Sexy slut demonstrates her undisputed oral skills with joy

Sexy slut demonstrates her undisputed oral skills with joy
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This story is total fiction. None of the participants are real. This is a fantasy story. These events did not occur. I have a great imagination, but I would never degrade another human this way. Enjoy. Kinda long but worth it. Trust me. I have had a very interesting relationship with my niece since she was about seven years old. I was about seven years old when Kaley was born. We were very close during childhood and we were more like brother and sister than uncle and niece.

I started to notice that Kaley had an awesome butt at about the time she turned seven. I loved when she would come over and my parents would babysit, this always meant that I would have some time to "play" with my favorite niece. My favorite thing to do with her was to play house, and especially the part about playing house where we had to go to bed. I knew exactly what I was doing. Kaley was none the wiser. She was just thrilled to be playing "mommy and daddy." We would always lay down and I would hug her and slowly work one hand down until it "happened" to stop on her butt.

That used to make me so hard I could have cut glass with my dick!

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Then I would rush to the bathroom to get some relief, if you know what I mean. One day however Kaley told me to "get your hand off my butt". and not wanting to get busted, I had to move it. My heart sank. When and how was I going to get my butt fix? Shit! So I had to resort to spanking it and just thinking about the sway of that perfect booty. Kaley turned sixteen in may. I will never forget how every year I would fantasize about sleeping with my fourteen year old niece, then my fifteen year old niece, and so on and so forth.

I am now 23, I have a girlfriend and she thinks that when I flip her onto her stomach and fuck her while grabbing her ass, that I'm thinking of her. Ha! All I can think about when I lay her down is grabbing Kaley's ass for a ride. I'm guessing I might get four inches in before I would cum. Maybe I would find out. Kaley was housesitting for some family friends of ours.

I knew the house inside and out. I knew where she would be sleeping. Most importantly, I knew which door didn't lock. Now, let me preset my plan. My father is a pharmacist. I have been stealing drugs from him for years. Today would be no exception. My mom has been hooked on Valium for years, pills no longer worked for her, so dad got her injectable valium.

The valium knocks her out, Kaley would be mine for hours. I waited until 1AM. I left my house. My mouth was dry, my dick was hard, and my heart was pounding with anticipation. I ran through it a thousand times during the 35 minute ride. How would I start? I hadn't felt that ass in almost nine years, tonight I was going to make up for lost time. I realized that I was driving 85 mph.

Maybe I should pay attention to the road. I couldn't take my mind off of her for five seconds. All I could think was what she would taste like, was she a virgin, what was she wearing, would she have panties on, would I last thirty seconds. All I could do was hope. Finally, I pulled in the drive way. I turned off the headlights. The thompsons lived in an old six bedroom farmhouse out in the sticks. Nearest house is a half mile away. I coasted half way up the eighth of a mile drive, stopped and got out, gathered my supplies and headed for the house.

It was at this point that it hit me that I didn't care if this would fuck her up, and if so, I didn't care how badly. I was not going to get caught, so it didn't bother me. It seemed like it took me three years to slowly make my way up the drive.

I noticed only one light on in the house, it was the living room light. She had probably left the light on to scare away any intruders.

I would keep her safe. Kaley is a bombshell.


I don't know who in my family she got her looks from and I don't care. Kaley is about five feet two inches and maybe 105lbs.

She has played every sport you could imagine for several years, she is built accordingly. She has piercing green eyes, and dirty blonde hair just past her shoulders. She has small B-cup tits, and an ass that would make any man cream his pants. She was typical jailbait and I guess I would say more appropriately rapebait.

C'mon, she's not going to consent to me. I was now approaching the house. I never thought that this house would play such a huge part in my dirtiest fantasy. I walked up to the back door and slowly turned the knob.

It opened silently, as if it was meant to be. I made my way into the kitchen and grabbed a dishtowel. I had already prepared my darling's sleepy-time present. Enough to keep her down at least three hours. I made my way through the dining room, careful to stay out of the light from the living room in case she happened to be in there. Nope, the coast was clear. What the fuck is that!!!! races through my head as I step on the cat. I fucking hate that cat, always have.

I slowly moved into the hallway. I could see that one of the bedroom doors was closed. She must be in there. I could hear a noise. laughing, giggling. Who the fuck is that? This can't happen to me, NO,NO,NO!!!!! Dammit! I thought to myself. I made my way to the door. Now this was an old farmhouse. Like old enough to have skeleton key holes. I looked through the key hole and saw what both pissed me off, and made me even harder.

Kaley's mouth on a cock. Kaley was on top of her boyfriend Keith. They were in the sixty-nine position. I decided to watch. Disappointed that I couldn't see more of her ass. I heard him asking her several times to fuck him. Kaley refused, she said she was going to stay a virgin until she was married, but she said tonight she was going to cum on his face.

I was relieved that she wasn't going to let that fuckstain cum in her, I didn't want sloppy seconds. I couldn't wait to see her "O" face!!!! Then, everything else came together nicely. She wouldn't even let him cum in her mouth. I had no idea she was such a prude, better for me!

I watched until she screamed through her orgasm.

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All I could think was that it was time for shithead to leave. And he did twenty five minutes after she made him blow his load in a sock! It was like she wanted to stay clean for me. Keith left, on foot, through the cornfield, (you thought he was going to see my car) Keith's parents live just over a mile straight through that cornfield. I waited in the hallway closet. I waited until I could take it no longer. I decided that if she was still awake, I would just rush her, and stick her with the sleepy stuff.

Finally, my time has come. The light was off. I opened the door so slowly that you would have had a hard time noticing if you were watching with slo-mo. I slowly made my way over to the bed, out like a light.

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This is too easy. The moon-light shown through the window illuminating the side of her face. I could just make out her lips, and I thought I would cum right there.

It was time to make my move. With one motion I straddled Kaley and shoved the towel over her eyes just in case. I reached around and jammed the needle in her thigh, and injected the medication into her muscle. She bagan to thrash around. I felt the first drops of precum leave the tip of my dick.

It took about 5 minutes for her to completely go out.

I could hardly believe that my time had come, and It was all I could do to take the moment in. I turned on the light on the bedside table and looked at my prize.

I slowly removed the comforter.

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Kaley was wearing a white tank top, and a hot pink pair of panties, crotch still wet. Christmas in August, unbelievable.


I could see her nipples were still hard through her tank top. I immediately took her left breast into my hand and pinched her nipple. I pulled the neck of the shirt down and took her right nipple into my mouth. Her body felt hot, you know like when someone has just gotten to sleep.

I stopped got off of her and removed my clothes. I was hard enough to cut a diamond. I got back into bed with her. I slowly removed the tank top. Perfect, she didn't even move. I spent the next five minutes licking every square inch of her stomach, and her belly button, then to her breasts, and onto her neck. I slowly lowered my tongue into her mouth and french kissed the best tasting mouth I have ever experienced.

I couldn't take it anymore. I turned Kaley over and slid her panties over her cheeks and slowly off of her legs. I spread her legs apart and just gazed at her perfect little pink snatch sparkling with the wetness of her earlier encounter. I leaned in for a taste. The feeling of each of her ass cheeks on either side of my face was awesome, I took a deep sniff in, smelled like heaven to me. I slowly licked inside her lips and stuck my tongue inside up to her hymen. I have never tasted anything so sweet.

I slowly came out and moved my tongue up to her ass, I licked every part of her ass for what seemed like hours. I think at this point my mind was cumming, I just wasn't cumming yet. I pressed her ass cheeks together and just licked and licked and licked. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get my dick inside her body, now. I rolled her back over and slowly lowered my cock into her pretty little mouth. The second her tongue toched my dick I had to pinch the shit out of my nut sack.

Oh, I didn't come all this way to come in her mouth. After a few minutes of raping her mouth I traced my way down to between her tits and titty fucked her for about a hundred strokes, much more pinching was necessary. Slowly I made my way down so that my cock rested on her clit. I started mauling her tits, I was now out of control and I began to rock my cock back and forth over her still moist clit. Wow, I could've cum nine times by now. Every thirty seconds I had to stop, even the pinching wasn't going to stop me blowing a hole in her.

I moved down and ate her out for several minutes while I fondled her perfect little tits. Ok, that's enough fooling around. It's time. I rolled Kaley onto her stomach and pulled her legs back together so that it would plump her butt up to it's fattest point. I positioned myself and found her opening. I could not get through my head that I was about to deflower my sixteen year old niece Kaley. My fantasy was even better than I thought it would be.

Slowly I made my way in, so tight and so wet, slowly I rocked back and forth keeping just the head in, then I lost control and slammed all the way into her. My body took over. I grabbed her hair violently into my hand.

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I mauled her ass cheeks with the other. The minute all of my shaft made its way in I began to cum. Jet after jet of cum ejaculated from my dick, It seemed like ten or fifteen spurts later it stopped, and I collapsed on top of Kaley with my dick still hard inside her.

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I had just cum in the most amazing pussy I have ever seen and I am still hard as a two by four. I began to pump in and out of her again and again. After about two minutes of this I felt my balls tighten up and again I came inside my hot little niece, this time I think I came for two minutes.

Mind blowing. I pulled out. I was STILL hard. An awesome idea overcame me as I looked at her ass. Without thinking I placed my cock at Kaley's star, and pressed forward. My dick turned white from the tightness as it disappeared into Kaley's Ass. I could hardly pump in and out without lifting her off the bed! Then my heart started pounding, I could feel the strongest orgasm I have ever felt start to overtake me. My whole body went into a spasm, as hard as a board.

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I had no control over my body, I slowly began to get control back, but I was still cumming. I leaned forward and before I realized what I was doing I bit Kaley on the side of her neck.


I reached under her body and began to squeeze her left tit as I finished cumming. Slowly I went limp and I let the limpness withdraw my dick from that perfect little ass. Wow was all I could say. I got dressed all the while staring at Kaley lying there face down with a trail of my cum running down her ass and into her cunt lips. I made my way to the bathroom and got a washcloth to at least clean up the majority of my baby batter. I cleaned her up and re-dressed her. I realized that for some reason, redressing her made me hard again.

I noticed one hole that had not been cum in. I straddled Kaley's face and held her cheeks open to minimize the amount of teeth on shaft. It didn't take long once I got past the fact that I had already cum everywhere else, and it was ok to make this my last stop. I took Kaley's hair in my hand into a top of the head ponytail slash handle and blew my nut into her throat.

She began to choke and hack on the spooge, I turned her head on it's side and used the washcloth to get most of my nut out of her mouth. I replaced the comforter, turned out the light, gathered the syringe.

I took the towel back down to the kitchen. You know I didn't even care if she knew what that taste in her mouth was when she woke up.

I didn't even care if she figured out why her ass was so sore. I didn't even care if she realized she was no longer "white wedding" eligible. I didn't care, at all.

I almost didn't care if I was caught. Those were the best orgasms of my life and it may have been worth some jail time. Who cares. I do hope that she isn't pregnant though.

Would it be weird playing with my son, who is also my nieces daughter?


What would she tell Keith? HAHA that limp wrist couldn't knock her up if her was allowed to cum in her. Doesn't matter, It was years cumming, and I got there first.