Busty Blonde Milf Enjoys Rough Anal Sex

Busty Blonde Milf Enjoys Rough Anal Sex
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Part 2 of Jake's night in. Part 1 is on my page, suggest you read it first if you haven't.

"So, you gonna fuck me or what." Charlie said, Jake grinned. He couldn't believe his luck, of all the families he knew, he thanked Christ this was the one that his dad decided to fuck. Jake moved towards her, Charlie smiled at him, she stuck the finger that had just been inside Jake's dad's arse in her own mouth. As Jake stalked across the room, she sucked sexily on her finger.

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As Jake reached out he put his hands on Charlie's curvy hips, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in. Unlike her mother, Charlie started slow. A peck on the lips. She smiled,and Jake kissed her on the nose, the pair had known each other for 5 years, Jake had had a secret crush on her for the last four years.

He had been on and off with other girls for that same time, but he always fantasised about Charlie, wondering what she would look like. Now she was here and Jake was taking in all of it. He pulled her tight and buried his face in her neck.

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Charlie nuzzled into Jake's chest. They were both naked and their bodies pressed against each other. Jake's cock was flopped against Charlie's pussy and her boobs were rubbing against his chest, he could feel her hard nipples rubbing on the tight skin on his chest.

Jake pushed them apart again and moved towards her lips tentatively, for a few minutes they just kissed softly, playing with each others tongues. Jake felt her tongue go over his and slowly grind over the roof of his mouth. He moaned into her mouth and started kissing her faster. His cock was growing again, he had to use a hand to angle it upwards so the whole length was flat against her tummy.

Jake felt Charlie shuffle back a bit and a hand reached down the gap where his dick now dangled free. Poking her whenever it twitched.


Jake sucked in a quick breath as he felt her fingernails brush against the head. Charlie wrapped a hand around his cock and slowly rubbed it. Jake had pictured this moment in his head 100 times, but the real deal was just mind blowing.

He moved his hands away from her curvy hips, sliding his hands over her soft skin, and to her bum. He squished it between his hands, rubbed it and played with it, while they kissed and she rubbed his dick.

He reached round under her cheeks until he felt waves of heat. He rubbed her pussy lips slowly with one hand, groping her arse with another one. He did that for a while until he wanted to try something more. He put his hands under her thighs and squatted down before springing up and taking her with him. Charlie gasped and gripped Jake's arms for a second Jakes cock had sprung free and the head was now nestled at the entrance to her pussy.

Charlie reached behind herself and lined up Jake's cock properly.

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Jake walked forwards, kissing Charlie again. They reached the patio doors and Jake leaned Charlie against it; He lowered Charlie down slowly and she was slowly impaled on his cock. Jake began lifting her and dropping her back down, slowly at first, wondering if the glass would break. After cumming in Brigit, he knew that he could last a fairly long time now.

With that thought fresh in his mind, he sped up, now just holding Charlie against the wall and thrusting his hips upwards. The sound of his balls slapping against the underside of Charlie's pussy reached Jake's ears. Jake moved his head down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, he nipped on the end and kept on playing with it in his mouth until he felt her weight go dead in his arms.

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She had drooped over him and was whimpering, Jake suddenly panicked, thinking something had happened, when he felt fluid, gushing out of her pussy.

He grinned when he realised she was just having an orgasm. He felt her pussy squeeze and milk his cock, Jake felt his balls starting to tighten and realised he might drop her when he came. He turned and quickly carried her over to the sofa, Charlie had recovered now and realised why he was moving her.

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"Put me down," She said, Jake did, his balls were starting to subside but she dropped do her knees and put his cock between her tits. Jake felt his eyes bulge. Oh damn, he thought, this is really happening. She pressed her boobs to either side of his cock, and started to bob them up and down. Her soft boobs swallowed his cock completely.


Jake tilted his head back and closed his eyes, trying not so cum. "Shit, shit," He gasped, "Charlie i'm gonna cum" Charlie's eyes widened and she grinned. She quickly wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and wrapped it in her mouth. Jake was so stunned he didn't even cum for around 10 seconds.

Her hand was making small jerks up the base while her warm, moist mouth covered the first 4 inches.


Jake thought he might be able to last for a little while but he felt her tongue flicked across the sensitive underside, and then run all the way up it.

His balls tightened for the second time that night and the head of Jake's cock spewed cum into the back of Charlie's throat. She gagged, for a second, but swallowed down all 5 spurts of Jakes cum. This was my first story. Sorry for the length. I plan on making some more, with different characters and more storylines based, so a lot longer. Thanks xD