Japonesa atragantada con leche despues de peterla

Japonesa atragantada con leche despues de peterla
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I was bored and alone at my step father's mansion (my mom, her new husband, and my step brother were out of town) when I decided to take advantage of the fact that I had the hot tub completely to myself. I turned off the tv I had been watching and walked to the back patio. The moon above was so bright that I only lit some of the lights around the hot tub and then proceeded to turning it on.

It was a somewhat chilly night and a slight shiver went down my spine as I took off the Prada shoes my mother had given me for my eighteenth birthday along with the rest of my clothes.

Standing there, I closely observed my body. Mine was a thin but attractive figure with medium sized boobs and "hot ass" as guys so commonly put it. As for my pussy, I always shaved it and left only a little hair above the clit. I stepped into the hot tub and relaxed as the warm water surrounded me. Letting my mind wander, I started fantasizing about my step brother again.


I had once gone into his room looking for my dog when I noticed that his bathroom door was slightly opened. Curiosity taking over me, I had gone up to it and caught a glimpse of his cock. It was big and so erect it almost made a semi circle. You don't know how badly I had wanted to put my mouth around it and suck it so hard he'd cum in my mouth. My pussy had grown so wet thinking about it that I had gone straight to my room to masturbate. It was having the same effect now.

My fingers went instinctively to my pussy and I closed my eyes and started making slight moaning noises as I rubbed my clit. There was a sudden noise to my left and I quickly stopped.


My step brother emerged into the light and I let out a sigh of relief. "You scared the shit out of me Brandon." I told him as he started to laugh. "What are you doing here anyway?" "I forgot about freshmen orientation at Duke University tomorrow and--" I gestured with my hand, expecting him to finish what he was going to say when I saw him staring at me.

I looked down and realized that my boobs were out of the water and visible. I was about to cover them up when I noticed a huge bulge in Brandon's shorts.

My mouth started to water as I imagined his juicy cock getting harder and harder by the second. I hesitated but brought my hand to his bulge. He let out a sigh and bit his lip as I slowly rubbed it and unzipped his shorts. After pulling down his bottoms and boxer briefs, I exposed his swollen dick.

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It practically jumped out at me as he sat down at the edge of the hot tub. I wasted no time in putting his hard cock in my mouth.

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"Yes. Yes." he repeated over and over again as I sucked his dick. My step brother's hands were around my head, urging me to put his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. Of course, this triggered my gag reflex several times and I had to stop and catch my breath as well as swallow. After about two minutes of sucking his cock, Brandon got in the hot tub with me.

He took off his shirt and turned me around so that my back was touching his front. He rubbed my clit with one hand (which nearly made me cum) and felt my boob with the other. It felt amazing and I started rubbing on his dick. Brandon kissed my neck as he glided his hard cock into my pussy. I screamed in pleasure and squeezed my thighs together as he fucked me. "Yes! Harder! Yes, fuck me!

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Don't stop!" I yelled as he pounded harder and harder into me. The heat from the water combined with the movement of our bodies was making us sweat which, in turn, made everything that much hotter. He stopped fucking my pussy and put his cock in my ass.

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It hurt for a second but the pain was soon replaced with pleasure. I had never felt so amazing in my life. "Megan, you have no idea how long I've wanted to fuck you." my stepbrother said as his dick glided in and out of my ass hole.

I rotated on his organ so that I was facing him. We made out as I rocked up and down on him, urging his cock to go as far as it could in my ass.

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He put each arm under each of my thighs and lifted me up about three inches above his balls. I moaned in pleasure as he pounded me with his huge cock over and over again.

My screaming was so loud that I was sure the neighbors could hear, but neither of us cared. We stopped and I led his dick into my pussy once more.

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The hard core pounding began again. Our breathing became heavier and heavier as we neared climax. "Yes! Yes!!! Yessssssss!!!!!!!" I yelled as he shot his load in my pussy. It felt incredible and warm as I made circles with my hip movements on it.

A second later he got out of the water and I sucked our combined cum off his dick, all the while he was still breathing heavily. Ever since that night, we always have sex when our parents aren't home, which is pretty much half the time. There's nothing else I think about now other than having my stepbrother's huge dick in me. ----------------------------------- _Happily ever after_ Yes, this is a 100% true story.

It happened about two years ago and has only gotten better ever since. Our parents still have no idea about what's going on between us, or that we actually share an apartment while we attend college. Why limit the fun to only weekends back at home, right? ;)