Gay sex movie missionary This twink is eager for some hard youngster

Gay sex movie missionary This twink is eager for some hard youngster
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Driving home I had this strange eerie feeling about how dark it was outside. I had just finished working out. The gym was a good twenty minutes from my house. We lived in the middle of no where.

No other house near us for miles. My parents loved feeling like they were the only ones around.

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They had left for a cruise to celebrate their twenty fifth anniversary. They asked me if I would be okay alone. I replied 'Yes." I had never felt scared in our home.

It was the safest place on earth for me. I pulled into the driveway and walked in the door. We had always left it unlocked. I was born in this house. For the past nineteen years I had become so accustomed to it I could go upstairs to my room with the house pitch dark.

I went to my room and turned on the light. Something didn't feel right.

It was too quiet. I shrugged it off and took my clothes off. I had showered at the gym so I picked a pair of sleep dark purple lace boyshort panties and a skin tight white t-shirt for bed. I admired myself in the mirror. I had lost weight and was proud of it. My breasts still firm Cs and my abdomen smooth with slight abs beginning to show.

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Suddenly a dark shadow emerged through the mirror. Terror shivered through me as I let out a scream hoping someone out there would hear me. The figure jumped at me and wrapped his hand around my mouth. He his big frame at least six foot tall dragged my petite 4'11 frame and turned off the light. I struggled to loosen his grip but couldn't even slightly get loose. He was too strong. My eyes grew wide as I heard his cold voice tell me if I continue to struggle he would slit my throat.


I relaxed a bit. What did this monster want from me? I learned that a bit too quickly when I felt his huge hand right over my panties. I shrieked as he slapped me hard across the face. My eyes were getting accustomed to the dark and I saw the shine of a blade. I shut my mouth and lay as still as possible. He placed a cloth over my nose and mouth.

It didn't put me out completely but left me extremely still. I snuck in the house right after I saw her pull away to go to the gym.

Excitment and anxiety ran through me. I rushed to her room and started getting ready. I started a bath in her bathroom. Made it extremely hot so it would be at perfect temperature by the time she got there. After getting my grip on her I knew this would be an easy victim. She was so small. It was like the cat holding onto the tail of the mouse. Very easy. I rubbed her crotch.

I knew she wasn't going to give in too easily. She wouldn't get wet or aroused. This would be somewhat difficult for me.

As I tranquilized her so she could be relaxed I dragged her to the bathroom. I kept her white t-shirt and panties on as I got her in the bathtub. She moaned reluctantly as I put my hand in her panties trying to get her pussy wet. At this point my cock was throbbing.

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My sweatpants were tight against it and my precum was leaving a wet stain. I slid a finger into her pussy. She moaned almost as if she were in pain.

My finger could barely fit inside of her. She was definitely my tightest victim. I had scored. I took off the white t-shirt of my victim and sat her up. Getting one leg on the side of the round bathtub to open her legs wide. I grabbed the soap and squeezed it all over her chest. I rubbed it all over her breasts.

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I could tell that she was snapping back into life. The tranqulizer was wearing off. She started to struggle but eventually let it go and just put her head down.

I wanted her bad. I wanted to please her. A smile ran across my face as I noticed her nipples harden with my touch. I rubbed them and slid my hand underwater in her panties rubbing her clit.

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I got a slight moan out of her and a tear ran down her cheek. She knew she wasn't going to win. I didn't want her to climax just yet so I got her out of the tub and told her to dry off.

She surprisingly agreed and towel dried her body making my cock ache. I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her onto her bed.


She had completely given up by this time. Opening her legs I slid down her panties. There were drops of water running down her clean shaven pussy. She cried softly as I ran my tongue and gathered every drop of water.

I opened her legs as wide as possible and dug my face inside of her. She was close to climaxing.


I dug two fingers in her. She bled slightly. I really did score. I nibbled on her clit and fingered her vigoursly as she came hard against her will. Her juices trickled down to her ass lubricating her.

Pulling her hard by the hair and simultainously pulling down my sweats I forced her on my cock. I told her to go slow at first and she obeyed, licking my cock like an ice cream cone.

She licked up and down and then around the tip of my hard as rock dick. Pre-cum oozed and and she quickly sucked it all up. If I wasn't mistaken, she was beginning to enjoy this. I forced her mouth around my cock and as fast as I could fucked her mouth. I could feel her gagging and struggling to take my nine inches in her mouth.

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I came one time. She was struggling to keep all the cum in her mouth. I could tell she didn't want to swallow it. I pulled her hair and told her to swallow. Cum trickled down her chin to her chest. I licked it just as it was reaching her nipple. I pushed her back on the bed and began licking her cunt again. I slid my tongue inside of her and felt her squirm. She was getting wet again and I was getting hard. I slid a finger deep inside of her to make sure she was wet enough for my next move.

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I got up and placed my cock and the entrance of her pussy. She started sobbing as I was getting ready to enter her.