Morrita se mete los dedos y gime bien rico

Morrita se mete los dedos y gime bien rico
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Well it turned out that I didn't have to worry about mom finding a shiny glob of cum on the floor where I had fucked her best friend. What I had to worry about was moms best friend having a guilty conscience and spilling her guts to mom about doing it with me.

I just about shit my pants when I heard moms voice go up several octaves as she screeched "you what?" over the phone.

Then I heard "I don't care if your husband has a little dick and is cheating on,, how big? oh god". Oh yea, who else could she be talking to, looks like mom just found out how big my dick is from her friend. Right after that she began screaming "Ronald, Ronald you come down here right NOW" Not Ronnie, not like a question or a request. Oh no, this was deep shit time, dam, I did not even get a full hour of satisfaction.

My hopes of Aunt Shellie taking at least some of the heat off of me was lost when mom yelled into the phone " I will talk to you later" and hung up. Man I had never seen my mom like this before, this kind of mad was different than any other kind of mad I had ever seen before. Not like the mad you get when you find an old lawn jart and put it through the rear window of the car.

Not like plugging the toilet up and flooding the bathroom mad either. Mom was so mad she couldn't really put words together. She demanded to know what Aunt Shellie had done to me. My brain failed and I mumbled "I tied her up" Mom almost jumped back away from me and more quietly, but still pretty loudly asked "you raped my friend?" Well thank god for speed dial, that's all I can say.

Mom immediately called Aunt Shellie back and asked, almost softly actually, did my son rape you? But then it was right back to anger again when she repeated, "he tied you up but it wasn't rape?" Mom hung up on Shellie and began pacing the floor. I was reeling from how much shit I was gonna be in for this one. Mom wasn't talking just yet, just pacing the floor so I tried to read what signs I could from her.

Mom had a red flush from the top of her cleavage that went up the back of her neck, the tips of her ears were turning red too. Man I had never seen this level of mad in her, not ever.

When she was pacing in the kitchen I heard her mutter "everyone but me" What the ? not anyone but me, she said "everyone" but me. I started trying to put this together, moms friend was horny, that blew my mind. Was mom horny and frustrated too? God I had no way of figuring out for sure and didn't see any way to safely try to figure it out right now either. Mom came back to me in the living room, more composed now and more quietly asked.

What did you do, you tied her upwhat did you do. I started saying I tied her up and, mom cut in, "with what?" I told her the rope from the kitchen. She said "show me, what did you do, show me" Well I still wasn't sure about the horny thing but I wasn't in any position to bargain with her either.

I got the rope from the drawer where we'd put it back. When I came in with it she said "how" and held her hands out. I told her no like this. I put the section of rope in her hand like I had with Aunt Shellie and had her put her hands behind her back.

As I looped the rope around moms wrists I saw her flushed red color up close, it was getting darker red. It seemed as if she were standing more at attention than normal. Man I just didn't know what to read into any of this.

Mom said, almost whispering to me, "why" I was at a loss as to what to tell her so I just said.

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She was nervous and didn't know what to do with her hands. The whispered "why" tipped me in the direction of thinking that mom was getting more turned on by the idea than pissed, but I still wasn't sure. Suddenly I was done tying moms hands behind her back, she looked up at me with an almost pleading look in her eyes.

I told her " I started like this" and gently pulled moms hair at the back of her head down tilting her head up to me. As I started to lean over mom suddenly backed away saying no. The tone of her voice, the way she said no. It was more like she was turning down an offer that she wanted to accept.

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This was all too new to me and I stopped there. She had me untie her, she said "I don't want to know, not now anyway" and that was pretty much where it ended for the night. Mom avoided me and I avoided her for the rest of the night. The next day was Friday, mom kept pretty quiet, she stayed out of the house doing some grocery shopping.

I tried to buy peace by helping her unpack but she told me no. She didn't even unpack all the bags, just left them in the laundry room, it just looked like they had laundry soap and stuff in them anyway but I ignored it.

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I had worse things to worry about. I knew she had been on the phone quite a bit with Shellie. After telling me to leave the groceries alone mom quietly told me "you're not going anywhere tomorrow" Well Saturday came all too soon for me, mom was quiet during breakfast but she did finally break the silence by telling me that she had Shellie coming over so that we could "discuss" things.


Shellie came over around 10 am, I could see that she looked apprehensive as hell so it didn't look like the phone calls had really worked anything out. Pretty quickly Shellie was crying and begging for mom to forgive her.

Mom was saying that she could see why Shellie would cheat on her husband but with her son? First mom said what did you do with my son, then she went to the kitchen and came out with a brand new coil of clothesline rope. Oh my god, she bought more rope yesterday when she went shopping. Aunt Shellie didn't see the rope because she was crying so hard she was hiccuping. Mom handed the rope to me and then quietly said "show me what you did" Aunt Shellie stopped crying when she felt me looping the rope around her wrists and looked at mom in shock.

Mom looked at both of us and showing almost no emotion in her face but calmly said "I have had no sex life in years because of raising a family and holding a career. Behind my back you seduce my son and you have a husband. You are going to show me what you did, I will tell you when to stop". Shellie started saying "oh god no" and I felt like I was walking in someone elses shoes.

But to this day I remember the feeling of Aunt Shellies hair as I ran my hand up her back and grabbed the hair on the back of her head and gently pulled down.

Shellie gasped as her head tilted up with her mouth open in shock. This made taking her upper lip into my mouth all that much easier. I pulled her lip out with my teeth, just a little bit further than I did the first time, just to make sure that mom could see what I was doing.

Shellie groaned in a way that sounded both sexual and like it hurt. I let go of her lip then put my tongue out and traced it along her upper lip before doing the same again with her lower lip. Mom stood next to us watching, I noticed the same flushed red look creeping up her neck again.

Her top was different today so I couldn't see any cleavage but I already had an idea what it probably looked like. I bet it looked just like it did the first time I saw it, I was realizing now that mom had been turned on from this from the start.

Pissed, but turned on. And now I was realizing that she was probably more turned on than pissed. I started to relax some and started getting hopeful that this might turn out much better than I had feared it would. I turned Shellie sideways so that mom could see what I was doing next as I ran my hand up the out side of Shellies shirt from her waist line up to and over her small breast.

Once I was on her breast I gave it a little squeeze.


Mom interrupted and asked "Is this what he did with you before?" Shellie sounded like she was ready to cry as she meekly said "yes" I got a little more bold and offered up that I had been able to feel her nipples poking through her bra when we did it. With an almost angry sound to her voice Mom said "make her nipples hard" I began squeezing and grasping Shellies little breasts through her shirt and bra, now mom leaned in and started hissing out the words, "did he do this when you fucked my son before?" Shellie was starting to cry and only nodded her head yes.

Mom continued with "what else? show me what else. I turned Aunt Shellies back side towards mom and began squeezing her ass cheeks. Mom almost hissed as said asked "what else" Aunt Shellie gave a gasping type moan but said nothing. l turned aunt Shellie back towards mom and ran my hand up her shirt, mom could see that my hand was going up underneath Aunt Shellies bra. Mom began asking if Shellie had liked it when I had groped her bare breasts "the first time" that I had fucked her. Oh hell yes, I started figuring that mom wanted to see me shove it in her so I didn't spend a hole lot of time on her nice little titties.


I went down to Aunt Shellies pants and unclasped them. I heard her start to cry more but she didn't make any effort to stop me from pulling her pants down. Not even when I added her panties to what I was pulling down. In no time I had Aunt Shellie naked from the waist down, since it was obvious that mom was really getting into this now I only turned Aunt Shellie part way towards me.

I lifted her leg up exposing her slit. Then I stood and took hold of her. With Aunt Shellie standing on only one foot I made her hop backward to the wall where I was able to lean her up and then go down on her with her leg held open so mom could see what I was doing. Mom got right next to Aunt Shellies face and asked her if she liked spreading her slut legs open for me to suck on her hairy slit.

Shellie was now making more of a crying whimper, almost like a groan. It didn't take long for me to realize what was happening. Shellies one leg started to buckle and she started making more of a higher pitched whining noise as she started cumming in my mouth.

Good, at least she was liking this. I helped ease her onto the floor as she finished cumming. She really didn't make any effort to cover herself.

She kinda rolled to one side since her hands were tied behind her back but she really didn't try to close her legs much at all leaving us a nice unobstructed view of her glistening wet pussy with her pussy lips all swollen and hanging out. Mom now instructed me to get up by her head, she said "you took care of her, now its her turn to service you" Shellies eyes flew open and she almost shouted "no, you know I hate that" Mom gave a wicked slutty smile and said "yes I know, this is your punishment.

My Ronnie is going to make a baby in your mouth" Mom then said "Ronnie, pull out your cock and fuck your Aunt Shellies mouth". Aunt Shellie did really start crying now.

Moms eyes were glued to my cock when I got my pants off, Shellie was laying partially on her side, she kept her legs open as l got my cock close to her mouth. No further complaints from her though, when I started to mount her mouth she just opened up. I could only put a few inches in but my god it was fantastic. Mom was saying "That's it Ronnie, fuck her mouth, go ahead and make a baby in her throat" stuff like that and "shoot your sperm in her" I started pulling her shirt open to uncover her little tits which were absolutely fantastic.

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I got those little tits out in the open and was watching them jiggle as I fucked her mouth. I was so turned on from sucking her pussy that I really didn't last long. I groaned and was tensing up. Shellie closed her eyes, I think she knew what was coming, mom just hissed out a "yesss" as I unloaded my ball sack inside of Aunt Shellies mouth.

She obviously didn't swallow anything, my load of sperm was drooling out of her mouth and my cock was covered in it since I pumped a few more times with my load in her mouth. My cock barely went down any, mom chimed right in on that saying how it was good that I had stayed hard, now I could fuck Aunt Shellies pussy. What really blew my mind was mom saying that it was ok for me to come inside her pussy because Aunt Shellie is on the pill.

Mom also made the comment that I couldn't do that with her because she wasn't on the pill, and I can't get my own mother pregnant. Oh my god, that means she was actually thinking about doing shit with me?, just that she didn't want me to get her pregnant?

After I had unloaded inside of Aunt Shellies gaping open pussy mom had me bring my cock back up to Shellies mouth. She told Aunt Shellie to lick me clean and get me ready for one more round and then we'd be done for the day. Shellies eyes flew open and she looked at mom with a real concerned look.

Mom just smiled and said "that's right dear, you're coming back tomorrow so we can finish your punishment" Aunt Shellie worked on my cock like a possessed woman.

It was unreal to see her bobbing her head on my cock with her hands behind her back. A few minutes of that and I was ready to go again.

Mom told me to roll Shellie on to her tummy so that we could finish her punishment. Shellie started rolling around crying "no, I've never done that" She was crying and started the hiccupping thing again just a little bit but as soon as I got behind her she spread her legs without any resistence at all. I really couldn't tell if she was acting or not but she certainly didn't try keeping her legs together. Mom said "not just yet dear" and walked into the kitchen, we were only a few feet away from the kitchen in the living room anyway so it didn't take long and mom was back with a bottle of oil from the pantry.

Mom poured a little between Shellies ass crack, Shellie picked her head up and began pleading for me to fuck her pussy. She started babbling that it was too big, I was hitting places her husband had never been before then shit about she'd never once let anyone fuck her in the ass. Mom smiled and said "then its perfect, you took his virginity, and now he can take some of yours" Aunt Shellie just started staring straight at the floor and tightened up her leg muscles, but she kept her legs open for me and I got into position between her legs.

Mom started giving me more instructions at that point telling me to guide it in. Make sure that I get it in her ass. Shellie for her part tightened up her arms and even cocked her knees out more giving me better access. I could see that she was breathing through her clenched teeth in preparation so I lined my cock head up with her tiny brown hole and started pushing. I finally felt some resistance give and the head of my cock went in. Shellies head flew back, eyes wide and mouth open, mom smiled and said "now fuck" I shoved and grunted, Shellies head flew back and she made sort of a GGAAAAAA sound.

Every time I worked a few more inches of my dick up in her ass her head flew back again and she made the same sound. I could see a look of wild lust in moms eyes as this was going on. Mom had stopped talking and was just staring intently at my waist where I was penetrating her friend and Shellies face, watching her friends reactions as I shoved more and more of my cock into her. When I got about 9" in her she laid her head to the side and just gave grunting groans as I began thrusting in and out.

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After a bit Aunt Shellie started saying "no" on my thrusts in, but at the same time she was spreading her legs wider and wider in time with my thrusts and her no's. Then she started pulling at the ropes and grunting while her knees jerked forward and back some, I realized only then that she was coming from being ass fucked.

A little after that I pushed all the way in and emptied what little I had left in my balls into her anus. Mom finally found her voice and said "that's good Ronnie, make a baby in her ass now." We finished up with mom telling Aunt Shellie in a really patronizing way "there now, that wasn't so bad was it?" kind of like what you might hear at the Dr's office after getting a shot.

I was completely drained and couldn't really even think of sex, other than the implication that mom had seemed to make implied that there was a possibility that there were things that I might be able to do with her. For the most part though the only thing mom said to me after Shellie left was that I needed to go wash up.

That and to be ready bright and early tomorrow morning for when she comes back.