Vorlage in der Öffentlichkeit Bestrafung von anne

Vorlage in der Öffentlichkeit Bestrafung von anne
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Our sexual appetite for each other grew over the next few weeks. We were very careful not to show anything about our relationship especially when at their home. Ash would come over to the house during the day or after work and mostly we would fuck like rabbits.

It was raw and passionate and we could not get enough of it. Other times it was slow and tender, where we would make love as a couple and then lie in bed with her in my arms. My only concern was that we hadn't talked about our relationship and where it was going or where we wanted to take it.

The time would come for this but we were happy with what we had. By now, most of the renovation on the house was complete, and so I let Mario and Nora know that I would move back in the following weekend. I also said that I was going to have a renewal party, as a way of trying to start a new part of my life. Both of the girls were sad that I was moving back to my home, but promised to come and see me.

"It's not like I'm moving to another country, my house is 10 minutes away", I laughed, ribbing them over their reaction. "Anyway, you both are nearly old enough to move into your own places." Now that was a laugh, the girls had it too good at home, and would not be moving out anytime soon. Even Nora reminded them they were too young for that. It was Friday night and I went out to a football game, and then to a bar in the city. It was starting to feel OK again, but the idea of finding another woman to share my life was as scary as hell.

There were plenty of young women in the bar mostly in groups looking at all the much younger men than me. I didn't need a young twenty something woman, even for one night. I left the bar around 1am and jumped into my car to drive back to Mario's for the last night when my phone rang. "Hello?" "Shit, shit, shit its Mario" "Hey what's happened" I replied. He was wound up but sounded half asleep. "I missed a text from Ash and Renee, I was meant to collect them." "I'll get them I am still in the city.

Where are they?" I replied. "At the Beach House, a new club on the bay." "OK, I'll call her and let her know I am on my way." I took off, getting to the club about twenty minutes later. Ashleigh, Nick, Renee and another guy were outside waiting.

They all jumped in and we headed off. All four of them sat in the back laughing about the night and planning their next outing. They weren't wasted, but had all had more than a bit to drink.

"Only one rule in my car, you throw up, you clean it up" I said seriously The girls laughed, but the boys nodded their understanding. I was a little worried as the boys didn't look the best. About half way home, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw Renee and her new friend were getting a bit hot together, oblivious to where they were or who else was there.

The young guy had his hand up her top massaging her breasts, while Ash and Nick also seemed to be having some fun, so I just kept my eyes on the road going home. "Uncle Will, can you drop off Nick and Robbie first" Ash piped up after coming up for air. Nick seemed a little annoyed.

"Well you can't stay at our place, dad would kill us and then you, and you still live at home too." Both boys tried to get them to stay over with them, but both said no. Now Mario's bark is bigger than his bite, but Nick certainly knew the rules. So I dropped the boys off and continued on home. Renee and Ash started talking about the night to each other, and I think forgot who was driving.

"I gave Robbie a blowjob tonight in the booth" Renee laughed, "He only lasted three minutes. Then he tried to finger my pussy on the dance floor, but was too pissed to do anything except get me frustrated." "I heard that Lara got fucked by the head bouncer and one of the bartenders" Ash said.

"She's just wants to get on the VIP list" Renee replied. "Anyway the bouncer would fuck anything with a pulse." "Nick couldn't get it up he had so much to drink" Ash said, sounding annoyed, "I gave him a handjob but he stayed soft.

Fuck I am so horny right now I could explode." Now I know my nieces are sexually active, but had never heard them talk like this. It was the alcohol talking, but it still surprised me a little.

The silence from the back seat caused me to look into the mirror again a few minutes later to find Ash and Renee leaning together with their eyes closed, their skirts up and hands working feverishly. "Oh fuck, fuck fuck" they both said almost in unison as they climaxed.

I sat silently not quite knowing which way to look. Both my nieces were in my car with fingers jammed in their little pussies. My dick was getting hard with what was going on. I pulled up outside their house, and turned off the car. The silence brought them back to reality and the realisation of what they had said and done in the back of my car began to sink in. Renee spoke first, "Uncle Will I didn't mean for you to see what I did." She was almost in tears.

"You must think I am some kind of tramp hearing about the club and seeing me like this." She was trying to straighten her clothes and look presentable before going inside. We all knew Mario would still be up. "Not at all, I would not ever judge you or Ash, I love you both. Now I think I am the one to be embarrassed, as I have seen you grow into stunning young women, but honestly did not expect to see you like this.

You are so much more than just my nieces; you are close to being my daughters." This was really awkward as I could have joined them in the back seat and helped them out, but did not think that Renee could understand the relationship Ash and I had developed.

Ash smiled and winked at me; we were much more than uncle and niece, but Renee knew none of that part. "Renee, you and Ash are beautiful young women with sexual needs and desires, but maybe my car is not the location. Talk to Robbie and Nick, tell them what you need and help them give that to you both. While I may not forget it quickly, I will never speak of it or use it against you." We went inside talked to Mario for a few minutes and went to bed.

As I was drifting off to sleep with the images of my nieces front of mind, there was a soft knock on the door. Ash crept in and lay down on my bed. "I need your cock in me, please" she giggled. She was already trying to take off her pants. "I want you too, but not when you are drunk.

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I will not do that" I sighed. She kissed me and tried to fish my dick out of my shorts, but she couldn't really get her hands to work. "Oh, I don't feel so good" she moaned.

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In the light I could see she was really pale. I picked her up and got her to the bathroom just in time.

I helped to clean her up and got her into bed, kissed her goodnight and left. Nora was standing in the hall, with an odd look on her face. "Shit Nora, you scared the crap out of me" I was breathing hard, my mind racing as I was not sure how much she may have seen or heard. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, I heard the noises and came to check.

Is she OK?" "Yeah, nothing a little more sleep won't fix" I said, "they were all pretty full when I picked them up, I even thought the boys were going to throw up in my car." "Thanks Will, get some sleep" and she went back off to bed and so did I.

As I closed my door, I saw her pyjama pants on the floor next to my bed. 'Oh, fuck, did Nora see them.' I said to myself. Was it about to all come crashing down.

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I woke to a silent house at about 9.30am, had a quick shower and made my way to the kitchen for some coffee. There was a note on the table. 'Hi Will, thanks for taking care of A & R. Mario's gone to work and will be home after 2.00pm, I have dragged Renee to work with me on stocktake. Can you wake up Ash by 11.00 as she has work at 12.00pm' Love Nora.

Now I knew why the house was so quiet. I sat at the table with my coffee and some toast, thinking about moving back to my home, when Ash entered the kitchen. For a girl who had felt so bad last night, she looked pretty refreshed. Amazing how the younger ones bounce back so fast!! "Hi there beautiful, how are you feeling?" I smiled, pushing back my chair and giving her a little kiss on the lips.

"Oh and I think you might be missing something?" noting she only had her long T-shirt.


"I need coffee" she said grabbing my cup and taking a sip. "What's to eat" "Well what do you have in mind" I laughed. She sat on my lap, with her legs straddling mine. She kissed me hard and wrapped her arms around me. "I think I need to eat you" she said.

My hands were on her thighs and moving up under the long T-shirt she had on. Ash slid off my lap dragging my track pants and freeing my throbbing cock. I could feel her hot breath on my balls as she gently kissed my thighs, and then my cock.

It was a wonderful feeling. Her lips were on fire as they kissed and massaged my bloated dick then began to suck it into her mouth. I could only gasp as she continued to bring me closer to the point of no return. With her free hand she gently squeezed my balls further adding to the pleasure. "Oh my god Ash you make me feel so good. You keep this up and I am going to fill your mouth with my cum" She stopped and sat up on the edge of the table, her shirt riding higher and exposing her naked pussy.

This was much better than toast and coffee. She grabbed my head and held it against her, as I kissed and nibbled her clit. She tasted so good, and was so hot she was leaking her juices onto the table. "Oh fuck Uncle Will, this is what I needed in the car last night" she moaned, "Stick your tongue in me, make me cum." I was happy to oblige and continued to kiss, lick and nibble at her pussy, causing her to buck her hips off the table. She screamed and went stiff as she came, her juices running down my chin.

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I stood up with my dick pointing at her ready for more. She grabbed it with one hand and fed it into her waiting hole. She was so hot and wet that I sank into her in one stroke. "Fuck you are so big, I love how you fill me up." Ash moaned.

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"Fuck me forever please." We got into a good rhythm, and I pulled out almost to my tip then sank back into her tight hole. I grabbed her breast and twisted her nipple, as she bounced on my dick.

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She orgasmed again before I felt my balls tighten and unload deep in her wet hole. I pulled out of her and both our juices pooled on the table. She jumped down and licked clean the table, now it my turn to be a little surprised. "I love the taste of your cum but it's even better with my juices too" she cooed.

"I always suck my fingers after I masturbate." I looked at the clock and realised it was nearly time for her to get to work.


"I think you need a shower before work Ash, need a hand?" "If you join me, I'll never get to work, maybe another time," she called back walking down the hall. I cleared away the dishes and went to my room to pack my bags.

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I dropped Ash at work and drove on to my house.