Tabu forced by ghost in hawa movie

Tabu forced by ghost in hawa movie
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Lyn's attention was fully occupied by the guy sitting at the bar in the quiet pub. He had a glass of scotch in his hand, neat, and was drinking like a man who'd had the bad kind of day. He wasn't the sex god type of handsome that most girls fantasize about, but rather the ruggedly manly kind that had always struck her fancy. The man's raven black hair was medium length and unkempt, and Rugged kept pushing it back in agitation.

His face, adorned with dark eyes, was covered by a trimmed full beard, and his body was the sturdy one of a man who was used to doing.

Lyn caught herself imagining tugging at that beard while his arms held her in passionate embr-- Then suddenly, Rugged looked over at where Lyn was sitting in a booth near the back, and flashed a knowing smile. Lyn's face grew warm, and so did her excited cunt.

Suffice to say, it's been a while for poor Lyn, almost three months, and her fingers and toys just weren't enough to satisfy her horny pussy. It wasn't that Lyn wasn't attractive. At 155cm (5'2"), she qualified as petite.

She was a tiny bit plump, with a narrow waist and luscious thighs, which made for a pretty sexy ass.


Sadly, Lyn fell short in the cleavage department, her tits barely making it to the size of large apples. She had ginger-red hair that fell down beyond her shoulders. Her eyes were big and grey, seeming to sparkle in the light, and they were set on her small round face splashed with a few freckles over her slender nose.


Rugged rose, moving towards Lyn. He was a decent 195cm (6'6") tall, with a stocky build. He sported a white shirt tucked into black pants, with its sleeves rolled up. He picked up his suit jacket, and slowly started walking over with a smile plastered on his face.

This prompted two thoughts in Lyn's mind: 'Sweet Mother of God, do men look hot when they roll up their shirt-sleeves' and 'Holy fuck, he's coming over'. She smoothed out her purple blouse, adjusted her green knee-length skirt, and straightened the pink band holding her hair, lamenting the fact that she looked like the joker with sans makeup.

"Why hello there, love" said the strange visitor cheerfully, taking his seat opposite Lyn "Would it be too horrible if I joined you?" "Not at all." Replied Lyn, trying and failing to maintain a poker face. "Jaimie Martin, at your service" He offered, with a smirk that hid a joke only he got.

"And you are?" "Lyn Tillet." "Well, mademoiselle. May I offer you a drink?" "I don't know. Can I count on you not to take advantage of me if I get drunk?" Jamie smiled at her reaction, glad that she was playing the game.

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"Why certainly. Beer sound okay?" Lyn nodded, and he called for two bottles. "Excuse my forwardness, but you seem too pretty to be alone here." Jamie said, after the drinks had arrived "Any friends here with you?" "No. Though I could use the company if it's okay with you." Lyn said innocently. "I couldn't bear say no to that." Lyn put the bottle to her lips and took a swallow.

She'd decided to play with the guy, since he seemed so eager. "Are you from around?" "No, I'm just here on family business" "Funeral?" Lyn let loose before she could help herself.

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Lyn could see that same shadow of gloominess she'd noticed earlier fall over Jaimie's face. "I'm sorry. That was really rude." "It's fine, love. Yes, my aunt's. She was sixty years old and produced more smoke than a fireplace. Lung cancer beat the crap out of her.

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It's sort of a relief to see her so rested." "Let me buy you the next drink." Offered Lyn, already feeling bad about screwing this up. "Or rather come on over to my place, and we'll have a drink there." "Wow, that's practically an expressway to my pants. Nice job." Lyn laughed, glad to see him back in humor "What can I say. I can work a guy." Jaimie offered her his arm, and she gladly took it.

********************************************** Jaimie pulled back from the kiss, the taste of apples from Lyn's red lipstick on his lips. They were standing outside her apartment, the door wide open.

She'd just looked at him after opening the door, and he just couldn't help himself. He glued himself onto her, mashing his lips on hers, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Lyn moaned pushing her body against him, enjoying the feel of the kiss, and the touch of his tongue on hers. She broke the embrace, taking him by the hand and leading him inside, then closing the door behind her.

She took him to the bedroom, and she reached to the buckle of his belt eagerly trying to take off his pants. He abruptly caught her wrists and held them above her, simultaneously pushing her against the bedroom door. One hand hold her hands, the other at the small of her back, he started kissing her neck heatedly, delighted to find her shamelessly moaning.

His hand moved up her shirt, undoing her bra with ease, then moving to cup her breast. His other hand released her wrists, and went to take off her blouse.

Lyn put her arms around his neck, and started nibbling lightly on his ear. She felt him start kissing her chest then take her right breast in his hand and lick her nipple eagerly, while gently tugging at her other nipple with his right hand.

She was lost in the sensation, as Jaimie switched to the other breast, and she felt herself rapidly get wet in her already moist panties. In what felt like no time at all, Lyn felt his tongue leave her breast, and she made a little sound of protest. Jaimie knelt down, and smiling up at her, started pulling down her skirt. Then he stopped and she heard him laugh.

"Seriously, batman panties?" Lyn shrugged, smiling apologetically. "It goes with the joker outfit, and I'm really one for irony. And excuse me, but I wasn't expecting some guy would be ripping off my clothes when I got dressed on this morning." Jaimie continued pulling off the skirt, along with the wet underwear. He lifted the panties to his mouth tasting her fuck juice. "Mmmm, someone a little horny isn't she?" Seeing him do that was a major turn on, and Lyn felt herself have the smallest of orgasms.

"Ahhh. Yeah baby. I so need to cum." Jaimie surprised her moving down to take off her flat heels, and raising her right foot to his mouth, he put her toe in his mouth and started sucking it.

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"W-What are you doing?" She moaned out in pleasure. "I have a foot fetish." Jaimie simply replied, sucking each toe, and taking his time doing it. He then licked her heel slowly, drawing the act out. He started moving up her leg spreading kisses and taking nips, as he approached her inner thigh, where he slowed down, making Lyn take quick short breaths.

Then he reached her sensitive pussy, kissing it, making Lyn hold her breath—then he moved over it continuing his teasing movements, moving down to her left foot and repeating the same treatment. Lyn, extremely frustrated, shouted at him: "JUST EAT MY SLUTTY CUNT ALREADY, WILL YOU?" Suddenly, Jaimie put Lyn's leg over his shoulder, and started eating her with vigor.

He flicked her clit with his tongue, licked her slit up and down, tongue-fucked to orgasm, then proceeded to gulp down her pussy juice hungrily, making her cum again.

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Meanwhile, Lyn's mind went blank with ecstasy. "Oh god yes. YES YES YES. Suck my cunt baby, make me cu-- AHHHHHHH." She screamed as Jaimie shove two fingers into her tight pussy, and started fingering her to her third orgasm. She'd always enjoyed multiple orgasms, but this was new.

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Jaimie stood up, cupped her ass cheeks, and carried her to the bed. Undoing his belt, he freed a 7-inch cock. Lyn, eager to please him as he had just done her, immediately grasped his cock, kneeling on the bed. Then she moved it to her mouth, engulfing the head, and tasting the precum. Then she started taking him in her mouth inch by inch, until she choked on the fifth. She moved back up, upset that she couldn't put all his dickmeat in her mouth.

She pulled her hair up into a ponytail, then she started bobbing up and down on Jaimie's prick until she took it all in her small mouth. She changed pace, moving down slowly and sucking the cock like a vacuum making Jaimie groan delightedly. She moved to his balls putting each into her open mouth and sucking them clean.

"Lick it like the little suckslut you are." Jaimie spat, his words making the redhead whore even more intent on getting him to blow his load down her throat. She licked up the shaft, reaching the head, and she slobbered over it, licking like she was paid to do it. Jaimie pulled his dick from Lyn tiny expert hands, and started rubbing it over Lyn's face. " I'm going to shove my rod down your throat and fuck it. Would you like that?" "Yes take my mouth hole, rape it, fuck me silly like a slut" Lyn spewed out, the dirty words making her pussy drool.

Jaimie pointed his large cock to Lyn's mouth, and with a murmured "open wide" shoved it in her slut mouth. Then he started moving back and forth, his balls slapping on her chin.

"I can't believe you're letting me do this." Jaimie growled. Lyn was too busy taking a large prick in her mouth to respond. Tears were running down her sweet cheeks, but there was no mistaking the pleasurable moans she was making while playing with her clit.

Jaimie's balls clenched, then released strings of hot cum into his cumwhore's eager mouth.

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The two worn-out sex machines, collapsed onto the bed, and fell asleep in one other's arms.