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Lethal weapon porno
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This story relates how far my sisters would go for extra cash. Main characters: Ryan: 17, high school senior, blonde hair, 5'9, athletic, tall, 6-pac, 7.5" dick Lisa: 14, high school student, blonde, Ryan's sister, slim, 5'4, slim, slender frame, 36B, nice round ass Lindsey: 14, high school student, blonde, Ryan's sister, slim, 5'3, 34B, nice round ass Chapter 1 " Hey Ryan, tomorrow could you accompany us to this advert we saw on the net, please?" Lisa, my 14 year old sister asked me with one of her puppy eyes look.

I saw the ad with the address and said "Teen models wanted good money" I reluctantly agreed. Lisa has been looking for means to find extra cash.

My name is Ryan and I have two younger sisters named Lisa and Lindsey. We are raised by our single mother, Claire, who worked long hours just to put enough food on our table and provide us enough to get by. We could not afford anything extra and my sisters and I always wanted extra. Both Lisa and Lindsey love to shop and would find means and ways to earn extra money while I love to have the newest gadgets.

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As mom's work requires her to travel frequently, I being the eldest, have to look after the girls. This resulted in the twins being close to me and there were hardly any secrets among us. I noticed over the past 3 years, both my twin sisters have been blossoming into pretty young girls with growth on their chest. The next day after school, my sisters were waiting for me at home dressed and ready. Lisa was in a halter neck dress while Lindsey was in t-shirt and shorts.

Both girls wore heels and looked very pretty. I complemented on their attires and they kissed me. I put my stuff down got changed and we left for the studio. We reached the studio and found that it was a 2-storey residential house. I knocked on the door and a middle age guy came to answer.

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We introduced ourselves and he was Marcus. My sisters were behind me as we walked into his house. I told him that my sisters wanted to try out for the job. He looked at them and smiled. He started by asking some basic questions and then went into personal questions.

I waited outside as he interviewed my sisters. When they were done, the girls came out and we went off thanking him. I asked them how it went and they said that he asked them to watch a demo and if they like it come back for an audition.

When we got home, we changed into something comfy and Lisa eagerly put the DVD into the player. The DVD played and I was stunned at its contents. It was a porn video and the first scene was a girl doing a strip tease and my dick got hard immediately. I noticed my sisters were focusing on the video and were very excited. Once the girl got naked, two black guys came and she sucked them off. I tried to stop the video but the twins wanted to finish watching it. The video lasted for 90 minutes and ended with a gangbang and for most of the video I was constantly hard.

When the video was done, I went into my room and wanked myself. I did not noticed as Lisa and Lindsey crept in until I cum. "Damn it girls, don't you know how to knock?" I said, embarrassed as both girls giggled. "Well big brother, Lindsey and I decided to take up the modeling job and we would be required to do sex scenes and it pays well. Since we are still virgins, we would want you and only you to be the first in us. Shall we help you clean up?" Lisa replied grinning as she took my dick in her hands and started playing with it while Lindsey removed her nighty showing off her smooth young body.

I was taken aback and did not stop them as I was hard again. Lindsey came up and kissed me while Lisa was starting to suck me off. I ran my hands down her teen body and found her clit.

I noticed she was wet and started fingering her.

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Lisa was sucking my dick as I fingered Lindsey. I shot a load into Lisa's mouth while Lindsey orgasm. I pulled my fingers out and Lindsey lay on my bed with her legs spread.

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I then positioned myself on Lindsey's pussy entrance and slowly pushed my dick in. Lisa got naked and was kissing me while I fucked Lindsey. Lindsey moaned in pleasure as my dick went in and out of her. Before I came, I managed to pull out and sprayed my cum all over Lindsey's body.

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"Eww! Ryan you disgusting dick you can cum in my as mom put us on pills." Lindsey said playfully. I watched as Lisa bend over and lick the cum of her body and this got me hard again. I then got up and went behind Lisa. While she was busy licking Lindsey's body, I rammed my dick into her virgin pussy.

She screamed "Ryan you asshole. Urgh &hellip. Urgh" As I fucked Lisa, Lindsey sat up and kissed her twin. I cum in Lisa and pulled out. Both girls looked at me smiling and I kissed both my sisters. "We love you brother" they said in unison and Lindsey added: "Well you can have us anytime you like and we want you there at our shoots." As I lay on the bed resting, the twins started taking turns cleaning my dick with their mouths.

After they finish sucking me clean, Lisa and Lindsey then started kissing fingering each other before slumping down beside me. I put each arm round each girl and we chatted for a while. We got into the shower together as I fucked both of them again. Lisa and Lindsey prepared dinner nude and after dinner, we watched Spiderman 3. Before bed, I made Lindsey get Lisa's ass lube with some baby oil and had her suck me off. I then bend Lisa over and fucked her last virgin hole as she screamed in pleasure.

I cummed in her ass and pulled out, ordering the waiting Lindsey to clean it as Lisa lubed up her sister. I swapped girls this time and Lisa was busy kissing Lindsey while I fucked her virgin ass.

Lisa then sucked me clean after I had cum in Lindsey's ass. "Eww, Lindsey you did not clean your ass well." Lisa commented as she sucked my dick. We cleaned up once more before getting into bed together as mom was away for the week.

Chapter 2 The next morning, I woke up before my sisters and started to suck their teen nipples. They woke up smiling and kissed me. I fucked them in the shower as we got ready for school.

Before we parted at school both girls gave me a kiss and I groped their cute asses. After school, we went home together and put our bags before heading out to the Marcus's house. Both girls were dress in their school outfit and were as excited as I was.

When we reach Marcus's house, he opened the door and invited us to the studio which was the basement.

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I noticed various bondage equipment's which I had seen many times on porn videos. He got us a drink and I said: "Well my sisters are agreeable on one condition, which is I am to be present at all their shoots." He nodded and replied: "That is not an issue and as I have explained to your sisters, they might be required to entertain the clients of my videos for extra cash and special roles. Now let's get started.

We will do your portfolio and then I will try you girls and see." The twins then stood in front of the camera as he took a video of them introducing themselves.

Yesterday, they had explained that Marcus had a list of wealthy clients who have various fetishes and would pay handsomely for a video of their desire and they would also like to sample the girls. Marcus role was to gather the girls and direct the videos and if needed direct them to the clients for them to test the girls.

The girls were now stripping as Marcus continued shooting. When they were naked, I noticed that both Marcus and I were having hard-ons. Next, Marcus had the twins' model in various swimsuits and took pictures of them in various poses. He also had them kiss each other in front of the camera. After few hours of modeling and photo shooting, Marcus decided it was enough for the day.

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He got both twins to come over to him and said: "That's enough girls, now I and going to taste you girls. As for you Ryan you can either watch or join in." He kissed Lisa and used his hands to feel Lindsey in her bikini outfit. He then made both girls strip him off as he took their bikinis off himself. I watched as both my sisters took turns sucking him off and he shot his first load at their faces. He then had both girls kneel down.

As he fucked Lisa, he had Lisa eating Lindsey. I watched and took my already hard dick out. I wanked as Marcus fucked Lisa. He cummed in Lisa before pulling Lindsey towards him. Lisa, seeing me wanking, crawled over to me and started sucking me off as Marcus took his turn in Lindsey's ass. We could hear her screams as he rammed his 9'in bonder in her. He ignored her screams and continued to fuck her and at the same time; he was also mauling her teen breast. We both shot our loads into the girls and pulled out.

Marcus then kissed both girls before letting them clean up. After the girls cleaned up and got dressed, minus their panties, Marcus spoke: "Well Ryan, I will now circulate your sisters' pictures among my clients and they would bid for their services. Once a client chooses the girls, they would be scheduled to appear in the type of films they enjoy. They would also be required to pleasure the client any time he wants. Rest assured that there would be nothing too extreme. I would market them as twins to the clients so both girls would be together.

I will also mention that you would be around each time they go out. Well here is something before you leave. I will be in touched." Marcus handed me an envelope before we left. I opened the envelope when we got home as Lisa and Lindsey went to change. I counted $500 and passed the money to the girls. "Well bro, you help us safe keep the money. Lindsey and I trust you with it and you will be entitled with a share as well." Lisa told me and joined her sister in the kitchen.

That night, I had both my beautiful sisters in bed beside me as I promised them that I would create a bank account and deposit their future earnings there for our future. Chapter 3 The following 2 weeks passed as usual with school and mom being back for a few days before flying off again, this time for 2 weeks. Then on Tuesday after mom left, I received a call from Marcus asking me to bring the girls over after school.


I met my sisters at home after school and told them about the call. They were excited and went to change and put on some make-up. When they were ready, they looked stunning in their similar pink tube tops and skirts. I playfully lifted their skirts before leaving the house and saw that both girls were not wearing panties. We made our way to Marcus's house and when we got in, we saw Marcus with another guy. He was short with a beer belly and about 50 years old.

He smiled as we walked in. Marcus then introduced him to us saying he is Samuel and he would be my sisters' main client for 3 months. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. Marcus then went on to explain that Samuel enjoyed watching gangbang films and my sisters would be required to do 1 a week and they would be paid well. The girls were also to please him and do his bidding as required. We were then told to follow Samuel as he wanted to show us his place.

We got into his chauffeured driven limousine and sat facing him. Along the journey, he asked us some personal questions and told me that it was fine with me tagging along. We stopped for a while and a teen boy boarded the car.

Samuel then introduced him as his son, Andy. Andy smiled at both my sisters and I was feeling a little envious. On the remaining journey, Samuel had both Lisa and Lindsey strip their clothes and was feeling their bodies. Samuel had Lisa on his lap and was fingering her pussy while Andy was French kissing Lindsey and playing with her tits.

We reached their house and got out. I was amazed as it was a very nice house with swimming pool and gardens both at front and back. Samuel and Andy led my naked sisters into the house and into the guest room.


There, they stripped off their clothes and had both girls sucking them off. The father and son then shot their first load of cum into the girls before pulling out. After that, they lined both Lisa and Lindsey side by side with the legs spread and started fucking them. I watched the whole process as my dick went hard. They spend the next 2 hours fucking my sisters and in between I was invited to join in making a 5 person orgy.

Both my sisters were tired and sore as we 3 fucked all their holes at least once. We then lay on the bed when Samuel spoke: "Well Ryan, welcome to my house. Firstly you are a lucky guy to have such lovely sisters. Secondly, I engaged your sisters as a 16th birthday present for my son and you will have to please him as well. Thirdly, you are allowed to stay here and use the facilities as and when you are required.

The money will be paid to you by Marcus for the videos and other extras would be paid to you after each activity. Now go clean up and go home to rest. I am sure Andy would want them tomorrow." "My chauffer will send you back later after your clean up.

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By the way, Lisa and Lindsey you can go to the second room on the left and see if you both like any clothes and lingerie and can take them. Here is some extra money for you to get some sexy outfits for them. Here is a phone which we would use to call you." He handed me the money and phone before leaving. Andy then showed us the room as my sisters went to select their new outfits.

It was filled with lovely teen female clothes as Andy told us that his dad had already engaged several teen models but this was the first time he was given any. Samuel then ordered dinner for us and we ate before leaving. Back home, my sisters started parading in their new clothes in front of me and when they got to their last piece, they performed a hot and erotic lesbian strip tease.

I fucked them both once as they both said: "We love you Ryan the most." The next 2 days after school, I took both sisters shopping and they enjoyed using the extra money on skimpy clothes and sexy lingerie. They also bought some make up and handbags and high heels. I teased them and told them how mom would react with this huge influx of new clothes. I also had the pleasure of making sure my sisters' pussy remain hairless and smooth. Chapter 4 On Friday morning, I received a call from Andy and he told me that he wanted some pussy and he would meet us at the mall after school.

We packed a light school bag and left for school. After school, we left for the mall together and waited at MacDonald for Andy. He arrived 15 minutes later and kissed my sisters as he sat down. We ate some tea before heading towards his car. Gosh, at 16 he already had a nice convertible and I was feeling very jealous. I was stunned as he handed his key to me, after knowing I got my license, and followed my sisters to the back.

I started the car and drove as I peeked over the rear mirror and saw and Andy was in between my sisters, kissing Lisa and was fingering both girls with one hand. It wasn't long till both girls were naked and sucking him off as I drove. Before we reached his house, Lisa was riding his dick as he kissed Lindsey. We got out after he cum in Lisa and he took us to the pool. We then spent the evening swimming, dinner and fucking.

We spent the night in their house as he chose Lisa to sleep with him while I got Lindsey. The next morning after breakfast, Andy decided to play a game with my sisters. He handed them a 12 inch dildos and told them to fuck themselves and the person to cum last would be punished.

My sisters smiled and started fucking themselves with the dildos as we watched. In the end, Lindsey lost out by just a few seconds. Andy then had Lindsey spread her legs and went to take a ruler.

He then started beating her cunt with the ruler and when I tried to protest, he told me: "Ryan I am disciplining my sluts and this is part of the agreement.

So sit your ass down and shut up." He hit Lindsey a few times as she screamed in agony. After that he had her suck him off.


When she was done, he led both girls to the toilet and to my disgust, he peed on both girls. After peeing, he had them clean up and get ready to go out.

Lisa and Lindsey cried as I showered both girls and told them to stop as it is humiliating. Lisa replied: "I know Ryan, but we signed a contract and if we break it we have to pay a heavy penalty. I guess Lindsey and I just have to bear with it. We love you brother and hope you love us too." I kissed them and dried their body. Andy then took us to Marcus house and there were 5 white guys and several cameramen waiting for us in the studio.

Marcus then had Andy and I sit and watch as he got both Lisa and Lindsey ready for the shoot. Marcus also explained that it would be a rape scene. The shooting started as Lisa and Lindsey were watching television at home when the guys 'broke-in' they then tied my sisters hands behind their backs and told them to shut up.

Two guys then started fondling them through their clothes as the other 3 ransacked the place. When they got back, both Lisa and Lindsey were topless and sucking their two assailants. The other 3 guys got naked quickly and one spoke: "I am going to untie your hands and you both better behave or you die." Both girls nodded as they were busy sucking dicks.

My sisters were surrounded by the naked guys as they switched between the dicks with their mouths. I watched as the guys were at least 10 inches long and thick. After sucking each guy off, Lisa was then laid on the floor with her legs spread while Lindsey was made to ride a guy.

Both girls were double penetrated while one guy was busy tit fucking Lisa. The guys then swapped positions and had a go at both my sisters' holes at least once in the next hour. I watched and lost count of the number of times I jerk myself off. Marcus stopped filming after some time and he, Andy, I and the crewmen joined in the gangbang of my sisters. After fucking Lindsey's ass, I got up and cleaned up. When I got changed, I watched as the guys led by Andy started pissing on my sisters.

Pee sprouted everywhere as my tired sisters just laid and take their warm piss. When they were all done, Marcus made the girls clean up the floor and themselves as the guys showered. Andy left with a tape and told me that he wanted the girls ready tomorrow for something fun. I took my abused, humiliated, tired and sore sisters home with another package from Marcus. Upon reaching home, I put my sisters in bed and let them sleep. I counted the money and they made $5000 from that gangbang and I could not wait to tell them.

(To be continued or not? Opinions please.)