Lehrer macht Schüler Anbetung Füße

Lehrer macht Schüler Anbetung Füße
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Amy continued to screw me the best way she knew how. I shook with excitement every time the vibe contacted my prostrate, followed by my moans of ecstasy. Carefully Amy found the spot that was driving me crazy, and then concentrated on it.

I moaned panted and grunted but Amy never relented; my cock sprayed Jennifer's face, Amy and Alice laughed at her peril. I was still being fucked so the possibility of laughing wasn't possible. I felt the lube start to decrease and used the safe word for the first time. "Bark, I mean it babe", I said.

"What is wrong lover", Amy asked? "More lube please", I said.

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"Amy have you forgotten what I explained to you about anal and positioning. There are no lubricating ducts in the anal cavity", Jennifer said. Amy applied a generous amount of lube to the vibe and I then moved the instrument in and out of me. Once again I began to enjoy getting screwed; this vibe would rotate and vibe at different speeds. Amy cranked the vibe speed up and lowered the rotation; when she did I moaned without a pause. While my breathing increased a substantial amount the tingling in my balls was driving me insane.

Alice lowered her creamy, cuming, pissy pussy to my hungry mouth and allowed me to drink in all her tasty nectar.


"Clean her good lover", Amy said. "Mmmpff", I answered although muffled. "Wow, I think he is really enjoying being fucked", Alice said. When Alice came she creamed me. It was thick and creamy like the consistency of a milkshake. "Oh my god he's good I am going to cum again Alice screamed please don't stop please don't ahhhheeeeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee", Alice exclaimed!

While Alice regained her senses Jennifer replaced her on my hungry mouth, Amy continued to pound my ass with her instrument. I had no clue but Alice had took my cock in her hungry mouth and started to suck me for all she was worth. I was beyond any ecstasy I had ever felt. Three horny women were having their way with me and I wasn't even tied down now; Amy released my bonds when she applied more lube.

With my knees buried to the floor so Jennifer could use my feet to steady herself, Alice straddled my thighs and lowered her pussy on my throbbing cock.

Jennifer rose just enough to allow me to howl in pleasure and sing out to Alice to go faster.


Amy also started to shove the dildo in and out of me faster. With Jennifer grinding away on my face coating me with her pussy juice I exploded in an orgasm and I stopped the movement of the dildo with my anal muscles and sent rope after rope of cum into Alice's creaming pussy.

I had the cum of my life just like Amy said I would; I filled Alice past capacity.


She continued to pump away and I never deflated like I normally did my vise grip hold on the vibe in my ass kept me up.

Amy left it buried to the hilt and it seemed to be going deeper. The vibe never moved; however, I felt the vibrations radiate throughout my entire pelvic region.

Alice leaked the cum in her pussy down on to my balls with every stroke she made, obviously not slowing or stopping. I sang out in my second mind blowing orgasm. Amy returned to the room (I had not noticed she left). She had a monster of a dildo in her hand I never thought would fit inside me. "Nooooo", I sang out in horror. "Keep him busy girls", Amy said. Alice and Jennifer traded places and kept me rolled up while Amy put the dildo in a strap around her waist.

The dildo had a shorter dildo on the other side of the balls I couldn't see. Amy raped my freshly devirginized ass with the monster until I howled in pleasure. With this thing on I had no control over its movement and I felt the monster pumping in and out of me as I came.

Amy grunted and started to pant she was close to her own orgasm. As I broke into my fifth Amy sang out in her own orgasm. "Bark; Please no more I need a break, bark", I sobbed.

My poor anal ring was tore and I was bleeding, I had enjoyed the sex but I hurt so badly. My ability to continue was diminished. Amy, Alice, and Jennifer continued to get their rocks off; however, they left my abused asshole alone except to run a fingernail along the side of the prolapsed pulsing part as they rode me to unmeasurable orgasms. I came so much I finally passed out. I woke up in a motel room with my beautiful angel lying beside me.

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I really needed to pee. I got up and looked at the bed in horror; I still had a dildo inside me but when I stood up it slipped out.

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As it vibrated across the bloody sheets I grasped it and decided to turn it off. Every step made me want to bow my legs even more.

Once inside the bathroom with the door closed I turned my ass to the mirror and screamed bloody murder because of how bad it looked.

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I was sobbing as I sat on the toilet expelling my urine and some painful bowel movements. "Are you ok lover", Amy asked through the door? "No I am not have you seen my ass", I said. "Yes Jim, I'm sorry for doing that to you", Amy said. "I finished doing my duty in the bathroom and slipped into the shower the warm water cleared my senses.

I also managed to push the extended part of my rectum back inside of me. After a satisfied inspection I exited the bathroom to the waiting arms of Amy. "I need to put some clean clothes on babe", I said. Alice and Jennifer had accompanied us to the motel room.

Neither of them was able to face me. I stared at them both with contempt. "Leave them two alone, they are not responsible for what happened to you", Amy said. "They knew better than to turn you loose with that monster you shoved into me", I said. Jennifer started crying and ran to the bathroom. "What is wrong with her", I asked? "She is who suggested I get the monster and put it into you", Amy said.

"Do you want to end our friendship" Alice asked? "No Alice I don't", I answered. "I was able to fix myself in the shower", I said.

"Did that hurt lover", Amy asked? "No babe surprising enough it didn't", I answered.

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My hurting hole eased after a few more hours of alertness and once it returned to its normal position I felt fine. Amy, Alice, and I left Jennifer at the Siren (the name of the store) so she may open it up for the days business. The three of us continued home. When I was dropped off at home I lingered in the car a moment and said to Amy, "The next times you plan something like that ask me if I do or don't want to participate please". "I am sorry Jim I got too caught up in the moment.

I would not blame you, if you wanted to end our relationship", Amy said.

"That isn't my intentions right now. I need to get back to my studies and so do you, let's just focus on that for the next month. We can talk during the winter break ok Amy", I said. The next month flew by in a flash and Amy and I were back to where we were when we left.

Horny and inseparable, the entire school was clued into the fact we loved each other and I had an idea Susan was responsible for that. Susan denied all responsibility for saying anything of course. To be continued…