I did feel something and realized she was rolling a condom on my erection. She stood up, gave me a quick kiss and then turned her back to me. There was just enough light for me to see her hitch up her skirt and slip her panties down.

She bent over to take them off but then stayed bent over. It took me a moment to realize what she had in mind but then I moved forward and flipped her skirt over her back. I used my hand to guide my shaft into her wet opening. Grabbing her hips I pushed in hard and heard her softly say "Oh yes!".

It was late. We were both horny and ready. I didn't waste time but just pounded into her, pulling her against me with my hands on her hips. I rammed into her and she moaned about how good it was. Finger fucking Karen had warmed her up so she came first.


Her pussy grabbed my dick but I just pushed harder and kept fucking. A few minutes later she came again and shortly after I pounded her bottom and filled the condom with my seed. I slowed to a stop panting and feeling week in the knees. Without my grip on Karen's hips I might have fallen. Sex is so much nicer when you can lie down. Still, it had been so exciting to fuck standing up hidden in the trees.

I sensed Karen moving. Putting her panties back on and straitening her dress. I finally pulled the condom and tossed it aside. When I had finished fastening my pants Karen moved into my arms and we kissed and hugged. We carefully made out way out of the trees and back to the sidewalk. I knew it was getting late so I offered to walk her home but she didn't think that was a good idea.

I told her I really wanted to and she finally said I could walk her to the end of her block. Finally she said we were there. I told her what a great time we had and she nodded her head and gave me a quick peck on the lips. We both said "Good night." And then she was walking away. I waited until I saw her enter a house before turning to leave. I was half way home when I realized that I had not made any plans with her.

I didn't ask her on a second date or arrange to meet. I didn't have her phone number or even know her last name. Damn! I felt so stupid. I just had to hope that she would meet me next Saturday at the usual spot.