Ally Berry swallowed large manhood

Ally Berry swallowed large manhood
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Full Moon Drive 2: the toy box. I stared blankly at cedric's smiling face.


He looked so cute half asleep, I couldn't help myself the full moon was still in the morning sky… I kissed him, our tongues dancing inside each others mouths. It was turning me on so much, through sheer force of will I stopped kissing him and managed to choke out.

"so… uh… how'd you sleep?" I asked him fearfully. "I slept great" he said. "uh Cedric, listen…" I began but what he said totally blew my mind (and made me horny automatically) "dude I know you have Full Moon Syndrome" he said "I've known for a while now." "how?" I asked amazed I hadn't told anyone only my dad knew.

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"that night you jerked me off" he said simply. "it was a full moon then" I was stunned "Fuckin' shit bud." I said "I'm totally cool with it too" said Cedric "in fact, I'm glad you have it." My phone rang, it was my dad. "Jan bit of bad news yah, we're staying here at the resort for an extra week, Cedric's Parents want you to take care of him then too." My heart nearly stopped. Alone in a house with Cedric for three whole fucking weeks?!

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"ok" I said weakly "Jan keep it under control yah?" "yeah dad I'm keeping it under control" I said. "alright see you in 3 weeks Jan" my dad said he hung up. I calmly placed my phone on the nightstand.

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"Ced we've got three weeks to do whatever the hell we want" I said. He kissed me again. We were both still butt naked. "Cedric, Hold on" I said pushing him away for a sec.


" I want to test your endurance before we do anything, and I have just the tools for said test…" I opened my dresser drawer, and pulled out a vibrator, lube, some leather belts, and a gay porno movie. I lubed the vibrator up good and set it to "torture" "spread 'em" I said commandingly.

My obedient bitch obeyed and spread his legs on the bed.

I carefully inserted the vibrator into his hole, he automatically began moaning. I popped the porno into the DVD player and tied Cedric's hands together and over his head, I tied together his legs as well. I managed to get him in a position that allowed him to fully view the porno. "don't even try to touch yourself" I said to Cedric "let the semen build up" "ok" he said dreamily I left him to his torture to make some breakfast for us I decided I could feed Cedric, it was the least I could do since he couldn't use his arms and legs at the moment.

I looked in the freezer and saw some frozen sausage I decided to fry those up with some eggs. as I cooked I heard Cedric moaning in pleasure as the porno reached a particularly seeexxxxy scene my plan. I brought his meal out to him. "hungry?" I asked? "yeah" he said sleepily I laughed and hand fed him a sausage.

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"MMM!!" he moaned. I thought for a second he was going to cum.

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I decided to check if my bitch's fruit was ripe, I felt his little boy balls and shook them gently "oh boy these babies are ready to pop" I said "I don't want to wear you out too quickly" I stopped the porno and set the vibrator to the lowest setting "pleasing" I grabbed the lube and kept it nearby just incase. I slowly began to suck his dick licking the head slowly while sucking up every drop of pre-cum.

Cedric almost screaming in delight and ecstasy made me grateful that my house was the last house for 100 yards. While continuing to suck his dick I began to ever so gently fondle his balls, at that point I'm pretty sure tears of pleasure were rolling down his beautiful face, but who knows I was dealing with my swelling member.

I kept sucking his dick and fondling his ball sack until I heard my sweet Cedric cry out "I'm gonna spurt!!" he cried, I quickly stopped and reached for the vibrator still in Cedrics' ass and set it to the highest level "Ecstasy!" he practically screamed in pure pleasure and I returned my mouth to his cock even though I knew he wouldn't last ten seconds with the vibrator on the highest setting AND my sucking his little boy cock, he Moaned one last time and finally I got to taste his pure sweet boy cream, he shot at least seven loads in my mouth and one more as I softly took my mouth off his dick, Cedric was panting but still conscious.

I took the vibrator out of his ass and untied him quietly, we kissed once more, and finally we broke apart. Cedric looked down at my throbbing member and bent down and began to suck it "OH FUCK OH FUCK!!" I began to yell it felt so good!

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His young tongue slowly caressing my flaming cock, after all that had just happened I was surprised I hadn't climaxed the moment his tongue touched the tip of my cock. I came seconds later and I collapsed on top of him. When I had the strength to move again. I saw that Cedric was asleep again and covered in my spunk. I smiled and licked him clean slowly, he stirred and looked up at me "I love you Jan…" said my beautiful Cedric.

Tears rolled down my cheeks I was so happy, I kissed him one last time and we both fell asleep again, not even having the energy to turn off the vibrator still on the floor. To be continued…