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Thank you Blackstallion21 for editing and suggestions. Before you go ahead please note that this story is not only about John and Susan but also about Anna. Susan. In a single word, goddess. Her smooth milky white skin was ready to turn red if something or someone gripped her too hard. In contrast with her skin, her long hair was midnight black.

Strangely the contrast only added to her beauty. Her hair was silky and reached her hips. It was straight till half way of her back and the lower half was slightly curled, like waves in the ocean. Any man was bound to have an urge to run his hands through her thick mane. Her light blue eyes looked like they didn't miss a thing. She scanned John from head to toe and he liked the way her thick eyebrows arched in the middle with concentration. She had an angular face with superb nose and slightly angular chin.

Her high cheek bones and beautiful full lips completed the combination. Her uncoated lips curled into a smile which was truly heartbreaking. In a blue t-shirt, that matched her eyes and black skin tight jeans her perfect body called for everybody's attention. Her sky high waist, broad hips and shoulders formed an hour glass figure. Her breasts pointed out without any sag. John guessed them to be 34c. John marked her to be 5 ft.

10 inches tall as she's an inch taller than Anna. Her really long legs seemed to go on for forever. "Susan, this is John and John, this is Susan." Anna introduced them to each other. At that moment two sets of blue eyes were locked on him. "Hi," John said extending his hand towards Susan. She hesitated for a moment before shaking his hand.

John felt some tingling sensation when their hands met. "Hi," she replied, her voice was soft and had a musical ring to it. He quickly released her hand when he felt a slight pull from her side. John never thought he would meet a woman as beautiful as Anna. Now that he met Susan he still had trouble believing it. Standing side by side, with identical smiles and dimples, they looked like siblings if not twins.

Their build, smile and eyes are similar to one another, almost identical. The only difference is their hair, one being a redhead and the other a brunette. "Now, please move on to the tables set up in the next lab," the TA's voice came in.

"Students without laptops can use campus' workstations." Damn, there goes the hope of getting out early out of the window. One look at Susan and he was grinning ear to ear. The next two and half hours might not be as bad as he thought they would be. They hurried to next room which was filled with circular tables with three chairs around each one of them. Half of them were empty and the other half were set up with computers.

"Got a lap?" John asked Susan. When she nodded her head yes they occupied the nearest empty table without computers. John pulled out his laptop out of the bag and started it. "The password for the campus WLAN is on the front screen and please open the displayed web address on your browser," another TA's came in from the overhead speakers. After connecting to the WLAN, John opens his browser and typed in the address. It took him to the courses' official site with brief introduction.

"After reading the introduction, please continue to the ASSIGNMENT 0 on the left side," the TA continued. "As all of you have taken some sort of advanced computer class in high school, it's only to check your background knowledge. Please submit your answers by the end of the Lab. Only one submission for a team. Instructions regarding it will be given later." John opened the link and started scanning through the questions.

The first half were pretty much regular standard questions. Probably, everyone present in the lab can answer them. Second half were tricky though. He tried to concentrate on the assignment but found it harder in the presence of two stunningly beautiful females.

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He grew accustomed to Anna's company but the mere existence of Susan was driving him crazy. One of the guys from the adjacent table got up, probably for using the restroom or to get a clear look at the girls. Watching them he walked smack into the nearby wall. There was a loud thump and he fell on his ass. Most of the students burst out laughing. John got on his feet to help him. "Shit, man, are you ok?" John was trying so hard not to laugh as he was pretty sure he would walked in to the wall himself, a few minutes ago, watching Susan.

John helped the poor soul to stand up and one could almost see stars circling over his head. "Are you ok?" John asked him again. He tried to say something but nothing came out. He opened his and closed his mouth a couple of times like a fish desperate for water. Taking it as bad John tried to help him to sit down. One of his friends from his table reached them and together they helped him to his seat. "Jesus, Alex that's most stupidest thing you ever did," saying his friend rolled in laughter.

John, no longer able to control himself, shook his head and returned to his chair. Both girls were muttering something under their breath and giggling. Everything returned to normal when a T.A reminded them that they got less than two hours to complete their work. When John's hand brushed across Susan's accidently, she pulled her hand back sharply, with disgust in her eyes.

For the next hour and half it's apparent to John that she behaved like a bitch whenever he tried to talk to her. Finally, the completed their work and following the T.A's new instructions they submitted it. Most of groups were still working but there were few who completed and chatting ideally.

The guy named Alex was looking at John's table and when he caught John's eye he looked away turning bright red. Professor Bell marched into lab making a considerable commotion like an overgrown baby elephant and not to mention he looked like one. He talked to T.As for a few minutes before clearing his throat. The whole class fell silent and he began.

"Only ten groups have submitted their assignments, by far and their performance is as I expected it to be. Do not worry if you are not capable of answering the last five questions as they are bit tricky and beyond your current level. But one group, Mr. Miller, Ms. Williams and Ms. Jones, has answered all of them and they did a fine job. I hope you will keep it up in the future." At this, both of the girls were blushing and John, he was just glad that nobody knew their surnames and was not receiving any unwanted attention.

"If any of the students," Professor Bell continued, "is having any problem they can meet me in my office during working hours and we will discuss it. If I am not available you can talk to one of the T.A's and they will pass it on to me. Thank you, you are free to leave." While John was packing his Laptop a T.A came to their table. "Professor Bell gave you this for your performance, congratulations." Saying he placed three books on the table and walked away.

The books were on animation and operating systems. All the three were written by Professor Bell himself. Susan grabbed the text book on animation. "Can I take this one?" she asked raising her eyebrows. "You can have all the three," John answered slinging his bag on to his shoulder.

"Anna already brought the whole collection." "That doesn't mean you have a copy. You are willing to give up two hundred dollar books to make an impression," she said in irritated voice. "What the hell -" "Hang on a second," Anna interrupted him raising his hand and turned towards Susan. "As he said you can have them.

When I brought the whole set, it's for me and John. There's no reason for you to act like a bitch." Grabbing His hand, Anna pulled him towards the exit, leaving behind a baffled looking Susan. "That which, insulting you for no reason.

Impression, my ass." Anna kicked a small stone, lying in their way. "Let it go, Anna. Just let it go." John rubbed her back. God bless the poor soul who had to feel Anna's wrath because sometimes she can be mean. Very mean. But John also knew Anna's anger was momentary. Once her anger dies down she will regret calling Susan a bitch. A few minutes later John kicked open his room door. There's still no sign of his roommate.

He opened his laptop and started working on one of the projects he and Anna began a year ago. But his thoughts went back to Susan.

There's one thing he hate the most in the world, a bitch with attitude and Susan was most likely to be one. He had no idea how to deal with her for rest of the semester. Just below his room, Susan opened her journal to fill in her day's events. A habit she picked up quite recently, in the memory of her late mother.

By far, there were only few entries. Whenever she tried to write something, her thoughts turned towards her mother. Even after ten years, she still missed her mom. Wiping away her tears she began writing. Today's the first day of college and I wish you could be here mom. You always wanted this for me and now here I am in one of the best universities. Can't say the same thing about some of the people though.

Leslie is not in the room right now. Yesterday I met a girl named Anna. She appeared to be a nice girl. She probably is. I met her again today in some lab, along with her boyfriend, John. Hot, Handsome and flattering, a match for Anna in terms of looks. But a total jerk. I mean anybody who hits on other girls behind his girlfriend's back is a jerk, at least to me.

Men are the same. Thinking of him brings back the memories which are best left forgotten. And Anna, the poor girl probably has no idea about him. She defended him like he was meant a world to him. Pity that I have to team up with them for the rest of the semester.

At least, I have enough time save Anna from that jerk. With a renewed determination to save Anna from the clutches of John, Susan closed her journal with a loud thump. She had absolutely no idea that the jerk is soundly asleep in the room above her. The next morning, Susan's internal clock woke her up precisely at five. On the other end of the room her roommate Leslie was still sleeping. Not wanting to disturb her, Susan collected her things and slipped out of the room silently like a mouse.

Slinging the towel over her shoulder, she set off towards the common bathrooms. She was greeted by empty and silent corridors.

As she entered the bathrooms she could hear a shower running and singing. Usually, no one was around this early in the morning. Shrugging her shoulders she slipped in to an adjacent stall, closing the glass door and drapes behind her.

Every bathroom in the dorm is fitted with a life size mirror. Susan undressed slowly, watching her image. She turned on the overhead shower and warm water washed over her body. She knew she had a killer figure and she liked to maintain it, definitely not to attract boys but simply because she liked it that way.

Susan was pretty sure that men were not worth her time. All they care about was getting in her pants. So she did her best not to overly expose her body as she also hates women who use their bodies to get things done.

Probably, that was the reason she liked Anna. Susan never met a woman as beautiful and kind as Anna. She hoped that they can be friends, someday. But it's highly unlikely now because of yesterday incident. John, a man, was responsible for that, as usual. He was breathtakingly handsome, which makes him even more dangerous. But that didn't stop her right hand from reaching her pussy.

She started rubbing her clit while she fondled her breasts with her left hand. From reasons she cannot fathom, just the thought of him sent a tingle through her system. Oh god, she thought, he was heavily built. She slowly inserted her finger in her pussy and started pushing it in and out. Soon second finger followed the first and she pinched her nipples. She imagined how his body will feel against hers as she rode her fingers vigorously.

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Remembering that she was not alone in the stalls, she bit her lower lip hard to suppress her voice. Finally, her hips buckled hard against her fingers as she came trembling down from the most intensive orgasm. Never in her life she came that hard and it disgusted her. She came thinking about John, another woman's man and the fact that he was a complete asshole didn't help either.

True, she was attracted to him. But these were her feelings which means she can and will keep them in check. She has to. She was like Anna once. She made a mistake of trusting a boy and he was like John, unable to satisfy himself with a single woman. Turning off the shower, Susan grabbed a towel and dried herself. Wrapping it around herself, she stepped out of the stall.

A redhead was drying her damp hair facing a wall mirror. Susan can recognize that lush and outrageous beauty from a mile away. Anna. "Never knew there's another early riser," Anna said without looking at her.

Susan tried to say something but all that came out of her mouth was a grunt. Anna's eyes darted towards the image of Susan in the mirror. She turned around and starred at Susan for a full minute before speaking.

"Looks like I owe you an apology. Shouldn't have lost my cool like that. I am sorry," Anna spoke, breaking the silence. Saying Susan was surprised would be an understatement. She never expected Anna to apologize or for a head on confrontation. If anything else she expected her to be angry or mouthy. "Yeah, me too. Sorry," Susan said, even though she was sure that she had nothing to apologize. She didn't want to get on wrong footing with Anna once again.

"So, care to explain what happened yesterday?" Anna asked. "John was hitting on me," Susan replied, deciding that telling truth would be the best option. "Yeah, I saw that. What am I? Blind." "But he's your boyfriend." Anna looked at her surprised, and then laughed. "You thought we are together." Still laughing, Anna shook her head.

"No we are just friends. Best friends, since we were kids." "Oh." Susan felt a ray of hope. He's single. She pushed that hope aside. Deep down all the men were same. But being the best friend of straight forward person like Anna was a point in his favor. "Generally, I don't get mouthy i.e. except in the matters regarding John," Anna continued. "As we solved the problem of our misunderstanding, Friends?" "Yeah, definitely." If there's anyone Susan can get along with, it's Anna.

Alex. John met Anna in the lounge. They were soon joined by Susan, not before Anna explained him about the yesterday's misunderstanding and their early morning discussion. Even then John didn't warm up to Susan. "I am sorry, John," Susan apologized. Her tone made him think that she was being sincere. "I really am -" "It's alright.

I don't care." John cut her off. He know he was being rude but if there's one thing he learned about his opposite gender that is to stay away from the crazy ones. The walk to the lecture halls was filled with both women babbling about cosmetics etc. Like they need any of them, John thought, they are already freaking beautiful. Through out of his school like he observed one thing. When two girls as beautiful as Anna or Susan end up as friends they end up as bffs or if they end up as enemies, even the thought sends shivers up his spine.

And these two were showing the signs of the former case. Though he didn't get along well Susan John's day was normal until he met Leslie. She was sitting in cafeteria alone during lunch. Susan and Anna were chatting animatedly like long separated friends meeting for the first time.

As his presence will not be missed he made his way towards Leslie. She was toying with her food clearly not interested in eating, "Hey." John sat opposite to her.

"Hey, yourself," she said looking surprised. "Sorry for not calling you. I lost the flyer with your number." "Even if you didn't why would you call me? You got a girlfriend," she said pointing towards Anna. "Oh, man." John leaned back tipping the chair slightly. "Why would any one thing that? She's my best friend since we were kids. That's all there is to it." "What about the brunette?" she waved to Susan and Susan waved back.

"Who? Susan. Nothing's going on between us and I seriously doubt there ever will be." Even if his words didn't, his expression must have done it because Leslie nodded her head.

"So want to go out tonight?" "Sure.

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Seven o'clock ok with you?" "It's fine." They exchanged their numbers. John raised his head and saw Susan staring at him. As soon as their eyes met she looked away.

Susan noticed John slipping away from their table to meet Leslie, who was sitting alone. She thought of joining Leslie but Anna waved to her as soon as she entered the cafeteria. She was right about one thing. John was like other men. He moved on without giving a second thought about her. Didn't he hit on her yesterday? Sure they had a misunderstanding but it was cleared up. Like everybody else he was after easy prey. But she felt tug of envy seeing John talking to Leslie.

From morning John never engaged her in a conversation. If she did he gave her only short replies. Fine, she thought, I am not gonna waste my time thinking about someone who doesn't give a second thought about me. But Susan was not so lucky.

The first thing she noticed, after returning to her room, was Leslie getting ready for date, which made her think of John once more.

She was annoyed as Leslie changed her clothes three times before settling onto a cute green dress. She never understood why people keep changing their clothes before a date. Throughout the entire process Leslie kept going on about how handsome John is, which annoyed her even more.

Susan was not sure whether she felt relieved or troubled when Leslie stepped out of the room looking like a wolf in search of her prey. She was troubled because Leslie looked like she was about to swallow John in half.

She mentally kicked herself, for felling concerned about John, before opening her books to start on the assignments given earlier in the day. John was waiting in the parking lot, for Leslie. Thankfully they were in the same dorm, which saved him the trouble of picking her up. As Leslie approached him he couldn't help but notice how the small green dress hugged her tight little body. The dress was a lot cut exposing ample amount of cleavage. It ended just below her buttocks and her legs were displayed for the whole world to see.

She walked towards him swaying her hips a little more than necessary. "Wow, you look stunning." John was having a hard keeping his eyes on her face. She blushed hearing his words. "Let's take my car." She walked towards her car. John enjoyed her back view as equally as he enjoyed the front view.

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Her dress struck to her cheeks leaving nothing to imagination. She stopped beside a Mercedes and dug out the keys from her hand bag. John would've been impressed with the ride if his mother didn't drive the same thing. "Where to?" she asked him rising her eyebrows. "There's a good dinner few blocks away." The first thing John and Anna checked out in the area were good places to eat.

"Lead on." She threw him the keys. John opened her door for her before getting behind the steering wheel. In a few minutes they were sitting across each other in the dinner. As it was a school night the dinner was not so busy. Food was good. They spent an entire hour eating and talking, mostly about him.

He told her about his family and childhood. She avoided speaking about her except for a few things. John learned that she came from a big city and her parents were divorced.

He didn't push her to talk about herself beyond that. John paid their bill and they decided to get back as they had classes the next day.

John pulled into dorm parking lot a few minutes later. "I had a great time." Leslie said unbuckling her seat belt and leaning over. John unbuckled his own seatbelt before pulling her in for a steamy hot kiss. Their tongues wrestled in their mouths.

They kissed for a few minutes before pulling back for air. "That was hot." Leslie said leaning in for another kiss. After the kiss ended they got out of the car and into the lift. She gave him little peck on the lips before she got out on her floor.

Anna was waiting for him in his room, to pry all the details she could get out of him. "So, how did it go?" she asked him as soon as he entered the room. "When do you stop prying into my social life?" he said annoyed. "Probably after the next fifty years. Spill it." Knowing that she will not leave until he told her everything he signed on sat on his bed beside her. "It went like all the first dates. We ate and we talked." When it became evident that he was not saying anymore, she started hitting in the shoulder.

"Alright, alright, we kissed a little. More than a little." he added seeing the look in her eyes. Knowing that that's all she can get from him she changed the subject to the project they are working on. As his roommate hadn't checked in yet, Anna bunked in his bed for the night. John was looking forward to meeting Leslie next day during the lunch.

But she was nowhere to be seen. As their lunch break was for two hours and the fact that most of the students were free for most of the afternoons during the week either she left to her room or having a late lunch. Sighing John took a table with Anna and Susan. John got up to get some orange juice from the counter.

As soon as he got a carton someone collided with him, spilling the entire contents on the floor. John avoided falling down and looked at his assaulter. A guy of six foot height was looking at him angrily and some juice was spilled on his shirt.

"Sorry," John apologized even though it was not his mistake. The guy with the orange juice on his shirt looked over his shoulder. When his friend came to join him, he cracked his knuckles. "Watch were you are going, punk. Now who's going to clean my shirt," he said threateningly.

Before John can say something he heard a growl from his back. He turned around to find a giant looking at them. He was something around 6 ft. 7 with black hair, black eyes and well-built body. "Two on one isn't fair and it's your mistake," the big guy said.

"How about me on his side to even the things out." At this both of the John's assaulters paled. "Next time, punk," saying they retreated to their table. "I hate the assholes like them," the giant said to John.

"Thanks man, I am John." John extended his hand. "I am Alex," Alex said taking his hand.

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"Running late, coach's gonna kill me, gotta go." Alex turned around dashed out of the cafeteria. John returned to the table and both the girls were watching him and Susan looked pale, ready to faint. "I thought there's going to be a fight." Susan shook her head like she was clearing something out of her mind and Anna laughed.

"John and fighting doesn't go together. He's a pacifist," Anna said. "Yep, I don't fight," John told reassuring Susan. But she still looked pale. So, she hate fights huh, John thought. Later that evening John returned to his room only to find it was filled cardboard boxes. So his roommate, whoever he was, finally decided to attend college.

Carefully avoiding the boxes he threw his bag on his table and plopped down on his bed. A few minutes Alex entered the room. He simply said, "oh, you." "Yep, me. Need a hand," John asked him, looking at the boxes. "Sure, could use one." "So, why are you a week late?" John asked unpacking the nearest box. "Small accident; it scared the shit out of me. Never thought I could play ball again." "College team, huh. What position?" "Quarterback; you play?" "Used to, I was a wide receiver." They both unpacked the boxes silently for the next hour, before going down for dinner.

Bill. John was looking forward to spend some time with Leslie but they didn't go beyond their first date in that week. Though they made plans spend the weekend together, they never got to it. Leslie flew to her hometown on Friday skipping most of her classes. She left him a message saying that something has come up and she was sorry for missing their time together. She ended the message with a promised to meet him on Monday.

And now here he was standing in a store watching Susan and Anna shopping instead of being out on a date. Great way to spend a Saturday, he mused. He groaned, he fought and he did everything possible to avoid it. But in the end Anna dragged him along and Susan helping her to get him going didn't miss his notice. He didn't know what to make of Susan or her mood swings.

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Sometimes she behaved like he was her best friend and there were also the times when she treats him like her archenemy and it drove him crazy. There must be some explanation to her behavior and John was determined to find what it was. He had to admit that she had a great taste, may it be clothes or anything else. She selected everything carefully. Something shiny in the window of the store caught his eye.

As both the girls were busy he stepped out of the store to take a better look, earrings. His and Anna's mothers were a great a fan of earrings. As soon as he took a closer look he knew they were meant for them. One pair was beautifully designed like stem flowers and other was elegantly sculpted in the shape of a leaves. He only thought for a second before deciding them to buy them. You don't need an occasion to buy gift for your mother or godmother. Flowers will go to Jess, he decided, and leaves to his mother.

Susan saw him admiring the earrings in the glass window. Unlike other guys, he had been patient though out their entire shopping. He never complained even when Anna drove him crazy by asking him every silly little thing. He patiently offered his opinion. A scream from outside startled her out of her thoughts. She saw a toddler running in the middle of the road and a car rushing towards him. Even if the driver hits the breaks, he or she cannot stop the car in time.

Susan braced herself for the inevitable. Her heart stopped for a second when John dived towards the boy snatching him. His momentum carried them out of the vehicles path and they missed it by a hair's breadth. It took a minute for her to get her legs moving. When she reached them boy's mother was hugging him and crying like a toddler herself.

Crowd was gathering around them. She was grateful that the boy was unharmed, but to hell with the kid.

John never saw it coming. Susan slapped him on the back of his head before exploding at him. "What the hell were thinking you dumb idiot?" Before John could answer she hit him once again. "What are you, stupid. You could have been in an accident." Slap. Slap.

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"You idiot." Slap. "Cut it out, Susan." John caught her hand before she can hit him again. What she did next rendered him speechless. She hugged him, tight and hard. That was the first time he had any physical contact with Susan. It sent a jolt of electricity through his entire body. After a few seconds Susan stepped back blushing. Anna jumped into his arms immediately saving him from saying something to Susan.

"Asshole. You scared me," Anna mumbled stepping back. Soon the crowd disappeared. The kid's mom thanked him once again before offering them to buy lunch but John turned her down politely. She thanked him for one last time before moving on. John returned to the store to buy the earrings. He paid with his credit card and asked to gift wrap them. John went on with rest of the shopping mechanically as his brain froze on a single thought.

Susan hugged him. John wasn't new to hugging. Hell, he even hugged many girls. But happened when Susan hugged him never happened with anyone. He could have stayed holding her for the rest if life.

But she ended it. What bothered John was she seemed distant and disturbed for the rest of the day. When John was back in his room, he was more confused than ever. Susan intrigued him. He wanted to push her out of his mind but it proved to be hard. John was deep in his thoughts when Alex entered the room. "Hey John, wanna play ball?" Alex asked him. "Don't you have practice?" "Nope free on Sundays and Saturday evenings, for time being. I and few guys just want to practice. Care to join us." "Sure," John replied.

"But I don't have any gear." "I can find you something." John followed him to the field. Few of his teammates were already waiting for them and Alex introduced him, all of them freshmen.

One of the boys was roughly John's size and he lent his spare gear. They practiced for the next two hours. John was able to keep up with Alex and others. Probably because they just began their college level training and not out of his league, yet. He knew within months they will be beyond him and it's not just because of their training but because of their dedication. Alex was the most dedicated among them and John can tell he was a gifted quarterback. "You play well bro. I am guessing you got few offers during high school," Alex said on their way back from the field.

"Turned them down and I don't regret it. I only played for fun and never intended to make career out of it. It's just not my cup of tea." "So what's your major?" "Game design with a minor in management." "I play videogames now and then, especially the games where you can blow stuff." Alex made firing sounds, raising his hands to fire an imaginary gun.

"Alex, John, wait up." Jason, one of the Alex's teammate came jogging towards them. "You guys like racing?" he asked them. "Yep," Alex replied. "Why do you ask?" "What about you?" Jason asked John ignoring Alex's question. "I don't like racing. I love it." John said, hoping that Jason can get him into few races. "Well then, be here tomorrow by ten." Jason pulled a paper from his pocket and handed it to them.

"Bring anyone you want to." They went back to the room chatting talking cars. Anna's eyes lit up like fire crackers when John told her about the invitation during dinner. Susan was absent. She's been dining with them for the past few days bit John didn't give much thought to that, at the moment. All he was thinking about was the next day. Susan joined them on the trip. John highly suspected that Anna dragged her along. Alex left a long time ago and John ended up waiting for the girls.

They took out their Porsche Cayenne instead of 911 as the former was a SUV and the latter was a two seated. John followed the instructions and soon entered the abandoned construction site. It was a huge venture, stopped on the middle.

John was worried about cops but Jason assured that cops don't give shit about this place as his father owns the place. Alex met him a few minutes later and his jaw dropped noticing the car John arrived in. Not every day you see a 140 grand SUV on the road. S oon a race between Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro has started. John watched as both the drivers ho head to head with each other and the crowd went wild. In the end Mustang won.

John noticed the two kids who created the ruckus in cafeteria were now chatting with the Mustang's owner. John stiffened when they came to him. Beside him he noticed Susan was shifting uncomfortable and Anna looked annoyed.

They stopped for a second, watching Cayenne. "Nice ride," one of them said. "But I bet my ass that it cannot go toe to toe with that." He pointed towards Mustang. "Yeah baby. It's unbeatable," the Mustang's driver chimed in. John noticed that he won his race relying mostly on the vehicle and not on his skill. "With your skill set a kid with a broke down pick up can beat you," John shot back.

The crowd around them went silent and wad watching them. "Prove it. Let's face." Mustang's drive said with a sneer on his face. "It's not my turn to race.

It's hers," John said indicating towards Anna. "You hiding man." The sneer on his face got bigger. "Sending a girl in your place; I am not racing against her." "What, are you afraid that you'll lose to a girl," Anna said coolly.

Her annoyance was now replaced with pure excitement and his sneer fell from his face. Susan paled at her statement. The crowd around them started chanting, "Race. Race." He said, "Fine," before climbing into his vehicle. Anna removed her high heels and handed them to John and hoped into driver's seat. Both vehicles slowly approached the start line. John, Alex and Susan climbed a half-finished building to view the race.

A blonde in a revealing outfit started the count. As she reached zero both cars shot forward, Mustanggaining the lead. It went in a zigzag way not allowing Anna to overtake. "What a bummer.

Looks like she's about to lose," Alex said after a few minutes. Susan was watching the race with wide eyes. When Anna cut "Are you kidding? She's just toying with him," John said, laughing. Right on cue, Anna surged forward cutting across the Mustang in a steep turn. Susan screamed loudly with everybody else. Anna didn't lose her lead till the end and the crowd went nuts when she cleared the finish line a minute ahead of the Mustang.

"Like I said. She's Daniel's daughter through and through. She's the one of the few who can keep up with her father." John shouted over the noise, to be heard. Anna got out of the SUV and raised her middle finger on the direction of Mustang. She launched herself into john's arms laughing. Another race began diverting the attention of the crowd. Some lingered congratulating Anna on her win. "Great driving.

I am Bill." John heard someone introducing himself to Anna. John turned around and saw a guy shaking her hand. His blonde hair fell to his eyes. He's fairly built and only two inches taller than Anna. "She's beautiful by the way," Bill said looking at the car. "Not as beautiful as you though." Anna blushed.

"I am Anna." "Nice meeting you, Anna. See you around," Bill said before leaving. John was not sure why but he didn't like Bill. Anna never interfered with his social life though she pried all the details about his date out of him.


John intending to do the same kept his mouth shut before making a wise ass comment and pissing Anna. Both John and Anna didn't notice Bill walking towards and later joining the guys who started the fight with John. John turned off the alarm and got out of the bed, rubbing his eyes. Alarm clock showed that it was exactly five in the morning.

John had no problem waking up early but for the past couple of months he got used to sleeping till seven. Alex stirred in his bed for a couple of minutes before waking up. Together they made their way across the weight room. This particular gym was open to everyone.

Alex turned up the music as they are the only people in the gym. They both started lifting weights but John became tired of it. Beside him Alex showed no sign of slowing down. Sighing, john got up and made his way towards a punching bag. He pounded on it mercilessly for the next half an hour.

When Alex finally stopped, they returned to their room. John hopped into shower without delay. As usual he met Anna in her floor's lounge along with Susan. Susan schedule was pretty much similar to his except for a single class. That was the only class he shared with Leslie. True to her word, Leslie was waiting for him in the cafeteria during lunch. He kissed her lightly on the lips before sitting down beside her.

Anna and Susan joined them which Leslie didn't mind. She told him that she came back late night and didn't want to call him yesterday. As it's Monday and all the four them had Professor Bell in the afternoon they moved to the computer lab.

Leslie took off to join her team. John was glad that they resolved things with Susan and they could work together as a team. As the lab ended Leslie grabbed him on the way out and whispered five words in his ear, "Let's go to your room." John knew that Alex will be out in the field practicing, so he didn't object.

As soon as they got into his room Leslie was all over him. They tongues wrestled in their mouths. They only pulled back to undress and catch their breaths. "I am so horny right now. God, I was thinking of doing this for the whole week," she said in between the kisses.

Her words made John go rock hard. The last time he had sex was with Amanda and that was during their graduation. So, he simply said, "me too." John pulled her t-shirt over her head before latching back on to her lips. He quickly unsnapped her bra and took her breasts in her hands.

They felt wonderful in his hands. Leslie pulled back to remove his shirt from him. Not wasting any time John unbuckled her jeans and pulled it down along with her panties. She did the same to him. Leslie pushed John on to his bed before climbing him. She hovered her pussy over his rock hard cock for a few seconds before sitting down fully on to him. She bounced on him, first slowly and then steadily increased her pace.

She made cute little sounds with drove him wild. John grabbed her ass, pushing himself deeper into him. He slid his hands behind her neck and in one quick motion he had their positions reversed. He pinned her to the bed and started pounding her mercilessly. Her moans increased in both sound and intensity. Soon they were close to their orgasms. "Harder. Harder. John.

I am cumming. Cum in me." she scratched his back.


"Me too," John yelled, before spending him in her. He fell on her exhausted. He stayed like that for a couple of seconds.

He rolled on to his side before she could complain about his weight on her. After a few minutes they got up out of the bed and dressed. Leslie's went back to her room to shower and change. John did the same. Once in the shower his thoughts took over. He didn't expect to go things this fast with Leslie. For some reason it bothered him.

He shrugged his shoulders thinking that Leslie was also holding herself back over the summer. That explained a lot. John was fine with the turn of the events and he can continue things like this for a while and see where it goes. Well, who can say no to getting laid regularly?