Breathtaking older spreads her legs and gets pussy fingered

Breathtaking older spreads her legs and gets pussy fingered
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Hermione Granger was not the type of girl to sleep around. No, she hardly ever went out with boys for that matter. There weren't scores of boys chasing her, but the boys she did choose were often surprised with her attitude towards sex. When she began dating Krum, she was the one making the first moves. She clearly remembered one of their first dates in the library when she convinced Viktor to meet up with her in the back of the library, a usually secluded area that was home to old, mismatched couches.

Hermione was a bit nervous before Viktor showed up.

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None of the few students in the library had wandered to the vacant area but the idea hadn't been pushed out of her mind. She had chosen not to wear her customary robes, but went with a more casual outfit. Nothing slutty, but something a little more comfortable than her usual wool skirt that was part of the school uniform. She decided to put her hair up and she had paid extra attention to her makeup.

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Krum rounded the corner and his eyes lit up as soon as he saw her. "Hermione." he said in his thick accent, "you look gorgeous." Hermione tried to suppress a smile but said thanks quietly. "Should we get started on studying? I have some curses I need to practice," Viktor said as he took a seat next to her on a maroon couch.

"Oh Viktor, I didn't invite you back here to study." Hermione moved her lithe body on to his, so his legs were between hers, and planted a soft kiss on his lips and pulled back.

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Hermione resisted and moved her lips closer to his, only to pull back again. He groaned as he teased him. She eventually caved in and soon their tongues were intertwined with each others. Hermione could feel the heat growing in between her legs, as well as the rock hard shaft in Krum's pants. She took a moment's break from running her hands through Krum's short hair and began to rub the bulge. A low, guttural groan escaped from Krum's lips and she giggled.

"Do you like that?" Hermione asked with a wink. Krum could only managed to nod his head feverishly. She unbuttoned his trousers and slipped one hand in.

She could already feel the precum spreading throughout his boxers. She freed his thick erection from his underwear and she slid down between his legs. She planted little kisses up and down his shaft, eliciting soft groans from Krum. Without warning, she enveloped his head in her mouth, bobbing, sucking, and wrapping her tongue around every inch of his head. Slowly, she took all of his seven inches into her throat, much to the pleasure of Krum.

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She gagged and sucked until she no longer had air. Krum tilted his head back and released a load of hot, sticky cum in her mouth. That was one of her first moments with a boy, other than a small encounter with a certain Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, only a year or two before. Then there was Cormac McLaggen, a boy who she hesitantly chose to take to Professor Slughorn's party. It had been two years after the time in the library with Krum, and a year after she first fooled around with Ron the summer before their fifth year.

She had utterly despised Cormac and was determined to never to speak to him until she overheard Lavender and Pavarti talking about him in their dorm a few days before the dance. "Mmm, Lavender, you have no idea how good he was. I'm surprised he's not always going out with someone. He's such a good lover. Christ," Pavarti said. "Ooh. What did you too do?" Lavender said, thoroughly enthused with the story. "We made out a bit and he played with my boobs and I gave him a hand job, but then he went down on me and I swear, it was the best I ever had." "Better than Oliver?" "Better than Oliver," Pavarti said smugly.

Horny and crazy about her skirmish with Ron, Hermione figured that asking Cormac out would only benefit her. Besides, she was going insane only masturbating every now and then. She needed to be with someone again or else she end up going completely mental. So, one day in the Great Hall, when she was leaving, she brushed past Cormac and asked if she could talk to him for a moment. Cormac shot a cocky look at his friends and agreed.

He stood up and she grabbed his hand and led him out of the Great Hall.


"What's up?" he asked, raising a blond eyebrow in question. "I don't know if you've heard, but Professor Slughorn is throwing a Christmas party in a few days and I was wondering if you'd like to be my date." She could tell that Cormac would love nothing more as his cheeks blushed and something began to rise in his pants.

"Yeah, I'd love to!" he said. "Good.

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That's great." Hermione leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips and grabbed his growing package. "Let's meet up in the common room at seven or so and we can walk over together." "How about we go somewhere right now? You've seemed to created a problem here." He whispered softly in her hear and the warmth of his breath radiated to the rest of her body. She gave him a sexy half smile and the next moment, they were up in the Gryffindor tower in Cormac's bed, naked and rolling around in nubile bliss.

Neither of them made a sound as their bodies and mouths became attached to one another. Cormac's lips trailed down her neck, down to her breasts, her navel, then to her flower.

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Cormac's soft, warm tongue swirled around her cunny. He nibbled, sucked, and kissed until Hermione came, gushing a river of sweet juices into Cormac's mouth. Hermione had very much enjoyed this encounter with Cormac.

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However, she wasn't looking for a relationship with him. He persistently followed Hermione around the Tower and halls and even during Slughorn's party. Hermione didn't need anyone that clingy. The most memorable moment Hermione ever had that year took place after she returned from Christmas break. She and Professor McGonogall were talking after an important Transfiguration lesson when the professor realized she was late to a meeting with Professor Flitwick. "Miss Granger, you know that I'm not usually so irresponsible but I forgot about this meeting but I really need to take this letter to Professor Snape.

Would you mind taking it to him?" Hermione was a bit reluctant but she agreed because McGongogall was clearly distraught and needed this done in a hurry. "His office is in the dungeons as I'm sure you know," the professor said as she rushed out of the room with a swiftness that belonged to a woman much younger.

Hermione absentmindedly walked downstairs, thinking about her moment with Cormac. She had never cum so much and she would do almost anything to get off right now. She thought about asking Harry but it seemed like he was always preoccupied with either Ginny or Cho so she dropped that idea immediately. She tried to think of other boys in her grade. Seamus? Dean? Neville? Goyle? Draco? She laughed to herself. None of the boys in her grade even remotely attracted her.


One of Cormac's friends was really cute. Maybe she would look into that. Once she reached Snape's office, Hermione had become hornier than she had been in months. She knocked softly on Snape's door, but the louder she knocked, the more obvious it was that no one was going to answer.

She considered slipping the note under the door when a snide voice said, "Don't do that. Give the letter to me." Hermione knew better than to intrust McGongogall's letter with that lowlife and she shook her head no.

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Malfoy scoffed and said, "I wasn't asking Granger. Give me the fucking letter." Perhaps it was his tone of voice, the way Malfoy's tie was haphazardly placed around his neck or even the triumphant look in his eye, but Hermione had never been more turned on. "I'm not going to give you this," Hermione said, knowing that her stubbornness would only make him angrier.

"Like shit you aren't! Malfoy spat at her. "Make me," she whispered in a soft tone, hoping to turn on Malfoy. He advanced towards her, making her heart race.

"I will." He slapped her. It wasn't hard, but it was certainly rough.


Tears stung in her eyes. But she was still adamant. "That's not enough." She whispered the sentence so softly she was sure she was the only one who could hear it. He took her by the shoulders and pinned her against the dark, cool walls of the dungeon.

"Keep going." she urged him. "You dirty bitch!" Draco uttered at her. "Mmm, call me a bitch again," she said, biting her lip, hoping to get Malfoy to ravage her. He only slapped her again. "That's right, punish me!" she cried out.

"Teach me a lesson." "You whore, you're gonna get it." He freed his growing erection from his pants and forced Hermione onto her knees. Before Hermione had a chance to start sucking him off, Draco took the back off Hermione's head and shoved all six inches into her throat. She was gagging and losing air and starting to see black spots but she loved every second of it. She looked at Draco in the eye as he grunted and groaned. His balls slapped her chin and she didn't even mind.

He released his death grip on the back of her head and let her breathe. Without warning, he finished all over her face. As she attempted to wipe the cum off her face, he bent down and whispered in her ear, "The next time you defy me, you're going to be sorry." He zipped his pants up, grabbed the letter that had fallen on the floor, and continued down the hall, leaving Hermione used and alone.

But for some reason, she couldn't wait to defy Malfoy one more time.