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Bbw anal oma mit grauen haaren vintage)
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It's been awhile since I've written about my experiences in the topic of ass worship. Yes I know---it isn't for everyone. Although it is a rare fetish, those committed to it are really quite dedicated. I am now 25. I am 5'6" and 124 pounds. I have dark hair and brown eyes.

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I'm fit but not a fitness buff. I am not "big on top" but rather a b-cup. The most noticeable thing about me is my butt. It's not a ghetto booty, but since I was very (very) young, people have commented on my ass.

A few years ago, the term "ass worship" struck me and I began researching it just seemed like a natural thing for me. No----I'm not an ass worshipper, ha. Not by any means! But I have learned that there are men who are so totally dedicated to it that they want nothing else. Even if I offered to blow them or fuck, the truest of ass worshippers would rather kiss my ass----literally.

That isn't to say I don't have a normal sex life, because that has never been a problem. I broke up with my ex-bf right after Valentine's Day last year (aren't I a sweetheart?) because he just wasn't into maturing or growing beyond the party-boy stage.

He was a good fuck and we did some fun things like three-somes, foursomes, more-somes. While I'm admitting to my sleazy past in this stupid attempt to tell you I have a normal sex life, I might as well admit that in college, I gave more backroom blowjobs than I can eve estimate, let alone count.

We're talking groups of guys on some occasions. But, I am a decent person and I've grown some. I haven't done multiple guys for nearly a year and my mouth hasn't taken on a room full of horny strangers for longer than that. I am still a student, but on a part time basis, and I don't go to campus parties to get wild and spend time on my knees in the dark. For the most part, I've been a good girl since then although I admit that about two years ago, I made a car payment with my mouth, ha.

Long story. I am a creative writing major but I may never graduate at the rate I'm going. It's hard to fund an independent life and college expenses. I am still a barmaid at a pretty decent club and I make pretty good money.


So now that I've put in those reminders of who I am, the question is probably about what I have to say in terms of this ass worship update the title promises. (My new e mail is Evasizzles at Mail. com .

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not g mail or anything else. just "mail.) . I received some responses from my last posting and there were a few that said the same thing and I have thought about those emails and I want to respond. All of the pertinent emails were from guys who said they didn't agree with my statement that ass worship doesn't include anal sex because, in my opinion, anal sex defiles and damages rather than honoring and respecting and adoring a girl's ass.

What they said that got to me the most was along the lines that if I truly believed that ass worship excluded anal sex, then I would be rejecting them and as an extension, I would be missing out on some genuine worshippers.

I don't mind so much missing out because it seems there are enough ass worshippers out there, but I feel like I offended those guys by speaking so strongly about not caring for anal sex.

It's just that I feel very uncomfortable with the thought of anything hard up my ass.

A nose, a tongue, soft lips . mmmmmmm for hours and hours!

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But toys or cocks or fingers--- I just have a hard time considering those. Last week, I was on a chat board and a butt-fuck worshipper (ha is there such a thing?) said he was fine with all of that but could he at least "hot dog" instead of getting into anal sex.

He had all of the other ingredients of a true ass worshipper (the desire to kiss, sniff, lick, facesitting, etc) and he was a very cool guy so yeah --- I could see that. In fact, the idea has grown on me even though I still have all of those aversions to actually anal sex as I did before. As for the update: My personal life is one of school, work, friends, dating, and three and a half ass worshippers. The "half" is one of the married ones who can only do it on occasion. For you ass worshippers, let me say that one of them does everything mentioned above (kissing, sniffing, licking, deep-tongue, face-sitting).

I'm pretty sure he wants even more than those things but I suspect some of that is beyond me, at least for now. But, he's very complete and passionate. Never in a hurry. Patient, kind, and very lusty. He's also a bit older. Another is primarily into face-sitting.


He spends just enough time doing those other things to get by and he's good at them, just not into doing them as long as I like. But, life is a give-and-take and he is good at those other things so after he's done them for awhile, I sit on his face, more more specifically on his nose. I always want to feel that nose when I'm sitting on a man's face.


I'm also agreeable to him spending less time in actual ass worship because he likes the foreplay of being teased and I get into that. What I mean by "tease" is for me to dress in heels, thigh highs, sheer panties, usually a short, thin skirt---whatever else he likes--- then slowly dance and get near and generally pose before posing my butt right in front of his face. He is not permitted to touch (his rule, not mine) but rather just be teased until he can't stand it. Then, it's on to ass worship and then to facesitting.

I get quite hot from all of that so I'm more than ready to give him a long, sensual facesitting until his time runs out. The other I see routinely is the first one I ever got with for ass worship.

He's a buttsniffer and really quite sensual in how he does it. He does the other stuff as well, but his main thing is buttsniffing. I found his desires very odd in the beginning. I mean---really--- you want to smell my ass?

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That's your "thing"? I've since discovered that he may be rare, but he's not alone. Everyone is different. I've also come to like it.

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It's so hard to explain and have it make sense, but it is a very intimate thing and when it's followed by a little tongue work, it can be quite orgasmic. My ex bf knew all about my quest to learn about ass worship. He didn't mind, but then, we had a bit of an open relationship to begin with. He thought of himself as the king when it came to ass worship but his attention to my royal rear-end were only in passing, like foreplay before sex.

He wasn't dedicated to it and it's those dedicated men who make it so very erotic.

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After my first post here on XNXX, a girl emailed me and said she was into it and wanted to know if I had ever done it with a girl.

Eventually, I realized she was hitting on me go do it, ha. She lives 1200 miles away. It seemed odd she would go that distance just to kiss my ass. Seemed a bit "off" to me, but maybe she was legit. I didn't do it with her but I did do it with a girl I knew from college. I hadn't seen her in like three years.

She was bi then and she's bi-bi now. We were with friends. I had lil too much Sloe gin. She had a hotel room. She proved to certainly being into ass. So since my last posting, I can say "yes" I have had a girl do it.

I can also say that it wasn't the same as with guys who see my butt and get those puppy-dog eyes and want to get down and stay there for the longest of times. She was too fast. Too aggressive. Too energetic. It seemed more sexual than worshipful and there is a big difference between the two. Ass worshipping men will go down and stay there and adore and imbibe and take it all in. It's hard to explain, but the difference is great, at least to me. I'm not permitted to meet men from our club.

I'm to serve them drinks, not ass, ha. I keep to that rule because I really like the club and I make good money. But . ummmm . Just before Thanksgiving, a group of men were at the club and one of them sort of got to me.

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While I was picking up some plates from the table, he grabbed my hand and I felt something like money and he squeezed it tight as if to not let anyone know what he just did. It was an effing one hundred dollars! It wasn't a tip left on the table. I didn't have to split it. Obviously, I was nice to him, ha.

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When they all got ready to leave, he somehow got up behind me and said something like being a connoisseur of girls' butts and there was more money if I was interested. He pressed more paper in my hand and it was his cell number. I didn't call him that night because I worked until 2am but I called him the next day.

He lived out of town but we talked. I might have fucked him for more money, I don't know, but he was talking ass worship so --- yeah --- I broke the company rules. I don't think I should take time here to say more about it, but it was a very nice time with him and it wasn't hard to put the money to good use.

That's all I have time for for now but I would love to know your thoughts, comments, questions, criticisms. If you think ass worship is weird, well, so do I. But one thing I have learned is that it is very pleasurable.