Free gay porn watch in windows media player As shortly as laid down

Free gay porn watch in windows media player As shortly as laid down
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The heel hit the plush carpet first as the rest of the heavy foot slowly followed, and the entire right foot repeated the motion of the left foot as the black dressed shoes made their way down the hall at a decent pace. The heavy wool pea coat swung gently as the man in the dark outfit made his way down the hall and knocked firmly on the hotels door.

TJ's grip tightened as he woke slightly and held the pistol under his pillow, he remained still, acting asleep as he listened and heard the knocking again before he realized it was on the door next to his room, where he earlier heard the crying. Cain opened the door slowly and stepped to the side, as the figure entered and spoke "Thomas?" the younger male stood in the center of the room, striped down to his blue and white boxers. The figure spoke again "Thomas let my see you arms, hold them out for me." The boy didn't respond as Cain began to take a step forward, the figure stopped him with an arm across his chest.


"I just want to see your arms; I'm not here to hurt you". The boy held out his arms, his arms were clear of any marks or bruises. The figured nodded and then looked at Cain as his buttoned the large button on his pea coat "Drug free, anything else I should know?" Cain shook his head no and the man turned and left the room, Cain locked to the door behind him. The figured stopped in front of TJ's door and placed the large, black leather gloved hand on his door softly.

Livia ran the back of her hand over her sleeping son's cheek.

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It's was only the two of them now and he was her world. He moved slightly in his sleep. His blonde straight hair was a bit longer then she liked, but a lot of the surfer kids he hung out with had longer hair, his just passed his ears.

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His hair was light blonde and went great with his really light exceptionally blue eyes. She kissed him on his forehead causing him to stir again as she left to relieve Derek.

It was still early morning hours and still dark outside as she climbed into her truck. A small figured watched as she drove away. The young boy tucked his hands into his pockets and began to walk down the street, with the roles now reversed as the boy she once followed finished trailing her.


Cain now stood In front of Thomas, who sat on the edge of the large hotel room bed. "Thomas, look at me." He spoke softly and clearly but Cain had a tough voice as he lifted the boys chin to look up. "Welcome to the family…We will talk about the rules and such later after we get some sleep, but first." Cain already had his shirt off, statue like chest and abs gleaming in the early dawn moon light. He took his cargo and boxers down as he put Thomas's hand onto his hanging cock.


Cain hanging dick was thick and long and was only semi hard as Thomas's hand only mildly stroked it and his eyes watered up again. "Shh… its ok Tommy, just give it a kiss." Cain put his hand on the back of the boys head as the boys reluctantly sat forward. "That's it baby…" Cain spoke softly as Tommy slowly and softly kissed the tip of his stiffening dick. He would deliver a few more pecks onto the tip as Cain would edge him on by holding his head and slowly pushing into his mouth.

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Slowly beginning to slide a few inches in and out of the still boy's mouth, Tommy winced slightly as he tasted the pre-cum. TJ woke up to the sound of a rhythmic pounding on the wall. He yawned and stretch knowing with the loud noise he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. He threw on his shirt and such and tucked his mic away and put on his scruffy jacket.

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"Morning, who's my back up?" he would talk out loud as he finished up and was on his way out the room, Livia would respond. "Meeting in two hours… pops said to ditch the money clip before ya get back".

He slid the money from the clip and put it in his pocket before tossing the money clip on the bed and leaving the room. As he shut the door he ran into someone. The two chests bumped and TJ back stepped slightly. It was Cain leaving the other room, they eyed each other up for a minute before TJ spoke "my bad, 'cuse me".

Cain just wet his lips and bit on the lower one, his eyes looked angry, his eyes are dark, hair is short and he had basically the same great build as TJ, although Cain seemed a lot tougher in a tight black tee shirt and thick chain around his neck and dangling down some on his chest.

Cain spoke "Yeah.excuse you" before he continued down the hall and TJ the opposite way, As TJ left the Clerk at the desk handed him a Card. They were all in the meeting room back at the station and Derek just came late because he just came from home and a chance to sleep.

The captain jumped right in and asked where they stood. Derek went first "ok well the bar held nothing but I swear I'm seeing the same guy from the bar around other places, maybe I'm just paranoid." The captain shook his head and moved to Livia as pop was hard at thought starring at Derek for a minute before glancing to Livia.

She spoke next "um I lost the trail of one of the boys, or a boy we assume is with the operation, and quite morning outside TJ's hotel as he sleep all comfy for the night" she would smirk at him. TJ went to speak but pops interrupted him "Did you ditch the money clip?" and TJ responded "Yeah why?" Pops responded to him now "you have to be careful because it might have been a tracker of some sort." TJ nodded before talking about his night and how he had concern for the way the hotel seemed to be a part of it.

The captain sent them on their way, giving Pops and Derek the afternoon off and told them to report by dinner and told Olivia to trail TJ as he made some rounds. Livia and TJ both went to a restaurant, they ate and acted normal both in street clothes when Livia noticed the boy from the alley, he spotted her about the same time and left the place.

Tj finished and went to the counter to pay, while there he noticed a kid pay with cash and he had a silver money clip. He quickly went back to the table and explained and put Livia on the kid's trail.

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Cain finished his apple and tossed the core to the ground. He walked into the white fence and up the stone trail leading to the nice rancher house with flowers in front. He took a deep breath, cracks his neck to one side and opened the mail box, he looked at the letters and ads for names and such as he spoke softly to himself "Livia…" He placed the letter back and smirked, looked in the window a little before leaving and walking down the side walk, he definitely didn't fit in this neighborhood.

But he texted in his phone before getting a reply three seconds later. He looked down at the little envelope on his phone "Wulf" typed under it. He didn't bother to check it; he knew it would be blank.

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Hours later everyone was on duty, even the captain was back in a car working the details. They had TJ back on the corner and he hadn't even been leaning on the wall for very long when he saw something slide across the ground and stop at his boots it was an empty silver money clip. "You forgot your clip" the bigger male in the pea coat and dark attire was back. "I was going to get it toni." TJ was cut off "I WAS TRYING TO BE NICE…" the man would say loudly, interrupting TJ.

" I noticed the money was gone when I went to check on you this morning, the clerk said you checked out and left it. So u took the money but not the gift, so want to tell me why? Drugs? What?". TJ was stuck "I told u before I'm not into drugs". The man paused for a second before speaking "you more than welcomed to stay at the hotel again, No one should be allowed to sleep on the streets." Is all the man would say before walking away and ignoring TJ who tried to call after him?

Meanwhile, back in the hotel Cain was sliding the key into the door and then entering the room. He walked up to the bed where Tommy was curled up eating and watching TV, he was wearing one of the plush robes. "Take it off…and turn the TV up".

Cain striped down to a tight black wife beater under shirt and a pair of boxers as he watched Tommy turn up the TV and take the robe of his nude little body, so smooth and soft looking.

Cain began stroking his thickening meat. Cain was very hefty, his fingers couldn't wrap fully around himself as he order Tommy onto his stomach flat as he now kneeled between Tommy spread legs, and with his free hand began caressing that smooth, tiny, asshole with a thick cream as well as lubing his cock with the same.

He laid on top of Tommy; his larger body on the boy's one arm around the neck of the boy who was face down in the pillow the other holding the base of his fat and solid cock. Once Cain had his Throbbing, mushroom shaped, tip pressed on that small asshole he would move that hand under the waist and grasping on the boy as he forcefully entered the boy who yelped out in pain as Cain hammered to get more of himself in the boy. He roughly jabbed into the boy before getting most of himself buried and began to pound the boy, in a prison rape type fucking.

The boys face was rambling and crying as he hid it in the pillow and the top of his head smashing into the head board. Cain delivered fast, hard hitting, violent blows to the boy as he bucked into him over and over again, he moved to lean up both hands holding the boys hips and lower back, pinning him as he again aggressive tore into the little ass before pulling out and Cumming all over the boys now spacious rim, load after load drowning the red and tender entrance of the boy he would even thrust himself in and out fully a few times before rolling over on the bed.

"Pops.what now?" TJ would whisper into the mic and pops would tell him to return to the hotel. TJ walked the few blocks before entering the hotel, he crossed paths with Livia both completely ignoring each other as TJ entered and she left the hotel lobby. The clerk would hand him the same key and smile "welcome back kiddo". As TJ walked down the hall to his room for the night Cain was coming down the hall the opposite way, neither would take their eyes from the others, there was a whole connection.

It was like a face off of good and evil. A demon verses a savior. As they would cross each other's paths Cain would crack his neck side to side, and TJ would tighten his fist until his knuckles cracked. The tension was so heavy. But Cain Began to Leave and TJ went into his room.

Livia was still following the boy from the restaurant and he basically was leading her in circles.

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Livia called to check in with her son who once again was stuck home alone. She then placed a call to the captain who was now TJ's back up in a black truck outside the hotel, pops and Derek were already on a break, Livia asked to do the same but the captain said keep on him.

Mean while, Cain would open the small white fence and walk up the stones path, it was dark and the small blue garden lamps lit the path as he walked up to the front door. He pulled the leather jacket closer to his body and stood up straight as he knock and announced himself as an officer. A young boy sleep eyed answer the door after a few knocks and Cain spoke. "Hi I'm detective .um Walsh, Is your mom here son?" Cody, spoke softly "No. she is at work is everything ok, is she ok?" he looked worried as he yawned a little, his fluffy blonde hair made him look like the typical California surfer boy, blue eyestan skin as he stood there in just shorts.

"Yeah yeah your mom is fine.But Can I speak to your dad?" Cody looked at him funny and Cain knew he messed up by not researching into whether or not this kid had a live at home dad. Cain instantly jumped on him pushing him back causing him to fall as Cain entered and shut the door.