Tugging On Two Cocks Until They Spooge On Her

Tugging On Two Cocks Until They Spooge On Her
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As soon as I walked in the office and saw her from behind I could feel my cock start to get hard.

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She did not notice me as I walked in, she was finishing her lunch as I came down the steps and through the door. Her back was to me, she sat at her corner desk facing the wall leaning over the empty papers and wrappings of her a subway sandwich. Although she was sitting I could tell she was shorter than me, probably 5'4" at best, I guessed her weight at 230 maybe as much as 250, she was one of those chubby and sexy women with a big cute body that drives you crazy.

I was immediately aware of the humor in the fact that the first time I laid eyes on her she was eating, however let me assure you she was not a pig, she was sexy and she respected her body. She took pride in herself, the way she dressed, and the way she looked. She had straight black hair that went just below her shoulders, her skin was a stunning smooth brown, I judged her to be Indonesian or Filipino, I could not wait to see her face, but the first thing that dropped my jaw was her feet.

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She wore three inch black heels with thin soles and leather straps that crossed twice around her plump foot and snaked up and behind her thick ankle. Her otherwise naked, naturally, tanned feet looked smooth, the open toed heals showed each perfectly shaped digit, from her big toe to her pinky, her toenails had a coat of clear gloss and white French-tips.

I squinted to see them better as I inched closer she must have realized I was there. Just as she swallowed her last bite, she turned in her chair and pushed back from her desk. She stood up to greet me and shook my hand, she introduced herself as Michelle, her smile and politeness lit up the dark basement office. She was wearing a very professional blouse and shear pants, conservative accessories and makeup that accented her natural beauty.

She asked what she could do for me, my voice caught in my throat as a flood of lude suggestions and images came to mind. I smiled (and maybe blushed) as I handed her the few sheets of paper I was holding and stated my business. "I was hoping you could help me find these files," they were hard copy transcripts of a lecture given by Morley in 1887 at Cambridge on the subject of ether as a medium for light waves.

Further details on why I was searching for it are not really the subject but it is appropriate for me to tell you she was an assistant librarian in the basement archives of the campus library. As she took the papers from me and returned to her seat at her computer I was able to get another good look at her body, (as I would do every time she was not looking at me.) I struggled to keep my mind on the information she was giving me as a verity of fantasies came to mind; thoughts of me and her, how her body would look if she were naked, how sweet she would smell all hot and sweaty pressed against me, how wet I could get her pussy with just my fingers, and how her feet would taste.

She wrote down the location of the file I was after and handed my papers back to me with a smile, "Here you go". I reached out to take them from her and slid my figure tips across her wrist and along her hand as I took the papers back, at first I amazed myself that I would actually be so bold but I immediately realized it was a good move.

As my fingers brushed her hand she smiled, weather she played it off as an accident or not on my part I had broken the touch barrier and she had liked it.

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I decided to try to push our encounter another step farther. I looked at the location she had written (her hand writing was even cute) I looked around like I was unsure where I was.

She smiled and volunteered her assistance, "let me show you where it is." She stood up and I followed her as she walked towards the door and down the basement hallway. The archives stretched down a dim hallway lined with shelves of books and loose papers, every ten feet or so was another door to a windowless closet room crammed with books, papers, boxes of files, large maps and so forth.

It was obvious we were the only ones in the basement and since it was lunchtime I guessed we were pretty assured of being undisturbed, "It looks pretty lonely down here," I said. "Yeah, sometimes I'm down here all day without a visitor, but that just gives me more time to get all this stuff straightened out," she went on to tell me how the library had just hired her as a archivist and before that the other librarians had pretty much just pilled stuff in the basement.

She told me how she had just lucked into the job after graduating and was still afraid they would just fire her and get an undergrad to do it for almost nothing so she really wanted run a tight ship.

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We turned a few corners and I expected to wind up in the boiler room any second, but she stopped and dropped to her knees and started searching a bottom shelf. I stood behind her and stared at her chubby little shape, as her full plump hands leafed through the papers I noticed her fingernails were polished to match her toenails. As she read through the texts her hair fell away from her shoulders exposing the smooth skin of her neck and I caught a whiff of her perfume.

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As she shifted her position I could hear the leather straps of her heals stretching in the dead quiet of the hall as her feet moved, I became aware I was starting to breath heavy.

I looked down her round shoulders and large back to where her shirt was riding up exposing her lower back and saw two sights that almost made my dick jump out of my pants; the top of a pair of black thong panties and the bottom of a tribal tattoo that contained a single word 'goddess.' She pulled a brown dog-eared manuscript out of the bottom of the pile and turned to me, still down on her knees crouched in a plump ball, "here you go," she held it out to me.

My crotch was about six inches from her face I wondered if she was aware that only an eighth of an inch of kaki separated her from a budging fat hard on. I knew I had to move quickly and take a chance or this could all have a disappointing end, but if it paid off it would be worth it. "Thanks," I knelt down to take it from her, I didn't have to but it put us back on the same level and closer to the floor.

I leafed through the first few pages, "Wow, I had no Idea how big this place was, and you have to walk all over looking for doc's and carrying papers around." I sat down and leaned back against the shelf expecting she would not leave me there alone and hoping she may stay and continue our conversation. "Yeah, it's a lot more work than someone might think," she had taken my bait at conversation and relaxed, she even went as far as leaning back up against the opposite shelf and folded her legs under her, her flexibility impressed me, it's not often big girls can be so limber.

"I bet your feet must be killing you," I closed my book and looked at her trying to remain nonchalant even though my heart was racing. "Yeah, these heals can be murder, but I just love the way they look," she stretched one legs out and kept the other curled under her bum, she lifted her leg a few inches off the ground and pointed her toe up to emphasize how much she loved the shoes.

"May I?" I did not fully know what I was proposing or what her response would be but I held out my hand and it only took a seconds hesitation for her to accept by placing her foot in my hand.

I was again amazed by her strength and flexibility not all women her size could manage such a simple move without exertion. "These shoes are great but if you're on them all day someone has to take care of your feet like a goddess deserves." Seconds later her foot was in my hands, the black high heal was perfectly designed for her ped it strapped her gorgeous foot into a perfect arch.

The tiny soft ball of her foot was cushioned at the top of the shoe then it rocketed down at a forty-five degree angle and slid into the flat palm of her sole, her toes rested together perfectly, each one a smaller scale version of its larger mate, with a flawlessly shaped and painted nail at its tip.

It was now that I was blessed with this closer look that I could see what a masterpiece they were, each nail was filed and clipped about a eighth of a inch longer than its toe.

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I rubbed the top of her foot and wrapped a hand around the back of her ankle and kneading her akilies tendon between my thumb and finger. "Mmmm," she moaned, "that feels good." That was all the approval I needed to unsnap the leather strap on her ankle and slide the slipper off my beautiful plump pacific island Cinderella.

Her foot melted into my hand as I massaged and rubbed it, I slid and kneaded the smooth fleshy feet in my hands as I watched her. She was rubbing her neck and chest with her hand as she continued to moan she curled her toes in my hand and slid down a little more on the floor to give me better control of her foot.

I cupped her sole and ankle in my palms and brought her toes to my lips. I kissed the tip of her big toe, then again, then I slipped my tongue out and licked the bottom of her big toe savoring it before putting her toe in my mouth.

She opened her mouth and let out a silent gasp that spoke of the pleasure she felt. I felt the sharp toenail against my tongue and my cock throbbed at the thought that this soft sweet little ball of flesh that was in my mouth was tipped by a razor sharp talon that could probably slice my tongue open. She had moved her hands down her neck and across her full breasts, I could see hard nipples poking through her blouse, she had undone a button on her way down and the top of her full cleavage heaved as she took deep breaths.


Her eyes remained closed and her head back as her hand found her pussy, she rubbed the crotch of her pants until they were moist then, with one hand, unbuttoned and unzipped them pushing aside her panties her fingers dove into her juicy pussy.

I carefully but eagerly sucked her big toe devouring it like I was giving her head.

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I released it and slipped my tongue between it and the next toe licking every millimeter before putting the next toe in my mouth, as my hands massaged her sole and heal I worked my way down her row of five tiny chubby toes, each successively smaller digit receiving its own impassioned blowjob from me. Once her toes had been thoroughly sucked I slid my tongue down the length of her heal.


Her soles were was supple and silky my goddess really knew how to take care of them, moisturizers, creams, pedicures, detailed clipping, filing, and glossing I know she hadn't done it just for me but I was going to let her know how much I appreciated it. Her arch was an erogenous zone and with her fingers working her pussy into a frenzy her foot was as sensitive as my rock hard cock was at that moment.


Her two middle fingers were devouring her cunt as eagerly as I was devouring her foot, I could tell she was nearing orgasm as I slid my mouth up and down the length of her inside arch. She moaned and squealed as her fingers flipped her clit and dove into her cunt.

Her orgasm hit her like a freight train I saw her two fingers were buried in her pussy as she began to cum I saw the clear liquid squirting and seeping from around her palm clutched against her clit. Her toes curled and clinched I felt the muscles in her calf tighten as the pleasure crashed over her in waves. She slowly recovered as I finished my massage on her other foot, I would make many more trips to see her over the next semester and we maintained a passionate sexual relationship that was always centered around her feet.

She learned to do things with her peds to my cock that felt better than anything I could do with my own hands.