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Chuck sacked out on the couch. He was fully dressed so a jacket over his body was all he needed. Paul took the couch in Dan's office. He too, found sleep almost immediately. That left Virgil and Nakeisha in what Virgil felt was an uncomfortable situation. "I think I'll find one of the bedrooms upstairs," Virgil began, "I suggest you do the same.

It's been a long, long night. One of the things we learned in the Army is that while the operation is ongoing you can stay awake indefinitely, but once it's over you just crash. That's how I feel right now." "Virgil…can I stay with you? I'm still afraid. Please?" "Okay, but all we're going to do is sleep.

You needn't worry about that with me. I've never forced any woman to do anything and I'm not going to start now. C'mon, let's find a place to crash." Virgil led her upstairs to what he knew was the second bedroom. He had stayed there, sleeping in the queen-sized bed for more than a month while he recovered from his ex-wife's insane acts. He started up the stairs and was surprised when Nakeisha took his hand.

"You don't want me, girl. I'm just an old washed up man. Hell, I could be your dad." "Jennifer and I had a lot of time to talk while we waited for you to rescue us. She told me all about Dan and Chuck and Paul, too. But mostly she spoke about you and the relationship you and Dan have.

She told me she thought you were the kindest man she'd ever met. I'm inclined to agree based on what's happened so far, besides I think I can decide if you're too old. Dan's obviously not too old for Jennifer, is he? Now let's find a place to sleep." Virgil led her to the familiar room, but hesitated to undress in front of her until she giggled.

She tiptoed up to kiss his cheek then helped open his shirt and pants. She unlaced his shoes and helped him out of his socks before slipping her blouse over her head revealing her lacy bra and their partially hidden treasures. Her Capri's followed and she joined him in the bed clad only in her bra and bikini panties.

Virgil turned away from her, but she spooned up against his back, tiny next to Virgil's massive body, her arm over his muscular torso. She fell asleep quickly, but Virgil took some time as his mind active as he tried to understand Nakeisha.

MONDAY AFTERNOON It was dark when I woke. I looked up to find Jen smiling down at me. "About time, old man; I've been awake for an hour now. Of course, I did get to sleep a bit last night. I have to tell you, Dan I was terrified when those men abducted me. Then I thought about you and Virgil, Chuck, and Paul and I almost laughed. I realized that all they had done was seal their fate. I knew they'd die, but I never expected you so quickly." "You can thank Chuck for that. He pushed for us to go last night.

He and Paul stole a phone company truck to tap Big Mike's phone, but we never even used it. He was right, too. He told us we wouldn't have to plan for the assault. I realized once I saw the setup there that they had a lot of guards, but they were basically useless. They were clueless and defenseless against someone like Paul.

I swear he gets better with age. Did you know he shoots at a range at least twice a week? He told me he cusses like mad if he misses the bull's eye. Can you imagine that--mild mannered Paul actually cussing?

This was the quickest operation we've ever done. That reminds me—I still have to send the money to Louis's family." "Who?" "I walked outside after I heard your phone message and noticed a man in a car down the block. He obviously never spent any time in the Army. He was between the setting sun and me. I could see him as clear as day. That's how I learned about Big Mike and my phone call to your cell confirmed it.

Oh, damn…we left it behind. I hope it burned in the fire. If not, we can expect a visit from the police." "Oh, didn't I tell you…I lost it. I think we should report it, don't you?" "Yes and as soon as possible." "I think it can wait until I thank you." "Don't forget we have guests.

Let's take everyone out for dinner. Then you can thank me a hundred times if you wish. Go and call Verizon." I kissed her and pushed her away probably for the first time and hopefully for the last.

"Not so fast, old man; I just came back from a tour of the 'estate.' Chuck and Paul are downstairs, sound asleep.

I just covered both of them with blankets. I spoke briefly with Nakeisha. Virgil is still asleep, too. I wouldn't be surprised if she thanks him, too. So&hellip." She stopped talking and covered my mouth with hers. Her tongue explored my mouth as she gripped my head and hair forcefully with surprisingly strong hands. Breaking the kiss, she pulled back a few inches and smiled again. "I love you, Dan. I have ever since that first day.

Do you remember?" "I may be a trifle older than you, but I'm not senile, you know. I knew you were the one the second you walked into the room.

Now, what's with all this talking?" "My sentiments exactly." She ripped off her robe, exposing those breasts I'd never tire of and those slim hips I loved so much.

Jen pulled my hands to her ass, exactly where I wanted them, and I pulled her onto my rigid cock. Under most circumstances I'd love about an hour's foreplay, but right now I wanted to be inside my wife's tight wet cunt. I exhaled slowly, savoring the heat from her core as Jen began to rock. My hard cock was bent forward and back as I drove into her. This was how we expressed our love for each other.

We both knew we'd never get enough…never. Jen leaned forward to kiss me, her tongue just tracing over my lips. "Pretty good, old man…pretty good. Oh, damn…you feel so good." I pulled her down to me to feel those plump lips against mine.

They pressed against mine for mere seconds when I began to feel it. Jen had always been able to sense my oncoming orgasm and tonight was no exception. "C'mon, baby--don't worry about me. You can take care of me later…or tomorrow. Oh, fuck!" She writhed in ecstasy as I drove into her even harder-- my cock erupting and pouring what seemed to be a gallon of semen into her womb.

On and on it went until Jen collapsed onto my chest. We were both exhausted. I pulled the blanket over us as we rested. Virgil opened one eye then the other as he awoke from a deeply satisfying sleep. He looked over his shoulder to find the beautiful Nakeisha looking down at him. "Shouldn't we get up," he asked. "I just ran into Jennifer.

Apparently, your friends downstairs are still asleep and so is Dan, besides I'm pretty sure she has something special in store for him when he finally wakes up. How are you feeling?" "Pretty good, you know when we were in the service we used to go three…four days without sleep and think nothing of it. I must be getting old." "I don't think so. You're only as old as you feel, you know." "There are times…there are times. Say…what are you going to do now?

I guess you'd like to go back to your family." "No…my father is some conservative religious nut. No matter what I told him he'd blame me for it. He'd call me a slut and harlot. He'd just throw me out on my ear. No, I'll have to find something else, but right now I have to find a way to thank you for taking such good care of me." "You don't have to…honest." "For an older guy you haven't learned very much. Never turn down the kind of gift I want to give you.

You know, the only time I ever felt safe in that house was when you were shielding me with your body. Don't worry, I'm on the pill and the one decent thing Mike ever did was make his men use a condom when they raped me. Kind of incongruous wasn't it--condom and rape? He was some piece of work. Thank God he's dead. I hope he rots in hell." She pushed Virgil's tee up over his chest and shoulders and off his arms. His boxers soon went in the opposite direction.

"You know…I would have thought someone your size would have a lot of fat on him. You're all muscle. Did you play football in high school?" "No, my dad was a preacher. I spent all my time helping around in the church. I hated it. I believe in God, but I have my own way of showing it. I'm not big on praying or carrying my religion on my sleeve.

I have to tell you…I hate these born-again Christians who are always trying to convince you how holy they are and how you should find Jesus. Of course, it's always their Jesus. God forbid you should already have your own version of God. That's how I wound up in the Army. It was my escape from my father. Sounds like our old men have a lot in common.

I have no desire to see mine either." "You talk too much, Virgil.

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I want you to fuck me. No…I want you to make love to me. I'll bet you're really good at it. You're such a gentle man, except, of course, when you're killing anything that moves, but that's the exception, I'm sure." "Now who's talking too much?" He laughed as he reached up to Nakeisha and pulled her down for a sweet and tender kiss. Nakeisha marveled at the big man's gentleness.

Their lips met, her mouth slightly open, her tongue tentatively exploring. They kissed lightly for several minutes until their lust took over. Virgil opened his arms to welcome Nakeisha; she climbed atop his powerful body, grasped his hard hot cock and stroked him slowly, eliciting several low guttural groans from Virgil's lips.

"You don't want to do that, little girl." "Yes, Virgil I do. The only sex I've ever experienced was rape—forceful, brutal rape. I need to know what slow loving sex can be. Won't you help me? Please?" "Damn, girl you make it awfully hard to say no." Nakeisha pulled his long thick organ, rubbing it into her moist slit until she was able to sit up and slowly lower herself onto his hot hard tool.

Virgil placed his huge hands on the globes of her firm ass.

"Oh God, you're so tight," he whispered as she leaned down for a quick kiss. "Those white bastards only had little tiny dicks. They probably couldn't get any decent girl to stay with them. That's why they had to rape me." "Oh, hush up that stupid talk. I don't want to ever hear that again." Nakeisha knew she had been scolded, but internally she was pleased. She knew now that Virgil cared for her.

Now she'd try to make him hers. Placing her hands on his shoulders she began to rock, swaying her body slowly as if to some imaginary rhythm. She was even more pleased when Virgil responded, lifting her from the bed with every thrust. Gripping her ass tightly he pushed deeply into her core. On and on they went, boring deeper and deeper into each other's soul until—ecstasy!

Nakeisha had the most wonderful orgasm, her first from intercourse, something she had thought impossible only last week. Virgil gave her the most powerful thrust as the sign that his orgasm had arrived, too. Time after time his muscular body lifted her several feet in the air.

Had she not held tightly to his massive shoulders she would surely have fallen to the floor. Finally, exhausted, they collapsed together.

"You were incredible, Virgil. I knew it would be different with you." "Oh, shut up and kiss me. If we're going to be fools, we might as well go all the way." Then they kissed and kissed and kissed. They held each other as closely as humanly possible. Nakeisha appreciated Virgil's strength of mind and body; Virgil had never appreciated a woman's body more. He loved the firmness of her large breasts, the curve of her hips and the musculature of her tight butt. They lay together for almost half an hour before Virgil's stomach began to growl.

Nakeisha pulled back a bit and laughed. "Is there any part of you that isn't hungry? Why don't we shower and dress? Then, maybe, we can scout up something to eat." "Wait a second…you have no place to go, right? I have an idea. Right now my shop is a one-man deal. I've been thinking of hiring someone to man the counter and answer the phone, make keys…that kind of stuff. I could pay you $10 an hour and you could live in my house with me. You wouldn't have to do anything like…you know, what we just did if you didn't want to.

It could be strictly business, but I would want you to go back to school for your GED. That's important. What do you say?" "I say yes…to everything, but if I'm going to stay with you it will have to be in your bed and you're going to have to make love to me often. Jennifer told me that she and Dan do it at least five times a week. Think you could handle that?" "I don't know, but I don't think I'd mind trying. Let's shower. I think I hear people moving around downstairs." Fifteen minutes later they were dressed and on their way down the stairs.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MONDAY NIGHT I was almost dressed when my cell phone rang. "Oh, hi Dave…yeah, we had to go away for the weekend.

We're back home now, but my body clock is a mess from being up almost the entire time. I'll try to get in tomorrow and if I make it I'll bring Jen with me…what's that? Big Mike? What about him? The cops think some other gang took all of them out? Oh…not quite all? They think one of them got away? "We had some excitement here apparently--a shooting down the block. Yeah, we had just gotten back from the cabin and that young Officer Hampton stopped by to see if we had heard anything.

Of course, we hadn't. Okay, Dave thanks for calling; I'll be in touch tomorrow." I turned around to see Jennifer eavesdropping. "Did Nakeisha have a purse? "I think so—a black one. I think she left it on the dining room table. Why?" "Stay here. I'll be right back and I'll explain shortly. I love you." I gave her a quick kiss and trotted down the stairs. I located the bag, opened it and did what needed to be done. I walked upstairs and finished dressing.

By then everyone was downstairs sitting around the living room, Nakeisha leaning against the wall to the dining room.


"I just had an interesting phone call from one of my partners. The police are pretty sure that Big Mike's gang was taken out by the Columbians.

However, he told me that the entire gang wasn't wiped out. The cops think that one member—a woman—escaped." Nakeisha ran to her bag, pulling out a small .32 caliber automatic.

She was shaking as she moved it back and forth at our group. I approached her slowly, my hand out for the gun. "Be careful, Nakeisha. What you do next will have a lot to do with the rest of your life.

Now, give me the gun. You know you don't want to shoot me." "Dan!" "It's okay, Jen—Nakeisha doesn't want to shoot me or anyone else, either." "I don't want to die.

He made me…he made me. He said he'd kill my sisters." I reached out and easily took the gun from her hand. "Let's sit down and you can tell us all about it—the truth this time." "I didn't think you'd believe me.

That's why I lied. I'm sorry," then looking at Jennifer she continued, "I'm sorry, Jennifer. I was afraid." "We know you're afraid, but you need to tell us the truth." "Virgil, what I told you about my father was true. He's a religious nut, but he drinks and he gambles. I guess his high religious principles only apply to other people like his family.

He owed Big Mike something like $20,000 and he couldn't pay. Big Mike said he'd take me instead. I was terrified, but I was sure my father would say no." She began to bawl.

I took her hands and Virgil put his hand on her shoulder. "He…(gulp)…didn't. He said 'good riddance' and they took me with them. Big Mike raped me that night. (gulp)…Then he let his men have me. He took me when he went to meetings to show me off.

I tried to refuse, but he said he'd kill my sisters if I did." She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, "I don't want to die. Please." "Well, guys—what do you think?" Chuck spoke first, "Well, I suppose she could have shot you." I handed the pistol to Paul who was seated closest to me.

"What's wrong with this, Paul? "Well, to begin with…the safety's on, there's no cartridge in the chamber, and there are obviously no cartridges or clip in the pistol." He handed the automatic back to me. "It's rather obvious that you've never handled this weapon before, isn't it?" I reached into my pocket and dropped the clip onto the table. Nakeisha looked at me, nodded, and cried again. "That's what I meant when I said what you were going to do would have an impact on the rest of your life.

If you tried to shoot me you'd be dead now. You didn't, so&hellip." "I think she's suffered enough." It was my beautiful and intelligent wife speaking.

"Yeah," added Virgil, "I've got some plans for her and they won't work if she's dead. But let this be a lesson, girl. You got to be honest all the time, not just when it's convenient. Now come up here and give me a kiss." Nakeisha jumped into his arms. He hugged her tightly as they kissed. I looked around to see everyone smiling. "Okay, I guess it's unanimous. What say we get something to eat? I'm starving." We took two cars, my Beemer and Virgil's SUV.

Jen and I treated at our town's best steak house. We returned around ten and sat in the living room chatting until several of us began to yawn. We sent Virgil and Nakeisha back to the second bedroom. We put Paul in the third and Chuck on the sofa bed in the home office. I loved these guys and they'd come through for me big time, just as I had come through for them in the past. Now we'd separate once again until one of us needed the others.

We all hated killing, but it was something that had to be done. Once in our room with the door closed Jen fell into my arms. "I'm glad that Nakeisha is going to be okay." "She's not out of the woods yet. She'll have to meet with the police and answer their questions. Of course, I'll be there as her counsel. I spoke to Virgil briefly after dinner and he'll stick around for a few days, enough for Dick Williams to check out her story." "Williams?

Is that the private detective the firm uses?" "Yeah, and he's the best in the area—shouldn't take him more than a day or two. I'll call him first thing tomorrow morning." I removed my clothes and joined Jen naked in bed. We always slept this way. Jen had some nightgowns and negligees, but they always came off by the time we were in bed.

We loved the feel of each other's skin. I lay back and pulled my love to me. She kissed my cheek and snuggled close to me, her head lying securely on my chest with my arm around her and my hand cupping her firm breast. We fell asleep quickly. Virgil led Nakeisha back to their bedroom. He relieved himself while she straightened the bed. She was already naked when he returned. Her head was down and she was crying again when he reached out to lift her chin.

"Damn, girl you do cry more than any woman I've ever known." "I'm sorry…I just can't help myself. I've been terrified the last few days and then seeing you guys in action&hellip." "That's all behind you now. Everything will be fine. You'll have to speak with the police, but Dan and I will be there to help you. Now, no 'buts,' if you don't go they'll just hunt you down and assume you're guilty of something.

You leave everything to Dan. He's not our leader for nothing. He's the smartest man I've ever known." Virgil removed his clothing and climbed into the bed. A waggle of his finger called Nakeisha to him. They joined together much as Jen and I had, but they spoke together for almost an hour before falling asleep. TUESDAY MORNING I could have slept longer, but I woke around 7:30 courtesy to a pair of hot lips around my hard cock. I opened my eyes to find my gorgeous wife licking and sucking my cock.

"I would have enjoyed a little more sleep, you know." "Nonsense, I'm going to take care of you and then you're calling Dick Williams. In fact&hellip." She rose off my organ and handed me the phone. I had Dick's number in memory. I found his number and pushed the button. I knew he started his day early so I wasn't surprised when he answered.

I explained the situation with Nakeisha, gave her full name, her home town, and father's name. He told me he would probably have the answers within a day or so. I hung up and lay back to watch Jen take the very best care of me. She knelt between my legs where she could look me in the eye. She had a huge smile on her face as she licked the sensitive underside of my dick.

Up and around my helmet she went, driving me wild with desire and lust. Finally, taking mercy on me, she lowered her mouth over my cock. Up and down she went sucking and licking. Damn! Jen was a great cock sucker! Even though she'd fucked me silly yesterday afternoon, there was no defense against her. I groaned as I blew my load deep into her throat.

I was beat when I pulled her up to me, holding her tightly as I kissed her cheek, her neck, and nibbled her ear. We fell back asleep less than a minute later. We rose at 9:00, showered together and dressed. Jen made coffee and breakfast for everyone. I said my good-byes to Chuck and Paul while she and Nakeisha cleaned up. Virgil and I hugged our friends and wished them well as they drove down the street. Paul's rifle was safely stored in the space above our garage along with the surplus ammunition, grenades, com units and other hardware we hadn't needed.

Jen and I would deal with everything during the next long weekend. Virgil and I returned to the women. Jen and I would go in for a short day while we waited for the report from Williams and his staff. That came sooner than I had anticipated—around noon the following day. Dick strode into my office and dropped the report on my desk.

"What a piece of shit that man is. He actually bragged about disposing of his daughter, said he was thinking of doing the same thing to the next one--a "Grade A" asshole in my opinion." I thanked him for his work and asked for the bill, reminding him that this was personal, not professional. Dick nodded, turned and walked out the door. He never did send me a bill even though I asked him for it several times. Reading through the brief report was like reading about a nightmare.

I was about three quarters through when I dialed the sheriff. "Hi, Steven…Dan Allenby here; I understand you're looking for one Nakeisha Randolph, allegedly a member of Big Mike Mc Kissock's outfit. I'll produce her tomorrow morning in your office. Ten okay? Yes, she's my client and I'm pretty sure you'll find she was an innocent party. Yeah, I can prove it. Okay, see you then.

Bye." Jen and I went home early. Our clocks were still off from the long difficult weekend and it helped that I was between cases. Our co-workers had asked about our problem but we evaded their queries with vague half answers. Once home we talked at length with Virgil and Nakeisha. I could see that she was terrified, but I was able to reassure her, "I have the report from our private detective. It confirms everything you told us.

Even he thinks your father is a complete jerk. Once you are done with the police I will ask the sheriff to contact your local police about what he's done with you and wants to do with your other sisters.

I need for you to trust me." "Listen to Dan," Virgil told her. He knows the police here 'cause he used to be in the DA's office. Even though he fights them now I know they respect him. You want to be a free woman, don't you? If you don't do this you'll be looking over your shoulder every day of your life. I've trusted Dan with my live many times and he's never let me down—not even once." I sent Jen upstairs to see if she had anything suitable for Nakeisha to wear.

They were about the same size and height. They returned an hour later with a navy blue suit and white blouse—perfect for the occasion.

WEDNESDAY MORNING Jen and I took Virgil and Nakeisha out for breakfast the next morning. We tried to calm Nakeisha 's nerves, but it was a job. I thought she saw her life flashing before her eyes. "You need to relax and let me do the talking.

I will advise you throughout, but you must not see the police as your enemy. If you tell them what you've told us you should be fine.

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It's nothing to joke about, but unless you were directly involved in some crime you have nothing to worry about." We walked into the Sheriff's Office at 9:45, asking to see Sheriff Holbrooke. We waited for about twenty minutes before his door opened and he invited us in. "Mind if I ask how you got involved, Dan?" "Actually, Steven, you know that's none of your business.

I will tell you, though that Virgil is a long-time friend from our days in the Army." "Oh, okay…I was just curious. So this is Nakeisha, eh?" "Yes, but before you question her I'd like you to take a look at this report from Dick Williams. I asked Dick to look into her father. You'll see that he has bragged about using Nakeisha here to settle a debt with McKissock.

In other words he sold his own daughter into slavery with McKissock. I'd appreciate if you'd contact the local police there about his activities. McKissock repeatedly raped Ms. Randolph and allowed his men to do the same. She's been a slave in his household for almost ten years." "How'd you avoid being killed along with the others, Miss?" We'd rehearsed this. All Nakeisha had to do was remember the story.

"I couldn't sleep so I went down to the back door. I sometimes went there to sit. I saw the guard there walk around the corner and watched as he was shot dead. I was terrified so I snuck out, keeping in the shadows until I reached a big bush near the rear hedge. I dove in behind it as the assassins hit the front of the house. I could hear the shooting…not real loud shooting. It was more like whispered shooting. I stayed there not moving until I heard them leave.

Then I snuck through a gap in the hedge and ran for my life. I met Virgil at a strip mall. I was lost and I had no money. I was afraid. He promised to help me and bought me some breakfast. That's how I met Mr. Allenby…Dan." "You were seen in Mr.

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McKissock's company many times." "Yes, I didn't want to go with him, but he threatened to kill my father. After I told him to go ahead and do it he changed and threatened my sisters. He promised to kill them and he beat me with a belt. I still have marks on my back from those beatings." "Steven, I'd like to know if you have any information linking my client with any crime.

She's answered your questions and if she's not going to be charged with anything I assume she's free to go." "We don't have any connection to a specific crime. We were concerned about her association with McKissock, but she's answered enough for me to know she wasn't a willing participant.

That combined with Williams' report should satisfy the DA. I don't see any reason to detain her any longer. Thank you for coming in. You saved us a lot of wasted time and effort. Where can we contact you if we need any further information on McKissock's activities?" "You can always reach her through me. She'll be leaving the state with my friend here, but I'm sure she'll be available if needed.

However, Steven I doubt that she'd have much to add to what you already know from other sources. Her role was as a maid and sex toy, nothing more." "Very well," he stood, shook my hand and showed us out. Nakeisha was about to speak, but I quieted her until we were outside.

"You're in the clear, Nakeisha, but always remember not to speak to the police unless you have me present. Virgil will guide you, too." I hugged her and Virgil as Jen and I wished them well. Virgil thanked me again. Jen and I waved as they drove away. I hugged Jen then we drove to work. FOUR WEEKS LATER "Buscome's Woods"—I had checked the internet daily for years without any news about the land my idiot grandfather had donated away.

Last week I found an article from a local newspaper: "Logging in Buscome's Woods Expected to Revive Economy." Great! Now the cabin was sure to be discovered and, with it the cache of money and arms.

Jen and I drove to western Virginia in a rented U-Haul truck, stopping en route to mail Louis' widow a few bucks to tide her over—just under $500,000 along with Louis's unloaded pistol and his wallet so she'd know he wasn't coming back. We met the team at the cabin—Paul, Chuck, Virgil, and Nakeisha, making short work of emptying the cellar and loading the truck.

Then Chuck really went to work, placing charges of C4 at strategic points around the cabin's exterior. We heard the explosions when we were almost ten minutes away. The cabin would be a collection of splinters by the time the dust had cleared. It had been a long day, but it was going to be longer. I drove with my comrades in convoy to a small town almost a hundred miles from our home.

Using a disguise, I had rented a self-storage space where we unloaded the truck, locking the door with several high tech locks. I was exhausted when we found a nearby Best Western where I was ready to crash. Unfortunately, I had a young and restless wife. We ate together at the Wendy's next door and staggered back to the motel. Virgil and I walked together right behind our women. He had told me all about his growing relationship with Nakeisha.

He had driven all the way to Harrisburg before he realized that she had nothing, not even a toothbrush. She was costing him a fortune in clothes and jewelry, but he also confided that he had never been happier. We split up and retired to our rooms, Jen stripping quickly and leading me to the shower where she washed my tired body before drying me with the motel's flimsy towels. She laid me carefully on the bed. Had this been anyone else I would have thought we were going straight to sleep, however&hellip.

Jen slithered onto my body, rubbing her hard nipples over my skin. Her delicious lips found their way to mine; her tongue wended its way past my teeth. It was a wonderful kiss, more than enough to rejuvenate my cock. It grew and hardened in seconds. Jen moved to straddle my hips, rubbing her moist slit over the underside of my shaft until she decided enough was enough.

She rose just enough to allow my hard cock entry to her tunnel before sliding down my shaft. She rammed her clit into me forcefully en route to her orgasm. I reached up to support and massage her breasts. They were incredible, so full and firm, the nipples sensitive as I rolled them between my fingers.

Jen threw her head back as she rode me hard. She'd been with me all day; where did she get this energy from? My body felt dead, but my cock was definitely alive. I felt the surge from my balls as one final thrust brought me over the top. I exploded into my wife's cunt; she shook several times as she fell to my chest.

I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard her, "Danny, can we talk…please." My eyes shot open in a flash.

Jen only called me "Danny" when she wanted something. "What, darling?

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What do you want?" "You know, I had a lot of time to think when I was kidnapped. I spent hours in that room. All I could think about was you and making you happy." "That's nice." I was almost asleep again. "So, I thought that maybe we could have a baby." My eyes shot wide open, but there was no way I could deny Jennifer.

"Okay…sounds good to me. Why don't you go off the pill?" "That's one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. Please don't be angry. I already did.

They didn't give me my pills when I was there. I never took them again. I've been off them ever since. Please don't be angry with me. Please." She was almost crying by the time she finished. "Why would I be angry? I think having a baby is a wonderful idea.

We should have thought of it a long time ago. I'm not getting any younger, you know. Does this mean we should make love more often? We should probably do Missionary exclusively so my sperm will stay in you as long as possible. Now, come here and kiss me.

I love you very much." We kissed and I was asleep before we broke it. I never heard Jen tell me she was already pregnant. She did tell me the following morning when I was actually conscious and I was even happier then than I would have been had I actually heard her the previous night.

I pulled her into a huge hug and a wonderful long kiss. I couldn't wait to tell my buddies. They were even happier than I was. I especially noticed a gleam in Nakeisha's eyes. We said our good-byes and drove the rest of the way home. En route I had the opportunity to speak in depth with Jennifer. "I'm really glad to become a father after all this time, but I'm disappointed that you didn't tell me sooner what you wanted.

I love you and I don't want there to be any secrets between us." "I'm really sorry, Dan—honest! When I came home I looked all over for my pills, but I couldn't find them. I looked really hard. Then I went to the pharmacy and they wouldn't give me a refill because of the insurance.

I had no way to get any for at least another month, but you're right, I should have told you sooner. Can you forgive me?" I would have kissed her had I not been cruising along on the Interstate at more than sixty. I glanced over at her and took her hand in mine. "I said I was disappointed, not angry.

Don't you agree we shouldn't have any secrets?" "Dan, that's a typical lawyer's question, isn't it? There's only one way to answer that, but I do want to talk to you about something else. It's really important. What do you think I should do about my job?" "What do you want to do?

We're lucky that you don't have to work. I earn enough to support us. Will you want to leave our child every day to continue working? It's one thing if you have to, but you don't. What do you think?" "Right now I don't honestly know. Can I be happy staying at home?" "Keep in mind that you'd see our child grow and develop, and you could give it the attention that only a mother can give.

You'd probably see its first steps and hear its first words. Of course, I assume we'll be working hard on another." I grinned wildly as she punched my arm. Laughing, she leaned across the seat to kiss my cheek. "Making love to you is never 'work,' Dan—you should know that.

I love you and making love with you is always a joy. You take such good care of me." We returned the truck to the rental store and arrived home by noon. Jen pulled me to the bedroom. "I think you look tired; you should go straight to bed." I took her advice, knowing all too well that I'd be even more tired when I got up again.

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THREE MONTHS LATER Planning for our baby was a lot of fun, but we both knew we'd have plenty of work and responsibility once the child was born. We bought furniture, had the baby's room papered, and installed a new carpet. I never realized until recently how much a tiny baby needed. Making matters worse I was busy—incredibly busy defending assholes who insisted on driving even after three or four DUI arrests. There were times I wanted to strangle the bastards myself. I was just leaving the county jail when I was asked to stop by and see the Sheriff.

I walked to his office and was waved past the secretary to Steven Holbrooke's office. I knocked once before stepping through the doorway, "Hi, Steven—you wanted to see me?" "Yeah, Dan, thanks for stopping by. You were in the service, weren't you?" "Seven years, almost five in Special Forces—why?" "Close the door, will you?

We'd like your help with this McKissock thing. I know we told the press it was the Columbians, but we've known all along it wasn't. Five of those guards were taken out by a sniper." "A sniper? That's kind of hard to believe." "Yeah, it is, but let's face it—an AK is more their style. Most of those guys couldn't hit anything if they were more than fifty feet away.

Lots of lead--that's what they do--overkill rather than precision." "I'm not sure I understand what you want, Steven. If it's expertise I think you should contact the Army." "Dan, they may have some expertise, but I don't know if they can be trusted.

I suspect they'll be more concerned with covering their asses than solving our crime. Personally, I think it was some paramilitary group that got into an argument with McKissock so they took out their revenge.

Usually, these gangs leave so many clues it just ridiculous. It's like a badge of honor to spend time in prison. These guys left nothing—no prints, no DNA, no shell casings, nothing. You ever know of the gangs to do that?" "No, I haven't, Steven so what do you want me to do…other than keep my mouth closed." "That's what I mean when I talked about trust. Could you go out to the scene and help verify our findings?" "Sure…I suppose so, but I'm not a CSI, you know." "Yeah, but all they know about is facts.

I need someone who can place those facts into context." "Okay, how about this afternoon…like 3:30? I have to take Jen to the doctor. She's pregnant. We're really excited. I could spend 30-40 minutes with your people if that's okay." "Great, Dan I'll meet you there myself…be nice to get out of here early for a change." I was a jangle of thoughts as I left police headquarters.

I was pretty sure this would never be solved, but I'd have to be on my toes to make sure I didn't slip and give the police anything that could incriminate myself or my friends. I drove back to the office and asked Jen to see me.

"Close the door," I told her as she entered. "I've been asked to help with the investigation into McKissock's death." She looked at me incredulously, unbelieving. "What?" "I just left Sheriff Holbrooke's office. He asked me to assist in the investigation because of my military experience.

We're going to meet him there at 3:30 before your doctor's appointment. I want you to stay in the car and speak to no one. I'll have to be extremely careful not to give anything away. That's why I want you to call his office and get directions from our office to McKissock's home.

Tell his secretary I'm not exactly sure where it is and I don't want to keep the Sheriff waiting this afternoon. I think I'll need to discuss this with the others. It may be time to get out of the vigilante business." "Danny, I've been thinking that, too.

We're going to have a family and…I'm not supposed to tell you this, but…Virgil's going to be a dad, too. Nakeisha phoned me this morning to tell me she's pregnant. She thinks it happened that night after the cabin. I think they make love even more than we do." "They're still amateurs, darling. Let's see how they do after they've been together as long as we have, but I'm thrilled for Virgil…and her, too. However, I'm more excited about you and always have been.

Okay, we'll need to leave here around three. I'll speak to Dave about this thing with the cops." I did speak to him and he wasn't pleased. He was afraid it might be construed as a conflict of interest—a defense attorney working with the police—even though we were all legally officers of the court and had certain responsibilities to report crimes.

I told him it would be a once and done thing, but I hadn't considered the police leaking my involvement to the press. I closely followed the directions even though I could see they were wrong. I'd miss McKissock's place by three blocks.

I called Sheriff Holbrooke once I was "lost" so we were ten minutes late. I reviewed what they had, especially about the possibility of a sniper. They explained that five of the guards had been killed with a single 7.62mm bullet and from an elevated angle. Because they had been moved it would be difficult to say from where. There were several possibilities, including a vacant house across the street. They told me the woman next door had reported being questioned by a Mormon earlier that afternoon.

"Was she able to describe the man?" "Oh yeah," the detective said disgustedly, "said he looked like a Mormon." I shook my head and chuckled. Most so-called eyewitnesses were absolutely useless—worse than useless they were often misleading.

I told the sheriff that my senior partner was none too pleased that I was here and that I couldn't repeat unless I wanted to go into practice for myself. I left a few minutes later, driving with Jen to the OB/GYN. Today was the day! A sonogram would tell us the sex of our baby. Personally, I was praying for a girl. I know many men would pray for a son, but I knew that daughters stayed with their families even after being married. I was closer to Jen's mother than I ever was to my own, even as a young kid.

I wanted the same for us as we aged. Plus, Jen was a hell of a lot better looking than I was—and sexier, too. On the other hand I didn't know how I'd do once our daughter began to date; maybe I'd teach her martial arts!

We sat in the waiting room, an aptly named place in my opinion. I did more waiting in doctors' offices than anyplace else. One time I billed the doctor $350 for wasting an hour of my time. He laughed, but not when I refused to pay my bill. Now, I tell the staff ahead of time that I will wait fifteen minutes—MAX—then I'm gone. Unfortunately, I can't do that today.

Luckily, we are called after waiting less than twenty minutes. The nurse took Jen's vital signs and drew some blood—testing, I'm told. It's all a waste of time; Jen's healthier than a horse. She hasn't gained even ten pounds in the years we've been married and we get plenty of invigorating exercise almost every evening, and sometimes the following morning, too.

Finally, it happens. Jen lies on the exam table, her blouse up around her tits. I remind her how much I love them when the nurse leaves for a minute. Jen shakes her head and scowls, but I know she's just kidding. The doctor got right to work; I thanked her for seeing us so promptly. "Did I have a choice, Mr. Allenby? You have quite a reputation. I don't need a bill for $300." "Three fifty," I tell her and she laughs. Me? I'm too nervous. Now I know how some of my clients must feel when they're in court.

I see something on the screen that reminds me of a Rorschach test. It's just a blob, but somehow she's able to tell us it's a girl. I'm thrilled! We rush home to call Jen's parents then we phone my buddies.

That's when we're invited to a wedding. Virgil asks me to be his best man; Jen is asked to be the matron of honor. I laugh—there's nothing "matronly" about my wife.

We agree immediately, of course, and we make plans to be in central Pennsylvania in three weeks. TWO MONTHS LATER Nakeisha was a beautiful bride; Virgil was nervous as hell. I didn't help any when I reminded him of all the bills he'll have with a wife AND a baby.

I knew, however, that Virgil was loaded. His business was very successful and he never spent a dime on himself. He asked a few years ago for some investment advice.

I was surprised when he told me he had over a million dollars in his bank. I hooked him up with my financial advisor pronto. I asked to speak with everyone after the reception.

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We met in Virgil's dining room and I spelled out what I knew. "Jen and I have been talking—it might be time for us to get out of the business. We're getting older and now two of us will have families; besides the sheriff knows McKissock wasn't killed by Columbians. They think it was some paramilitary group. That woman identified you Paul, but only as a Mormon." We all had a big laugh at that.

"The big question is-- what should we do with the money and the arms? There's approximately $7.2 million in the storage area. If we decided to share it that would be about 1.8 million each, but there are plenty of problems with the money, like how to handle it and how to account for it tax wise." "Personally," Paul interrupted, "I don't want any part of it.


It's drug money. It's dirty—earned on the misery and suffering of others." It didn't take long for all of us to agree. Now we just had to come up with a plan. In the end we came back to our friends at the phone company. Chuck and Paul stole a good-sized truck, just as they had done several times before.

I rented another panel van using my disguise and fake ID and paying cash, of course. We used the van to empty the storage locker. I removed the locks and told the management we no longer had a need for it. We transferred everything to the phone company truck and left it in the industrial park we had used for our raid. The following morning Chuck, using an electronic voice scrambler, placed a call to my office. I recorded the call just as I did with every phone call.

Then I phoned Steven Holcombe, "Morning, Steven…I can't help you solve the McKissock murders, but I can help I think with the rifle and maybe some other contraband, as well." I explained about the phone call and told him I'd stop by with a copy of the call on a CD although I doubted they'd be able to get anything worthwhile from it.

"According to the caller he saw something about my involvement in the case on the news. I guess he doesn't like the police. Anyway, he said there's a truck up behind that building that's being demolished in the old industrial park north of the city. Yeah, I guess that's the one. I think it's worth checking out although I guess you never know with anonymous tips." He thanked me, telling me he'd let me know how things worked out. I took a CD over to the Sheriff's Office after work and made it a point to see Holbrooke.

He was all smiles. "Dan! Dan! Oh, you're not going to believe this. Not only did we find the rifle, but we also found a huge pile of money. We're counting it now, but I'd be surprised if there weren't millions in the back of that truck.

We also found a fairly good supply of heroin and arms. We've traced some of the arms to a theft from an army shipment about eight years ago. What a haul! I want you at the press conference tomorrow morning. Ten o'clock, okay?" What could I say? I agreed so long as I could bring my wife. "I hope so, Dan," he replied, "she's a hell of a lot better looking than you are." I did go and I did take Jen with me. I spoke briefly about being an officer of the court and always working in the interest of justice.

Later, I was interviewed by the media and we watched me on TV that night before settling down to our nightly exercise. We treasured these opportunities to make love. Soon we'd be restricted to licking and masturbation. Jen was concerned, but I wasn't. Just being able to touch and hold my wonderful wife every night would be enough for me.

FOUR MONTHS LATER I was in court when I got word. No cell phones in court, so the message went from my office to the judge's chambers. His clerk rushed out with a message.

His honor made it short and simple, "I'm calling an adjournment until Monday morning. That should give you enough time, Mr. Allenby; you're needed at the hospital. Your wife's in labor.

I don't want to see you here as a defendant, so I suggest you go in a police car. There will be one waiting for you in the parking lot. Please let my clerk know when you'll be able to resume. Court adjourned!" I was out the door before he had left the bench. County Hospital was more than five miles from the courthouse.

I appreciated the opportunity to ride along with the police rather than take chances speeding or running lights. Part of me realized there was no rush. Jen and I would likely be there for hours, but there was also another part of me that refused to take any chances. I was relieved when I arrived.

I thanked the officer as I ran into the lobby. Then I had to wait at the information kiosk while some old couple in their eighties and deaf as posts asked the same question ten times, only to receive the same answer again and again. Frustrated, I walked into the gift shop and asked where Maternity was located. I dashed out and ran to the elevators only to wait behind the elderly couple again.

I finally walked into Jen's room to find her reading a magazine. "Oh, Dan you've been running. Didn't the office give you the message that there was no rush?" I explained that I had gotten the news from crusty Judge O'Brien. "Oh, I'm surprised he told you at all." "How are you doing? What does the doctor say?" I was nervous—obviously. "She says it'll happen tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Pull up a chair and sit down, but kiss me first." I did kiss her several times reminding myself every time how lucky I was to have her. She was beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and for some reason she was in love with me. We sat and chatted, interrupted every hour or so by the doctor. When she came in around seven she suggested I grab a bite to eat. I was about to decline when Jen scolded me and shooed me out the door. I walked slowly toward the cafeteria, stopping outside to read the day's menu.

Great, there was absolutely nothing I cared for posted. I wound up with the hamburger and fries which reminded me of some of the mystery meat we'd had in the army. I'm sure it was nourishing, but it certainly wasn't tasty—not at all—and the fries must have spent hours under the heat lamp. Even the Coke was tasteless, as though the machine had run out of syrup.

I resolved to bring a meal in the future and something for Jen, too. I bought a Sprite with lots of ice for her and walked back to the elevators. Two minutes later I was back at her side. "I can read you like a book, Dan," Jennifer laughed. "You're never eating in the cafeteria again, are you? Oh, the sacrifices you make for me!" "It was pretty dreadful, but at least I'm able to get back to you all the sooner." I held her hand and kissed her cheek. "That the best you can do?" "You know it's not, but here?" "And why not?

Are you ashamed of me?" I knew she was teasing me but I stood and kissed her, my tongue probing her mouth for more than five minutes. "If I had known you'd kiss me like that I would have gotten pregnant a long time ago." "You ain't seen nothing yet—wait until you get home." I would have continued to tease her but we were interrupted by another contraction, a strong one this time. I ran for the doctor. I stood by helplessly as Jen was wheeled into the birthing room.

A nurse led me by my shaking hand to a dressing area. She handed me a locker key, suggesting I put my coat, suit, and shoes there. I also removed my tie before dressing in the scrubs they had provided. I pulled on these "slippers" they had provided and walked out to find the nurse waiting.

Again she led me down the corridor, but before we entered I had to lower my head for this ridiculous.I didn't know what to call it—bonnet?

Hat? Cap? All I knew was that Jen laughed hysterically when she saw me. "Oh, Dan if your clients could see you now&hellip. Come here and hug me. Dr. Wicks says it's begun. You'll be a dad soon." Then seriously she continued. "Dan, I'm frightened. Please stay with me." "Don't worry. I'll be right here forever for you." I held her hand and kissed her as the nurses prepared doing whatever it is that they do.


Jen broke the kiss when she reacted to another powerful contraction. I squeezed her hand—it was all I could do. I tried to look calm, but inside I was a mess. My stomach was in knots. I gave Jen sips of the Sprite and wiped her face as the delivery began. This was one time I was glad to be a man. Giving birth was so much work; even I was exhausted when we finally heard our daughter cry.

Oh God, she was so beautiful and so tiny as Jen took her from the nurse. I was so happy that I cried as I told Jen how much I loved her. We went home two days later to begin our new lives.

I made sure Jen took it easy, inviting her mom to stay with us for a few weeks. Jen still wasn't speaking to her father although that was about to change. We had been home for five days. Jen was still in bed resting most of the time although the doctor had told her she could get up and walk around as much as needed. So far as I was concerned the only necessary things were using the toilet and shower—my mother-in-law and I could handle almost everything else.

I brought her food to her and carried our daughter Ashlyn to her for feeding. Thus, it was I who answered the doorbell when it rang.

'Hello, Dan I'd like to see my granddaughter." "I don't know, Charles. You owe Jen an apology. You owe me an apology. And, most of all, you owe Virgil an apology. Until you're prepared to make them you're not going to be welcome in our house." I began to shut the door on him. "That's why I'm here. I realize I was wrong. I've realized it for a long time, but my stupidity prevented me from telling you. Dan, I'm really sorry for my behavior. I missed my only daughter's wedding and ten years of her life.

I was a fool—an idiot. Jennifer's mother has told me several times what a wonderful man your friend is. Can you ever forgive me?" I shook his hand telling him, "Of course, Charles, but I'm much easier than Jennifer. C'mon upstairs. Wait outside the door until I warm Jennifer up to the idea." I led him up to our bedroom, leaving him in the hall while I went in to see my wonderful wife. "Jen…there's someone here to see you. I don't want you to overreact.

Promise me you'll be calm, okay?" "What's the problem, Dan? Who is it?" I held her hands and kissed her before whispering, "It's your father, Jen. He's here to apologize. He has already apologized to me. He still has you and Virgil.

I think he's sincere. Will you see him?" She took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a minute, and nodded once she had opened them again. I kissed her again and stood. Walking to the doorway I waved her father in. He walked up to Jen, fell to his knees and cried. "Oh, Jennifer I've been such a fool. You know how much I love you and I've missed you ever since I shot off my big mouth. I'm sorry I was such an idiot. Can you ever forgive me?" "I'll forgive you, Daddy, once you've apologized to Virgil.

He's closer to Dan than a brother. You can use the phone here. I'll dial for you." Nakeisha had apparently answered and passed the phone to Virgil. "Hi, Virgil…yes, I'm doing well, just a bit sore. Dan is making a real pain in the ass of himself trying to spoil me. Yes, I'll tell him, but first my father is here.

He wants to apologize to you. Hold on." "Mr. Peters, I want to apologize to you for my stupid remarks and any embarrassment you may have felt. I have been working with several African-Americans recently and I've learned that they are decent men.

My wife tells me that you are one of the finest people she's ever met. I am so embarrassed by my behavior. I hope you can forgive me. Oh, okay…thank you." He passed the phone back to Jennifer.

"Yes, Virgil?" I could see Jen listening attentively. Finally, Jen concluded the call, "Yes, Virgil I'll tell him. Thank you again…for everything." She hung up the phone and turned to her dad. "Daddy, come over here and hug me. Virgil told me not to hate you. He said hating is just a huge waste of time and energy. He forgives you and so do I." She took her father into her arms and they both cried.

I backed out of the room and walked down the hall, returning a few minutes later with our daughter. "Daddy, meet Ashlyn, your granddaughter." She held our little girl so her dad could see her face.

"Dear God, she looks just like you." "Not dear God," I interrupted, "Thank God." I thought it was a cute thing to say; Jen just scowled then we all laughed. ONE MONTH LATER I had a scheduled meeting with a client in the County Jail prior to attending a bail hearing at the court which was almost next door.

I was about to exit when one of the deputies passed me a note: "Dan, I'd appreciate if you could find a few minutes to meet with me after you've seen your client. Steven." I turned around and made my way up to the Sheriff's office. His secretary waved me through. "Morning, Steven what can I do for you?" "Dan, please shut and lock the door." I admit I was a bit shocked, but I did as he asked, testing the door to ensure that it was locked. He waved me to a seat by the desk.

Reaching into a drawer he extracted a plastic bag, the kind often used to hold evidence. My heart was in my throat when I recognized Jen's cell phone. "We know that Jen was in McKissock's house when he was killed. We have her cell phone with a received call on Sunday night only hours before he was killed. We also have Jen's fingerprints.

All the evidence is in that bag." "So what's next?" "What's next is you take that envelope—that's all there is implicating you—and put it into your briefcase.

I suggest you burn all of it as soon as possible. I figure he kidnapped Jennifer to get you to represent him. I know the Feds indicted him. Am I close?" "Right on target. He knew I'd never accept a slime ball like him as a client otherwise. But…why?" "Why, Dan?

It's really quite simple—I have a job for you." The Execution Squad was back in business.