Ebony jasmine days big booty beauty taking another big cock hardcore

Ebony jasmine days big booty beauty taking another big cock hardcore
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The Futa Fairy Futa Reporter's Wicked Wish Chapter Two: Becca's Naughty Promos By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 "What are you doing here, Jenna?" I gasped, staring at my twenty-year-old daughter as she sucked the last of my futa-cum out of my new clit-dick. I shivered, her lips drawing up it, her sandy-blonde hair spilling about her face.

Jenna's mouth popped off my dick. Her cute, pixyish face stared up at me, her blue eyes twinkling. "Well, I'm your fluffer, right?

I keep your futa-dick nice and hard, and let you cum whenever you want." "My futa-dick." I bit my lip. "How'd you even know I had a futa-dick? The futa-fairy just gave it to me. And why aren't you at home, in bed? It's barely past sunrise." Such confusion shuddered through me, the sunlight, so sharp and crisp on this November morning, shining in my eyes. I sat in the passenger seat of the news van in the parking lot of St. Claire's Hospital in Lakewood, Washington.

It was only a fifteen minute drive from my home in Parkland where I left my daughter sleeping. I came to this hospital early to interview the futa-doctor and her miraculous cure.

Dr. Rita claimed her girl-cum could cure any injury. And she proved it, healing a young woman's broken arm with her hot jizz. Then she fucked the girl and then me. And the entire time, I wished to have my own futa-dick, to have my daughter fluff my girl-cock the way Pattie, Dr. Rita's eighteen-year-old daughter, fluffed hers. I wanted to get wild on camera. And B, the futa-fairy, answered. In exchange for a future promise, which did concern me, I grew my dick.

She gave it to me while I napped, letting my camerawoman, Hosannah, edit together the interview. And then I woke up to my daughter sucking my cock. I flooded her mouth with my incestuous cum. Leading me to the question: "Why are you here?" "I just woke up and knew what you needed, Mom," she shrugged.

Her tongue licked across her pink lips, gathering white cum that leaked out of her mouth. She shivered, moaning her delight. "I'm your fluffer now." "She's got you there," Hosannah said, the curvy Jewish woman climbing in from the back and slipping into the driver seat. "Hey, squirt." "Don't call me squirt," Jenna huffed.

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"I'm twenty. I suck my mom's dick now. She's the one doing the squirting." "I bet," Hosannah laughed.

Then she blinked. "Wow, you really have a futa-cock, Becca. How'd you do that?" "I wished for it so badly." "So did I," muttered the young woman, her brown hair spilling about her envious face. She put the van into reverse, the vehicle idling this entire time. "Lucky you. On-air talent always gets the perks." "I think I get the perks," Jenna said. My daughter ran her tongue up my dick to the spongy tip. I groaned as the van backed out of the parking spot. "So thick and creamy.

My mom has such yummy cum." "Mmm, I bet," Hosannah groaned. "Guess you're coming along." "So you drove your car here?" I asked, looking around the near-empty parking lot. I didn't see her cute, sea-green Beetle anywhere. "I." My daughter frowned. "I'm not sure how I got here. I just am here." She kissed the tip of my futa-dick. "And you're still hard, Mom. Wow. My boyfriend goes soft after he cums." "You're having sex?" I gasped.

"Mom, I'm twenty. D'oh. I bet you were having sex even younger." I flushed. I'd been a precocious minx. "Mmm, I need to keep your cock all nice and hard and warm on our drive to Seattle," she purred, sliding up me, her hands going to my blouse. I shivered, my daughter's fingers kneading my tits as she climbed onto my lap. "I'll use my pussy to fluff your cock." "I think only mouth's are for that," Hosannah said.

"Nonsense," dismissed Jenna, speaking with such authority on the subject. "Everyone knows fluffers just have to keep the talent hard and ready to go." "How do you know about that?" I groaned. I only knew about fluffers from the time I did a story on a porn production company and met this friendly girl who spent all day giving handjobs and blowjobs to the male performers to keep them hard for the scenes.

"The internet," grinned Jenna, her blue eyes twinkling. "You just have fun," Hosannah said, "because Luka called and wants us back pronto. She saw the footage I sent." A sudden fear knifed through me. How far did the futa-fairy's magic go? We filmed Dr. Rita fucking her patient and me, plus footage of her barely legal daughter sucking her cock and licking my pussy. I thought we could get away with it, since everything felt so natural, but we'd violate FCC regulations.

The minx undid my blouse, discovering the joys of my tits just like Pattie did. My daughter's hands cradled my big, soft breasts. She lifted them, her head lowering down, her tongue lashing my fat nubs, darting from one to the other.

I groaned, squirming, my cock throbbing against her skirt as she wiggled on my lap. "Honey," I moaned, my fear drowned out by her flicking tongue. "Mmm, Mom, just let me do something nice for you. I'm your fluffer now. I'll keep you hard in case they need you to go on air and use your dick." "You could fuck me on air," moaned Hosannah, driving one-handed as she navigated us to I-5, the main interstate that ran north-south through Western Washington.

She had her left hand between her thighs, rubbing at the crotch of her too-tight jeans. "Or me," Jenna groaned.


Then she latched onto my nipple and sucked. I groaned, remembering all the times I nursed her as a baby. I shivered, stroking her blonde hair, feeling so close to my daughter in ways we hadn't in months. Years. She suckled noisily, her lips popping off, making my nipple tingle. Which made my new girl-cock ache. The tip throbbed with this powerful need.

An itch demanding to be scratched, and only something hot and wet would do. My eyes rolled back into my head, my breathing quickened as my daughter nibbled and sucked, her hips squirming. "Jenna," I groaned. "I need something more. I need your pussy." I shivered, saying those naughty words. "I need your pussy on my girl-cock." "Yes," Hosannah moaned, slowing us to a stop at the light at Pacific Highway, so close to the freeway.

"Ride your mother's cock. Fluff her with that barely legal cunt." Jenna just moaned about my nipple. Her hands hiked up her tight skirt. The black fabric rolled up her creamy thighs then over her hips. A bald snatch glistened with her juices, dripping down her thighs. She looked so tight and plump, like a virgin. Then she mounted me, her back twisting to let her keep sucking at my breast.

I shivered as the hot press of her cunt nuzzled against my pussy. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head as she rubbed her pussy against my aching dick. My daughter's incestuous, youthful pussy rubbed on my new girl-dick.

The thrill rippled down my shaft to my snatch. My cunt clenched, juices dribbling out and running down my ass, soaking into my skirt. "Fluff me with your pussy," I moaned to my daughter as Hosannah made the turn onto the freeway, driving around the curving on-ramp. "Yes, Mom!" Jenna moaned around my nipple and impaled her cunt down my dick. I gasped at my cock's first taste of pussy. My daughter's pussy. My back arched. She did the same, her head snapping up from my breast.

She sank all the way down my clit-dick, embracing me with every silky inch of her cunt. I whimpered, her tight snatch about me. My hands grabbed her naked ass, feeling it flex beneath me as she squirmed. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her nipples tented the front of the pink, babydoll t-shirt she wore. "Oh, Mom, yes," she groaned. "Oh, that's a cock. Better than any of my boyfriends.

Ooh, yes. I'm going to love being your fluffer!" "Uh-huh," I panted then groaned as she slid her pussy up my cock. My fingers dug into her ass, my big breasts shaking. My daughter fucked her pussy up and down my cock as we drove down the highway.

I shivered, glancing out the window. We raced past a State Trooper who had silver car pulled over on the shoulder. And I swear the cop had the driver bent over the hood over her car and fucked her from behind with a futa-dick. I moaned, eyes rolling back into my head, realizing there were other futas out there.

Other women with these amazing girl-dicks. I shuddered, my daughter working that tight cunt up and down my pussy, caressing me with her silky walls. "Oh, yes," I gasped. "Fluff my dick with that pussy, Jenna." "Yes, squirt, work that cunt on your mom's shaft," panted Hosannah. "Oh, I am," she groaned, her snatch clenching hard on my dick. "And stop calling me squirt!" "Just ignore her and fluff my futa-cock with your dick," I moaned.

"Ooh, I've heard of futas. Sa'dia at my school once let slip her mother's a futa and fucks her and her sisters with her girl-dick. I didn't believe her. But now." Jenna's eyes rolled back into her head, her short, sandy-blonde hair swaying about her face.

"Yes, yes, yes! I love your dick, Mom!" She bounced faster, working that delicious, tight cunt up and down my girl-dick.

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Her hands kneaded my big tits. She squeezed them, her thumbs rubbing across my nipples. Every brush sent delight surging to the tip of my futa-cock buried in her hot, young snatch. She whimpered, her firm, small breasts bouncing beneath her shirt. I licked my lips, staring at those hard impressions of her nipples, two high beams shining in my eyes, hypnotizing me like a deer. My hands moved, shoving up her t-shirt.

Jenna helped me rip it off, freeing her small breasts. So firm, her nipples tiny and hard, a softer shade of pink than mine. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her pussy, as I admired my daughter's youthful titties.

"So beautiful," I said in awe, my hands cupping them, feeling how pliant they were. My thumbs brushed her nipples. She groaned. Her pussy clenched on my dick as she slammed down my cock. "Just so pretty." "Oh, Mom, yes," she purred as I leaned forward and sucked on one. My lips engulfed the pink nub. I savored it in my mouth, my eyes closing as I sucked on it.

Her pussy tightened again on my snatch as she pumped her cunt up and down my dick. Her silky, wet flesh burned around my shaft, the friction incredible. The pressure shot down into the depths of my hot pussy. Two hard points aching, needing to unload their cum. My ovaries. I moaned about her nipple, sucking harder. My tongue explored her nub while her pussy brought me closer and closer to erupting.

"Oh, Mom, yes," she gasped, her hands squeezing my big tits. "Mmm, you just love my little titties." "Uh-huh," I panted, nuzzling over to her other small mound topped by that pink peak.

"So cute." She squealed as I latched onto her left nub. "Wow, that's so hot," moaned the Jewish camerawoman. "You're sucking on your daughter's nipple. It should be so wrong, but it's not. It's hot." "So hot," moaned Jenna. "Ooh, incest is amazing. Mom, you're dick's so huge. I'm going to cum so hard on your girl-cock.

I love being your fluffer!" "Me, too," I groaned about her nub. "Ooh, what do you love? Me being your fluffer, or the fact I'm going to cum on your dick?" "Both!" My hands squeezed her tits.

I nipped her nipple. She gasped, slamming her hot, silky cunt down my shaft. My daughter's snatch boiled around my dick. Then her flesh spasmed. She bucked on my lap, her moans echoing through the news van as she came so hard. I shivered, drinking in the rapture of her pussy convulsing about my shaft, massaging me, driving me wild. My eyes rolled back into my head. I moaned about her nipple. The sweet massage of my daughter's spasming cunt brought me closer and closer to erupting.

The tip of my dick ached in her hot depths. Her pussy massaged me, sucking at me, begging for my cum. "Mom, yes!" she howled. "Cum in your daughter!" moaned Hosannah, her body quivering beside us, still driving one-handed. "Yes, cum in me, Mom! Flood me with your jizz and. That's it!" My cock unloaded in my daughter as she spoke.

She gasped, impaling herself all the way down my shaft. I groaned about her nipple, my body quivering with every blast of jizz. I filled her young pussy with my girl-cum. Rapture flooded through my body, washing from my spasming pussy while powerful jolts fired from my dick. I loved the dual pleasures reaching my mind. Two different, but amazing, delights joining together to give me even more ecstasy.

"Jenna," I groaned, releasing her nipple. "Mom!" she groaned, her pussy still convulsing on my dick. Then her lips found mine. I closed my eyes, savoring kissing my daughter. Our hands kneaded each other's tits as our tongues dueled and danced.

My heart pounded in my chest. I shuddered atop her, holding her as she convulsed on me. Her rapture moaned into my mouth. I fired the final blast of incestuous girl-cum into her snatch. Amazing. I came three more times into my daughter's pussy on the drive to Seattle. My futa-cum flooded out of her cunt when she climbed off of me in the parking garage, pulling her t-shirt over her head.

She didn't bother tugging down her skirt, just letting the jizz run in thick, milky rivulets down my thighs. I stayed hard the entire time.

"Mmm, let's go, Mom," she said, grabbing my pussy-soaked clit-dick, stroking it as I stumbled out of the van after her. "Let's see your producer." "Yeah," I panted, feeling so surreal as I let my barely legal daughter stroke my dick while we walked through the parking garage to the elevator. Hosannah stayed behind to pack up her gear and secure the vehicle.

"Hey, Becca," James, a segment producer, nodded to me, not seeing anything weird about me having a dick, the fact it thrust from my crotch, or that my twenty-year-old daughter had cum running down her thighs. "And hey, Jenna. Helping out your mom?" "I'm her fluffer!" she beamed, sounding so proud of herself.

"Excellent," he grinned. I blinked, feeling so surreal as the elevator door closed and whisked us up to the nineteenth floor where the Channel 5 News lay. The doors opened onto the familiar bustle. The Seahawks had an nearly East Coast game today, so the sports reporters were getting everything ready for the pregame show. I just drifted through it, people smiling to me and my daughter, her hand stroking my pussy-stained cock.

None cared about the incest or the nudity, or the trail of cum my daughter left behind on the thin carpeting, my jizz soaking through her socks. So much poured out of her. I could smell it. This delicious, salty musk combined with her tart pussy. What a just lovely scent. I wanted to feast on her young snatch, to lick her clean of all my seed. But Luka wanted to see me. I knocked on my producer's door. "It's Becca." "Get in here," Luka shouted, her voice excited.

I opened the door onto a Latina woman a decade younger than me and a decade older than my daughter. Her golden-brown face lit up at the sight of me, her black hair spilling about her round face as she shifted at her computer chair. "This footage you sent me is amazing," Luka said.

"This Dr. Rita is really healing with her cum. And she has a dick! That's so hot. You must have cum so." Luka's eyes trailed off, staring at my futa-dick held in my daughter's stroking hands. My producer's jaw dropped. Her eyes almost fell out of her socket they bulged. She let out a throaty moan, her chair creaking. "You're one, too." "I am," I said, sitting down. My daughter knelt before me and engulfed my cock with her mouth. I shuddered, savoring her hungry sucks as she cleaned her tart pussy juices off my dick.

"It's something of an eye-opener to me." I gripped my daughter's sandy-blonde hair while Luka shivered. "This is even better! A futa-reporter. I've already got you booked to go on Monique's show for tomorrow.

I know this story will explode on the evening news tonight.

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It'll be a ratings gold mine. And now that you're one of these futas." I shivered, feeling B's magic at work. "The show'll be even hotter." "Yes," groaned Luka. She leaned over. "And is that your daughter sucking your cock?" "Uh-huh," I panted.

"She's my fluffer. She's dedicated to making sure my futa-cock is hard during the day. Which is the only time I'll have it." Dr. Rita mentioned that. Some futas had their cocks from sunrise to sunset and others, like the doctor, from sunset to sunrise. "Wow," Luka groaned. She walked around, staring at my daughter, her skirt still hiked over her ass.

The Hispanic woman knelt in her beige skirt, the material stretching about her thighs. She swept up my daughter's thigh, gathering my spunk. And popped it into her mouth. Luka shuddered. Her eyes fluttered as she savored the salt of my girl-jizz. My pussy clenched, my dick aching in my daughter's sucking mouth. Jenna purred as Luka swiped up again, making my daughter's hips wiggle. This time, Luka's finger brushed my daughter's pussy. Jenna moaned, her tight ass clenching. Then Luka kept going, dragging the cum up between my daughter's butt-cheeks.

She played with Jenna's sphincter, my daughter sucking so hard as Luka bathed her asshole in my jizz. And slipped her finger into her bowels. "Yes, yes, what a delicious girl," Luka moaned, pumping her cum-lubed finger in and out of my daughter's butthole. "You must be so proud of her." "So proud," I groaned, my hand tightening in my daughter's hair. "She's doing this full time.

She just wants her mouth wrapped about my cock." "Or buried in her pussy," Luka groaned, pumping her finger faster in my daughter's asshole. Jenna's mouth popped off my cock. "She came in my snatch four times on the ride up here. That's how much prowess my futa-mother has!" "Ooh, but did she try your ass out?" Luka asked, her face burning. "No," I groaned while Jenna swallowed my cock. "But I will. I'll bugger her tight asshole, too." "Ooh, good." Luka popped her finger out of my daughter's asshole, sucking on the sour musk.

"Now we have to hurry. We have access to studio three for the next hour. I want to shoot some promos for tomorrow's show. Get them playing through the football game. Plus we have to tease your story tonight. And it's a big game." "Playoff implications," I groaned. The Seahawks had the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs at the moment.

But if they lost to the Eagles, they'd fall down to the #3 spot. Fans were energized. So many people would watch my promos during the football game, seeing my futa-cock in action.

"Yes, so let's go. And bring your daughter. I think." Luka grinned. "I think showing off your cock, seeing it squirting and fucking, will really sell things." I shivered. How much power did B have to do all of this? And what would she ask with her favor? And then my daughter's tongue swirled about my crown of my cock. I groaned, my body bucking, my pussy clenching. Hot juices flooded out while my dick pumped load after load of incestuous futa-cum into her hungry mouth.

Jenna gulped it down with hunger, the room spinning about me. The pleasure burned through my thoughts. I groaned and heaved. I licked my lips, whimpering at the surge of rapture firing through my body. "Are you.?" Luka asked, licking her lips in hunger. The Hispanic producer leaned over her desk like she ached to reach all the way to me and plant her mouth on my dick. "Ooh, lucky Jenna." "So lucky," I groaned, fist tightening in my daughter's hair.

The final blast of Mommy-cum flooded her mouth. My daughter mewled her satisfaction. Then she popped her mouth off my girl-cock and turned her head. "It's the best, Luka. Ooh, yes, just so yummy. I could drink this all day. Just live off a diet of my mom's cum." "Ooh, god, I bet you'd loose so much weight. If it can cure people, I bet it's so healthy." "No, that's Dr.

Rita's cum," I groaned. "I didn't wish for that." "What did you wish for?" Luka asked, eyes smoldering. "Why, to get away with having my daughter be my fluffer and fucking on camera while no one cares." "Why would anyone care about you fucking on camera?" Luka frowned. "You're Becca Brittany.

Our new futa-reporter." "Can anyone else have sex on camera?" I pointed out. She frowned. "Well, no, they're not you. I pretty sure the FCC has a specific exemption for you. Yes, here it is. I just got the email about an hour ago." She turned her computer monitor. There it was, straight from the FCC. I could fuck anyone I wanted, and it was okay. I didn't even have to police my language.

"Wow, B has power," I groaned as my daughter's tongue bathed the tip of my dick. Luka just smiled at me. Then she hopped to her feet. "Let's go. We don't have the studio for long. And we need to get you in makeup and a different outfit.

Something skimpier than that. And for your daughter. I think a frilly skank skirt, something to show off her ass if she bends over in case you need to use one of her holes during promos." "Yes," my daughter groaned, fisting my dick, a drop of cum glistening on her chin. I couldn't resist leaning down and licking it off of her, savoring my salty treat. The day managed to grow more surreal.

Wardrobe found me a slinky pair of thigh-high stockings, black and lacy, hooked up to a black garter belt around my waist. No panties or skirt to show off my futa-dick. For a blouse, they had a white, transparent cloth, my flesh bleeding through, my nipples pink and hard through it. They even found a skank skirt for Jenna, this pink thing with ruffled lace so short it barely covered her pussy and the bottom cheeks of her ass peeked out.

If she bent over at all, she exposed her shaved, barely legal snatch and cute rump for all to see. Then they added a boob tube top, the sheer pink fabric molding to her perky tits, her flesh bleeding through. The makeup came along. My daughter sat beside me, stroking my cock, keeping me nice and hard as Beth, as sweet older woman, chatted away while putting on the thick foundation you needed to appear normal looking beneath studio lights.

If you didn't, you'd look all washed out. Especially as pale as I was. "I feel like a movie star," Jenna moaned when they finished, her face transformed into something both wanton and lusty yet virginal and innocent. My dick ached in her hand. "More like a porn star," I said, staring at my outfit. So kinky and naughty. "I know!" She beamed, jerking my dick faster. "Oh, no," I groaned, my pussy clenching, the constant stimulation too much.

But Beth acted quickly. I gasped as the married woman opened her mouth wide and swallowed my futa-dick. I groaned, my cum boiling into her mouth. She gulped it down, swallowing with hunger as my daughter kept fisting my shaft. "Whoops, sorry, Mom," Jenna said. "Got excited." Then she gave a wicked giggle as I squirmed in the makeup chair. "And so did you." "Uh-huh," I groaned, the pleasure dying inside of me.

"Naughty girl." "So naughty!" she beamed, her eyes twinkling. I shivered as the last blast of my cum fired out into Beth's hungry mouth.

The makeup artist rose, licking her lips. "Ooh, that was a tasty treat. No wonder you volunteered to be your mother's fluffer." "Yep," Jenna beamed, still stroking my cock, so sensitive from cumming. "Okay, let's go," Luka said, peeking her head in. "Half hour. I want to get some good promos in." "Oh, they'll be good, won't they?" I grinned at my daughter.

She nodded her head. The pair of us strutted on our hooker heels, stilettos that had us both swaying as we moved through the studio. Everyone paused to stare at our bodies, lusting after us. The women licked their lips, so envious of my daughter, so wishing to be my fluffer.

I winked at them, realizing I'd be getting closer with my female colleagues over the next few weeks. The men would have to watch. We reached the studio, the crew all ready. Hosannah ran one camera, wearing a fresh pair of jeans, stonewashed. They were just as tight as the last, her plump cameltoe on display. The rest were men: key grips, best boys, and electricians. All designed to make me look good on camera. The set contained a love seat on it with several pillows strewn across the floor, a false wall making it look like a living room.

"Okay, Becca, let's have the first one with you and Jenna on the couch, your daughter sucking your cock," Luka ordered, her nipples dimpling her blouse. Did she take off her bra? Her fingers looked sticky, her face flushed. "We'll start with the camera pulled in on your face.

Then we'll zoom out, revealing your daughter pleasuring your cock. Jenna, when your mother says futa, that's when we'll start the pull out and when I want you to just go to town on her dick." "I can do that!" Jenna beamed.

"Damn," the man operating the second camera groaned. "Uh-huh," panted Hosannah. I sat down on the loveseat, my daughter curling up beside me. She leaned her head down, her warm, wonderful mouth engulfing my cock.

I groaned, the pleasure surging through me. My pussy clenched, my nipples so hard in my transparent blouse. All these men, and a few women, watched. I swear interns were peeking in when they should be working, their youthful faces burning with envy. I loved it. Flaunting my futa-cock, showing off my new, incestuous relationship with my daughter. "And action," Luka said.

Jenna didn't bob her mouth as I stared into the camera, reading the teleprompter. "Something wicked and wild is coming to Monique. An exploration of the tantalizing. They're called futas." My daughter moaned, bobbing her mouth, her hot, sucking lips sealed on my dick. She groaned, giving me such a wet, slobbering blowjob. The pleasure flowed through me, making my words so throaty.

"And they drive women wild." I gave a smile. "I'm Becca Brittney, reporter for Channel 5 News, and I'm one of those hot, naughty dickgirls. Want to learn more? Want to see my futa-cock in action? Then tune in at Monday, 3 PM to Monique.

Only on Channel 5." "Good," Luka groaned, her body shivering. "Jenna, such an excellent blowjob." My daughter just moaned, her mouth sucking so hard. I shivered, my pussy clenching, the pressure building in my ovaries. All those eyes watching me had me so turned on. And recording this. It would be shown during the football game. Thousands upon thousands of women would see me being so naughty with my daughter. "Okay, let's do the next one," Luka groaned. "Jenna, sweetie, stop blowing your mother.

We have to keep filming. You can gulp her cum down later." My daughter popped her mouth off my dick and pouted. "It's such a yummy cock." "I know," Luka said. "But we have to keep filming. Now in this one, Jenna, you're kneeling on the floor like a cute, little bitch facing us while your mom fucks you from behind.

Stare up at the camera and watch the teleprompter. We have a line for you to read, too." "Okay," Jenna grinned. "I love having my mom's big dick in me." "I know you do, sweetie," Luka groaned. "I know I'd love her big dick in me," muttered Hosannah. Jenna fell down on her hands and knees. Her skirt rode up that delicious rump, her shaved, barely legal twat beckoning to me. I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing for the incestuous delights of my daughter's cunt. I fell to my knees behind her.

My daughter and I both groaned as my girl-cock slid into her molten depths. Her hot cunny sucked at my dick as I slid deeper and deeper into her. I shivered, biting my lip, pleasure rippling through my body. "Oh, that's such a good pussy," I groaned, staring up at the camera. "Now don't fuck her hard," Luka said. "Just nice and slow, pumping that big dick in and out of her. Camera two, I want you more to the side. Can you see her shaft going into her daughter's snatch.

"Oh, yes," Gary, the camera operator, groaned. "Damn, she's hung." "I know," Jenna groaned, her snatch clenching down on my girth. "Becca, stare at Camera one. We'll do the same pullback reveal. Hosannah, make sure you have Jenna in frame before she reaches her line." "I will," groaned Hosannah. "And action!" My breasts jiggled beneath my transparent blouse as I pumped away at my daughter's snatch. Not hard and fast like I wanted. I fought the urge to pound the little slut's tight cunny hard.

My pussy clenched, juices running down to my stocking thighs. "Something hot and nasty is coming to Monique. An exploration of the deliciously wicked. They're called futas." "So good," Jenna whimpered, her pussy clenching down on my dick.

I shivered, my daughter bucking back into the thrust. "And they drive women wild." I gave a smile. "I'm Becca Brittney, reporter for Channel 5 News, and I'm one of those hot, naughty dickgirls. Want to learn more? Want to see my futa-cock fuck this slut hard? Then tune in at Monday, 3 PM to Monique. Only on Channel 5." "Where I'll explode on my mom's big dick!" Jenna howled, reading her line, putting such throaty enthusiasm into it.

"Good, good," groaned Luka, moving forward. "Now keep fucking your daughter. We need her pussy full of cum for the next promo. And Jenna, you are a natural. Such a good, little whore." "Thanks," Jenna said, licking her lips. "So you need my mom to cum fast." "Yes," Luka groaned, wiggling her hips as I plowed my daughter's pussy hard, fast. "Then you should hike up your skirt and let me eat your pussy." Jenna wiggled her hips, stirring her snatch around my pussy.

"I don't know," Luka groaned, her thoughts working while her lusts shuddered through her. "But we don't need to worry about your makeup any longer. We won't see much of your face. Just your ass and pussy. Okay." "Yes," I groaned. "Do it, smear your cunt across my daughter's hungry mouth." I thrust harder into my daughter. I noticed the cameras were still rolling, Hosannah and Gary filming as Luka hiked up her skirt, revealing her golden-brown legs then her thick, black bush between her thighs.

Juices glistened on her silk, clear rivulets trickling down her legs. "Yum!" moaned my daughter, craning her head forward. Luka adjusted herself, her pussy coming right to my daughter's hungry mouth.

My Hispanic producer moaned as my naughty daughter buried her face into hot snatch. Jenna's incestuous flesh tightened on my thrusting cock. Luka moaned. Her eyes rolled back into her head, her hips swaying from side-to-side, rubbing her muff onto my daughter's lips.

Jenna loved it, moaning as she licked and nuzzled. A shudder ran through me, my hips thrusting harder, pounding young cunt. "Is this making you hotter, Becca?" panted Luka, her eyes fluttering. "Watching your sexy daughter lick my pussy?" "So hot," I groaned, leaning over my daughter. Luka didn't hesitate. She kissed me hard on the mouth. Her lips so hot on mine. Our tongues met, dancing around each other while I fucked my daughter so hard. I plowed into her tight snatch, pleasure racing through me.

Men groaned as they watched. Hosannah operated her camera one-handed again, digging her fingers into cameltoe. I shuddered, my pussy boiling.

The sounds of my daughter's licking, the heat of Luka's mouth, her caressing tongue, all surged through me. Mixing, swirling, bringing me closer and closer to cumming.

"Damn," someone groaned. "Look at her go." "Such an amazing reporter. "Yes," my daughter moaned, voice muffled by Luka's pussy. I plowed my daughter's tight cunt. Her flesh grew hotter, her silky embrace tighter. Then she let out a squealing moan. Her flesh rippled about my cock. I gasped, feeling her spasming cunt writhing about my girl-dick. I slammed into her hungry depths, her pussy milking my clit-dick. She wanted me to cum into her.

To flood her. I trembled, gripping her hips, and moaned into Luka's lips. A dizzy wave of delight shot through me. My futa-cum flooded my daughter's snatch.

Her pussy massaged my spurting dick, convulsing around it, squeezing out every drop of her Mommy's cum for the promo. I shuddered, clinging to her hips, kissing Luka so hard as the rapture surged through me. Stars danced before my eyes. Pussy juices washed down my thighs.

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Luka broke the kiss. "Did you cum? Did you flood your whore-daughter's cunt with your jizz?" "So much jizz," I moaned. "Yes!" Luka moaned, trembling, her eyes wide as she came on my daughter's mouth. "Jenna, don't waste it. Hold it in. Keep that cunt clenched tight. Ooh, yes, let's get into position." "How do you want us?" I groaned, my daughter's pussy sucking out the last drops. "You'll. Fuck!" She trembled, her tits heaving beneath her blouse.

"Oh, that's so good. Such a good muff diver." "I raised my daughter well," I grinned. Luka stood up on trembling thighs. "Okay, Jenna, face away from the camera. Monique, say the lines. Then kneel down and spread your daughter's butt-cheeks. Jenna, you'll bend over so your skirt rises over your ass aimed right at Hosannah's camera. Then let the cum flow." "Okay," my daughter moaned, clenching her pussy tight about my cock.

I pulled out of her and helped my daughter stand. She turned around. I smoothed her skank skirt so it covered most of her delicious rump. She trembled, whimpering, her face twisted with strain, pussy juices dribbling down her chin. "Hurry," she groaned. "It all wants to flood out of me." I stared at the camera and read my line: "Something nasty and hot is coming to Monique. An exploration of the forbidden. They're called futas. And they drive women mad with lust." I bent down, following the instructions on the teleprompter.

My daughter bent over her, her pink skank skirt sliding up her delicious rear. I pried apart her butt-cheeks, pressing my face against her hip to stare at the camera. "Yes," Jenna hissed, and I knew my cum flowed out of her snatch. Luka whimpered, licking her lips as she watched beside Hosannah's camera. "I'm Becca Brittney, reporter for Channel 5 News, and I'm one of those hot, naughty dickgirls. Want to know how that hot cum got in her barely legal snatch?

Then tune in at Monday, 3 PM to Monique. Only on Channel 5." "Yes!" Luka gasped and then threw herself at my daughter. Jenna stumbled forward as the Hispanic producer grabbed her hips. Teetering on her hooker heels, my daughter fell to the ground. She lay on her stomach while my producer buried her face into Jenna's hot pussy, licking out my incestuous seed from her snatch.

I shuddered, my producer's curvy ass wiggling at me. My dick ached and throbbed. An idea popped into my head for one last naughty promo.

I glanced at Steve, an associate producer, asking, "Do we have time for one more promo?" "Yeah," he said, his hands rubbing at his crotch. "Jesus, she's just licking your daughter's cunt." "Yes, she is," I moaned, my cock dripping with my daughter's juices. "Camera 2, film my face. Camera one, my cock pounding Luka's asshole." "We'll do it," Hosannah moaned, repositioning her shot. "Just be ready for me to say my lines.

It'll be right before I cum." I shuddered, bringing my pussy-soaked dick to Luka's ass, my hand ripping up her skirt. The producer just tongued my daughter, oblivious to anything but satiating her lusts. "We won't miss it," Hosannah promised. I grinned and winked at the camera, bringing my pussy-soaked cock to Luka's puckered asshole. I shivered, feeling the wrinkled sphincter against my cock. She moaned into my daughter's snatch, Jenna writhing on the ground.

I thrust. I groaned at my first taste of hot ass with my dick. The delicious, velvety texture caressed my cock as I sank into my producer's bowels. My futa-cock ached, the tip drinking in the friction as I buried deeper and deeper into her bowels. My pale crotch pressed against her asshole, Luka shuddering, her golden-brown ass clenching, asshole squeezing my dick.

I drew back through her sheath, groaning. My large tits quivered in my see-through blouse. I whimpered, more pussy juices dribbled down my thighs. I felt all the cameras on me, the crew lusting for me, wishing they could bugger Luka and have it broadcast to the world.

But I made a deal with a wicked futa-fairy. "Such a tight asshole," I panted. "Ooh, Luka, you're going to cum so hard on my big girl-dick, aren't you?" "So hard," she whimpered into my daughter's snatch. "Oh, yes, just ream me." I slammed back in, bringing a loud gasp from the Hispanic woman, muffled by my daughter's snatch.

The pleasure surged through me as I pumped away. I drove my clit-dick over and over into her bowels, the pleasure surging through me. My pussy dripped. My tits heaved, nipples throbbing against the cloth of my blouse.

My blonde hair swayed about my shoulders as my thrusts grew harder and faster. My crotch smacked into the Hispanic slut's curvy ass, flesh jiggling. "Oh, god, your mother's cock." panted Luka. "Oh, god, Jenna." "I know," the girl whimpered, her cute tush clenching as she humped back into Luka's licking mouth. My daughter had her face resting on her folded arms, her blonde hair spilling around her features.

Her supple back flexed as she ground her hips. Her blue eyes squeezed shut. Then she let out a loud squeal, cumming on Luka's hungry mouth. "That's it," I snarled, gripping Luka's hips. "That's my naughty daughter cumming on your face. You made her cum so hard!


Now it's your turn." "Yes!" groaned Luka, her hips slamming back into my thrusts, my cock stirring so hard through her snatch. "Just flood my bowels with your jizz." I shivered, having a better idea for what to do with my spunk.

My breasts heaved, my cock slamming over and over into her bowels. She grew hotter and hotter. My daughter kept squealing, Luka still feasting on her cunt as I plowed her.

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Then those hot bowels spasmed on my dick. Luka groaned into my daughter's snatch. Her head snapped up, her passion bursting from her lips. The unmistakable sounds of a woman cumming hard on a big futa-cock! My head snapped to the camera, the hot bowels spasming around my shaft. My dick ached and throbbed. I didn't fight my orgasm at all. My pussy grew juicier and juicier as I savored my producer's spasming bowels.

My orgasm only strokes away. "Something sexy and wild is coming to Monique," I moaned, pumping towards my explosion. "An exploration of the impossible. They're called futas." Luka's bowels convulsed harder on my dick. She came again, moaning out her rapture in wordless delight. The pressure swelled in my ovaries. I was so close to erupting, thrusting as hard as I could, bringing myself to the brink. And. Now! "With their throbbing cocks, they can make any woman cum And"—I ripped my cock out of Luka's convulsing asshole, stroking hard twice, my pussy clenching—"they can fire their futa-jizz so hard, just bathing their lovers." My futa-spunk erupted from my dick.

The cameras captured my white cum splashing across the Hispanic producer's curvy ass. The pearly lines contrasting with her golden-brown skin. My tits heaved in my transparent blouse, the pleasure surging so hot through me.

"I'm Becca Brittney, reporter for Channel 5 News, and I'm one of those hot, naughty dickgirls. Want to learn more? Want to see my futa-cock in action? Then tune in at Monday, 3 PM to Monique. Only on Channel 5." The studio erupted in cheers. We'd filmed the hottest promos ever. My entire body swayed from the rapture of it. The pleasure surged through me.

My pussy juices dribbled down my thighs as I squeezed out the final drops of cum onto Luka's ass. I couldn't wait for tomorrow's live interview on Monique's afternoon show. 3 PM. And the sun didn't set until after 4 PM. Perfect. To be continued.