Brookes Very Naughty Outdoor Workout

Brookes Very Naughty Outdoor Workout
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Doctor Samuel Croft, looked at the letter he had just received and chuckled. It was now early January, and some three months since he had taken over as Director of Birbeck House. Since then there had been a steady trickle of patients, all in need of his special treatments and along with them had came their parents and guardians, eager to learn the many techniques and treatments with which to keep the children clean and full of vitality.

Samuel had been judicious in the use of the income that his clients had provided him. He had needed staff, but he'd recruited them with care, offering them low wages in return for opportunities that were seldom afforded by other similar institutions.

He had also negotiated a deal with local poorhouses and orphanages, offering to take some of their more attractive orphans, to feed and clothe them, in return for a blind eye being taken to him using them for his experiments. Now, said the letter, the trustees of Birbeck House would be making a special visit, spending a day, or perhaps more, looking around the facilities and observing the many treatments that Doctor Croft and his staff offered his young patients. He was certain they would be impressed.

Not all of them would agree with his views and approach, but all had to agree that the sanatorium was now profitable and a good investment again. As advised, they arrived the following day. Entering the main hall, maids ushered them into the visitor's lounge, a room with comfortable furniture and large glass doors that lead into a solarium where palms and figs grew under special glass.

There were also pictures on the walls of children at play, glowing with health and vitality. Samuel and Lily joined them chatting to the guests, until the tour began.

Leading them up to the dormitories Samuel began his narrative. "Not all the children sleep in dormitories," he explained. Here, in this room and the next one, is where the orphans from the poorhouses and orphanages sleep," he told them. "Our paying patients sleep in their own rooms, further down the corridor." "But the door is unlocked!" Mrs Weldon gasped. "Yes, we allow a certain amount of mingling in the evenings," Samuel nodded.

"What, boys AND girls together?" asked Mrs Weldon, her chest swelling to new proportions as she looked disdainfully at the two rows of beds. "Yes," he nodded. "I try and encourage these clandestine liaisons between the children, so I can monitor the affect it has on their sexual development," he told her. "A source of valuable research," said the florid faced businessman. "They do it in front of you?" Miss Haigh asked, her hand fanning the air in front of her while her cheeks glowed.

"When prompted," the doctor agreed. Some had needed more prompting than others, the girls more generally than the boys. However, some of the girls after testing showed to be quite willing. "Perhaps a demonstration might be in order?" prompted the Colonel. Samuel agreed and turned towards his waiting daughter who curtsied politely before going off to find a couple of likely candidates.

"They'll be at their lessons, which is where they are when they are not being used in my experiments," he explained. "Don't tell me we're teaching these orphans how to count!" exploded the businessman.

"Oh no," laughed Doctor Croft. "We teach cleanliness, to minimise venereal disease, deportment to encourage good physique and obedience to ensure co-operation." "How reassuring," the man said, beaming at his colleagues. Jasmine returned with two orphans.

"This is William, who we believe to be fourteen, though he may be older," Jasmine told her audience as she pushed the boy forward. "Are you sure? He looks no more than eleven," Mrs Weldon remarked, her brows furrowed as she looked closely at the young boy. "Yes ma'am," Jasmine told her as she crouched down beside the boy, to tug his breeches down, so all could see his handsome cock and balls.

Smiling at her audience, Jasmine fondled him and it quickly reacted, growing swiftly into a hard rod of stretched flesh from which the tip peeked, beyond the half drawn back foreskin. "You'd not find such growth on an eleven year old," Samuel told the trustees. "His height and slight build is caused by malnutrition," he explained while Jasmine took his top off, baring the boy totally.

"What a divine boy," the Reverend murmured, a passionate look on his face as he eyed the naked child and, in particular, his handsome cock and tight young bottom. "The girl is similar," the doctor told them as Jasmine took her frock and drew it off over her head. Beneath she wore a vest that quickly followed the frock to then leave her naked, her cheeks glowing as she coyly tried to cover herself.

"I believe her name is Alice, and we think she's around twelve, the age at which puberty commences.


"Yes, I'd go along with that," agreed Mr Jones, the businessman, his eyes carefully scrutinising her budding breasts, her lean hips and the curve of her belly down to her pubis where a small hand failed to hide the darkening hairs laying flat against her curved flesh. "Oh my!

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What a pert little bottom she has," Miss Haigh gasped, waving her hand furiously in front of her burning face. "Most adorable," agreed the Colonel who leant that way for a better view, smiling at the child as she looked distrustfully towards him. "To the bed with them!" Doctor Croft ordered, and Jasmine hurried them along, edging the nervous looking girl on while smiling at the excitement in the boy's eyes and his twitching cock.

At the first bed, while the trustees ranged themselves around it, Jasmine helped pull the slightly unwilling girl onto her back, then bend her legs outward at her knees. Her little hand went immediately between her thighs, to try and hide the sweet little cunt that so captured everyone's attention.

Jasmine smacked her hand and pulled it away, her eyes warning the girl to be good. "Now, now," she chided, looking down at her sternly. "You know you like it, so no play acting just for our guests," she told the girl. "I don't like it in front of so many. It isn't right," Alice pouted. "What do you know about right and wrong missy?" Jasmine teased.

"Now, do as you're told and open up," she told her. Still pouting, Alice drew her knees a little further apart, spreading her pink tinged cunt and allowing them all to admire the tender flesh within it. Down at the base, where her puffy vulva slid away before swelling into her bottom, she gleamed, the gleam drawing the eyes of all who watched.

"Now, you be good an don't hurt her!" Jasmine warned the boy as he made to jump on her. "Course not," he grinned, and jumped on to the bed to crawl over Alice, beaming excitedly down at her.

"Come on Alice!" he urged.

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She sighed and reached for him, guiding him down to her little chink and holding him there until he thrust, burying half his slender cock into her hole. She winced, and then grunted as another quick surge had him buried inside her. "Slowly!" Alice complained, thumping her rider on the shoulder. The boy grinned and began to move, doing it slowly though.

His face quickly mirrored his pleasure as he forced himself into her overly dry young cunt. Beneath him, Alice winced occasionally and held onto his shoulders, her face a picture of concentration as she willed her cunt to moisten and open. The audience was still, their eyes fastened unblinkingly on the two young performers as they coupled, right before them.

Even Mrs Weldon gave up her pretence at disgust to lick her meaty lips and to stare avidly at the young boy as he lifted and lowered his haunches. Reverend Green had placed himself at the foot of the bed and stared avidly at the boy's bottom as it rose and fell. The short pink crease teased him, half parting as the lad rose, tensing closed as he fell and thrust his young cock into the whore beneath him.

Hands together in prayer, he prayed the Lord would show him the right path, removing him from the temptation of young tarts like Alice, and bring the boy to him, to his lap. Ah, but he would taste so lovely and feel so smooth in his mouth. His lips would be so divine, and his bottom so pliant and tight. "And what is it that you learn from such couplings?" the Colonel asked Doctor Croft. "The link between their body's development and their sexual ability," the doctor answered, watching as Jasmine drew the boy's legs slightly apart so they could look between them and see how his pistoning cock now gleamed with the panting girl's arousal.

"The affect of poor hygiene on health and, in particular, whether it has a bearing on the transmittance of sexual diseases," he continued. "By allowing such practices, I can properly punish their wantonness and measure more fully the effectiveness of each type of punishment, he explained. William was panting now, his head dropping as his loins rose and fell with manic speed. Alice was panting breathlessly now and lifting her knees to either side of the boy, her hands beginning to grip his young arms as the passion rose in her.

"Go on Alice. Tell him what you want," Jasmine urged. Alice whimpered and licked her lips. "Harder William!" she panted. "Harder, harder!" she cried, her voice climbing the octave ladder as her pleasure came on.

Words fled her and a screech replaced them, her head flung back and her heels kicked hard against his bottom as she peaked. William was right behind her, thrusting hard and deep to hold himself there while his cock did it's spurting deep inside her burning sheaf. "The fee paying patients have adjoining rooms so their parents can remain close to them," Samuel explained, opening one such door to show the facilities to them.

"The toilets are all specially equipped for ease of use and ease of maintenance. Jasmine, why don't you fetch another little orphan to give us an demonstration," he asked his daughter. Jasmine curtsied once again and stepped away to get another child.

She returned with an older but shier girl, one less likely to give her any trouble. "Mary is thirteen and has been in institutions all her life, hence she's very malleable," she chuckled. "As you're all aware," Doctor croft told his audience as they watched Mary obey the nurse and slip from her drab frock.

"Cleanliness is of paramount importance, and we urge our young patients to learn how to cleanse themselves, rather than rely all the time on their parents or guardians." Mary, now naked, was timidly trying to cover a lovely young bust as well as a good growth of pubic hair between her legs.

Jasmine spoke to her sharply and she straightened, her face deathly pale as she was reminded of what happened to disobedient girls. For a few moments Jasmine had her stand to attention, just so that the trustee's could admire her teenage form, then she ordered her to the equipment.

Whimpering softly, she obediently prepared the enema, testing the heat of the water and then giving the doctor the thermometer so he could verify the temperature before placing the large enema bag on the hook provided.

There were a number of nozzles available, from the small-rubberised ones for the particularly small children, to ones that rivalled the male penis for size and girth. Jasmine chose one that had a distinct shape so it wouldn't slip out and past it to her so she could insert it herself.

Looking sorrowfully around at her audience, the naked girl placed the nozzle upright, with its base against the rim of the large bath, and then pressed herself back upon it, panting and whimpering, trying twice before she was stretched enough for it to surge into her and be held by her own tightening anal ring.

"There are a variety of recipes for the cleansing liquids," Samuel murmured, watching with the others as the girl inserted the tube into the base of the plug and turned the tap.

The water surged into her bowels, the flow of hot liquid into her bottom forcing her to hug her belly and whimper. The trustees licked their lips as they watched the bag slowly empty, the girl's belly distend with the hot water and Jasmine insert a bung into her anus. "You'll find girls are most amiable when they have a full litre of hot liquid within them," Samuel chuckled, as he stepped forward and slid his fingers between her thighs. "Come on," he urged. "Let me feel you, and then we'll let the water out," he murmured.

Whimpering and panting, Mary obediently spread her thighs, her face burning as she let the doctor fondle her cunt right before all of their eyes. "That's a good girl," he breathed, slipping one, then two fingers into her vagina. "You'll also notice a distinct increase in the temperature of their vaginal passages," he told them.

His fingers reappeared and he stepped back to let them feel her. The Colonel was first, his long and bony fingers sliding slowly into her, and then turning while he watched her surprised reaction.

Then his fingers started to withdraw, then pushed inwards again, clearly with a little more ease. Mr Jones was quick to follow, grinning into Mary's whimpering face as he thrust two fingers harshly into her tight little cunt, then pumped them rapidly back and forth before chuckling and drawing them away to avidly lick them of her flavour.

Miss Haigh took three nimble steps to become next in line, in front of a scowling Mrs Weldon. "Oh my!" she whispered, her slender fingers slipping smoothly into the panting girl's sex where they then pressed upwards to make Mary gasp and clutch at her belly.

Mrs Weldon was next and she pushed the girl back so she could better admire her young cunt, then ran two thick fingers along the tender slit before slipping them inwards and pushing them all the way into the panting girl.

"Yes, I see what you mean," she told the doctor, making Mary pant and sob with the flexing of her digits. The Reverend declined the invitation to push his fingers into her cunt, so the child was placed in the bath, bent over with her bottom offered outwards, and Jasmine artfully pulled the anal plug from her anus. Mary gently wept as her bowels emptied themselves in front of them all, the last of the burning water running down her thighs. The showerhead was turned on to clean her and then another enema bag filled to the brim with hot fragrant oil before another larger nozzle was chosen.

This time, but for the ribs of rubber that ran down its length, one that looked extremely like a male organ, even down to a ball sack at its base. "This both educates and prepares them," Samuel proudly told his audience, taking it from his daughter to show the trustees. "While we can insert it and allow the water to fill her at its normal pace, we can also squeeze the balls to force the liquid into her.

He pointed it away from them and allowed the water to trickle normally out of its eye, then squeezed the balls to show how the flow suddenly increased, splattering against the tiled wall.

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"Oh, how marvellous!" cried Miss Haigh who suddenly blushed at her own outburst. Samuel smiled towards her, his twinkling eyes promising her many more pleasures, then turned towards Mary who was now being drawn over in preparation by his daughter. "Stand firm!" he ordered.

Mary sobbed, straightened her thighs, locking her knees to perfectly present her bottom for the assault. With no grease or oil to prepare it, Samuel placed the head against the little pink rosette of Mary's anal ring and pushed.

Jasmine helped, her hands drawing Mary's bottom apart and stretching her anal aperture flat. He pushed more forcibly, the trustees holding their breath as they stared at the scene.

Mary began to weep again, her body forced forward by the doctor's efforts to push the overly large nozzle into her bottom. Jasmine gripped her more firmly and all three cried out as the head was pushed in. "The younger they are, the more elastic their anal muscles," Samuel panted.

He waited until he'd recovered his breath, before putting his full weight behind it and then pushed the penis shaped nozzle deeper, embedding four inches into the wailing girl before stopping again. "You'll often find that children believe the object to be larger than it truly is," he remarked, smiling as Mary wept, blubbering that she was being torn in two. Ready once again, he once more pushed with all his strength, stopping as Mary screamed, the seven-inch nozzle now firmly embedded in her bowels.

She screamed again as the hot oil entered her, swivelling her hips, undoubtedly unaware of how pretty her little bottom looked when she did that. Watching her, the trustees saw her belly begin to stretch outward again as the water filled her. Mary's cries died to whimpering and sobbing, as the water emptied from the bag into her young body.

She turned her wet and pleading eyes to each of the watching adults, all unsuccessfully. "Removal can be as difficult as insertion, but regular administration does ease the process," Doctor croft advised. Jasmine urged Mary to bend over once more, then to part her thighs so her young cunt would be in full view. Thus presented, the last inch of the nozzle sticking out from her stretched anus, Doctor Croft stepped up behind her and began to pull on it.

Slowly, pulling on her anus too, the broad and long nozzle began to be drawn from her. Mary wailed as she felt herself being pulled out along with it and the audience stared, licking their lips and avidly watching every moments of the nozzles slow extraction.

"Now, the last inch once she's in the bath and right over," he told his daughter. Together, they got the weeping girl into the bath and fully over, and then drew the nozzle fully from her bottom. Almost in the same instant the scalding oil followed, rushing out while Mary squealed, all control gone from her as she collapsed.

"Clean her and then take her back," Samuel ordered his daughter. "Each room is fully equipped with the necessary items for the proper treatment of our patients," Samuel said, as he led the trustees from the bathroom into the master bedroom.

Adjoining it was the smaller bedroom where the patient sleeps, but it is the master bedroom that the special clothing, tools and instruments are kept. He raised one for the trustees to look at in more detail.

A pair of special underpants, it had hard leather panels that would deny the wearer any pleasure from fondling through the fabric. He lifted a broad leather cuff and explained how the patient's wrists would be bound by it, restricting their ability to place their hands anywhere near their genitals. He showed them a girdle too, that would force a boy's cock between his thighs. Any attempt at an arousal with his cock in that position would cause him intense pain.

In addition to the clothing, that all contained some element of restraint, there were instruments of examination and conditioning. Those of examination, often looked like scissors by their handle, but which would pry flesh from flesh to reveal their inner most secrets, whilst those of conditioning, were designed to pull and stretch the flesh, inflating or pulling through suction.

"Bring in another orphan Jasmine!" Samuel called as the trustees all crowded round for a closer look at the equipment. Jasmine returned with Jeremy, a fourteen year old whose sullen looks turned to nervous ones as he saw the stainless steel items lying in wait for him. "Off with your clothes lad, and be quick about it!" the doctor told him, the sharpness in his voice making the boy obey, despite the eyes that watched him from all around the room.

The adults watched with varying degrees of interest as the boy slid easily from his plain shirt and breeches, showing himself to be nude beneath his outer clothes. The Reverend's eyes lit up as he saw his handsome uncircumcised cock stemming from a small thatch of dark curls.

His balls were large and tight, covered in a fine down of darkening hairs that called to those who looked on them to reach out and fondle them. Miss Haigh smiled too, her cheeks glowing as her eyes again and again slid from her lean and lanky chest, down to his groin. "Lie down Jeremy, on your back to begin with," Jasmine urged.

Jeremy licked his lips with nervousness, his eyes drawn to the feet and hard restraints Jasmine was preparing. "We don't want you to hurt yourself with any sudden movements," she told him with a smile. "It won't hurt, will it?" he asked, once again looking at some of the tools.

"You'll love it," she told him as the trustees stepped forward to help bind his limbs, pulling the rope until the lad was strung out, his cock laying shrunken and forlorn on his flat belly. "Jasmine will now examine his balls before then ensuring his cock is healthy and sound," Samuel told their attentive audience.

Sitting beside his spread legs, Jasmine smiled at the worried boy and reached for his inner thighs, stroking them lovingly while slowly working her way up to his balls. Jeremy gasped as her hands began fondling him, his eyes widening as the tingling from his balls shot through his torso and exploded in his chest. Almost immediately his cock began to stiffen and lengthen, uncurling and rising, lengthening under everyone's close attention. "What's she feeling for?" the Reverend asked, closely attentive to her moving fingers.

"Any untoward bulge or hard growth under the flesh," the doctor answered." She's also checking their size in comparison to his age, and trying to gauge the amount of seed he'll be able to produce," Samuel explained.

"And now?" the Reverend asked, his throat tightening as Jasmine began a gentle stroking of his shaft with the side of her fingers. "His speed of response," the doctor answered. Jasmine's soft stroking of the underside changed to a full stroke of his shaft as her fingers curved around him to then gently pull the flesh back and forth along his hardened root.

Then suddenly, her fingers clenched and twisted, bending his hard cock and causing him to tense against his bonds, the air exploding from his chest. The trustees gasped, their eyes widening as the young boy squealed and jerked in the agony of having his cock bent. But it was over and Jasmine was once more gently stroking him, cooing softly as he panted and stared at her nervously.

"There, there," Jasmine told him, exchanging hands so her right could slide under his balls and travel down to his bottom. His cock strained as much as he did while he licked his lips and panted, staring at her in disbelief as she wormed a finger between his bottom cheeks and began tracing his anus with her fingertip while continuing to stroke his shaft.

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"My word!" the Reverend breathed. Jasmine smiled her most angelic, and twisted the boy's cock savagely to one side. His sharp and shrill cry made the trustees wince, yet all stared avidly as Jasmine then looked her cutest, stroking him lovingly again as if nothing brutal had occurred.

"His responses are quite alert, which wouldn't be so if he had over exerted himself with constant handling." The doctor explained. They watched as Jasmine rolled the last of the boy's foreskin from his cock head, and then pinched the tip slightly, causing the eye to pout. "A quick check for cleanliness," Samuel explained. "Show them the better test Jasmine please," he urged.

His daughter nodded and blushed slightly, then leant forward to take Jeremy's cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue over the head and over the tender eye in order to get the best taste of him. Slipping her mouth off the panting boy, she savoured her flavoured spit, then swallowed. "And you expect their parents and guardians to do this?" Mrs Weldon asked. "Certainly Madam, although there are other methods of checking for cleanliness, that is one of the simplest, and most assured method," Samuel told her.

"And for girls?" Mr Jones asked eagerly. "The same principle applies," Doctor Croft nodded. Scent can be the first indicator of a child's poor hygiene, but taste is the final judge of perfect cleanliness," he advised. While they'd been talking, Jasmine had taken the end of the rope fastening Jeremy's legs to the end of the bed, and placed them with those of his wrists, pulling them until the boy's ankles had been drawn over his head, lifting and exposing his bottom.

Now she ran her fingertips along the opened crevice of his bottom, stroking in a manner that made the lad pant and his cock jerk and throb against his compressed belly. "Cleanliness can be determined with the same set of tools," Samuel explained, passing Jasmine the first. It looked like the handle of a pair of scissors with the metal cone of a candlesnuffer at the other end.

The small cone was easily inserted into the boy's anus and the handle then used to draw the cone halves fully apart, spreading his sphincter and bringing the pink interior into the light. "Oh my!" the Reverend gasped, a look of unholy adoration on his face as he leant forward to gaze down, deep into the boy's bottom.

Jasmine waited until they all had completed their inspection, then drew the tool away to insert another, a bullet shaped object with a flat flange about its base.

Jeremy gasped as it was inserted, then whimpered softly as he worked to accommodate the hard plug in his bottom. With a smile towards her audience, Jasmine unclipped the base and drew the bullet shaped slug free, leaving the flange to keep his anal ring spread. Once again, they had a clear view up the boy's bottom, and took turns to peer inwards, licking their lips as they stared in amazement at the clear view within.

"Thank you Jasmine. You may give the boy relief for being so good," Samuel nodded. Jasmine smiled and drew the flange from the bound boy's rear to then stroke the little dark corrugated ring with her finger and nail.

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"There we are," she crooned, reaching between his raised thigh and his flank to take a hold of his still erect cock and begin stroking it. "There, there," she breathed, her finger lightly tapping on his anus while her other hand stroked his shaft. "Come along now, quickly!" she urged. The panting boy stared up at her adoringly, then uttered a sharp cry before tensing, his cock flexing as it spurted his seed forcefully over his belly and chest. "Good boy, good boy," Jasmine told him softly, squeezing him for the last drop of seed before wiping her hand on his leg, then undoing the fastenings so he could clean himself up and letting him go.

****** "But all of this rather infers a certain co-operation on the part of the child," Mr Jones said as they walked along the corridor on their guided tour of the facilities. "Well, of course Mr Jones. One does expect parents to be capable of managing their children," Samuel told him. "And are there facilities for us, I mean the parents, to be able to do that?" he asked. "Of course, but I'm sure the trustee's would much prefer to see the school room, the canteen and the exercise yard," the doctor told him.

"Well, actually," said the Colonel, having listened with interest to the conversation, "I too would be most interested in seeing how you support the parents in controlling unruly children. Any others?" he asked. "Oh, yes please!" Miss Haigh said excitedly, her eyes gleaming in gleeful anticipation.

The others nodded, glancing at each other and licking their lips. "Perhaps we could use a couple of the orphans, so that we can judge the effectiveness of your methods?" the Colonel added, grinning like a wolf. "Well, of course, if that is what you'd like," Samuel nodded. Jasmine was following behind them, her once pristine Nurse's outfit now stained with semen.

"Go find us two likely candidates please," he asked of her. With a curtsy Jasmine sped off on her task and Doctor Croft led the trustees to the surgery on the ground floor, towards the back of the building.


The large room was tiled, floor to ceiling, with strong lights that left no shadow. Being so large, the room allowed space for a surgical table as well as a dental chair, and along the far wall were other additional fixtures, rings and hooks, at convenient heights.

On the ceiling, suspended by ropes, was a wooden frame similar but larger than a drying frame often seen in laundries and its purpose caused some discussion, until the nurse returned, with two adorable children in tow. "This is Karen," she told them, pushing the frowning girl into the room where she stopped and looked around her, hiding her nervousness behind an angry frown.

"She's roughly thirteen. More importantly, she has just started her periods." "This is Joseph," Jasmine said, her smile turning to anger as the boy tried escaping her grip about his wrist. "He is fourteen and is very aggressive," she added. "No doubt a few more months here will instil some obedience into him!" she said for his benefit. His cheeky grin told them he didn't think so and he looked around at them with the air of a petty thief gauging their worth.

"Oh, he'll do perfectly," Mrs Weldon smiled, her arms folding themselves below her bust. "Sit the girl down then Jasmine. We'll deal with young Joseph first," Samuel told his daughter as he stepped toward the lad, a smile on his face. "What do you want me for then mister?" asked the boy. Jasmine sat the girl down on a nearby chair and swiftly slid a bar across her lap, affectively imprisoning her in the seat before she moved to help her father with the boy.

"Why, we're going to give the folk here a nice little show," Samuel chuckled, reaching for the boy. Joseph leant back to avoid the seeking hand, only to have Jasmine come up behind him, hands on his flanks and digging in to find the sensitive points that would make him jerk and lose his control. Very expertly, Doctor croft and his daughter worked as a team, taking his wrists and lifting them to where cuffs dangled from the wooden frame above them. "Hey!" he cried indignantly, jerking on his wrists in an effort to free himself.

Jasmine giggled and ruffled his hair, sliding away from his kick before diving in to rip away his cheap cotton shirt. "You bitch! I'll get you!" Joseph screamed, his face distorted with anger as he tried kicking out again. While he did so, Samuel jumped in from behind to clip an ankle clamp around his remaining leg and, seconds later, unbalanced, they caught his other.

The boy was restrained, angrily looking about him while Samuel and Jasmine turned the handles that shortened the ropes that pulled his ankles apart. "Now we're going to take your breeches off," Samuel told him, smiling as the boy's anger made him cry out and thrash in his bonds.

It was all to no avail, as Jasmine waited patiently, then drew up behind him, pushing him forward against his restraints to then breath into his ear as she undid the buttons. "Embarrassed about us ladies seeing you?" she asked teasingly, her fingers undoing button after button as the young lad panted, bowed out against his bonds towards the audience.

"Let me be!" he screamed, trying his best to wriggle from her hands. Five pairs of eyes peered at him eagerly, gaining excitement from his struggles as well as the slowness with which the young nurse was able to draw his breeches down.

An audible grown was heard as short pubic hairs appeared, and then there was stillness as breath was held, all waiting eagerly for sight of his cock. It didn't disappoint them, being a handsome length of smooth flesh, a thick fold of foreskin hiding the tender tip as it hung over his balls. Wordlessly, the boy panted and squirmed, trying in vein to escape, the way he looked at the adults telling them he fully expected to be abused.

"Now, here's the first rule that you must both learn," Samuel told them, his eyes turning briefly to the girl to make sure he held her attention. Breathless from her own exertions, she stopped to look at him, anger mingled with nervousness behind her dark brown eyes. "Total obedience!" he told them sharply. "So that you can stuff your dirty cocks up my bottom? Go screw yourself!" Joseph retorted venomously.

Samuel sighed and his audience smiled in anticipation, licking their lips and moving from foot to foot as the tingle of the pleasures to come swept through them. "If anything were to be inserted into your bottom, it would be for your own good and well being," Doctor Croft told him, and walked to one of the wall mounted cabinets, returning with a stout cane. "I'm sure you've seen one of these before," he suggested. Joseph licked his lips and looked about him, searching the faces of those in front of him, hoping to find someone who looked concerned and worried about his ordeal.

None were though and they joined the doctor in walking behind him, the better to watch and to enjoy the proceedings. Samuel Croft tapped the cane, and then raised it slowly over his arm before sweeping it down to land solidly and loudly across the boy's bottom. Joseph screamed sharply and tossed from side to side and back and forth, swearing prolifically as the heat tore into him.

"This wont do," Samuel sighed. "Jasmine!" he called. Jasmine knew what was wanted and quickly retrieved a thin length of twine from one of the drawers. While Joseph continued to swear and squirm, Jasmine placed a loop of twine around his flaccid cock, just behind the crown, then drew it up to pull his head down, tying it off in his short hair. She then knelt to tie off the other end onto one of his toes. Joseph, his head pulled down unless he wanted the loop to tighten around his cock, muttered to himself until the cane swept down a second time.

His scream was even more sustained the second time, driven on by the tightening of the loop around his cock every time his movements became too broad or sweeping. "Stop it!" he gasped at last, which brought a third stroke. The trustees looked on excitedly as Joseph was forced to control his urge to flay and swing. The natural reaction for his head to jerk upwards from the sudden pain of the cane was making the cord cut into his cock, a pain so intense it dwarfed that that swept up from his bottom.

So his young body shook with the conflicting urges brought on by the severe pain. The doctor smiled as the end result meant a bottom that remained reasonably still and well presented.

He tapped the lovely pale and curved flesh, aiming higher so as to lengthen the proceedings, and brought the cane down harshly just to hear the boy scream in fresh pain. "You see," he said, turning from the distraught boy to the weeping girl as she waited her turn. "There is no escape other than complete obedience," he told her.

The boy's cries had died somewhat, so the doctor swept the cane down as he took a pace back to his side, landing it low and chuckling as the fierce blow brought the boy's head up for a moment.

The scream rose as his jerking head caused the twine to cut into his cock and it quickly descended again, his whole body shaking as he wept. "Will you do as you are told now?" Samuel asked, readying the next stroke, tapping Joseph's bottom with the aim of landing on flesh already reddened and bruised. "Yes, yes!" Joseph cried eagerly, his tears dropping to the tiled floor in front of him. Samuel breathed in as he drew his arm back. Everyone watched, enthralled and excited.

Nor did any of them waver as the cane bent as it was drawn down, landing again swiftly across Joseph's bottom and bringing a fresh, piercing screech from the boy. The doctor let his breath out and turned to his audience.


"You may examine him if you wish," he offered. Miss Haigh rushed forward and looked lovingly into Joseph's weeping eyes, then quickly took his cock in her hand, holding and stroking it as she examined the raw line the twine had created around it, an inch from the end. "Oh dear, how terrible!" she breathed, touching it timidly, yet unable to stop. The others, Reverend Green in the lead, crouched or bent behind the boy, each looking at his striped bottom, admiring the thick welts and discoloured skin, licking their lips with dark and secret thoughts as the Reverend reached out to trace the lines, then part his bottom and expose the clenched anus within.

"Oh, the poor boy!" the Reverend sighed, noticing the scar tissue on his anal ring. "Yes, they where there when he arrived," Samuel agreed, remembering his examination of the boy on his arrival. "Hence his strong aversion to being touched back there," he suggested. "But not any more eh?" the Colonel chuckled. "Once is rarely enough for lasting results Colonel," the doctor told him. "The boy will be malleable for a little while, but will grow increasingly more difficult again as his punishment recedes to vague memory.

No, only by the regular use of such corrective measures will he be brought round," he sighed. Jasmine loosened his bonds and ordered him over, so his bottom could be better explored. Weeping fitfully Joseph begged them not to, his eyes pleading from one person to another, begging them not to hurt him while the thought of it continued to bring tears rolling down his cheeks. "See how he begins to find a reason to disobey?" Samuel asked the trustees. "No, please!" Joseph cried, unwillingly bending over for them.

His welted bottom stretched and parted. His tortured cock and balls hung between his parted legs, the vivid red line around his cock now vivid and sore looking. "A little ointment on his bottom possibly," Samuel, suggested, his finger already smeared and waiting. Weeping, Joseph tossed his bottom fretfully as the doctor reached to hold him still. The doctor frowned at his evasiveness and stepped away.

"I see a caning wasn't enough for you boy!" he said firmly. "No, no, I didn't mean to!" Joseph cried, half straightening to plead for himself once more. "Jasmine, the wire please." The trustees glanced at each other as they wondered what was to come, some watching Jasmine as she went to the cupboards, some watching the boy as he tried to kneel in front of the doctor, pleading and weeping for leniency.

"I am not going to play that game!" Doctor Croft told him sharply. "You cannot disobey, then think words of sorrow will get you off!" "I didn't mean to, I didn't, I didn't!" Joseph sobbed. Jasmine returned carrying the wire and the room grew still and quiet but for Joseph's uncontrolled weeping. The trustees stared at the long length of copper wire that had been bent and turned at one end to create a handle. It was thin and it was long, thinner than any cane, even a rattan cane, and much harden than leather or cane, they began imagining how it would strike and how it would feel.

"Get him ready," Samuel told his daughter. Flushed with excitement, Jasmine wheeled the examination table over, pushing it up against the boy's middle and forcing him over, weeping and begging all the while. She locked the wheels, and then fastened new ropes to his wrist restraints, transferring them to the far side of the table and dragging him further over as she did so.

Lastly she reached under him to drag his cock down, keeping it exposed and denying him any pleasure through contact with the tabletop. "He's ready father," she murmured. Samuel swung the wire through the air and let his audience hear it whistle, their eyes unable to follow its quick path. Turning to the bent form of the young boy he smiled as he began to cry even more earnestly, his eyes wide and fearful as he looked back at the copper wire the doctor held.

Samuel turned to the seated and restrained girl and saw that she was quietly weeping too, no doubt conscious that she would be next. "I hope you're paying attention!" he told her. Then his attention was on the offered bottom, his eyes glancing over his bruising and welts, gauging where best to place the first cut of the wire.

Having decided, he tapped his bottom, and then ignoring the wailing crying of the boy, swung the wire back behind him. Once again the room seemed to grow silent. Time for a moment hung still as he concentrated on that part of the boy's bottom in front of him that was not too badly marked by the cane. Then time returned to normal and his arm was flexing, coming round with the copper wire while whistling shrilly through the air. It landed, and in landing with such force, cut the flesh beneath it, parting pale skin to allow blood to well into the long and slender wound crossing the peak of both bottom cheeks.

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The copper wire slid from its mark and left a smear of blood upon the boy. He, as the enormity of the pain engulfed him, screamed loudly in agony, thrashing in his bonds while, behind him, the audience viewed the line in awe and excitement. "Another. He needs another," Mrs Weldon murmured, staring transfixed at the slender but bloody line it had made.

"No! No!" Joseph screamed, stamping his feet in fright. The thin length of copper wire cut through the air again with its distinctive whistle and landed over welts made earlier by the cane. Blood, having already been brought close to the skin surface by the cane, flowed from the slender cut of the wire.

Joseph stiffened for a moment and screamed, then squirmed; loosing complete control of himself and causing the encroaching trustee's to step back quickly as urine shot from his cock arcing from left to right as his young body twisted in agony. Samuel whipped the copper wire down again, lashing it against the softer skinned underside of Joseph's bottom in punishment for his lack of control.

Breathless, the boy screamed almost soundlessly, thrashing in his bonds, tears pouring from his pleading eyes while blood flowed in little lines down from each of the scoring the copper wire had produced.

Satisfied, Samuel turned to the girl and smiled at her petrified form. "Are you going to be a good girl Karen?" he asked sweetly. She nodded violently, her eyes threatening to pop from her face, they were so wide.

Samuel nodded. "Help her to undress," he told his daughter sharply, his attention returning to the bent form of the boy to look at his bottom and the drying cuts that crossed cane produced welts, all producing an arousing shade of bruising below the runs of blood. He was conscious of Jasmine helping the weeping, shaking girl take off her clothes, then stand there before them all, waiting to hear what the immediate future was going to hold for her.

"So, how shall we prove her obedience?" he asked. "Let us men have her!" Mr Jones called eagerly. "A virginal examination. Let me put my wrist up that little cunt of hers!" Mrs Weldon called her eyes alight with intent.

"Is there any way you can make her punish herself?" Miss Haigh asked after the others had loudly voiced their ideas. Samuel considered the suggestion and then looked towards his daughter. "Get me the electro therapy tools," he told her softly. The Colonel looked at him enquiringly, forcing the doctor to explain.

"They are copper pads that are fixed by straps to various parts of the body. A crank handle produces an electric current that is then passed between the two pads by the switching of a lever," he told the old man. "How very interesting," he chuckled. "We could have done with those sorts of things during my stay in India, I can tell you," the Colonel chuckled.

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"Many a time, all we had was the edge of the sword for them to slide down on," he told the doctor, his eyes sparkling at the memory of the used and abused children being forced to slide down the edge of the cavalry officer's sword, and the look on their little faces as their little cunts were cut and opened. A blade wasn't considered a proper blade until it had the blood of a little Indian girl smeared along its length. Karen shook uncontrollably, surrounded by eager looking adults while the nurse returned with long cables at whose end were little pieces of copper, each fixed to straps of leather and cloth.

"Attach them all," Samuel told Jasmine. "We can then alter the connections to determine the passing of the current," he told her. Karen failed to understand what it all meant, and stood obediently still while the electrodes were fastened to her, one on each of her swelling breasts, one on her belly, one on each thigh and then, making her burn with embarrassment, one placed on the outer side of each of her labia, a strange cotton harness keeping them in place.

The trustees licked their lips and stared hungrily at the young girl. Her naked beauty, half formed as it was, excited many of them, but the thought of the ordeal she was to face excited them much, much further. "We have decided that your obedience will be measured by the pressing of this button," Samuel told her, putting the box with the button on it in front of her on the table.

"Is that it?" she asked timidly. "Not quite," Samuel smiled. "When pressed, it will release an electrical current into your body that will pass from any one of those metal contacts, through you to any one of the others," he explained, wanting to make sure she fully understood. "Refusal will mean a flogging which will be worse than the boy's over there," he told her, pointing to Joseph who was still fastened over the examination table and still weeping from the pain in his deeply lacerated bottom.

Karen stared at Joseph and licked her lips. She straightened, strengthening her resolve not to end up savagely cut to pieces, whatever the alternative may be. "I understand," she told the doctor, nodding and glancing up at his stern but kind face.

Samuel smiled back and turned to nod towards Jasmine. She turned the crank handle and a needle dial sprang up from zero to four, hovering there as the handle was kept turning.

Unsure of what to expect, the trustees ranged themselves around the young girl, admiring her youthful body, her budding breast and the small crop of hair above her little cunt. When Samuel felt all was ready, he nodded to Karen, and with a firm push she depressed the button. Karen cried out and jerked as the heavy jolt of high voltage swept through her, passing from breast to breast.

The audience saw the little cones rise as they tensed, nipples growing fully erect in an instant. "Hold it there!" Samuel threatened as he saw Karen move her hands. The girl shook and stared at him urgently, begging him to give her permission to release the button. Samuel waited a moment more, and then nodded. Karen slumped and sucked in her breath, her eyes distant as she concentrated on easing the tightness in her breasts and recovering from the strange but powerful sensations that had gone between one little breast and the other.

"And again" Samuel told her having re-arranged the cables. Karen whimpered, and yet forced herself to obey and push down the button. Almost immediately she was bent double, as if hit in the stomach as the heavy voltage rippled through her belly, tightening her midriff and forcing her over.

A keening sound broke through her tight throat and her eyes grew wider and wider as she begged silently for him to relent and let her free. Smiling, he nodded and she pulled her hand away and gasped for air. "I think you begin to see the power we hold over the patients we treat here," he told the trustees.

"It would appear so," agreed Mrs Weldon. "I would like to see her reaction when the electricity is passed through her delicious little cunt," the Colonel murmured. Samuel made the adjustments and caught the still recovering girl's attention with a touch of the copper wire he still held. She licked her lips and whimpered and, shaking like a leaf, put her flat hand over the plunger and pushed.

Immediately she was driven erect by the force surging between her slender young labia. She was raised onto her toes and shaken by invisible cords. Her bottom was clenched and her belly rippling, on and on until Samuel nodded once more and allowed her to collapse, whimpering, onto the floor. "She may appear to have suffered, but her suffering has all been due to intense pleasure," he told his audience, going over to lift her to her feet, then push his fingers between her legs.

She gasped and stiffened again, and the doctor withdrew his fingers, gleaming with a thick wetness. "There's only one way to truly gauge a child's excitement," Mr Jones told him, his fingers at his breeches, poised to release himself. "May I?" he asked. "By all means Sir," Doctor Croft nodded. Karen swallowed, watching wide eyed as the short man in front of her drew his breeches apart and grinned at her, a thick cock sprouting from under his shirt tails.

Samuel leaned the girl back and pulled one leg up, baring her moist cunt to the short man. He in turn, oblivious to the women staring wild eyed at his actions, stepped forward and thrust directly into the girl, gasping loudly in delight while the girl squealed at her sudden taking. "Well, really!" Mrs Weldon spat, staring at her colleagues half revealed bottom as he used short sharp thrusts to couple with the girl, grunting loudly in his efforts while the girl keened her pleasure and held onto him for more.

"Perhaps we can offer you some other form of entertainment?" Samuel offered the stout woman. "Jasmine has just alerted me to an unhealthy sexual relationship between one of the older girls and a much younger girl." "Really? Well, I believe that such activity needs to be punished severely," she told him eagerly. Samuel smiled. "We'll have both girls brought to the same room, so they can watch their punishment and perhaps lend a hand," he smiled.

"Perhaps, if I may," the Reverend was saying, interrupting them as he trod from foot to foot in his excitement, a slender and bony finger pointed towards the still bent form of Joseph. "Oh, by all means Reverend," Samuel agreed, then turned to the Colonel.

"Do I assume your inspection is over?" he asked. "Inspection? Oh, of course, passed with flying colours. Now, would you have another child, a little younger than that one?" he begged. Samuel smiled. "Perhaps you'll allow Jasmine to choose a child for your liking?" he asked.

"Oh yes, and help prepare us both eh? Not as young as I used to be you know," he chuckled. The doctor nodded and waved his daughter forward to tell her what was wanted of her. She smiled at the Colonel and led him away, towards the dormitories and classrooms where the children would be waiting. "And what of you Miss Haigh?" Samuel asked. The lady had been standing nearby, clearly hearing the conversations while watching Mr Jones continue his short sharp thrusts into the young girl.

"Well, I wondered, perhaps I could more closely examine one of the younger girls. You have such incredible facilities here!" she breathed. Samuel smiled. "Of course Ma'am, and perhaps you'd allow me to assist you?" he asked. "Oh my! Well, of course Doctor," she breathed, her hands fanning her hot face. ****** The trustees and staff made their way from the room leaving just the Reverend and the bound boy alone in the room. Silence, broken only by Joseph's dying sobs, filling the room as the Reverend Green admired the young boy.

"You were very brave," he murmured, stepping closer and licking his lips as more details of the lad's punished bottom appeared to his old eyesight. Such smooth flesh, he thought, so beautifully marred by the raised and broken lines caused by cane and thin wire. The boy sniffed and turned his tearstained face towards the man of the cloth, sniffing and looking him over as he tried to judge the age of the older man.

"Will you let me go?" he asked softly. The Reverend ignored the question to kneel behind the bend boy and frame his lean boyish bottom with his hands.

For the first time in a very, very long time, he smelt soap and a freshly cleaned bottom and genitals. His fingers traced the cuts and welts with the same reverence as the figure of Christ in the church.

His eyes paid the same devotion to the discoloured flesh as to the manuscripts kept carefully in the vault. And then slowly, as slowly as turning old pages, his thumbs parted the tight cheeks of Joseph's little bottom and bared his scarred little anus. "Dear Lord," he breathed, beginning to shake. He leaned his face forward and let his trembling lips caress the torn skin in front of him. The boy gave a start, then whimpered as the Reverend softly kissed the abused flesh, then tenderly licked it.

"Please don't!" the boy cried. The Reverend tightened his grip and slid his mouth and tongue into the boy's anal cleft. He shook with unholy delight as he traced the cleft of warm flesh downward, deeper between the tight cheeks, until smooth flesh changed to ridged and scarred anal tissue.

His tongue fluttered over the boy's anal ring, feeling it, tasting it, and anointing it with saliva. With a groan he pushed his head more firmly into the startled boy's bottom, his hands pulling cheek from cheek as he fastened his lips about the star like ring and thrust his tongue inward.

"No!" squealed the boy, a sound the Reverend hardly heard as his wriggling tongue drew away so the old man could look at the source of his pleasure. "Oh, you little darling!" the man panted. He slid his index finger onto the little anus and pushed the tip inwards, his breath catching as he felt the smoothness of his anal passage. His other hand went between the boy's legs and felt for his cock and balls, stroking the half hard length while the lad's weeping slowly died to be replaced by his shortening breath.

"Ah, liking it now, are we?" he asked, smiling as his finger slid more fully into the young boy's entrails. Joseph gasped, his eyes wide and his bottom tensing as the sensations caused by the awful invasion shot into him.

His tensing only added to the gut feeling and he sobbed and hung his head, hardly believing his cock could continue to harden while he felt so bad. As the Reverend finished bringing the boy to full hardness, he pulled his finger out and eagerly licked it, savouring the clean taste of the boy and panting with the desire it brought upon him.

"For what we are about to receive," he panted, hurriedly standing behind the boy and undoing his breeches. Joseph sensed what was about to happen and began to cry and beg between his weeping for mercy. Whether the Reverend heard him or not, it made little difference; with his breeches around his ankles, he bent his knees slightly and eased his aching manhood between the boy's tight cheeks to press upon the resilient little anus.

"Please Sir, please!" Joseph wept, twisting his wrists in a vein attempt to escape, his hard cock flopping against each of his thighs. "Pray with me boy," the Reverend breathed, and pushed. To the complement of Joseph's sobbing wail, the reverend's penis pushed his anus apart and slid into him. The tight passage served to draw his foreskin back, allowing the tender head to feel the full glory of the boy's intestines sliding around him, pressing in and filling him with heat.

The intense sensation forced the Reverend to stop often; pushing for a few moments to feel the incredible pleasure of sliding slowly into the tight sheaf of the lad's bottom, then stopping to recover his breath and control, his cock swelling and pulsing, eager to continue.

Joseph cried out with each surge up his bottom, his hands banging the table uselessly, and then sobbed with the new ache and burn it caused inside him, a terrible sensation he couldn't evade or escape. The slow insurgence was all the more painful for its slowness, but not for the Reverend whose many stops for breath allowed him the pleasure of gazing down at the boy's smooth back and his lean and mutilated bottom. Such views alone were worth a fortune to the old man and he groaned with delight to see his old cock half buried within the boy's anal cleft, and feeling every sob and cry the lad made.

Slowly, thrust after thrust, the Reverend eased his cock past the tight ring of the lad's anus and into the smooth channel beyond.

Slowly, he encased himself in the fiery interior of the young boy's bottom where the heat invaded his cock, adding strength to his old loins. Fully embedded, he rocked back and forth, never pulling enough to escape the lad's tight anal embrace, yet enough to feel himself move within that silken smooth orifice, each tug back and forth causing the boy to tighten, and each sudden tightening causing his cock to lurch and stiffen.

"Blessed are the meek!" The Reverend called, his head turned up to heaven as the boy's gripping bottom finally brought on his pleasure.

"Yes, take my blessing!" he sobbed, doubled over the sobbing boy as his cock spurted time and time again, flowing with liquor he'd not been able to achieve for several months.