Swinger wife hopes her husband lets lose to enjoy swinger party

Swinger wife hopes her husband lets lose to enjoy swinger party
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a few weeks later me and harvey was back to are old self with in the few weeks we planned on going on holiday and it was the day we was going so i woke up really early. i let harvey sleep i got my passport and ticket ready and i did the same for harvey.

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me being me had been packed for a few day. being up this early (2am) i had chance to check my luggage and i had everything packed even the treat i had instore for harvey, it got to 4am and the alarm i had set the day before was going off i turned it off and woke harvey up he sat up still half asleep i hugged him and said "babe you need to get ready" "okay babe im going to take a shower" i said "okay babe leave the water running because im going to get a shower after you" harvey gave me his horny look and i said "no we dont have time for that mr" harvey looked dissapointed and i melted to harvey again and said "okay we got 20 minutes" harvey lead me to the shower and took my boxer shorts off we he got my dick and put it in his mouth.

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harvey was sucking me off for 10 minutes and i said "right it my turn" harvey took my dick out his mouth and stood up straight (so to speak) i went to my knees and took his dick in my mouth and started working it for 10 minutes and we got out the shower harvey said to me "you wasnt kidding when you said 20 minutes" i said "no i wasnt i like to keep things on a strick time table when i have something major going on" harvey call me a freak and i said "im not a freak" in a playfull manner me and harvey got dressed and styled are hairs i asked harvey "do you think we will be like this when we are married" harvey turn and hugged me and kissed me on the neck and said "you know you love the way we are" i smiled so wide all my front teeth was showing and i said "i do babe i love you also" harvey let go of me and said "i love you to babe" slapping my butt we went down stair and got breakfast as usal i got a fruit salad and some juice and harvey only had a drink we went to the down stair bathroom and brushed are teeth i took out a travel bag and said "put your toothbrush in here babe" time started going really fast and it was time to go my mom drove us to the airport and we both kissed her goodbye (side note we said bye to harveys mom the night before) we went through check in and the scanners and all that stuff and took are seat on the plain (first class but i think that go without saying) a few long hours later we arrived in italy (rome) we got a cab to the hotel when we got there we was meet my the receptionest she said "ciao come stai?" harvey looked at me as if to say what the fuck did she just say i answer the woman and said "bene e tu" she answer "molto bene grazie" i said "abbiamo una prenotazione" (we have a reservation) she said " sotto quale nome" (under what name) i said "Sig spencer" (mr spencer) she found are name and gave me a key card the card had the room number on it so we headed up to are room when we got inthe room i tipped the bell boy 50 euro and closed the door harvey said to me "im guessing one of the 3 lanuages you speak is italain" i laughed and said "yes babe" me and harvey laid on the bed and started making out after about a good hour aleast of making out harvey wanted to look around rome so i agreed but got changed first and so did harvey we walked around and kissed alot because no one in rome seemed to care that we are gay it reached 9 pm italain time so we headed back to the hotel when we got back i was really tired and i wanted to fuck harvey but we both agreed we should wait till tomorrow so we both went to sleep in each others arms i woke up the next mornng and harvey wasnt there i pancied and said "harvey?" but got no answer i kept panicing and rang his cell (btw dont ring people in italy cost me $40 for the call) he answer and i said "babe where are you" harvey said "im at the wishing well round the corner from the hotel" "baby what you doing there" harvey said "making a wish babe" i said "ha.ha" about 20 minutes later harvey come back into the hotel and said "i picked up an italain word babe" "what word is that babe?" harvey smiled and said "desiderio it means" i interupted and said "it means wish babe i proud of you picking up and word" harvey smiled and walked over to the bed and got a rewarding kiss from me harvey got undressed and back into bed we turned on the tv but harvey bless him couldnt understand because ovo it was in italain and to be fair i was struggling to keep up my self so we turned the tv off harvey said "have you eatten babe?" "im not hungry babe" harvey looked at me and said "thata to bad because your eatting and im cooking" i smiled and said "cooking or cocking" harvey walked upto me again and kissed me with his hand of the left side of my face and said "play your cards right you could have a bit of both today" i pretended to be vain and said "yeah i know you want my well toned butt" harvey smiled and said "yeah i do then i want you to have my butt after but your going to eat first babe" i smiled and said "okay baby" to be continued lol dont you think my story is more of a diary now lol