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Marley brinx got her perfect pussy pounded p tube xvideos cumshot blowjob
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Mary walks out of April's room and closes the door. I am up stairs changing in my room When all of a sudden , I see April open her shade. She flashes me her tits and give a two thumbs up sign. I think it will be alright moms going to talk to you before she goes to work. Chapter three, Morning came I woke up earlier than usual today it was my day off. I work every other Friday I was having my morning coffee and reading the paper.

I heard a knock on the door I opened it there stood Mary my Neighbor. Good Morning Mary morning Tony can we please talk sure come on in. Would you Like a cup of fresh brewed coffee yes please thank you. Mary is a blond slender with hazel eyes a nice firm bottom and a size 38 d breasts.

Tony the problem I have is this as you know It's been a year scene John passed. April has been very depressed lately She was so looking forward to us five going camping this weekend. One of her girlfriends canceled the other girlfriend sue is four months pregnant. this leaves April sue and Janet to go camping with out me. I know we all had planned to go camping but one of the girls at work is sick. I won't be able to go I have to work until Sunday evening.

Anthony do you think you Could take them without me ?. yes but only if it's alright with you yes it's quite alright with me. I have only one concern sue is four mounts pregnant and her birthday is Sunday she will be eighteen.

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I can plan a birthday party for her that should be simple. Yes but it's a birthday party and a baby shower it's combined. Tony I will be honest when I was pregnant with April I was the horniest thing on two legs. I just hope that none of that rubbed off on my daughter.

Little did Mary know it already had I will fill you in on sue this girl quiet and shy but her hormones maybe raging. I thought to myself I really hope so I have not been laid in months.

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I would appreciate it If you could take the girls camping It would put my mind at ease. I would be glad to Mary it's no problem thanks Tony. I will take good care of them for you I don't want you to worry about anything. I would be happy to take her and her friends camping up by the ocean this weekend. Alright then It's all settled I will tell my daughter.


She took out her cell phone to call April oh darn it all I forgot today's Friday. April had gotten picked up by her friends their going to school early today.

No cell phones on school grounds her girlfriends and her have cheerleader practice today. Would you please tell her for me I have to work late this evening. I will not be home I will do that for you you really helped me out of this bind I was in.

I owe you one have a great time this weekend see you all on Sunday night when you return. She gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek she walks out the door starts her car and goes to work. Wow was it really that easy ? April and her friends will be so surprised. How do I handle a young woman soon to be eighteen and pregnant with raging hormones ? Who knows who else will be going ? I thought to myself.

Mary never mentioned any other girls names except sue. How can I handle handle these two teens maybe more plus a birthday party on Sunday.

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what have i gotten myself into ?. I hope all will be OK like I told Mary I think My hormones were talking no me I was thinking with my dick head not with my mind. Pregnant woman can be horny all the time ,like Mary said oh hell. If Sue says fuck my pussy I'm horny I 'll just go for it.

The phone rings hello Tony hi its me Mary all set with the girls parents I explained it all. Alright How many all together well there's horny sue , and my daughter April.


Then there is Jessica and Jill and maybe Jane but that's the one that called and had to cancel out. Thank you Mary have a good day at work see you Sunday night. I thought to myself Dam four girls in one trailer I been there it sleeps six. it's almost like a mobile home I better get my camping gear together. John ,Mary and April have had this trailer at the same camp site for 14 years.

Ever scene I have known them they always use to go up and open it this time of the year in first week in April. I thought to myself yet again these thoughts, I better pack condoms if sue is horny or the other girls. I do not know what their planning nor do I want to know. I maybe walking around with a hard on all day or night for that matter. In two months school will be out and summer will start dam my hormones will be raging myself. Vacation is July forth week shop shuts down for that I hope April will not be to upset its been almost a year scene john passed.

I know she will be sad the camp for April and her mom not there to open up with her dad and her mom. It will bring back a lot of old memories but I will be there to support her. I been packing almost all morning now it's time for lunch what shall I have.

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I know I'll go into town for a pizza. I go in order and sit down.

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About twenty minutes my pizza's ready I begin to eat I her a young lady's voice call out. Hi Tony whats up ? I turn around it's sue by her self hey sue please sit down. Please have a bite to eat with me yes I think I will thank you. where are your parents oh they went to see my grand parents they will be home on Monday.

"Oh now this is great ! " I say to myselfnow what do?. I am willing to bet she's horny too. So please tell me what have you been up to not to much and you sue. Well for sure I know I'm going camping this weekend with Mary and April and you. Mary can't make it so I am taking you sue April and maybe Jessica and Jill. I got bad news just Jessica or jess we call her will be coming with us. Our friend Jill has family thing to attend to, It will be just just us three Tony. Sue why aren't you in school well its Jim class now Oh I see and I had to relief myself.

I get so dam horny she whispered in my ear my boyfriend skipped town so the baby has no father and my parents threatened to toss me out they say I am a whore. Your Joking sue replied no I'm notsure girls get horny but he exploded in me. I tried to kick him off but he was to strong he held me down. she begins to cry I go sit next to her sue please you follow me to my house you can come home with me alright thanks.

I'm so sorry Tony but us pregnant woman we can get very emotional at times. yes honey I know it will be alright I promise I really felt bad for her. She got into her car and I in mine we went over to my house where she unloaded her things for the weekend trip.

At seventeen and three quarters she can drive she had got her learners at sixteen. I guess they felt she was ready she got her license at seventeen well sue where here. Wow nice place tony and your next door to April and its a dead end street really cool. It's home it has about four thousand eight hundred feet for living. This place tony its huge! It belonged to my parents they purchased it many years ago. It has two baths one in the master bedroom and a spare bathroom with a jacuzzi in it.

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The other rooms are a spare bedroom kitchen ,dining room, living room and a family room down stairs. and a pool house is attached to the main house here with a changing room. Tony may I please try out the Jacuzzi sure you can sue its down the hall to the right. I have towels their in the side closet thank you your welcome sue.

If there is any thing else you need just call me ill be in the den reading. I'm Saying to myself like hell I'll be reading I want to get a good look at sue. this girl is hot now I know why she pregnant she stands 5'8" brown hair and green eyes and a nice set of 34c I am sure they will grow as they start making the milk for the baby. she calls out from the bathroom what time is it now ?, It's only about one pm the Saying to herself great my girlfriends will not be out of school until three thirty.

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Alright sue shall I tell you when April returns home yes please thanks. Sue went into the bathroom I never told her the old doors had keyholes.

I made it so when you walk on all the floors its extremely quiet. I waled near the bathroom door knelt down and peered through the key hole. sue was already undress looking at her self in the full length mirror that hung on the wall.

I over hear her saying lets see I have not had any cock in me scene that asshole boyfriend got me pregnant. That was four months ago and Tony s single I wonder if I can get him to fuck me. Hell he can blow his load all in me for all I care I'm already pregnant anyway.

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I think I would like to try something either today or tonightor maybe even when we go camping. I went back into the den pretend to read I softly said to myself wow she really is kinda slutty.