Scandalous blonde sick of sex goes crazy when fucked hard in her ass

Scandalous blonde sick of sex  goes crazy when fucked hard in her ass
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It was the summer I turned 16, and he was beautiful.He had short brown curls, big blue eyes, and ful pink lips. I wanted him immediately. he was slender, pale, and lightly freckled. He was shy with a sense of humor. We met through mutual friends and became friends.

We started by swimming at a friends house. I was lean, with tight, if not large muscles, and not much body hair. He was slender but not toned, a small layer of baby fat everywhere, and when he moved you could see the muscle underneath.

He had pink nipples, no body hair that I could see.

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and watching the water run off his soft smooth skin made me hard. The next day, after the sleepover, he changed in front of me, down to his boxer-briefs. His thighs were round, white, lightly freckled, and smooth. His butt was cute. It jiggled when he walked, and i could make out the outlline of his package when the light hit him from the front. He watched me change, down to my striped blue briefs, pretending not to. Later in the summer, he started inviting me to his house when he would be alone.

We played video games, did his chores, watched movies and ate junk food. I got to watch him change a few more times.

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I took off my shirt to mow the yard with him. I loved when he was shirtless in a baseball cap. his soft smooth skin just within reach, yet so far away, his underwear showing where his pants had slipped. One day, we were watching a movie on his bed. We had our shoes off, feet pointing to the t.v., and he started rubbing my feet with his. I let this continue for several minutes, then I reached my hand to his soft smooth cheek and turned his face to mine.

I looked into his big eyes, he looked at me from under his cap. I leaned in to kiss him, and he let me, returning my passion with his, pressing those soft pink lips into mine, tongues darting back and forth. I put my hand up under his shirt, to finally run my fingers and palm over his silky stomach, and his chest. I am hard now. I lift his shirt over his head, taking the cap with it. I want nothing to obscure his beautiful face.

I take off my shirt and pull him close. Warm skin meets. Lips meet. I run my hand down his back, and rub his soft, firm bottom. He squeezes mine. I move my hand to his belt, unbuckle belt and pants and try to pull them down. I sit up and he lays on his back. I pull his pants down and off as he lifts his bottom to let me.

I see the outline of his dick pressing against his boxer-briefs, blue-green this time. I rub it gently as I kiss him. His body pressed against mine, warm skin, smooth skin, making me want him more and more, he moans softly. He pulls off his underwear, letting me see him for the first time. He is circumcised, straight, and the head is slightly pink. He has a small bush, and his balls are smooth and hairless. He is dripping, and so hard the veins are visible.


I wrap my hand around the shaft and he gasps, and more leaks out onto my hand. I use this to coat the entire length of him, rubbing slowly. When he is covered from base to tip, I lick the crease under the headwith the tip of my tongue. I take the head in my mouth, slowly, with my lips, from tip to ridge. I suck gently, tongue teasing, and he grips my head and moans, pumping more pre-cum into my mouth. I slide my mouth down, slowly, to the base, and he throbs, the tip teasing the back of my throat.

I suck again, harder this time, tongue sliding up and down. More pre-cum drips onto my tongue with each throb and he moans, gripping my hair. I start bobbing my head, tickling his balls with my fingers, stroking his pink taint. Now he is so hard there is no extra skin moving as I suck him. I make my way back up to the head, sucking and teasing with my tongue. Very slight, teasing head movement.

I feel him throb and pulse and he lets out a violent "aah!", and as the first spurt of hot, tangy cum hits the back of my throat I slide my mouth back down to the base.


He is thrusting and grunting and pulling my head into his pelvis. As the spasms subside I very gently suck all the saliva, precum and cum off his dick, and flick the tip up and down with my tongue. I kiss him.

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He kisses me, then unbuttons my pants. I'm wearing red silk boxers, and he pulls down my pants. I am hard and there is a large wet spot surrounding the bulge created by my erection. He pulls down my boxers, showing my hard, uncircumcised cock, dripping, veiny and throbbing.

I am so hard the length and girth are pulling the skin back, halfway, on their own. He wraps his hand around me. Im kneeling and he is sitting in front of me, naked, his other hand is caressing my bottom.


He rubs my dick up and down the shaft to spread the precum all over. I say, "mmm", he starts the way I did, his tongue exploring every inch, licking my balls, and then takes the tip into his mouth. His lips are soft. His tongue is smooth and warm, swirling around and around, sucking precum from me gently with every heartbeat. I rest my hands on his soft, curly hair, and he starts bobbing, slowly at first to test the depth.

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He can go halfway before I can feel the back of his throat, so he holds onto me while he strokes with lips and mouth and tongue. He goes fa feel myself tensing and so does he. For each spasm he brings his mouth to the head, as if he is sucking the cum from me.

He swallows as I moan and squeeze his hair and thrust my hips. He squeezes as I cum, intensifying my orgasm so I yell, "ohhh!". He takes the last of my cum, one last suck on the head, and he looks up at me. He is beautiful, and I love him. I kiss him, deeply and passionately, becoming hard as I do. He feels this and becomes erect again too.

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I ask him to let me fuck him. He smiles and agrees. "Anything.", he says. I get him to his hands and knees, his pretty, pale, round bottom displayed to me. I run my hands over his cheeks, around to his erect cock, his balls, his taint, and finally his asshole.

I tease the rim, flick my tongue across the opening, and then rub the tip of my dick over his hole, smearing it with pre-cum.

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I tell him to relax, so he arches is back, and I push, gently. I don't want to hurt my love. We moan, simultaneously, on penetration. I pump him slowly, inch by inch, until my pelvis is touching his cheeks. He is tight, very, very tight.

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He is a virgin, and he is warm, and trembling. I am in ecstasy. I grip his hips, and start thrusting slowly, savoring every intensity. He trembles, and spasms, his asshole tightens even further as he cums again, all over the bed and his chest. This makes the pleasure unbearable and i cant control myself.

I cum, violently, pushing myself completely into him. My grip tight on his hips, leaving red handprints, I scream. All strength spurts from me, and I lay on him, both of us panting, faces flushed, sweaty bodies tingling. I pull my half llimp cock out of him slowly, and we hold each other.

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We kiss for many moments, then sleep.