Handsome male cums on hot beauty after having admirable sex

Handsome male cums on hot beauty after having admirable sex
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part 3 in a series . As I climbed out of the shower and into my bedroom I had a beautiful site to behold - both of Jenika's sisters were sitting on the bed eating each other out. I stood there quietly thinking about all the fun things I could do - and suddenly I felt a large swat on my ass. Jenika was behind me with one of my belts - smack - smack - smack 3 more times - on the fourth I caught the belt and pulled her into me - quickly taking the belt and making it into a loop around her neck.

she was fully dressed- jeans and a cute little cammi - but it could not hide her hard nipples. I forced her onto the floor and started squatting - telling her to lick between my balls and my ass. as she complained I tightened up the belt noose - I let up as she stuck out her tounge and started licking. I moved over to the chair in the bedroom and pulled my ass cheeks apart - telling her to give me a rim job something good.

As she did I played with her hair. All this while I watched her two sisters dyke it out - I began to grunt - and must have done so loudly because both Lori and Sandy stopped and looked at their little sister eating my ass.

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they came over and gave her relief. As she moved away I took the noose and tightened it up again - using the one end of the belt to smack her on the ass - little bitch. That should teach her for leaving me with blue balls. Suddenly I got an idea - I got up and put on my clothes - Told two of the girls they needed to make sure my house was spotless - and I would return. If they did - I would make it worth their while - If they did not - I would make sure they knew how disappointed I was.

I told Lori she needed to come with me. - She went to get her clothes back on and I told her to wear her sisters skirt - forget the bra - and bring her panties but don't put them on. I left - jumped in the suv and drove about 45 min to a few towns in another county away and then went hunting. I pulled up to a skate park - pretty cool digs compared to what I had as a kid - shit I remember trying to find wood - wetting it - bending it .

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and these little fuckers got concrete rams and shit all made for them. I quickly told Lori to take an ice cube and rub it on her tits - make those fuckers stand up through your shirt. she complied. I called over the kids there asked all 3 if they would like to play a game - they looked @ me like i was some asshole - so I quickly took out my cell phone and asked them if they would like to see the Prize for winning. They all said -yes - Perhaps it was because Lori - in fact I guarantee it was - the guys could not take their eyes off of them.

I then told them they needed to answer me just one question - If they were able to fuck one of their friends moms - what would they do to her to make sure she would come back begging for more.

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One kid - Mike his answer was the typical bullshit a teen would come up with - My cock is like a rock - she would just be begging for more. another Josh said the same kind of thing - Jacob however - he was a kid after my own heart - he simply said - Mister I would need to borrow your cell phone first. I would make sure I took a few pictures - even a video and then email it to her. I would tell her she would need to drain my cock every week - as well as my friends - and if she did not - I would go to the cops and say she forced me to do all this stuff.

Cunning little bastard. - I told the other kids to beat it - and then showed him my fire badge - little fucker was nervous as shit - he had not clue what to do - thought i was a cop. he climbed in the back of the durango - I told Lori to get back there with him - and then started driving.

I asked him a number of questions - name, address, what his parents did for a living - etc etc etc all the while Lori was doing everything she could to grab his attention. One thing I love about the country is corn fields are everywhere - and this time of year the corn is growing high enough - you can slip down a side dirt road and do anything your heart desires - and not be caught.

I did just that - drove in a few acres and then make a hard left right into the corn. stalks flying everywhere - we were sure not to be disturbed. In the "interview" I learned the kids name was "Josh" - I told Josh that Lori had fucked up my house and she needed to make penance. I asked him if he was a virgin - he said yes - but i have a lot of porn on my computer.

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I told him he had 15 seconds to decide what and how Lori was going to pay her debt off - his answer was fucking brilliant. Well that is simple sir - I want you to pull up more into the field - then back out slowly.

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I did exactly as he described - he then told her to get out and get in front of the truck she did - and he got out - stripped her nude and then took a few of the stalks on the ground and used them to whip her legs - this little fucker is going to grow up one sadistic sob i remember myself thinking - i hopped out and told the kid look - you cant damage my merchandise - i need her to be able to pay off her entire debt - he smiled - and then told her to get on her knees - he popped out his cock and started smacking her face with it - kid's go style I grabbed my digital camera and started filming - he pulled her by the hair - smacked her face and made her take him deep throat - in and out in and out she was gagging - crying - he asked her if she wanted him to stop - and she whimpered Yes - he walked over grabbed one of the stalks of corn - and pulled a cob right off the stalk - peeled it and came back over to her he instructed her to fuck herself with the cob - I watched for a few minutes as this kid started jerking off all over her face - right before he was coming - you could tell watching his whole body contort - I walked over and pulled him to the side - kicked him square in the nuts and said - look you fucker learn to treat a lady right - with that he buckled to his knees - I got Lori up and then asked her if she was okay .

She said yes - but wanted to pay him back.

I told her do anything you would like - with that she walked over and told him to lay down so she could make him eat her out. as he did - she took a giant shit on his face.

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- I took a few photos - and then put her in the truck - I told the kid he was a few miles outside of town - and if he ever wanted to get a girl friend again - he better not tell anyone what happened - I told him I had the video and it was my word against his what I pulled up into - when i heard a girl screaming for help.

he looked at me with eyes full of anger - I reminded him of his name, address - phone number - and told him I would be watching. With that we drove out - Lori dressed herself as best as she could and curled herself up next to me - for the 50 min drive home about 1/2 way there we stopped at the truck stop - she went in got herself cleaned up and back out - The truck stop gave me all kinds of ideas for the 3 sisters - I could easily get each to sell themselves to a few truckers a night - easy $30 for head $50 for a fuck.

i thought. as she climbed in i told her to pull down her shirt and show me her tits - as we drove past the trucks back onto the highway. I turned on the CB - the chatter was all about Lori - Did you see that little lot lizard - Hot Damb!

i asked Lori if she enjoyed the attention - she smiled. With that we drove the rest of the way home - I pulled into the garage and then walked with Lori into the house - Everything was in its place - and the girls were sitting in the living room with the utensils from the draw - making sure each was shining.

I turned on a movie - and told the girls they did an excellent job. They asked lori what happened - and she said she just got the chance to shit on some kids face - they all laughed. I knew to keep this up I was going to have to pay these girls - after all I wanted them just for me and whomever i chose - with that I took 2 crisp $50 dollar bills gave one to Jenika - another to Sandy and gave a $100 to Lori. They went home tears in their eyes - they never had $10 to spend let alone $50 or $100.

About five minutes later their mom was at the door - trying to be as sexy as she could make herself to be - she told me that her daughters should not be given that much money - it will spoil them. I asked spoil them for what.

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This took her by surprise and she said - Look mister - you have helped us out a lot - but let's face it - there are hardly any good guys - let alone great guys in these parts - my daughters are going to end up with some deadbeat - just like all the men around here - they will never see that much on their wedding day - Don't build them up for failure I told her she needed to set her sites higher - allow her girls to get out and dream -she told the girls to go back home.

With that she pushed them out the door and then closed it. I turned the TV on - and asked her if she wanted anything to drink - she smiled and said sure - I went over and grabbed the pineapple i had sitting in the Stoley all night - mixed up a quick drink and brought it over to her.

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she thanked me - drank it - and then told me it was one of the most sweet and sour drinks she ever had. I knew she was trying to build up courage - but was unable to figure out how to - so I gave her a few more drinks - I handed her the remote and then went to the garage to grab a few things - Upon my return when I was walking down the door - my heart fell down my throat - i heard moaning and giggling Oh shit - she turned on the auxiliary i thought - she found the video.

I ran in to explain - and found this mom of 4 with her hands down her pants rubbing her pussy for all it was worth.


I retreated up the stairs - grabbed a small digital camera and pressed video record - placed it on the stairs facing the living room and came downstairs with a few toys for her to use. walked over and took my cock out - she smiled - grabbed my cock and started sucking me dry - A morning like mine - with blue balls - a young girl licking my ass - watching her sister be throat fucked was all i could take - this 35 year old mother had some talent and she knew it.

She felt the cum bubbling in my balls - must have - as she squeezed my balls - pulled off and told me to blast all over her face. I complied - funny - she knew i caught her daughters - she saw them fucking all those kids in the neighborhood - but did not know I had my way with them. as I used a dildo on her pussy - she kept on telling me to fuck her harder and harder. after she exploded -she thanked me - and then got flushed in the face when i told her anytime she wanted to make some extra cash she should come on over.

I gave her $150 from my wallet- i would have given her more - but her kids had all my dough after all. She smiled- and told me that's a deal - asked if she could clean the cum off her face with a paper towel - I scooped it up with my finger and put it to her lips - told her a good girl always swallows.


With that she left - walking out the back door - through the yard - and into the ally to go home I got up - and retrieved the camera.

Like mother like daughters - each loved cum - and I knew were hooked.