Noble Lesben Aktion in der Küche

Noble Lesben Aktion in der Küche
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Nicole jumps out of the shower and stares at her body in the mirror. She cannot help but smile at the image reflected back at her, 35 years old, divorced, no boyfriend, 5' 6" tall, hot and sexy and horny.

Her full C breasts stood at attention, curving into her trim waist and flaring back out around her round ass, trailing down her lean legs. Leaning forward she studies her blue gray eyes which pop from her face as she lines them with a smoky eyeliner.

She rubs a creamy pinkish peach blush over her high cheekbones, her perfect skin needs no other makeup and after she applies a glossy lipstick to her lips all she has left to do is pick out an outfit. She has always been a beauty and now as she got ready for her first night out in ages, she carefully picks out an outfit that will accentuate all of her curvy features. After pulling everything from her closet Nicole decides on a sexy silvery sequined tube top that is cut so her cleavage shows out of the top and a hint of her stomach shows before her very low rise, very short skirt starts.

After she slips on a pair of sexy 5 inch stilettos and give her blonde hair a toss she is ready to go. She is meeting her girlfriend for dinner before they went out dancing at a new hot club. After a few drinks and a light dinner they were of to the new club in town. Although Nicole has never been before, everyone at the marketing office she works at has been there and said it is a great club, a very crowded dance floor. They had gone early on purpose to miss most of the line and after only a fifteen minute wait they were in.


Even though it is only 10:30 the bar is full. After their first drink her friend seen some friends that she wanted to say hi to and ran off while Nicole decides to hit the dance floor.

She did not mind dancing alone, in fact she preferred it, this way she did not have to worry about matching someone else's moves. Fifteen minutes after Nicole starts dancing as I came over offered her a drink, Nicole agrees and we walk over to the bar in the middle of the dance floor she learns that my name is John and I own this club.

I offer a shot and after we downed a shot of Tequila we headed back out to the dance floor together armed with double coke and vodkas. As we start dancing Nicole studies me, I'm older, gray hair, cut short, green eyes, and a sharp jaw line. She smiles to herself, she has only been out on the dance floor and already has the owner of the bar, from what she can see, dancing with her. As we grind against each other Nicole feels her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet.

It has been so long since she had a guy in her life and she simply could not have sex with a guy since her divorce, she is beginning to regret that while she is close to me.

We danced and drank for two hours and Nicole is drunk, it is a good thing we were dancing by the large pillars that speckled the dance floor so she can lean up against one anytime she feels a little off balance. Things has heated up with me, she can tell that I'm enjoying the closeness in which we have been dancing by my hard cock pressing up against her as we danced.

My hands keep drifting down to her ass and our lips are entwined. I broke our lip lock long enough to ask if she wanted to go back to my place. She shook her head and yelled over the loud music that she isn't ready for that right now. I look pissed, but a second later the look passes and I'm back to myself. I'm rougher in the way that I'm dancing after she denied me, I would grind into Nicole so hard it begins to hurt her and instead of the light caresses and gentle squeezes of her ass that I had formerly been doing I'm now roughly grabbing and mauling her, kissing her hard on the lips forcing my tongue into her mouth.

Every few minutes I ask if she wants to get out of there and go someplace else, but she keeps protesting until I'm being so rough that Nicole said she thought it is time for her to go home. My formerly sweet green eyes turn stormy as I roughly grab her arm pulling her back towards me, slamming her into the pillar that she has been using for support. I lean forward growling " I don't think so," in her ear. I now have her pinned against the pillar and begin to grope her tits through the sexy tube top.

Nicole looking around for her girlfriend, but she is no where to be seen. No one around her is paying any attention and even though she is shouting out for help no one can hear her over the booming music. I start pinching her nipples through the shirt, and Nicole wishes that she had worn a bra.

I slip my hand down and brought it up underneath Nicole's tight shirt. I'm grabbing her tits in my one hand and with my other one I had pinned her arms over her head. I'm staring at her with those green eyes. They had seemed friendly at the beginning of the night, now they are frightening, Nicole is worried about what is happening, but at the same time it did feel so good to have a man taking care of her body, even if I'm being rough with her.

Nicole decides in her mind that she isn't happy with how I'm acting, she cannot do much to stop the way that I'm treating her so she might as well enjoy it. She leans forward to meet my lips and we once again begin making out.


No sooner have we done this I stop groping her tits, and though I'm still holding her hands, I have gone back to the way I was before she had tried to leave. We keep dancing and making out and Nicole is feeling more at ease again when all of a sudden she feels my hand under her skirt. She gasps looking down, I'm stroking up her leg with my free hand and I'm still holding her very tired hands above her head with my other hand. Her skirt is so short that I hardly have to lift her skirt up and have access to her soaking pussy.

She has been looking forward to going home and relieving herself, but now she starts to worry that someone else is going to beat her to the punch. She starts struggling as I tighten my grip on her wrists leaning forward and said " behave, I am going to teach you a lesson, for refusing to go to my place, you are nothing but a slutty bitch who likes to get a guy pumped up and then laugh as you leave him standing there. Well not tonight, tonight you are going to learn a little lesson.

You are going to learn that if you are going to act like a slutty whore, that you are going to be a slutty whore. I am going to fuck your cunt right here on the dance floor and there is nothing you can do to stop me." As I'm saying this I had pushed aside the sexy black lace thong she had chosen earlier and I'm rubbing her clit. As much as she is horrified by my words, she desperately needs a release and she feels her orgasm building as I twist and pinch her clit roughly.

She has never in her life been talked to or treated like I'm treating her, and it horrifies her. She is becoming more and more turned on.

I suddenly stop rubbing her clit and I'm parting the lips of her pussy with my fingers, without notice I ram two of my fingers as far up her pussy as they will go and she yelps from pleasure and pain as I roughly finger her.

She is so close to coming and I can tell, I lean forward " You really are a dirty whore aren't you?

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You are fucking getting off on me fingering you. Well it is my turn now, and no fucking dirty cunt like yourself is going to stop me." With that I abruptly stop and Nicole looks down, she sees that I have unzipped my fly pulling out a thick 9 inch cock.

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Nicole swallows hard, she has never been fucked by a cock that big before and she begins to panic again, she looks around for some one who might be seeing what is happening, but no one is paying any attention to her. She is going to get fucked on the dance floor. I push my cock under her skirt and she feels the head pushing at the opening of her pussy. Then without warning I slam all nine inches into her wet cunt. I start fucking her in time to the music so that anyone watching would think that we were dancing close.

Unfortunately for Nicole it is a fast song and in order to keep the rhythm I pull out and slam back into her at a very hard fast pace matching the beat of the song. I grab a handful of her hair and pull at it painfully with the hand that is not holding her. She feels her pussy beginning to get raw from the fast beat that I'm keeping, and she feels her orgasm building again.

As she tries to keep struggling against me, she is so turned on by my rapid fucking and at last she cannot hold out any longer and she starts cumming all over my hard dick.

As soon as I feel her tight pussy contracting against my cock I can no longer hold it in and begin pumping load after load of my hot cum into her wet sticky cunt. After I had every last drop emptied into her, I zip my pants back up left, pulling Nicole with me out the back door and into my limo. Nicole is protesting as we arrive at my place. I smile and said, " Tonight is just beginning.

You're not leaving with a virgin ass, doll." My hand pushes down against her back, holding her flat to the mattress. As she turns her head to look round at me I thrust down, pressing her deeper into the mattress. Her heart pounding. For a moment she is aware of the air against her exposed skin, the shock of cool hitting wet causing her to shiver.

I groan a low primal sound. Unseen she hears the pop of a plastic lid. It drops softly against the carpet. Then the wet slurp of ointment being scooped out. Her body tingling all the way to her toes. Fear, sharp and sudden blossoming, this is going to hurt. All the talk of taboo and dirty seems less arousing with the possibility of actual pain. Her breath chokes in her throat as she fights for a way to phrase a refusal.

Words that will decline but not kill the arousal. The slap to her buttocks stole her thoughts. Leaving only the heat and sting across softly jiggling skin. Again and again.

Her breath stops. Her cunt wept. Her brain whipping wildly between wanting and not wanting.

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Just when she had adjusted to my slap and waits I press my cock to her anus. Her body is lost in the rough and tumble of restrained force to voice an objection. Her fingers dig into the quilt below her. She is wrestling with the idea of twisting, turning and rolling out from under me but I rest my weight on her, pinning her. My cock head pulses against her asshole.

She is shaking her head, no, but I thrust down, hard and fast, my cock thickly greased, her body opens for me in a way it never has before. Thick swollen meat fills her virgin hole, so thoroughly that she gasps in shock.

Her taut anal muscle ring hot with the force. She is gasping, too shocked to feel any sensation. My cock feels thicker than it had earlier, feeling like a fist. It sits deep inside her, pulsing with forbidden promise. Her muscles are stinging. Her body jerking under me in an attempt to reject my invasion. I groan and hiss through my teeth. My thighs shaking as they press against hers.

When she thought I'm in as deep as I can go I press down opening her up another inch, then two. She is gasping. I groan. It is in her head to push me off, the shock is so encompassing, then she breathes out and realized that though it hurt it is not the hurt of her fears.

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Her ass hurt, it burns and pulses with the abuse of my invasion, but the heat has moistened her cunt beyond normal slickness. She feels her arousal sliding down her thighs. She made a soft helpless sound, trapped between her pain and her desire. Unable to decide, she didn't have to, I chose for her. With a roar of masculine need I pull back a fraction, grazing my cock against the sensitive wall of her ass, then I shove down with my hips with a ferocity that overwhelms her.

My cock spearing deep into her ass. It feels like my arm and not my cock is fucking her. Her virgin hole is so narrow, so tight, that my cock is magnified proportionately. It delves like a punch that keeps coming until it feels like a large baseball bat is ploughing all the way to her throat. The sensation is so strong, so wrong, that she cries out. I stop, hold myself still so the only movement is the thud of my pulse.

My pulse is strong, deeply buried in her, she moans and stretches beneath me. Rolling her spine so her buttocks pushes upwards towards me, a small encouragement that didn't go unnoticed. I take advantage of her raised hips slipping my hand between her legs. Two fingers sliding into her wet pussy. An orgasm hitting her like a sledgehammer.

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She rocks and groans, helpless beneath me. With a growl I add two more fingers, stretching open her pulsing cunt force-feeding her body with sensations. My heat surrounding her, invading her, and coaxing her. Whichever way she turns she is assailed by more. Arching upwards her shoulders rub my chest hair, straining away from my fingers forcing my cock deeper into her aching ass, and peeling away from my cock impaling her on my fingers. She rocks in oblivion, her body so alive to touch that she can only shake and tremble.

I wait until the climax subsides. Until she is shivering weakly, panting. She feels the tension of my intention but lacks the awareness to prepare for it. A fingernail grazes the hard bud of her nipple as her body jerks in reaction I pull away from her. My cock seems to stretch her ass on its way out as much as its entry. The feeling so unexpected that she has barely registered that when I thrust back in. Stiffening beneath me at the fierce lunge, her muscles tensing in protest, my fingers bunched inside her cunt spread wide open, stretching those muscles from within.

As she grows accustomed to the feeling of being stretched so taut the pain lessens and is replaced by the sensation of me sliding my greased cock along the walls of her ass. It is somewhere that has not been tickled before and feels something like a blow to the funny bone, painful and strange all at once. With the understanding that this is not true pain, not unbearable, she relaxes deeply and is assailed by the sensations of my cock rubbing the length of that tight, tight space. My breathing deepens triggering another sensation.

The knowledge that her body is going to make me cum. She feels the tension in my thighs, the stiffening of my cock, the burrowing of my fingers and the shuddering of my breath on her shoulder. " Dirty little bitch." I hiss. She smiles at the words, can't stop heryself. They are not pleasant ones but from my lips they are the highest of compliments.

Better still she feels dirty, my fat swollen cock pumping grease into her ass.

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It didn't matter how liberated she is it feels wrong. When something feels this wrong it has to be right. She grinds down against my hand, demanding, urging, my fingers to probe deep inside her, ripping another orgasm from her.

It is too much for me; I bellow, one of triumph.

With a painful grinding of my hips I pump thick streams of hot cum into her ass while she shakes and spasms beneath me, her pleasure heightened by mine. She sighes and stretches her arms above her head, her body pulsing with satisfaction.

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