Pretty doll has hot hooters to share

Pretty doll has hot hooters to share
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Mina and I a happily married couple. I'm billionaire business investor and lawyer and Mina is a singer, model, charity ceo and philanthropist. We have household staff to keep up with the house work, so I decided Mina needed to hire a personal assistant. Mina put out Ads in the paper and waited for responses.

Three days later she got a bunch of replies and set up interviews. One after another she interviewed women after women. and no one seem to fit.

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When she was about to give up hope a young woman, about 23 years old came gliding in. She was about 5'5, long dark hair, very curvy, even Mina couldn't help notice how lovely this woman was, and Mina was getting turned on just looking at her.

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I was trying to control myself, my lust was building. Her name was Morgan, and she was more then qualified for the job, Mina and I knew she was hired as soon as she walked in. There was something else about her we liked instantly. she was wearing really tight jeans with her thong popping out of her jeans when she sat down, and a tiny tank top that barley covered her breasts.


She kept looking at Mina in a way that if it was any one else Mina would have been uncomfortable, however Mina feels very confident and wanted to jump this woman.

I could feel all this tension and could barely take it. As the interview was almost over, Morgan blurted out how beautiful and sexy she thought Mina was. Mina was a little shocked and embarrassed, but replied with how sexy she thought Morgan was. This woman was definitely hired, especially if I had anything to say about it. The next day Mina and I took the next day off so we could show Morgan what to do.

Morgan showed up right on time, wearing a jean mini skirt, heels and a tight shirt. Mina focused all morning getting ready, secretly hoping something might happen with Morgan. She knew it has always been my dream to see her with another woman, so she knew I wouldn't mind.

Morgan must have had the same idea, as soon as we got to the bedroom to show her what to do, Morgan then came up to Mina and told her not to worry and rubbed her hand against Mina's jeans and then kissed Mina. I sat down in a chair and just watched what was unfolding. Morgan was kissing Mina and Mina was getting into it.

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Morgan started to take off Mina's shirt and she did not protest. Mina then started to take off her shirt. Morgan started to kiss down her neck and took off her bra, continuing down to suck on Mina's nipples. Mina moaned with pleasure " oooh.oooh.aaaah.aaaah," and just wanted to get her lips on Morgan's nipples. She lifted Morgan's head and worked her way down to Morgan's beautiful breast. Morgan threw her head back in pleasure and looked at me, I had my hand down my pants, she just smiled and said " its only going get better".

Morgan then pushed Mina onto the bed and pulled off her jeans, armed with a vibrator she ran it up Mina's leg and around her clit, Mina couldn't really take the teasing anymore, just when Morgan took off her panties and started licking her swollen clit. Mina was moaning out of control " aaaah.aaaah.aaaah.ooooh.ooooh.mmmmmm " as Morgan slipped her fingers in and starting to finger fuck Mina. Just when Mina was about to climax Morgan stopped, looked at Mina and said " now the real fun starts".

I did not know what was going on, Mina knew exactly what she meant. Mina walked over to me, my pants were now off and my throbbing cock was in my hand, wanting more. Mina knelt down in front of me and wrapped her mouth around my cock, then she stopped and Morgan knelt down and wrapped her mouth around it.

While Morgan was doing that Mina was sucking on her breast and rubbing her clit, she then lifted her skirt and laid down under her and teased her wet pussy with soft little licks on her clit. I was about to shoot my load and Morgan wasn't to far behind Morgan stopped. She then went to the bed and laid down on her back, Mina climbed on top of her so her pussy was right in Morgan's mouth, I got behind Mina and thrusted my hard cock in her wet aching pussy. I begin thrusting in and out with long slow deep strokes.

While Morgan licked and sucked her clit and played with my balls. Mina returned the favor to Morgan and licked her clit and fucked her with the vibrator. Mina was the first to climax, but wanted more and Morgan was second, and just as I was about to climax Morgan begged me to cum in her mouth, I fucked Mina hard, giving her just what she wanted and just before I came I took out my cock and cum all over Morgan's mouth and chin.

Sliding down Morgan's body my hard cock rubs against her stomach and on the top of her slit as I shift around, slowly working my way around her boobs. She wanted me to fill her, she wanted me to ride her hard. Desire floods her veins like lava and she lets me know with a deep moan " Oh John Fuck Me." I move down her stomach, my tongue licking her body.

Her hips lift towards me as I get to her pelvic area. I admire Morgan's shaved pussy as she opens her legs for me. I kiss her thighs before making my way to her swollen clitoris. I take the flesh between my teeth and while bitting it gently flicker my tongue across it.

Morgan moans " oooh.yes " and pushes onto my face, her moans more shaky every time I tease her clit. Her muscles tremble with aspiration as my finger tip caresses over her wet cunts entrance. Delight runs over her as I finally slides a finger into her wet pussy. I push it in slowly, my finger teasing her g-spot. My hard cock and throbbing as I finger her wet cunt. Her moans turn me on and without wasting any time I start fingering her hard, watching as my finger disappears within her wet pussy and emerging covered in her juices.

I return to flicking my tongue over her clit and was pleased when she moans loudly and bucks her hips. " Oh, fuck me John, fuck me!" She cries out pushing her soaked cunt closer to my face.

Morga lifts her head as I stand up. I grab my hard throbbing cock rubbing her juices over the shaft. " Hurry up," she breaths impatiently and rubs her clit. " You want me to fuck you?" I ask pushing her legs wider so I have easy access. " Yes," Morgan moans and tries to push herself onto my hard cock but I hold my throbbing cock away.


" Say what you want, tell me" I say rubbing her clit. " I want you to fuck me senseless" she groans and grinds her hips onto my hand. " That I will." I smirk positioning myself at her wet cunt's entrance. I rub the lubricated tip over her slit then thrusts into her pussy. Morgan gasps in pleasure as I slam deep into her hot core, my throbbing cock sliding between her hot walls like butter.

She arches under me as I fill her. My hard thick cock driving deep into her. I thrusts in and out, spurring her onto an orgasm. Our skin slapping together and her pussy making a sucking sound as I pull out. I slam in hard pushing Morgan hard into the bed. She groans as I slam my thick cock into her, stretching and tearing her.

" Oh shit, Ugh-" she shudders, her hips bucking and her muscles tense around my huge cock as I continue riding her hard. Morgan's moans of pleasure encouraging me further so my balls are slapping her ass.

WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP. She pushes back onto me as I my cock head aganist her cervix. A knot forms in my balls as pressure builds and I was thankful Morgan was climaxing. Morgan screams " OMG.JOHN.YES.YES " shoving herself deeper onto my pole. Her walls constrict around my thick cock as she feels her orgasm washing over her.

Her pussy's filled with pleasure heat, her muscles spasming as she cries out " AAAAH.AA AAH.OOOOH.OOOOH.MMMMMM." I groan " UUUH.UUUH.UUUH.UUUH " as I slam my cock all the way in. Holding my cock aganist her cervix as I explode sending streams of cum in her. Feeling Morgan's spasming walls on my hard thick shaft and feeling her juices coating my thick jerking cock. I collapse between Morgan's hot thighs as my throbbing cock slowly relaxes slidding out of her.

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Mina standing in the doorway, " Mina " Morgan breaths, still claming down from her orgasm. " Hey babe, Did you enjoy being fucked by John?" Mina says. She wonders over and in one quick move leans down and kisses Morgan on the lips. I stare with wide eyes. I'd imagined it, and now I seen it! Even more amazing Morgan kisses back hungrily. Mina straddles Morgan's stomach and leans down to make-out with Morgan. Feeling left out I reach around and cup Mina's breasts.

When she doesn't protest I rub my finger over her swollen nipples. A few seconds later Mina groans " ooooh.ooooh.ooooh.aaaah," She then leans down again to kiss Morgan's breasts, pushing back against my once again hard cock. Morgan moans " oooh.aaah " as Mina sucks her nipple and licks it. She suddenly sees me stand and I walk over to her and present my hard cock to her. She obediently takes it into her mouth, sucking at the cum still coating my cock.

She suddenly shudders as Mina's finger rubs her clit. She lets out a small sound of enjoyment and squeezes Mina's breast. Touching the other woman's body made her feel naughty excited, like a kid opening her Christmas present too early.

" Mina runs her tongue over Morgan's breast and down to her smooth stomach. She slowly crawls backwards, making sure to lick Morgan's salty skin as she moves down. She finds Morgan's shaved pussy and quickly sets to work sucking and licking her clitoris making Morgan groan and tremble.

" Morgan, you taste good," she comments devouring the her juices. She smells so good it turns Mina on even more.

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" Oh, John, come here!" she demands spreading her legs wider and lifting her ass higher into the air. I was nearly cumming in Morgan's mouth, she was licking me so fervently, her tongue investigating my cock like it was new land. So reluctantly I withdraw my throbbing cock from her mouth and turns to Mina who was eating Morgan's cunt.

She pulls out enough to look at me and hisses, " I want you to fuck me John." I watch as she returns to Morgan's soaked pussy, her fingers sliding down her stomach til they got to her own shaved pussy. I delay, I move around behind her and position myself at her firm ass.

I grab my cock and run it up and down Mina's slit, feeling even hornier as she moans into Morgan's cunt. Mina cries " OMG.YYYES.YYYES " out in pleasure as I penetrate her opening. My throbbing cock slides in easily, still slippery. She moans " oooh.oooh, pushing her nose into Morgan's pussy. Her fingers travel into the hot core as she sucks on the clit making Morgan buck and tremble as she moans in delight.

" aaaah.aaaah.ooooh.oooh." Mina groans loudly " OH GOD.jOHN," as I shove myself in hard, my balls slapping her ass. I stretch her walls, my hard thick cock sliding in and out, delivering hard blows. " Uh, Jo-hn " she moans as her muscles jerk and tense. Morgan clutches at the bed and mews in ecstasy. Mina's fingers dig deep within her with everyone of my hard thrusts. Mina was running her tongue around her clit as she grinds onto her face.

A knot was in her stomach and the pleasure was building and before she knew it her orgasm was washing over her. Her back arches and she pushes down onto Mina's fingers as pleasure floods her body and an intense feeling makes her moan. I slam into Mina fast and hard, my cock throbbing. Mina's muscles contract around me and I clutch her waist and grind my cock into her pussy.

Morgan's cries turn me on, my pleasure building in my balls and cock. " Oh yes!" Mina shoves down onto my hard cock, temporally forgetting the pussy she'd been eating.

Pleasure crashes over her hard, her muscles tighten and I slam into her again and trigger the pleasure to concentrated ecstasy. I hammer her hard and deep, fucking her so hard she was finding it hard to breathe as my thick rod plunges into her. Morgan rubs her clit as she watches and listens to Mina and me. Our moans make her horny and the smell of sex arouses her all over again. She wants me to be fucking her senseless but watching as I fuck my minx in front of her was just as good.

She grabs Mina's breasts and massages them. I finally couldn't hold it in any longer; with a hard thrust I impale myself into her wet cave, spurting my cum as Mina's walls constrict me. We both groan and Mina nearly collapses as I retreat from inside her, my cock still hard. Sitting back onto the bed heavily I grab my cock rubbing my cum covered cock, massaging any last pressure from it. I feel so worn out. I could see both the naked women and I still had the desire to fuck one of them again.

I want to fuck them til I couldn't move. Morgan crawls out from under Mina who simply crawls into the corner and collapses there, trembling. She finds me in the other corner of the bed and moves towards me. I look at her almost questionably as she pulls herself onto my lap and sets to work stroking my hard cock.

It becomes very hard quickly and she moves up further, positioning herself over my hard rod. She lowers herself onto me easily, wet from just watching Mina and me fuck like animals. I groan as Morgan grinds onto my cock, her hips moving in circles as she dances on me. I clutche her waist, gasping as she rides my cock.

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Her breasts bouncing as she drives my rod. Careful not to disturb her pace I pull her chest closer to me until my face was in her breasts.

I squeeze them tightly, groaning as she grinds against my cock.

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" Holy shit" I grunt at the building pleasure she was causing in my balls. I feel like I was going to explode. Morgan grinds my big cock, her pussy hot with pleasure. She cries out as I thrust up, shoving my huge cock up her cunt. She pushes her chest against my face, welcoming my groan. " Ugh- I'm gonna-cum " I huff as Morgan grinds down on my length and thickness.

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She doesn't stop; instead she lifts herself up slightly before shoving down hard. I cuss and moan as I empty my cum into her cunt. She doesn't seem upset however, instead she moans in delight. She shudders, her muscles contracting around my hard cock. Morgan moans and clutches at my shoulders as a strong wave of rapture seizes her. Heat flushes over her body and a relieved feeling of release causes her to cry out. She crumbles onto me, feeling too worn-out to remove herself from my hard erect cock.

" I'm so glad I got home early " Mina breaths as I lift Morgan off my cock. I smile at Mina, smoothing down Morgan's messy hair. " You're welcome any time, Morgan " Mina smiles tiredly as Morgan nods lazily in agreement. Safe to say she was definitely hired!!!