Mature British lady has anal sex in threesome

Mature British lady has anal sex in threesome
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The lights flash as you take my hand, and we walk into this strange new land. Before you my life was such a waste, but now a smile is across my face.

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You and I, used as life's tool, but we dace around like clumsy fools. Your dark hair flies as you spin around, then you leap into my arms, off the ground, My arms are steady, and do not shake, but in my arms, I'm afraid you'll break.

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Your body, your hear; it's all so perfect, to another girl my hear, will never defect. As I set you down, together we leave, the night we just had, I still cant believe. I carry you to your room up past the stairs, and without our clothes, I kiss you bare. The lights go out, and you take my hand, as we spend the night in wonderland.

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