Hausgemachte ffm sam45)

Hausgemachte ffm sam45)
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SEX ON THE BEACH Maria thought she might be in love with the new guy in her life. His name was Michael and he was tall, dark, and definitely handsome. He towered over Maria but she loved the way they fit together and she always felt so protected by this tall, masculine man. They'd met at some obscure party Maria had ended up at, someplace where she only knew one person, and that person was at best an acquaintance.

Maria had been alone at the party full of strangers until Michael had found her and she hadn't felt alone for the past three weeks. Today, the couple was walking down a remote, foggy beach. They appeared to be the only people there on such a cool, grim day, and Michael had assured Maria that almost no one went to this particular beach so they had the place to themselves. They'd brought some lunch which was already gone and were now walking it off. Michael stopped and started kissing Maria and she felt the heat rise in her the way it always did when Michael kissed her like that.


They'd had sex a few times and Maria was craving it now, on this lonely beach with this gorgeous man. Michael started kneading Maria's large tits, finally pulling one out then leaning down he started sucking it.

Heat, passion, a fire, rose fast in Maria as she arched into Michael, pushing her tit out as far as she could as he kept sucking. He bit her nipple with a little growl and pulled out the other tit and sucked on it while kneading both of them, both he and Maria moaned loudly now, each feeling a little flicker of a flame in their bellies start then grow hot as it raged through their bodies.

Both of Maria's tits were now exposed and both hung out over her low cut top.

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Michael pulled her light jacket off, then his own, and he undid then unzipped his jeans. He pulled out his dick and stroked it, telling Maria to look at what she did to him and that she needed to suck it right there. He didn't wait for an answer and pushed her down by the shoulders and grabbed her head by her hair while he lined up his dick and thrust it down Maria's throat while he growled.

Maria was surprised by the suddenness of his movements but took most of his dick in her mouth. Michael told her to suck it and she tried but it was difficult since he was moving in and out, fucking her pretty mouth fast, hard and deep, groaning with each thrust.

Maria kept gagging but that didn't slow Michael down, it just made him fuck in harder while he gripped her head, keeping it immobile as he brutally used her mouth. Maria kept sucking his dick. She had no choice so she enjoyed it as much as she could and soon she heard the moans grow louder as Michael approached orgasm. Maria sucked harder, loving the taste of his dick, loving that he was so turned on, wanting to taste his salty cum. Maria started moaning loudly, her cheeks hollowed out by sucking so hard on Michael's dick, her head bobbing up and down now, lips tight around him.

That's when he started really fucking her mouth, relentlessly and hard until he got what he needed, and shoved his dick in deep one last time.


Maria would always remember the moment on the beach. The sounds of the wind and waves were in the background while Michael grunted and groaned and when he stopped moving she felt his dick twitch as it pulsed hot cum into her mouth for what seemed like forever. When her mouth was full of cum, hot and salty, Maria started to swallow and Michael told her to drink it all, and when she was done he told her to clean his dick and when he pulled out he wiped his dick across her cheeks.

He didn't put his dick back in his jeans though, he left it out, glistening and still huge. He pulled Maria up off of her knees and started kneading and sucking her tits again, and slowly he got hard, especially after he'd undone Maria's jeans and pulled them down a little along with her little thong, and then pushed a finger into her wet cunt and started finger fucking her right there on the foggy beach, using first one then more fingers to poke deep into her, getting her ready to take his dick.

In just a few minutes, Michael was ready to go again, and as he lined up and slid his long, hard dick into her waiting cunt from behind, he told her to get ready to be seriously fucked because he was in that kind of mood.

Maria wanted his dick, wanted all of it, in her now and she wiggled her ass a little in anticipation as Michael drove in deep, impaling Maria with hard dick, then pumped in and out, furiously, hard, over and over again. Michael fucked Maria relentlessly, slapping her ass from time to time, then digging in and holding on tight to her hips as he pumped in fast, staccato-like movements, in and out of her cunt until she moaned, while her big tits bounced and jiggled, gleaming in the foggy afternoon light.

The wind whipped in cold off the shore, and the waves crashed louder behind them, but they were so into the fuck they really didn't notice. That's also why Maria didn't notice all the eyes watching them from a distance, from behind the large boulders on the beach, watching, waiting in anticipation.

Michael didn't notice them either, but he already knew they were there, and he put on a great show for his friends, fucking the little cunt with the big tits.

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While he did her, he thought about a couple of his friends watching who loved big tits and decided to really give them an eyeful, get them ready for the bounty that would be theirs soon enough.

He drove hard into Maria then pulled out, smiling a little when he saw all the cunt juice on his dick and dripping down her legs. He was good, he was really good and he silently thanked his dick. Michael flipped Maria around and after pulling off her jeans and thong, picked her up by the ass and told her to put her legs around his waist and to hold on.

His long dick slid in easily and he started fucking Maria hard and fast again while hanging on to her round little ass. He pumped hard, slowly letting her fall back so that her head almost touched the ground.

Her big tits positively glowed, as they shook and jiggled in the little bits of sunlight shining through the fog. He fucked her like that for a few minutes, smiling at those wildly jiggling tits and loving the idea of his friends seeing him fuck Maria like that.

Michael finally got a bit tired though and pulled out of Maria and put her down. He grabbed his coat and put Maria down on her back on the coat, and since he had a good idea where most of his friends were hiding, he tried to position her so that they could get a good look at his dick fucking her cunt and maybe get some good pictures too.

They were going to be needing Maria for themselves very soon. Michael had a lot of stamina and fucked Maria good and hard for another ten minutes or so, pounding in over and over again, working that cunt, making it take his dick and give him what he wanted.

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He sucked her tits for a while as he fucked her, holding them together and alternating sucking on both of them as his dick kept sliding in and out while Maria moaned and cried out, begging for more.

Good thing this girl likes dick so much, Michael thought, thinking about later. Finally, he was on the edge again, the rhythm of the fuck making him feel sparks, igniting all along his spine, making him need it. He held on to that round little ass then, and pumped in so fast he felt dizzy, but it worked and he felt it start as his dick fucked into the hot wet cunt. It almost felt like her cunt was pulling his cum load out of him.

He growled and groaned while his dick pumped out cum, until he was done, and then he lay still, balls deep in Maria, dick wet and spent but oh so happy. Michael turned his head to the side on Maria's chest and idly sucked on a tit while he watched as a few of his friends emerged from various hiding places behind the boulders and line up. One by one they pulled out their dicks and started stroking them and Michael knew it was time for Maria to find out what she'd be doing for the rest of the afternoon and probably into the night.

He counted nine guys lined up and ready to go and knew a few more would be joining them as the afternoon wore on. They were lined up against a huge boulder away from the water, about twenty feet back from where Michael lay with his dick still in Maria's cunt.

He signaled the guys to wait just a minute then sucked good and hard on the tit in his mouth and grabbed both of them, and gave each a good suck before telling Maria to wake up because he had a surprise for her. She looked at him, eyes half closed behind mounds of tit, watched him suck her for a minute and asked him what the surprise was.

He told her he knew how much she liked sex and taking dick so he'd arranged for her to have all she wanted. She told him his dick was all she needed, but if he had a little more of what he just did she wouldn't mind. Michael grudgingly gave each tit one last suck, pulling off of each nipple with a popping sound which made Maria laugh. He pulled out of her cunt then and saw the cum dripping out and start down her legs.

That's when she turned her head and saw the line of guys standing way back, stroking their dicks. In the background, the wind made a low howling sound, and waves crashed loudly on the beach, rolling in one after another, whipped by the stronger wind. Maria instinctively tried to move away but Michael was a very big guy and he held her down and told her that all his best friends were here and wanted to fuck her, and he'd really be happy if she'd do it, and just enjoy all the dick.

He didn't wait for an answer. One of his friends was prepared for a bit of uncertainty on Maria's part and was quickly behind her tying her hands tightly behind her back. This caused her tits to be thrust out and Michael couldn't help but smile and give them a little bounce while he told her she'd be starting out by sucking every guy in the line for as long as they wanted her to. He asked her if she thought she was ready and she started to cry and he told her it would be harder to suck all those dicks if her nose was all clogged up from crying.

He slapped her face lightly and told her to be a good girl and do it for him. Michael and his friend walked her over to the line and forced her down on her knees. While his friend got back in line, Michael grabbed Maria by the hair and held her steady for the first guy who was more than ready to fuck into that pretty mouth.


The guy groaned and told her to suck him hard because he wanted to watch that mouth around his dick. Maria struggled a bit so Michael pulled her head back and kept her still so the guy could fuck hard into her mouth and as far down her throat as he could. The guy was so ready that he came pretty fast, lasting only a couple of minutes before shooting his cum load deep in Maria's throat.

He left his dick in her mouth, forcing her to swallow.

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The next guy in line moved over and rammed his dick in deep. He pumped hard to come quickly because his aching dick needed it. Before he unloaded, the guy pulled Maria's head tightly against his groin as he fucked in hard then stopped, releasing his hot cum down her throat as she gagged. Again, she had to swallow because there was no other choice.

The guys were cheering each other on now, and when the next guy in line walked up to Maria, they all started laughing and saying they hoped she liked big dicks.

The guy stood in front of Maria for a moment and pointedly stroked his long dick a few times, smirking a little, and asking her if she was ready for a mouthful of dick. He told her that every inch was going down her throat so she'd better prepare. Before he put it in her, he rubbed his dick over her cheeks while telling her to open wide. Then he smiled and drove in deep, holding still for a moment before pulling out then pushing back in until his dick was all the way down Maria's throat, and she was gagging.

She couldn't move at all so the guy started fucking her mouth for real, hard and deep, over and over until his body tensed and he pumped in harder, frenzied until he groaned and his cum started squirting into Maria's mouth, wave after wave until he stood stock still and sighed. He patted her cheek with his dick still embedded deep in and told her to swallow all of it then lick his dick clean. The next guy in line was very turned on and simply put his dick in her mouth and started fucking in fast, coming in a few seconds while yelling a litany of swear words.

He slapped her when he was done and wiped his dick off on her cheeks. The guy after him walked up to Maria while jerking off and simply told her to open wide while he finished himself off and pumped his cum into her mouth in little spurts that he told her to swallow when he was done. Maria did every guy in the line in no time at all really because they were all very ready to go once she got to them.

When the last guy was done, Maria looked at Michael and asked if she could go home since she'd done what he asked. Most of the guys laughed, and Michael told her that the boys would be wanting to fuck her too, and that he knew damn well that she wanted more dick in her cunt. He put a couple of fingers in her cunt and pulled her up that way and then with his fingers still in her cunt, started sucking on a tit, inviting his friends to suck a tit too if they wanted and to let the fucking begin.

He jabbed his fingers in and out of her cunt a couple of times for emphasis then let the guys have at her. Maria was surrounded by guys sucking her tits and probing her cunt with their fingers. She had stopped complaining and seemed resigned. All the fingers in her cunt made her moan a little and she seemed to be going with the flow.

These were youngish guys and they were good and ready to go again and get their fill of this cunt. The first guy in line stepped up behind Maria, put a hand on her lower back and lined up and pushed his dick quickly into her cunt. He kicked her legs farther apart and went at her good while someone else held her head up by her hair and fucked her mouth at the same time. The first close up pictures were taken and immediately uploaded to a few guys they knew would be interested in maybe doing this cunt.

Maria's mouth sucking a dick was memorialized, as was her cunt, shown being spread apart by several large hands, with a dick pushed in balls deep, and someone's finger pushed into her ass. Time would tell as to how many more guys would show up for a taste. The guys were all so ready to go they decided to take turns fucking Maria until they all finally came again. It took a long time, a few hours of non-stop fucking.

Several more friends of Michael stopped by the beach and sunk their dicks into Maria's sloppy wet cunt, using her hard until they were done with her, their cum pumped into her hole, their dicks sated at least for a while. Some guy walking the beach showed up and decided he'd rather join the party than just walk on by, and Maria got another dick to fuck her cunt.

She was a dripping, gaping mess as five o'clock approached and the guys started double teaming Maria's cunt. More pictures were taken and with greater care as Michael hoped to sell a few but at least stream them out to the world.

Cunt this willing should be shared. They re-tied her hands, pulling them over her head, then leaned her against the huge boulder, ass out and ready to be fucked. A couple of guys held her arms while two guys fucked her cunt from behind. Their dicks slid in easily and they fucked her hard and deep while she moaned and pushed her cunt out to take their dicks better.

The sound of the camera going click, click, click blended in with the sounds of the wind and waves all crashing down, like all the dicks crashing into Maria, over and over again. She pleaded for someone to suck her tits and so for the next couple of hours, Maria was fucked extra good, with at least two dicks in her cunt and ass, rocking her body, making her tits sway, and her sweet ass jiggle with every thrust.

At some point, late in the afternoon after all the guys had come again, they all settled in for some very comfortable long term fucking.

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The guys alternated having one guy lay down with Maria impaled on his dick and facing him, while another guy got behind her and put his dick in next to the the other dick. It was a really easy way to double up and she was so big now that her cunt easily took two dicks fucking in hard.

They even tried putting another dick in her ass and for a good part of the late afternoon, early evening, Maria had three dicks in her cunt and ass and frequently another dick fucking her mouth. The guys were not coming easily at this point so the fuck went on for another couple of hours. Maria seemed to enjoy it too, grunting and moaning and still wanting someone to suck her tits.

That job usually fell to the guy under her, the one fucking up into her cunt along with another dick from behind her. One after another, the guys traded off fucking the hot cunt. More friends came by the beach too as the photos were found on the internet.

At the height of the party, there were about thirty guys fucking or waiting to fuck Maria. Everyone was fucked out somewhere between seven and eight that night, and after the last guy had unloaded his cum in her cunt and after a couple of guys had jacked off and painted their cum on her face, Michael told Maria she'd done good and he and a couple of his friends would take her home now.

Maria was quiet as they untied her hands and told her to put her jeans on. Her cunt and ass were filled with cum, and cum and cunt juice had dripped down her legs and was in various stages of wetness, along with long streaks of dried cum. Michael told Maria to bend over and had a couple of guys hold her ass cheeks apart so he could get a few great pictures of cum dripping out of her gaping holes and down her legs.

Michael then told her to zip up and then gave each of her tits a quick suck before tucking them back into her top. On the way to the car, a couple of stragglers, good friends of Michael's, arrived and wanted to fuck Maria before they took her home.

Michael told them they could but they'd have to hurry up because he had things to do after he got rid of the cunt. One of his friends got behind Maria and quickly unzipped her now cum soaked jeans and pulled them half way down her thighs, then bent her over and asked her if she liked big dicks before he put his own dick in her sloppy cunt. The guy commented on just how sloppy she was while he fucked her, saying her cunt would be too big if his dick wasn't already so large. The other guy who was waiting his turn, had pulled his dick out and was jacking off as was one other guy that had already fucked Maria a couple of times.

Michael watched them all and commented on how fucking horny everyone was, and how damned lucky they were to have a willing cunt to fuck but to please hurry the fuck up.

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He pulled out one of Maria's tits and squeezed it idly while the guys fucked her. The guy with his dick in Maria was pumping her hard and deep, fucking in and out over and over, trying to get off.

He started slapping her ass over and over as he drove in, drilling her with his dick, telling her that he was gonna do her good before he left his cum in her. He was true to his word and fucked her hard for another few minutes, his body using every inch of Maria's cunt to reach his pleasure, finally getting off with a long groan as his dick pumped a huge cum load into her cunt. Moments after he was done, the other guy who'd arrived with him, was ready to come too and told him to get his dick the fuck out of the cunt so he could fuck her while he came.

He practically knocked his friend aside and drove his dick all the way into Maria's cunt and fucked her fast and hard, as his friend's cum was pushed out by his own dick fucking her.

While the guy fucked her with a frenzy, impaling her, punishing her cunt with a really huge dick, another guy was ready to come and told Maria to open up. He jacked off while he pulled her head down toward his dick and drove into her mouth just as he started pumping out his cum load, groaning loudly and cheering his own success.

Within seconds the guy with his dick in Maria also started coming, growling and swearing as his cum squirted into her hole.

When they pulled out of Maria, Michael told her to zip up and they walked the rest of the way to the car. The tit that had been pulled out hung over her top and jiggled as she walked. For the drive home, Maria sat in between two guys in the back seat. Michael wasn't sure how she was going to react to today's events and he didn't want any problems on the drive home. The guys sucked her tits all the way home, and Maria moaned a little because it felt good and she couldn't help it.

The guys also jacked off during the drive and when they were ready to come they pulled her head down to their groins, told her to open, and quickly shoved their dicks in her mouth before coming and flooding her mouth with more hot cum. When they got to her apartment, the two guys sucked her tits one last time and told her it had been a fun afternoon. Michael had watched the guys doing Maria in the back seat and wanted to get off one more time, so he got into the back seat and pulled Maria down toward his groin and told her to start sucking.

He held on to her head and moved it up and down on his hard, needy dick as he fucked in and out and kept telling her to suck it. When he was ready he came hard with a growl as he pushed Maria's mouth all the way down on his dick so that he was in balls deep, before filling her mouth with one last cum load. He was the boyfriend after all, so he got last shot. He sucked and chewed on her tits while she licked his dick clean but left them hanging out when he was done. He wanted to watch them jiggle while they walked to her door and give them one last suck too.

If anyone was around that was just too bad. Michael walked her to her apartment door, still feeling up her tits as they walked. They only passed one guy on the way who stared at Maria's tits, and Michael told him to have a feel if he wanted.

The guy couldn't help himself and grabbed the huge tits and squeezed them. Michael told him to suck them and the guy happily did so, slurping away for a minute before Michael told him that Maria would suck him off for $5. He told Maria to suck the guy as he pushed her down on her knees and told her to open her mouth. The guy looked shocked but pulled out his dick and stroked it a few times.

When Michael told him Maria wanted to suck him, the guy looked at her, on her knees with her mouth open and ready looking up at him and quickly put his dick in her mouth and started fucking it. They were all standing under some dim lighting in the middle of a walkway but Maria sucked the guy anyway, oblivious to anyone maybe walking up on them like this guy had.

Her head bobbed as the guy fucked in over and over while he groaned loudly until finally unloading his cum, his dick twitching as it squirted cum into Maria's mouth. She swallowed and started licking the guy's dick clean. The guy put his dick away and said thanks and said he hoped he'd see her again and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill and handed it to Michael who grinned and put it in his own pocket.

The guy walked away without looking back. Michael squeezed Maria's tits until they got to her door and told her he deserved to get something back since he'd spent so much money on her today. She lived alone so there were no room mates to ask about her day.


Maria was quiet and rather sullen and Michael asked her what she was going to do for the rest of the night. She said she was going to take a shower and go to sleep because she had work the next day. Michael smiled sweetly, squeezed a nipple, twisting it until Maria leaned into him just a little. Then he sucked both tits for just a minute before pulling off at last and bouncing both tits. He told her he'd had a fun day and that he'd call her sometime, knowing full well that he never would.

Her cunt was okay, but she wasn't really his type, and anyway, her cunt wasn't worth fucking for a while, if ever. She was way too used. Just look at the way she looked right now, so old, Jesus, cum all over her messed up. He'd only fuck her right now if she had a paper bag over her head. He chuckled to himself then gave her a little smirk and a wave as he walked away while she stared after him, hoping maybe she'd get a call from him soon, before next weekend anyway.