Anime teenie licking penis with passion animation hardcore

Anime teenie licking penis with passion animation hardcore
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The bathroom door opened and there she was with just that little towel wrapped around her. She clutched it tight to her big bouncy tits as she exited the bathroom.

The towel was just barely long enough that I couldn't quite see her pussy. Her blonde hair soaking wet clinging to her body as drops of water ran down between those juicy titties.

When she saw me staring she made a pouty face showing off her big puffy pink lips. "What is it? Do you wanna fuck me little brother?" she said annunciating the F. She dropped the towel and those tits bounced free. My eyes traveled down from those glorious melons along her fit little 5'4 body to her puffy little pussy with the hair trimmed down into a tiny little landing strip.

My sister Jessie turned revealing her big perfect bubble butt. "Do you wanna fuck your big sister right in her ass?" she said giving it a little spank. She wiggled and shaked it around.

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"I've been longing for a piece of that big fat cock little brother." she said clutching both of her ass cheeks. She turned approaching me now, "I'm going to suck you so dry your balls are going to look like little raisins. Then you are going to fuck your big sister so hard she won't be able to walk for a week." She dropped slowly to her knees and reached out for my throbbing erection, grabbing it firmly around the base.

She milked it slowly up and down the full length with her right hand as she examined my long thick cock, her eyes widening like a kid in a candy store.

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"I still can't believe it's this big. Ashley told me about it but still." She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, smacking my dick down on it and gave it a long lick from the base to the tip, before saying, "I need this dick like I need oxygen." And then she was slapping her lips around my cock.

She began shoving it deep down her throat. She choked and gasped but took it all the way down to the base. She twitched and moaned around my dick. Her big puffy pink lips locked down on my shaft as she looked up at me with her big blue eyes. And that's when I woke up. My alarm clock was beeping and I was drenched in sweat. Never have I hated a piece of machinery more than I hated that clock, but it had been like this for months now.

All since the previous summer when I first began to notice what a spectacular piece of ass she was. She would prance around in that tiny little string bikini. Her boobs bouncing up and down and her ass jiggling and bobbling all over the place. It was mesmerizing. Summer and fall had come and gone and I still hadn't been able to get my sisters sweet ass out of my mind. I was 16 and she had just turned 17. I often masturbated to thoughts of the big pool party she had with all her friends on her birthday.

I had been in agony the whole time. I must have made ten trips to the restroom to rub one out with images of her bouncing on the diving board, climbing out of the pool with her bathing suit slipping, lathering herself up with sunscreen, and playfully grab assing with all her girlfriends from the volleyball team.

That's the day that it went from being a small time interest in my sister's ass, to full blown obsession. I could have written books about that butt.

The dreams had started a few days after, and they had only grown more vivid and frustrating. I knew I was a sick man. I tried to put her ass from my mind but there was just no helping it.

I knew the only way I was going to regain my sanity would be to fuck my smoking hot sister's sweet ass. Sometimes I wondered why my brain was so fucked up. Maybe it was because my dad wasn't around. My mom had caught him with another woman when I was eight. She got the house and he moved to Florida. I only saw him a few weeks during the summer when he would fly my sister and I down to Miami. He sold speedboats.

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I knew that I had to see my sister naked, and not just in my dreams, no I had to see the real thing, but first I had to go to school. I went down stairs and ate breakfast with my mom and my sister. My sister was looking as sexy as ever in her yoga pants, and I could hardly focus on my food.

Those pants left little to the imagination. I could see all the contours of that round booty, and I thought I could almost see the outline of her pussy. I was hard as a rock. It was plain to see she had gotten her good looks from my mother. My mom was a little shorter and had brown hair, but other than that they were almost twins. My mom had gotten pregnant with Katie when she was 19, and was still bringing the heat at 35. I could see her cleavage in her tight low cut shirt. "Eat your bacon Champ, you're a growin boy." "Yes ma'am" My real name was Jack but Mom always liked to call me Champ "What's on your mind you look distracted." "Just haven't been sleeping well I guess." She walked over to me and felt my forehead with her hand.

"Well you do feel a little warm. Maybe I should book you an appointment with Doctor Bradford." My sister rolled her eyes. "Every time he doesn't eat his bacon you think he's got the aids." "That's very unlikely, I haven't been hooking up with half the senior class." I said. Jessie glared at me. "Yes there's a very long list of people you haven't hooked up with, namely every person in the known universe. I think you should ask Ashley about that," I said. "Bullshit." She shot back.

"Language," My mom warned. "You need to learn to tolerate each other, and you need to get to the bus stop." Ashley was one of my sister's best friends.

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She was a year younger than her and they were both on the volleyball team. The volleyball girls were queens of the school, and my sister was queen bee. They were so sexy in those spandex shorts.


Ashley was pretty hot but she had nothing on Jessie. I had managed to coax her into giving me a hand job, with the promise that I'd never tell Jessie. It looked like I'd burned that bridge, but I only had eyes for my sister anyway. School was long and I was distracted, thinking of a way to get a look at my sister naked. I knew how to pick the locks of the bathroom but there was no way I could do it without her catching me.

That could be bad, but I just had to see that hot little naked body. That's when it came to me. My mom had gotten me a pair of noise cancelling headphones for my birthday. I couldn't hear shit when I had them on. I could put them on and pick the lock to the bathroom. When I inevitably got caught I could just pretend she'd left the door unlocked and I hadn't heard the shower running. It was ballsy but I was ready to try anything at this point.

Those tight butt cheeks had clamped down on me and they weren't letting go. When I got home I could barely contain my excitement. My Mom wouldn't be home from work until 6 and Jessie would be back from volleyball at 5. She'd have to take a shower when she got home, and then I would pounce. I sat on my bed going over the details of my plan.

I'd only have one shot at this so everything would have to go perfectly. I decided it would be better if I was naked as well. I could put a towel over my shoulder and pretend I was about to get in the shower and didn't realize she was home yet.

If she saw how big my dick was maybe she'd be interested.

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Yes that was how I would do it. The plan was in place and I merely had to wait. The hours ticked by slowly. I was extremely horny the whole time. At 430 I heard a car pull up. It was a little early but it felt like she was late. I waited patiently in my room as she came in the house, and I awaited the shower.

There were two showers in my house but since we all got home at different times my family pretty much all showered in the better one which was off of the hall. At last I heard her go into the bathroom and cut on the shower. I stripped off my clothes and threw a towel over my shoulder. I was still rock hard and I glanced in the mirror.

I felt like I was looking pretty good. I was getting more muscular, and my dick spoke for itself. I threw in my headphones and made the long walk down the hall. I had a hairpin to pick the lock, but when I put it in the hole I noticed it was unlocked already. This was a stroke of luck. I was meant to open that door.

I took a deep breath and turned the knob. Then I flung open the door and waltzed inside. I put my towel, headphones, and ipod on the sink and turned towards the shower. The glass door to the shower was speckled in some places but was mostly clear, and I could see her whole awesome naked body from head to foot. It had gone perfectly. The only problem was that my dick was now pointing directly at my Mom. She must have got off work early.

I was speechless. I had been worried that my surprise at seeing my naked sister in the shower would not appear genuine, but I was actually dumbfounded by this. My mom was stunning. Her ass was every bit as perfect as my sisters, and her boobs were maybe a little bigger probably double Ds.

She was running her hands all over her body and soap was dripping off a nipple. When she noticed me she looked surprised but then she smiled. "What's the matter champ never seen a woman naked before?" "I'm sorry mom I just…I didn't realize you were in here." I stammered. "Well I suppose we've both seen each other naked now you might as well hop in and save water." She was still smirking and I felt like she was looking right at my dick, but I was still in a daze staring dumbfounded at her body.

"Get in or get out boy." She said. I came to my senses and leaped into action. I pulled back the shower door and hopped in the shower. My dick bobbed up and down and was still hard as ever. The water was hot and was rolling down my mom's tits and down to her pussy which was waxed. "You look a little excited champ, I see you take after your father." "Sorry you're just so hot mom." "Thanks Champ, why don't you scrub my back for me?" "Sure thing Mom." I stammered my dick throbbing.

She turned around and I started scrubbing her back but I couldn't take my eyes of her spectacular ass.

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"I think I need some shampoo," she said leaning over sticking her ass up and bumping it up against my cock. "Oh sorry Mom." "It's ok honey have you been keeping this thing clean?" She turned and touched the end of my throbbing dick looking it over.

"It could probably use a wash," I said. "I think so too. Let me get this thing suds up," She said with a smirk. She dropped down to her knees on the tile floor of the shower, her boobs brushing my dick on the way down.

She squirted some soap into her left hand. My dick was pointing right at her face now and it was so hard you could see the blood pulsing through it. She took her left and began spreading the soap over my dick. She grabbed the base firmly with her right and started stroking it up and down. "The trick is to scrub it hard all along the full length." She said annuciating the word full. My mom was jerking me off now and I could barely keep from shooting my load right in her face.

"Hmmm I don't think it's getting clean." I said, "Maybe you should use another tool." She smiled devilishly at me.

She took the soap and squirted it between her boobs. Then she placed my dick between them and started pushing them up and down at different intervals massaging my cock with her huge breasts. "Is that better? Is my son's cock getting nice and clean between Mommy's big titties?" she asked. "Oh yes," I said. "But mommy is very dirty too, how about you clean mommy's pussy with this long soapy cock." "Sure, I'll clean it right up." I said hardly believing my luck.

My Mom turned and got on all fours sticking her ass up for me to access her from the back. I had a naughty idea and lined my cock up next to her tight little asshole instead. "I think this ass needs a good cleaning first Mom." I jammed my dick inside her big round butt without waiting for a response.

It was super tight at first but it loosened up once I was inside. "OHHH GOD MY ASS." I grabbed her around the waist and started going to town on her ass. She was moaning and shouting now as I piledrived her sweet butthole. All pretense was lost now as she begged and pleaded for more. "OHHH YES FUCK MOMMYS ASS. FUCK MOMMYS ASS WITH THAT BIG HARD COCK." I was an animal.

I needed this butt. I was pounding my Moms ass with reckless abandon. She was rubbing a tit with one hand and blasting her clit with the other as she squealed and grunted like a barnyard animal. "UHHHH FUCK MOMMY OOOHHHHH PLEASE YESSSS." I was pumping harder than ever now, and my Mom was rocking back and forth slamming her ass down on my dick. My balls were slapping against her pussy. "OHHHH GOD IM CUMMMING." She started twitching and jerking as she came.

She let out a long moan that could be heard from the street. When this happened it brought me over the edge and I shot a massive load deep inside her ass. Pumping her full of my hot cum. My Mom collapsed on the floor of the shower purring with satisfaction. I shut off the water and sat down on the tile next to her. She turned over and put her puffy lips on my cock before milking the last of my cum into her mouth and swallowing it.

"Yummy," she said smacking her lips. "I haven't been fucked like that in ages." I smiled in satisfaction and slapped her ass as she got up.

She giggled like a school girl and I watched as she toweled off, cum still dripping from her asshole. Then I toweled off and we left the bathroom together in our towels.

When we opened the door we were greeted with the sight of Jessie having just got home from volleyball. She had an astonished look on her face. Mom smiled. "We are going to start alternating showering together to save water," she said.


"Tomorrow you and Jack are together." Mom gave me a big wink and strutted off to her room. Jessie stood with her mouth still open in shock. I was grinning ear to ear as I turned towards mine. "Enjoy your shower Jessie," I said. "Tomorrow it's you and me."