Hot babe likes it in her ass

Hot babe likes it in her ass
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Now with graduation done and my college degree in hand I was ready to embark on my entry into adulthood. But I had some unfinished business to handle beforehand, so it was my priority now until my new job started in two weeks. What was that you asked ?

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I wanted to have life-altering mind-blowing sex with an experienced Hott mature white woman, who herself was a cougar needing to make sure she still could pull a strapping young Black Bull like myself. At the time of my 1st interracial affair I was only 21 and Helene turned out to be 51. Ohh boy what a two weeks it would be as this ravenous naughty experienced woman trained my hung Big Black Cock to satisfy and tease ALL her body, while addicting me to the taste and feel of an experienced woman sexually.

It would be a time in my life that I would never forget or her more importantly. You must understand I had grown up in a diverse family and upper middle-class environment. So my intrigue truly had begun in high school where I was a 4yr honors program student and multi-sport athlete in a parochial Catholic high school.

That said, I had many advantages most of which I worked hard for but some were just given because of my book smarts and athletic prowess in football and track. An even proportion of my friends and classmates were whiteand the rest were of varied ethnicities.

I had the smart good-looking black girlfriend who all the other guys in the school wanted to date and fuck even the white boys thought she was attractive. But I was very young and arrogant at the time, so I truly craved more than she could give me at her age.

By age 17 I was blessed with a bigger dick than most others, and from hearing the adults chatting and carrying on at family get togethers and outings with friends I knew I'd have my choice of women sexually in the future as adulthood fast approached. In the short term I found my self in class day-dreaming and fantasizing about a few sexy white MILF teachers I had.

They always gave me preferential treatment - always told my parents (especially mom who was an educator) how great I was doing in my studies and in sports.

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They came to our games and made sure to let me know how athletic and fit I was. So these two teachers were both in their mid to late 30s or early 40s in terms of their age. One was blonde and the other brunette with juicy asses you could bounce a quarter off and big breasts that all us boys wanted to have our heads in between. When we came running off the field they both always patted me on my butt in my fitted football uniform and smiled & winked at me. I loved the attention from them both, but my girlfriend saw them do it on more than one occasion and she didn't like it all.


She said they were sexually harassing me, but I told her it was harmless. I said they were way too old for me, and that I only had eyes for her. Of course I told her what she wanted to hear, I still had 6 months until graduation and I wanted to keep having sex with her. But I totally in my thoughts wished my Hott teachers would have their way with me sexually, and would I give them a pleasant surprise when they fully unwrapped my BBC.

I think they had some idea because i definitely caught them peeking at my crotch in my football uniform and gym shorts. However, the perfect opportunity never presented itself for any real-time action to happen. Let's fast-forward to the Monday after graduation day. My earnest search began for that one sexy seductress cougarwho would give me a fetish for fucking and dating various older women until this present day.

Now don't get it twisted y'all I had plenty of young ladies to date and have many good sexual encounters with, but my current lust was for more experienced pussy. A cougar who could use her mature pussy to milk my BBC empty of my hot cumloads, then have enough energy leftover for several more rounds of steamy sex. That's what I wanted, and I didn't stop until I got it. So I did some research online and was directed to the Adult FriendFinder (AFF) website - to my pleasant and horny surprise it did work.

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That's how Helene and I met. After going thru what seemed like an endless amount of fake profiles, I believed I found what I was looking for. Her profile said " MILF-ish / Cougar woman in need of smart and well-hung Black Bull ( with 10-11 inches of BBC ) for NSA sex and FWB for public hang-outs as time permits.

After reading her profile and looking at her sexy and naughty pics of herI thought to myself she's a keeper. We emailed each other for a few days and chatted on the telephone for a couple more days until the early morning hours flirting and talking "dirty" to each other. We both had extrovert personalities and there was chemistry between us, so we decided to meet and greet over coffee early the following week. It was summer when we met, so I made sure to wear a fitted polo shirt which showed off my developed chest and muscles from my time playing football in college and sheer slacks so she could clearly see the outline of my Big Black Cock coming thru the fabric.

I also put on some cologne with a refreshing cool scent perfect for the occasionas I'd pulled her close to me when we met. Our arms embraced each other affectionately and our hands roamed over each other's body as we did a little light French kissing to replace our first hello.

At that moment we knew we wanted each other, as she placed her well-manicured hand on my crotch running her fingers and hand up n down the front of my slacks feeling the immediate heat she caused as my Big Black Cock began to grow and throb in in her hand. She fully had me under her spell already I just didn't know it. Meanwhile I had one of my hands on her big white ass to my amazement, as she didn't put up any fight in that regard.

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Yes fellas some white women do have big asses like some black women do also. We just say Whooty to describe it in our current time. You could not mistake it in the tight short wrap around skirt she had wiggled into. This brunette also sported some of the biggest and succulent pair of tits I had seen thus far in my young life. She made sure we were chest to breast as we kissed helloso I would feel them. Her perfume also gave me happy feelings in my crotch as I nuzzled her ear and bit her neck a little as we took our seat next to each other in the booth.

We quickly ordered two iced coffees, so the waitress would leave us alone. We locked eyes and gave each other a peck on the lips, as she commented " I love your full lips they're perfect for tasting ", as she re-asserted her grip tighter on my crotch and my BBC that was lusting to get out of my slacks as she stroked it up n down the shaft telling me " baby you are gonna be mine until I'm a very old woman ." I replied"thankfully you're not even remotely close to being an old woman." I quietly grunted as she wrapped her hand around the head of my Big Black Cock.

Then she leaned towards me closer and whispered into my ear " this cougar needs to taste your hard eager young BBC right now. Let's go outside baby in the parking lot"she remarked lustfully. I paid the check and we grabbed our drinks holding each other around the waistas we sauntered out the diner. As we walked outside into the parking lot we decided to get into her tinted SUVbecause my mustang coupe wasn't tinted and it was still daytime with people buzzing about.

We didn't want any unnecessary gawkers this time being our initial encounter with each other.

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Helene unlocked her SUV as we reached it and opened the rear driver-side door, and then proceeded to step-up onto the running board to shove some of her work folders out the way. While she was leaning over in the SUV I had a clear look up her skirt where I got to view one of the fattest juiciest pussies I had seen glistening with her pussy juice, then she turned around to me and said " honey I hope you like the view I remembered you said you wanted easy access to my pussy at anytime we were together." I said" Ohhhh most definitely babe don't you see my BBC growing again in my slacks ?" "Damn !she said.

"Get in here with mama so I can take care of you properly." I obeyed her with no hesitation whatsoever.

As I crawled passed here into the SUV,she smacked my ass and licked her lips at me. We embrace quickly and started French kissing each other again deeply, as our hands moved aggressively all over each other's bodies. Before I knew it Helene broke our kiss and pushed me back into the reclined seat. She said, " mama is gonna strip down out this tight skirt and take off this restricting blouse so my new strong Black Bull can get a good look at my nakedness." I just shook my head affirmatively as my eyes were glued to this sexy naughty mature vixen in front of me.

When she finished undressing Helene only had her red open-toe heels onas she stood there smiling with her red lips showing off her bald freshly shaved pussy whose outer big lips were dripping and glistening with her Hott pussy juices. I asked her turn around and bend over so I could get a quick glance at her big white assbefore she devoured my Big Black Cock down her throat.

She obliged me, as I could see her pussy juices now slowly running down the inside of her thighs. "Mmmmmm"I exclaimed. "Come here mama and take this thick Big Black Cock of mine!" "No baby, it's already mine.


She corrected me. "It's been mine, since I took a hold of it back in the diner." "Now relax as mama milks your BBC in her mouth and takes your fertile Black Baby Making Seed into my hungry mouth and down my slut throat." *Now we are almost to the good part like aggressive oral cock-sucking, doggystyle fucking, anal sexing with ass-to-mouth to finish it off. So please leave me some naughty comments and urge me to write the conclusion of my 1st interracial affair duly named "The Cougar & The Bull, The Suck, The Fuck.," Thanks.