Sexy milf like to fingring and playing with asa

Sexy milf like to fingring and playing with asa
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Naughty Mom Chapter Six: Alicia paced the floor of her bedroom, listening to the muffled sound of the piano music coming from downstairs. Her nervous excitement was so great that she had trouble thinking. She knew she ought to take a shower, then dress and make up the bed. She'd have to change the sheets.

A puddle of Ricky's cum had formed under her crotch as she'd lain under him while he'd slept. Burn the old sheet and pad, then put on new ones, she decided. No, maybe she ought to keep them --- for sentimental reasons. Ricky had fucked her on them. I'm losing my mind, she told herself. First I fuck my own son, then I want to save the sheet as a keepsake. The problem was not what to do with the sheet, but what to do with Ricky. Now that he'd fucked her, he'd be after her all the time for more.

But she couldn't let him --- could she? Even if she wanted to? It wasn't right --- was it? The music coming from downstairs caught her ear. Shawn was playing one of those sensuous, yet lonely pieces he seemed to favor. Alicia was drawn to the hallway to listen. Soon she found herself descending the stairs, her bare feet sinking into the carpet. The music came louder as she moved down the downstairs hallway and into the music room at the far end of it. Shawn had a fire crackling in the fireplace.

He sat at the piano, barefooted and shirtless, clad only in his tight jeans. Alicia was startled by his semi-nudity at the piano. She watched him play with his eyes closed.

With his shirt off, he looked more muscular and less frail than when he was clothed. His arms and shoulder muscles were small, but well defined. His bare right foot worked the pedals, his toes appearing to caress the brass.

Alicia slipped onto the bench beside him. He jumped. "Mom, you scared me." "Sorry," Alicia said.


"Go on playing. I love it." She curled her left arm around him. He swallowed, blushing. "I don't know if I can play very well with you sitting here. You make me a little nervous." She stroked his back and kissed him on the side of his head, something she hadn't done in years, she realized.

"Just play," she said, "I wouldn't recognize a mistake if I heard it." He began again about where he'd left off, repeating few measure he'd just played, then continuing. His body felt feverishly warm to Alicia. He gave off a faint scent of male sweat, which excited her. Her bare foot accidentally touched his under the piano and she let it remain in contact. The boy's playing started to sound jittery, no longer the flowing, lyrical melody and counterpoint he'd been coaxing from the piano a few moments ago.

His breathing had changed too, had become louder and more forced.

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His toes began to wiggle against Alicia's bare foot. "Ricky is out delivering his papers," Alicia whispered. "Would you know if Mark is home?" "He's at swimming practice," Shawn said, swallowing hard. His playing was deteriorating fast, starting to sound like that of a struggling beginner.

"He won't be home till after seven." "Then we're alone," Alicia said. "Just you and me." "Uh-huh." He nodded, swallowing again.

His playing had slowed, only his right hand still working over the keyboard. Alicia hadn't felt this way sitting next to anybody since her teenage days, when she'd snuggled up next to Paul in the front seat of his car at the drive-in for the first time. Then, as now, her pussy had tightened like a fist. She trembled as her right hand moved to Shawn's smooth chest and began to stroke. He stopped playing.

Just sat there, his shoulders sagging, his chest heaving up and down as Alicia outlined his pectoral muscles with her tapered, exquisitely manicured fingertips, as she toyed with his small brown nipples.

Sweat trickled from his armpit, and she rubbed it into his skin like a lotion. The male scent of him was becoming stronger.

The crotch of his jeans had swollen to the size of a fist. Alicia's right hand slid down his belly as her left hand stroked his left flank and lower back.

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His skin was burning up. Alicia rubbed his flat belly, then eased her fingers under the waistband of his jeans. He sucked his gut in, and the tip of his cockhead kissed her fingertips. He was shaking, panting as if he would hyper-ventilate and pass out. His toes clawed at Alicia's foot. His hot sole rubbed up and down her instep. "Relax, darling." Alicia unsnapped his jeans, began to unzip them.

She wasn't thinking, just acting. A part of herself was standing back and watching in shock. His cock sprang up like a striking snake.

It pointed straight at the ceiling, the cock tip throbbing against his belly above his navel. Alicia closed her hand around his hard-on. "It's so big," she whispered. "Oh, darling, you've got such a big one!" The boy almost fell off the bench, he was shaking so hard. He made whimpering noises as Alicia slid her hand up and down his massive cocklance.

It had to be eight inches long, and Alicia could only close her hand halfway around his prick. Fuck-lube oozed from the pisshole, starting to leak down the boy's cock like thick sap. Alicia couldn't control herself. Sliding slightly away from the boy, she leaned over and licked the lube off his cock. He braced his hands on the piano to keep from toppling over. Alicia opened her mouth and swallowed his prickhead.

Her boy shuddered, sighing loudly, as if releasing the tension of a lifetime. "Oh Mom, God, suck it!" Alicia slid her lips around his huge cock, letting the cockhead stuff her throat.

She tasted fuck-lube as it oozed from the boy's pisshole. Her lips felt as if they would split if they were stretched any farther. "Suck on it, Mom, oh God, suck on it!" Shawn placed one hand on her head, forcing her to swallow more of his cock. Alicia gagged, choking.

A flood of spit drenched the boy's cock and ran down over his balls. She held on, gagging a few more times before she relaxed her throat.

More of Shawn's prick slid in and he sighed. "Move your head up and down," he whispered. "Give me a blow- job." Alicia slid off the bench to get into a more comfortable position.

Keeping his cock buried in her throat, she maneuvered her son around until he faced away from the piano. His cock twisted in her throat as he turned. When she got him turned completely around on the bench, she pulled his pants down, then completely over his bare feet.

He spread his legs and she kneeled on the floor between them, her mouth fastened to his cock. He leaned back, letting her suck his cock. His prick tasted so good --- salty, musky.

The scent coming from the curly hairs of his groin excited her. She started to bob her head, working her mouth and throat and down her son's massive fucker. Shawn's toes curled. He rolled his head from side to side senuously.

His balls lifted up and down, twisting this way and that in their sac. "Oh Mom, you do it good! You know how to blow." Alicia could hardly think in her excitement. She'd never had a cock in her mouth before, and yet she felt as if she'd been sucking on this big slab of fuckmeat all her life.

As she sucked, her cunt contracted repeatedly, Ricky's cum oozing out and running in sticky streams down the insides of her thighs. Shawn squirmed with pleasure as she slid her lips up and down, sucking, munching, licking. She thought her own pleasure, though, must be just as great, because her pussy pulsated with fuck-thrills, as if she were sucking on her own cunt. "Oh Mom, I never had so good a blow-job. Just keep sucking that cock." That startled her.

She wondered who had been sucking on his cock so that he could make a comparison now. She found it hard to imagine that her innocent Shawn had ever had sex with anybody. She could still hardly accept that fact that he jacked off. He grabbed her head. "Stop, I'm gonna come." He pulled her head up, freeing his prick from her mouth.

He grabbed his prick by the base, squeezing it and holding his breath. His pisshole gaped like a screaming mouth. His cock shuddered and a few drops of hot, cloud jism shot out and hit Alicia in the face.

His cock shook again, then he relaxed a bit. He sighed, releasing his cock. "That was close. I almost came." He took Alicia's hands and helped her to stand. As soon as she was standing, he untied her robe. "Take it off." Alicia let the robe slide off and drop at her feet. Her knees were shaking. Her mouth throbbed, as if still stuffed with her son's hard fucker.

Shawn reached up and caressed her breasts. He was licking his lips. His cock stood rigid against his belly, as stiff as a flagpole. "You've got the biggest tits," he mumbled, his face crimson.

"Man, what cherries!" He lifted his ass off the piano bench so he could move up and suck on her right nipple. Alicia thought she'd collapse as the boy sucked her tit.

She gasped again and again, fuck-tingles saturating her tit and streaming down to her pussy. "Oh baby, please!" she moaned, her hand stroking his blond head.

"Oh, my angel!" Shawn sucked less violently than Ricky had, without biting, and Alicia felt herself melting. When he move to her left tit, she almost came. "Oh, Shawn! Oh, my darling!" She reached down, trying to get hold of his stiff cock.

He stopped sucking her tit, pushing her away.

He was panting hard. "Sit here," he mumbled. "I wanna lick your pussy." Alicia let herself be led. She would be anything for him. He sat her down on the piano bench where he'd been sitting.

He spread her legs as he slid down to his knees in front of her. "Oh, Mom!" he whispered, gazing at her open cunt as if he'd just found buried treasure. "Oh, Mommie!" He plunged his face between her legs, rubbing it against her sopping-wet cunt, smearing his flushed cheeks with her sticky pussy juice.

Alicia reached down, getting hole of her cuntlips and stretching them wide apart, opening up her fuckhole completely. The pussy juices dribbled out, pooling on the polished wood of the piano bench between her legs. "Oh, wowwwww!" Shawn flapped his tongue, lapping at her raw, steaming fuckmeat.

He licked up and down her cunt with long swipes. Every time his tongue flicked across her clit, Alicia felt needles of electricity shoot through her loins. "Mom, you taste so good!" The boy ate pussy as if he were starving, his tongue flicking and slithering between her legs, penetrating her fuckhole, lapping up the juices on her smooth thighs. He even lapped up the creamy cunt juices pooled on the bench, lapping them up like a cat lapping up milk. He mashed his mouth to her fuckhole and sucked.

"Ohhhh, Shawnnnn!" Alicia felt as if she were being sucked inside out. She grabbed his head, grinding it between her legs, wishing she could pull his head inside her pussy. "Mmmmmn!" the boy growled, sucking, slurping, gnawing.

His tongue fucked deep into her cunt, wriggling like a wet snake. Alicia saw star. "Oh darling, eat me! Suck me out!" She watched Shawn's blond head twist and bob between her legs, felt his hot tongue probing the most sensitive crevices of her fluffy cuntal walls. "Oh yes, baby, oh yesss!" Shawn licked for a few more seconds, then forced his head away. Fuck juices dripped from his chin, from his nose and lips. A few cunt hairs stuck to his face. "Let's sixty-nine," he said.

"Let's what?" "Let's do each other at the same time. You suck me while I suck you." He pulled her off the bench, onto the carpeted floor close to the fireplace.

"Lie on your side." He positioned her as he wanted her, then lay on his side next to her. His cock was near her face. Alicia understood now without a doubt. She went for him as he went for her.

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They wrapped their arms around each other's ass and pulled the other's fuckmeat toward their mouths. Shawn's head disappeared between Alicia's legs and Alicia got her mouth around her son's cock. As she sucked his prick, he munched on her pussy.

Alicia thought she'd faint with excitement. Her blood raced through her arteries, pounding in her temples and loins. As she sucked on the huge slab of cockmeat in her mouth, feeling its quiverings and vibrations, she felt Shawn's lips and tongue devouring her burning pussy. They sounded like a pair of grunting slop-eating pigs.

They munched loudly at each other's fuckmeat, slurping, sucking, making so much noise that Alicia almost laughed. She didn't laugh, only because the sounds excited her more than they amused her.

She thought momentarily of Shawn's perfect table manners, of how he chewed slowly and without a sound. How different he was now, devouring her cunt like grunting young pig! She swallowed his cock all the way to his balls, massaging its knob with her throat muscles. She filled her hand with his balls and gently squeezed them. Shawn squirmed, grinding his cock in her throat, sucking her pussy.

He licked the flesh all around the cunt, then burrowed farther until he was licking up and down her ass crack. He forced her asscheeks wide and sucked on her asshole.


Suddenly, his tongue slipped inside her asshole. Alicia couldn't believe it --- Shawn's tongue in her asshole! He licked out her asshole as if it were a honeycomb, groaning all the while.

When he moved back to suck some more on her cunt, he sipped a finger in where his tongue had been. Alicia wanted to squeal.

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What a delicious feeling! Shawn's tongue wriggled in her cunt, his finger in her asshole. The boy fucked his cock in and out of her throat with quick little thrusts. Had her throat not been relaxed, he would have choked her to death. She felt his finger fucking in he asshole, and she a sudden wicked idea.

She lubricated her middle finger in the spit that had leaked from her cock-stuffed mouth, then shoved it between the boy's tight asscheeks. She found his ass pucker and probed it. The pucker resisted for a few moments, then seemed to suck at her fingertip.

She twisted her finger and it easily fucked up Shawn's shithole. The boy gasped, squirming as Alicia pistoned her finger in his asshole. His cock swelled even larger, hardening like marble, its veins bulging.

He sank his teeth into her spongy cuntmeat, sucking hard, gnawing. Alicia felt something swell against her finger in his asshole. The swelling throbbed, and she jabbed at it, filed her finger rapidly against it. Shawn moaned, grinding his cock in her throat, fucking his tongue madly inside her cunt.

His cock flexed hard in her mouth and she knew it was going to shoot. She sucked every inch of the boy's prick buried in her mouth. Her finger fucked in and out of Shawn's clutching asshole. She ground her steaming crotch in the boy's mouth, her cunt sucking his tongue, her asshole sucking his finger.

Every cell of her body felt explosively tight, tingling with excitement. A whirlwind of pleasure swept through her loins and she began to jerk with spasms. Shawn growled, eating her exploding cunt, ramming his cock down her throat. His asshole tightened like a vise around her finger. The swelling in his asshole contracted and so did his cock. He whined as his jism gushed down Alicia's throat. Alicia choked, unable to swallow fast enough, unable to control her swallowing as she writhed with her own orgasm.

The boy's cum filled her throat and mouth, overflowed and ran out on his balls like sticky cream. She swallowed, gagging on the thick cum, gurgling deep in her throat as she groaned with raw pleasure. The sounds of Shawn's moaning and gasping became muffled as she clamped his head between her thighs and ground her pussy against his mouth. Their humping slowed, at last grinding to a halt.

Alicia felt Shawn's heartbeat in his asshole and she slipped her finger out. His cock softened slightly in her mouth and she let go.

Before he could see her, she popped her finger into her mouth and sucked his musky ass-moisture from it.

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She unclamped Shawn's head and he rolled away, lying flat out on the carpet and panting hard. Alicia rolled onto her back lay beside him, panting just as hard.

They lay there for a long while in silence, Alicia listening to the incessant drumming of rain on the windowpanes and the crackling fire on the hearth. She finally dared to look at Shawn. He lay there with his eyes close, slowly massaging his cock, which was fully swollen again. She looked away quickly.

This is insane, she thought. This can't be happening! That's my own son! What am I doing here? She got up, grabbing her robe and wrapping it around her. "Mom?" Alicia didn't turn around.

"You play the piano beautifully," Alicia said. "Keep practicing." "Thanks. But Mom ---" "I'll leave you alone to practice now, dear." Alicia slipped out of the music room and shut the door behind her.

She fled upstairs and locked herself in her room. A few minutes later, she heard Shawn's muffled piano playing. He was stumbling all over the keys, as if his fingers were as confused as Alicia's mind.