Skinny blonde young Kristen try large dildo for the first time

Skinny blonde young Kristen try large dildo for the first time
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We are having a meal at our favourite restaurant; enjoying our time together. Atmosphere is very relaxed; we are sitting next to each other, holding hands and kissing from time to time.


After the meal we leave to go back to the house. You're driving your red Ferrari; I'm gently stroking your inner thigh knowing what we both want as soon as we get home.

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We arrive at the house; you park right at the front. You get out first and I'm taking a bit longer, so you come over to my side, helping me out and shutting the door behind me. Suddenly you pull me closer to you and kiss me passionately without saying anything.

We carry on kissing more intensely unable to control ourselves. You push me hard against the side of the car and press harder on me as our kisses get more and more intense; I can feel your already hard cock pressed against my body. My hands wonder all over you trying to feel every bit of your body. We both know that we can't wait and want each other there and then, without wasting any time.

Your hands grab my breasts through my dress groping and feeling them, feeling my nipples getting harder and harder. One of your hands slides down my side, then onto my ass feeling it through my dress, grabbing and squeezing my ass cheeks.

Then moving down again onto my thigh and towards the front, gently scratching my inner thigh and moving up towards my pussy. You can feel my wetness through my thong, still kissing my lips deeply and passionately, you just pull my thong down and it drops on the ground.


We understand each other without saying anything and still kissing we start moving slowly towards the front of the car as we both know what will happen and what we want. Suddenly you turn me around, my back is facing you now; you push me forward so my front is resting on the bonnet of the car, I spread my legs. You come very close behind me; one hand touches me underneath, feeling my breasts and erect nipples.

I feel your other hand going up my thigh, my inner thigh and between my legs.


Spreading my legs further I feel you fingers going from my ass all the way to my clit feeling my wetness, spreading my lips and teasing me. Without warning you enter 2 fingers inside my pussy with ease, slowly moving them in and out as I start to moan gently.

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I can feel your fingers inside me, pushing further and further, fucking me as I feel my pussy walls becoming more and more sensitive with your every move. I moan with pleasure wanting more and more, so desperate to cum, but you withdraw suddenly grabbing me and turning towards you, placing your fingers inside my mouth letting me taste my own juices; kissing me at the same time so we both can taste it.

My hands start unzipping your trousers quickly wanting your large hard cock inside me. You help me to take them off and your boxers too exposing your large cock. I grab it with one hand and kneel in from of you, place the tip in my mouth, with one hand gently touching and caressing your swollen balls and with other gently massaging the base of your cock whilst I suck on it.

My lips wrapped around your cock carry on sucking it, my tongue flicking around the tip and tasting your pre-cum. Your hands grab hold of my head and hair and you start pushing yourself harder and deeper inside my mouth. I squeeze my lips even harder on your hard cock as you carry on fucking my mouth. But I know that I want you to cum inside me so we can orgasm together, you want it too.

Because we understand each other without saying anything, you pull me up suddenly and kiss me again. Locking our lips, our tongues are playing with each other, licking and exchanging saliva. You look deeply into my eyes and gently rest me on the bonnet of the car. I lift and spread my legs in the air knowing what will happen next. And you enter with ease inside my warm pussy. Your arms hold on my arms as you carry on moving your large hard cock inside my wet dripping pussy, fucking me gently to start but speeding up with every move.

I moan louder and louder with pleasure whilst we carry on kissing deeply and harder now, looking into each other's eyes.

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You speed up your movement, fucking me faster and deeper now, filling my entire pussy from inside with your huge cock. My hands find their way underneath your shirt feeling and touching your hot body, clawing your back very gently and pushing you further inside me. I can feel you hard cock right now, thrusting inside me, teasing my pussy walls, massaging them and pleasuring me.

I want to cum so badly with you right now; I'm moaning louder and louder, talking for the first time, almost shouting "oh yes David, fuck me, fuck me hard, I want to cum with you".

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So you speed up even further pushing hard and deep inside me, faster and faster, harder and even deeper. You can feel you are about to cum when I look deeply into your eyes and shout "oh yes David; I'm cuming now, oh YES!!! I scream when I claw your back harder feeling my pussy contracting hard on your cock unable to control myself.

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You push inside me really hard feeling my orgasming pussy squeezing your cock; you are cuming now too, moaning and filling my pussy with your hot cum. I feel my pulsating pussy walls mixing our juices together as you gently slow down massaging me inside with your cock, slowing down with every move, gentler and slower; still kissing me and looking deep into my eyes, smiling and happy.

You withdraw and all the juices leak out on to the bonnet of your car; we get dressed roughly and go inside, holding each other closely, kissing gently. Happy.