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Sensual Circus Cuckold Hotwife Tours
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College is wild. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. If you go to the right school, the parties are crazy, and the girls… well the girls are even crazier. Coming out of high school, I wasn't known for the nutting and slutting like some other guys were.

Sure, I had my fair share of girls on the few occasions I was invited out to the parties. Most of my sexual encounters ended in disappointment. I wouldn't call those chance experiences regrettable, but certainly awkward. That would all change though. Walking into a massive state school knowing nobody can be intimidating. Luckily for me, I had my high school sweet heart, Beth, help me unload the car and take my worldly possessions into my first dormitory.

The building was a massive, low cost housing high rise. Walking in through the front doors, you're confronted with sexually violent graffiti etched into the wooden panels by the doors: 4 Jenny's pussy call 555-5555 BRAD CHUGS DICK In addition, thousands of wide eyed freshmen were hustling in and out, carrying everything from carpeting to televisions to electric guitars. Beth squeezed my hand as we held the three bags which contained everything to my name.

She gave me a nervous look. She wasn't the most beautiful girl, but her off centered smile and deep green eyes always made the guys she was with feel at home.

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She had milky pale skin which was covered in freckles after the long summer. She gave me a picture of herself in a bikini while on vacation at the beach. The way her tits hung and her pussy lips were just barely visible against the creamy skin made me go mad every time I looked at it.


We had quite the summer. The day after school ended, I awoke to frantic knocking on the door. Both my parents work all day long, and it was about noon. I sleepily walked downstairs, rubbing my eyes. The intense nature of the knocks quickly made me more and more concerned as I inched closer to the door. When I finally got there and tentatively opened the door three inches, my face was assaulted by Beth's sloppy yet earnest kisses.

I flung the door open and pulled her inside. While kicking the door shut with my barefoot, I began tearing articles of clothing off the excited and forward girl. After getting her pants and shirt off, I merely pushed her pink tight panties to one side, stepped out of my boxers, shoved her on the hallway table, and stuffed my morning wood deep into her. She threw her head towards the ceiling and dug her nails into my bare back. She wrapped her legs around me and I began thrusting, spreading mail all over the table and floor.

I took her thighs and pushed them open so her feet were facing opposite directions and the furthest apart they could manage. After about five minutes of furious fucking, biting, grabbing, and scratching, I pulled out and blew my load on her belly and thigh.

A late bloomer, I lost my virginity to her a month earlier, at the ripe old age of eighteen. All those long summer afternoons of lazy and not so lazy fuck sessions were all behind us now. It was September and we were parting ways. Beth was getting on a plane and going across the country to her own college. We snaked our way through the mobs of eager and nervous eighteen year olds, over hearing awkward chatter that can only happen in such an enormous crowd of new people.


Standing against the wall were three girls that struck me as different than all my fellow freshmen. The three of them were tall and stood quietly laughing, pointing and whispering to one another against a bulletin board.

Carrying themselves with knowledgeable confidence, I quickly gathered they were upperclassmen.

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Two were brunettes, one with bangs hanging just above her eyes and the other with short, shoulder length hair. The third had red hair and soft features. Her lips were only slightly darker than her pale skin, a light shade of pink. Her eyebrows were thin and below them rest two sharp blue beams of light scanning the large crowd. Part of her face was covered by the long flowing deep red hair that was cascading down to her partially unbuttoned blouse.

She did not have very large breasts, but her perky nipples were just barely visible, even from where I was standing twenty yards away.

She was wearing torn jean shorts which fit her exceedingly slender figure well. She caught me staring as we locked eye contact. Flicking me a quick smile she turned to her friend and whispered something that made her giggle, then looked me up and down again.


"You make friends quick," Beth said in a deadpan voice. "Sorry," I said with a grin. We kept on moving down the hall to my assigned room. "Here we are," I said with a hint of excitement. I kicked the door open and dumped the three bags on the floor as my clothes spilled everywhere.

"Guess my roommate hasn't made it yet," I said plopping onto the bed. The room was ghostly bare, the floor straight concrete, the walls off white. Two beds, two dressers, and two desks with accompanying chairs sat empty. "Looks like we have the room to ourselves," Beth said taking a step towards me. "Indeed," I replied grinning and laying back.

Closing the door about three quarters shut, she climbed on top of me and unzipped my jeans. Pulling out my limp dick, she kissed it and said, "I'm going to miss you lil fella," adding a playful frown. Pecking the shaft while pulling the rest of my underwear down, I replied, "Who you calling lil?" as it started to grow hard in her soft hands.

"I guess I'd better shut up," Beth said and with that she put the full length into her mouth. I was getting harder and harder as she wrapped her tongue around the head and shaft and worked up and down.

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After it had been all the way into her mouth a couple times, it grew to its full 6 inch length and hardness. She added her hand and worked the purple head with gusto. After a few minutes she stopped and said, "Fuck it I can't stand it anymore," lifted her skirt, quickly tossed her thong to the ground and climbed on top of me.

Putting both her feet on either side of my hips she lowered herself on top, her glistening wet pussy inches from my throbbing and spit covered cock. Using her hand she guided my dick into herself and slammed down onto me with some force.

My dick quickly disappeared into her. She ripped open her shirt and threw her bra to the floor releasing her sizable breasts into the open air. She continued slipping it in and out of herself. Then she let me out of her and turned around, leaning forward. Giving me a view of her tight asshole and her pussy lips gripping the skin of my dick as it continued to ram in and out of her.

Switching positions again, she turned about and began rubbing her clit around my pubic area making the entire area sopping wet. All the while we were moaning and slipping around each other on a bare mattress, the door was open a crack as incoming students and their parents passed by without mentioning the sexual ruckus. The bed was knocking against the wall with every new ram, bringing us closer and closer to orgasm. I grabbed her smooth thighs as she put a fistful of her tit into her hand and closed her eyes.

Closer and closer, harder and harder. She stifled a scream of orgasmic pleasure as she reached her plateau and shoved off. Grabbing my chest and leaning forward, her tits in my face, she slowed herself. "My turn," I said as I flipped her back down onto the bed. Grabbing her hips I flipped her again; this time onto her knees.

Running the head of my cock along her sopping wet slit, she lowered her back lifting her round ass into my open hand. I shoved my full length into her all at once. It was welcomed with a sharp inhale. Her face in the bare mattress, hair covered the bed. I ran my hand across her smooth back as my thrusts became steady in the beat of my oncoming orgasm.

"Is this the room, Kee?" "Yup, that's the right number." "We made it, my boy's going to college!" "Just open the door dad." With one last triumphant slam, I blew my load deep inside her. With a shivering, "Ungh," I heard the door open behind me as I released my grip on Beth's ass and let my dick flop out, along with a drizzle of semen.

"Good God!" Beth flipped around, covering her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other. With a sheepish grin, I turned around and said, "Hello sir, I'm Dan. You must be Keegan's dad," as I extended one hand and snatched my boxers with the other. He stood, his mouth agape. Keegan stood laughing behind him. "Don't be rude dad. Sup Dan?" he said as he took my hand. His dad turned around, saying, "Goddamned kids think they can just fuck like apes where ever and whenever they want… Jesus…" he continued muttering on down the hall, "I mean sure I had my fair share of strange back in the day… but fuck…" "Don't worry about him, he'll get over it.

So I guess this is your bed, huh?" "…Goddamnit these kids just don't have no manners&hellip." "Haha I guess so," I said quickly getting dressed.

Although the situation was a tad bit diffused, Beth was still awkward as all hell as she dressed.

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"Sorry for walking in on you like that, though it looked like you just finished. I'm just glad you aren't a fag or something." "Yeah… sure." I replied. It was then I took a close look at him. He was wearing tan khakis, name brand tennis shoes, a blue shirt that read, "COLLEGE," a la John Belushi. His hat was turned back and his jelled hair was sticking out through the buckle. There's a bro in the building. "So Dan, you thinking about pledging? Man I'm going straight for Sig Nu.

My brother's a senior and he said it'd be super easy for me to get in plus I already got shit faced with all those dudes last year when I visited. Man it was so much fun, all those bros are so cool," he took a can out and extended it, "dip?" "No thanks," he showed it to Beth who was still putting on her bra.

She just gave him a detested look and shook her head. "Suit yourself," then he threw a heaping finger full into his mouth. Keegan continued to talk as we made the room our home. Beth was totally turned off by his entire presence, though after the first strangeness, I didn't find him to be all that bad. When we were finally all settled, I walked Beth to the door and Keegan left us to, "go check out the girls floor mannnn," with an extended tongue. "Are you sure you don't want to try a distance thing?" Beth said.

"We've already talked about this, I don't think either of us would be happy with it," I said taking her hand in mine. "We had a great summer, and we'll see each other over breaks." "Okay Dan, I guess you're right," she had a sad smile as she looked up at me and said, "I'm glad I could leave with a little bit of you inside of me." "And I'm glad I put it there," I said with a smile and kissed her one last time.

"I'll miss you Dan." "I know." With that she turned and waved. As I watched her ass subtly move up and down with her steps, Keegan took my shoulder from behind me and said, "C'mon man, I know a room where kids are drinking! Then my brother told me about a sick party, I can get you in." "Alright, man." "Hey don't worry about your girlfriend, there'll be plenty of bitches way hotter than her at the party.

Don't take this the wrong way, man, but she was kind of like a six," he said while we both watched her go.


"Yeah but she was my six."