Sexy and sexy playgirl gets cunt licked then fucked badly

Sexy and sexy playgirl gets cunt licked then fucked badly
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First some backstory, I'm James, I was 14 at the time, oldest in my year. I was 5 foot 7, I had my group of friends, but wasn't a popular kid. I had been bisexual for 2 years but only recently admitted it to myself, and no-one else knew.

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I was sitting in English, there were 4 of us "discussing" a book. None of us had read it and the teacher was sitting on the other side of the room.

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Me and Ed were talking about football whilst Fin and Gareth were chatting. They were both the most stereotypically gay people in the year and were talking about some webcam site they went on with other people our age. Ed and I were trying to ignore their talking of visual sexual exploits with other people they knew and I managed to pick up the room code.

I had a massive crush on Ed but knew that even if he was gay he would never go out with me. I shared lots of classes with him and often fantasized throughout the dull ones. He had short brown hair. He was quite young for our year and was about 5 foot 5.

I manage to get through the day without dieing of boredom and got home. It was a friday night, but nothing was going on and I had to babysit my brother that night, at around 9, so there was nothing I could be bothered to do.

I got on my laptop and started looking at some porn, as my brother was at his friends for the moment and my parents were at a wedding for the whole weekend. Then I remembered the website Fin had mentioned and I logged on. As I set up my Webcam I looked at the others, there were 7 others online. some had their face showing, the only one I recognized was Fin. Then someone logged on and they had the nicest body in the world.

A six pack and firm, defined pecs. They moved their camera and their face came on screen for only a second but straight away I saw who it was. I went into private chat with him. Me "Ed?" He replied slowly"no" "i saw it was you" "fin, it was me, who is this, I can't see?" "Okay, fair enough, it's james" guest7 has signed off I was surprise that he had just gone off.

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I didn't think I was unnatractive, I was slim, but not muscly, I looked in the mirror. I had slight dimples and sandy hair, it was curly and about 3 inches long. I knew I'd had many female admirers, but maybe I wasn't attractive to men. I sat there thinking, 15 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I jogged down and opened it, to my surprise, and found Ed panting, very sweaty.

"I.Ran.Here" I stepped forwards and kissed him, pulling him into the house and closing the door. Then everything flowed like clockwork.

We went into my room and undressed. We were both in our boxers and I could see his cock was massive. He asked "got any fantasies?" "I like being controlled, serving a master" "Oh really, I like being in control, take off my boxers" I tooke them off, slowly sliding them over his tight, muscular but, and revealing his cock inch by inch, by inch, by inch.

He had a thick tuft of brunette pubic hair.


His cock was twice as wide as mine, at about 3 fingers thick. I gasped at his flaccid cock as the boxers came off the end to reveal 5 inches of beefy man meat.

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Then my boxers came off to reveal a cock slightly smaller, except mine was as hard as it would ever get. He smiled and said, "I like showing my superiority over you" I then started to lick and suck the length of his 14 year old dick.

He started to move his cock all over my face. Rubbing it, he must have had some real self control as it was still flaccid. His massive balls were now being kissed and licked and my hands held his but cheeks. I licked the length of his cock and it slowly started to get harder.

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"The blood takes a while to fill it?" "Maybe, now try and suck it all" I did his bidding and began to swallow up his engorged cock. I was about 4 inches down and it had become fully erect in my mouth. There were 5 more inches to go and I pushed harder. I managed to get 2/3 of it in my mouth before I pulled out for air. He was panting and sat down on the bed.

I kneeled infront of him and touched his thick rod in amazement. I licked it again, the salty but delicious taste was irresistible. I soon had him gasping, with his cock head in my mouth. My tongue went under his foreskin and I was tasting every inch of his cock. He started to say something and I asked "on my face" he nodded and I held the end and rubbed it until he gasped and a thick glob landed on my cheek, then another on my lips and the rest fell on my face, chin, chest and arm.

He gasped as I licked my arm and tried to eat it all. He moved his face to mine and licked up some of his cum. I licked up the rest of the cum off his hard cock. I marveled at the whole nine inches of his cock. Then he pushed me on the ground and started to suck my hard dick.

He easily fitted my five inches in his mouth and I felt like I would come any second now. He rolled his tongue over the end, gave me a look and then stuck a finger up my asshole. It felt so good as he moved it up and down.


I began to feel my orgasm approaching. I loved the look as my cock disappeared behind his juicy, naturally colourful lips. Then it hit and I began to cum. It all went in his mouth and I managed to say "That was so good" I was panting and managed to say between gasps "and I'm not done."