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Mom's Submissive side #2 Cindy was standing in the kitchen as her husband Alex walked in, "Hi honey I missed you". She smiled at him and continued fussing with the dishes, "I missed you too Alex it's good to have you home". "I'm going to take a shower, change and be down in a few minutes ok"? "Sounds like a plan babe".

Alex headed for the stairs; Cindy's mind was on the 10"cock which had been fucking her pussy while Jason's cock was stuffed deep in her ass Friday night. The feeling of both cocks pumping her at the same time was just the most incredible sexual experience she ever had. When the cocks blasted warm cum deep into her she just started cumming and couldn't stop until both cocks were completely finished.

It was Sunday, only one day without there cocks, she was already feeling bitchy. Her ass still hurt from the paddling but it was bearable and she knew she wanted more of that as well. Sunday and Monday Alex had all kinds of things he wanted to do with her, by Monday evening they were both tired. Jason and Brad sat at the table waiting for dinner.

Brad go down stairs and get your father dinner is ready. He stood and headed for the basement. Jason looked at Cindy, "Mom Howard called twice this afternoon". "I figured he would poor baby, I'll guess there's a large nut in there about now".

"When is dad leaving"? "I'm not sure but tell the poor baby to leave it in there as it's my job to get it out". "I hope he knows how much I really enjoy milking him dry"? Brad and Alex came to the table and they ate, Alex and Brad went into the den to watch TV. Jason stood up,"Mom I'll be in my room, when you finish could you come upstairs and help me with my homework, nut"?

"Sure honey I'll be there in fifteen minutes". Jason headed for the stairs. Dished done she told Alex what she was going to do; after she was done helping they could watch a movie.

She walked into her bedroom, checking out her panty draw she found a pair of green lace thongs, pulling them on she put on a little makeup. She grabbed a pair of 5" heels which she would leave in Jason's room, pulled her jeans up and walked to his door.

A light knock and she heard the lock open. She slipped in, "Hi baby", Jason had the paddle in his hands. "Oh honey I know I need a spanking but the noise will create suspicion". Without a word he unbuttoned her jeans, she wiggled out of them with a big smile.

He turned her around; turning the volume up on the stereo he pushed her over the chair so her ass was sticking up. Her pussy was wet as the first paddle hit her very hard, the tears started but she kept wiggling her ass with delight. Ten strokes later he stopped, pulling her up by her hair. She was really crying, the paddling had hurt, and she knew she couldn't sit for a while. "Wow mom look at your pussy", they both looked down and sure enough there was a large wet spot.

"Pull those panties down, since Howard can't pop your nut I'm going to". He laid her on the bed on her back, pain instantly shot through her as her ass was tender from the beating it had just received.

He stuffed his cock in all the way and proceeded to build a good slow steady rhythm. From her ass rubbing on the sheets there was constant pain which was bringing a roaring orgasm to her. She tried spreading wider for him which in turn caused her ass to hurt more which cased the orgasm to overtake her. She was moaning like an animal, Jason stuffed his underwear in her mouth so to muffle her screams of pleasure.

He stiffened, he cock started pumping cum deep in her pussy, this caused her to have another orgasm of the same intensity as the first. After a couple of seconds she jumped up and pulled her panties up. "Thank you baby I really need that". "Good moms now wiggle your pussy until cum starts flowing then we'll get Howard on the computer so he can see. Five minutes later she was sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide.

Cum was dripping down her legs as she proudly displayed Jason's efforts for Howard's inspection. She told Howard to please not jerk off or do anything that would make him cum, she would be milking him dry once Alex left. They finally closed the computer, pulling on her jeans she smiled.

"Jason honey we both know I need discipline", "if I buy some aids at the adult store would you and Howard use them on me"?


"We sure would mom". Blowing him a kiss she was heading downstairs, Alex and Brad were asleep. She woke them and everyone was in bed by 10 pm. Alex was still home on Thursday afternoon, they had joked as to the fact he was taking a vacation.

Friday the phone rang for Alex, it was his office. They had scheduled him for a sales trip to the southwest, seven states in sixteen days ending at there home office in Wisconsin. Brad asked her if he could go fishing with his friend Larry at the parent's cabin for the weekend but would be home by noon Sunday.

He was given instant approval. She sent a text to Howard, "baby you can get ride of the nut tonight after 9". Her phone buzzed within twenty seconds. His friend Denzel from his old neighborhood was staying with them for the weekend, as Denzel's mom and dad went on vacation so he was stuck.

Thinking with her pussy she texted back, "if he has a nut issue he needs to get ride of bring him along". The phone buzzed almost immediately, "Thanks Cindy". She texted Jason with the info and he was thrilled.

Cindy was in the car heading for the adult store near the mall. Pulling into a spot around back she got out and headed in. A short woman approached her, "can I help you"? "Actually yes, nipple clamps with chains". The girl showed not emotion but turned and headed toward an isle, Cindy followed.

The isle was labeled S&M, she saw exactly what she wanted. Nipple clams to hold her over a chair or table so the boys weren't pulling on her. She saw a large paddle with holes in it. The paddle could cover both cheeks and the holes made it cut through the air faster for a harder more solid hit. A very large butt plug, she turned the corner and was looking at an industrial sized vibrator when a woman caught her eye.

"Hi you look familiar" said the woman; Cindy responded "so do you". Cindy realized it was the girl from two doors down. Cindy laughed, "Come here often"?


"Every chance I get"! They started chatting and decided to have coffee after they finished purchasing there items. With the stuff in the car they sat talking about there lack of sex from there husbands. The girl whose name was Evelyn, was 25, she had one child a year old girl. Since her sex life way in the toilet she had stopped taking her birth control pills for at least three months.

Cindy thought this over for a minute and then went for it, "Why not come over my house tonight after 8, we'll drink some wine dress up like sluts, get the vibrators out and party"?

Evelyn didn't hesitate; great I'll get my mother in law to watch the kid so I can really relax". Walking out to there cars she asked Cindy, "You bought a paddle right"? "Yes I did". "Good I haven't been spanked in a long time; I really need my ass pounded". "While I'm on the subject got any pot"? "No". "No biggie I'll bring some". She couldn't wait to get home and tell Jason. An hour later Jason sat in the kitchen listening to the events of the day. "Mom you're the best", "I've always wanted to fuck her since they moved in, what's the plan".

Cindy explained she would get her over early, get her relaxed and horny and then around nine you guys just walk in on us. When Evelyn answered she knew it was Cindy, "Something wrong"? "No can you get over here by 5:30 or 6"? "Sure Why"? "I started drinking and I hate drinking alone". "I'll be there around 5:30", "I'm bringing some extra underwear as I hate sitting in wet if you get my meaning".

"See you soon". By seven thirty they were stoned, Cindy looked at her, "I'm going up stairs to get dressed like a real slut, care to join me". By 8:30 they looked fantastic, Cindy grabbed the new vibrator, "let's go to the basement and really relax". They had passed Jason's room when she stopped "I forgot something, get us another joint and I'll be right down". Evelyn staggered away laughing.

Jason's door opened, "mom you look like a real slut", "Thank you dear I'm wet thinking about Howard and his friend". "Jason as soon as Howard gets here lock the house and come down stairs". "The new paddle is in a bag in my room with nipple clams".


"Jason we are sluts that need discipline and a lot of it". "No problem mom". A little while later they were discussing the fact both of them had neatly trimmed bushed, when the three boys came down the stairs. Jason had the bag from Cindy's room. Evelyn tried to cover herself but Cindy just sat there legs spread out smiling, "Hi guys you're home early"? Jason looked at them "well it seems you are both sluts", Evelyn piped up with I'm no slut"!

Jason explained the paddling process, the fact they were going to get fucked tonight and to get use to it. Evelyn tried to explain she was off the pill but they didn't seem to care.

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Jason instructed Evelyn to bend over the sofa, "Fuck you mister" was all she got out as the other two boys grabbed her arm and swung her into position. She was cursing them, calmly Jason explained she was getting 20 strokes, if she spoke the count would start from the beginning. As the first stroke hit her panty covered ass it really stung.

It took five strokes before she stopped yelling and just laid there crying hysterically. As he reached 20 they let her go, her legs were shaky as she balanced herself.

There was a burning from her ass cheeks she had never felt before. Howard looked at Evelyn, he pointed to her pussy, "hey guys she's wet". They all took pictures of her wet spot. Standing there she saw Cindy get paddled. Standing in front of three guys both women had wet spots and were horny as hell. Jason looked at Evelyn, "Hey Eve lose the bra, now"! "No fucken way mister". She was back over the sofa; she received another 10 strokes which turned into 17 before she shut up.

She had never been beaten like this in her life, her ass burned like it was on fire she couldn't stop crying. She realized Cindy was being fucked by the two black guys at the same time, they had her pussy and ass filled with cock.

Cindy was moaning like an animal as she thrashed around between them. The three of them seemed to stiffen at the same time, she knew Cindy was having an orgasm, she also realized the guys were cumming in both her holes. The orgasm kept cumming until both cocks in her had stopped spewing cum in her. She definitely had the look of a well fucked woman. Jason leaned close to her ear and whispered, "lay down and spread your legs I'm going to fuck you"!

She hesitated for a moment but went right down. As her ass hit the carpet she winced, her ass hurt like hell. Jason's cock was in her almost immediately, it had been quite a while since she had felt a hard dick, it felt great. With every thrust the carpet irritated her ass, there was a burning coming from deep in her pussy she had absolutely no control over.

Jason kept pounding her to the hilt as she started moaning loudly, she was loosing control as he was in complete charge of her. She spread a little wider which made her ass cheeks burn which caused her pussy to spasm she had a screaming orgasm. Jason just kept pumping, but was pounding her hard and fast.

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She moved her mound up each time he drove down to get more of his cock in her. He stiffen, she felt hot slippery cum pouring into the depths of her pussy. The feeling caused her to have her third orgasm. Jason collapsed on her and they lay there catching there breath. Looking up into Jason's eyes she whispered softly, "your cock feels wonderful I would like more if you would like to"? "Was my pussy good and tight for you, baby"?

"Jason rolled off her get your panties on now"! She rolled over grabbed them and wiggled them over her hips. Now she saw Cindy at the bar in only panties kissing one of the black guy's cocks.

"Why do I need my panties on"? "To prove to the other guys you've got my cum dripping out of you". "Oh". They headed to the bar. Denzel looked at Jason, "how was the pussy"?

"Jason responded "Wet, hot tight and now gooey"! Howard looked at Evelyn "how did his cock feel in you"? "It was wonderful I love cock and his cock is great". Cindy was sucking Denzels cock and from the looks of thing they were both near the edge.

Denzel grabbed her ears and shoved this cock way down her throat. As he was cumming she gagged, he pulled his cock out of her throat and left it in her mouth as he was still cumming. Cum has passed through her nose but she kept sucking until he was finished. Cindy looked around at the group, scoped the cum from her face and swallowed, "good to the last drop". Howard put Evelyn on all fours and Jason got his cock back in her pussy, she was moaning within two minutes, suddenly Howard's big cock head plopped into her ass.

He was holding her ass cheeks which were now sorer due to the carpet, now with him squeezing her butt cheeks it was beginning to cause agony. Strangely she didn't want either of them to stop. The feeling of two cocks rubbing together inside her was like no sexual sensation she had ever experienced. The torrent of emotion that flooded her mind was overwhelming, her pussy was milking the cock in it, her ass was gripping the cock in it in an effort to force them both to explode in her.

Her orgasm gripped her, first she was screaming, and then she couldn't breathe, and suddenly her pussy felt the feeling of warm cum bathing her cervix. She orgasm again, again a strange feel was now coming from her bowels as a blast of warm cum was deposited deep in her ass, a third and fourth orgasm blasted through her. After a few moments both guys pulled out and told her to get her panties on. She did, and within five minutes they had pictures of her wet stains front and rear, cum soaked bush pictures and she was smiling happily in all the pictures.

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Standing at the bar they all joked openly about how tight the girl's pussies were. The girls didn't mind have there pictures taken so the guys could jerk off when they were alone.

The fact that both girls really enjoyed getting DP and had cum oozing down there legs was another perk. Denzel looked at Eve, "hey momma you do know how to suck cock don't you"? "Sir I'll have you know I am a very good cock sucker", "I really enjoy sucking cock and swallowing cum", "would you like a blow job from me too find out for your self"?

He walked over to her; she dropped to her knees and went to work. Within five minutes she was swallowing a load of warm fresh cum.

As she stood up licked her lips she said to no one in particular "God I love a mouthful of cum at night". Denzel and Jason took Eve to his bedroom where she was DP two more times, but only Jason's cum was allowed in her pussy.

Cindy fucked Howard six times, as they lay in bed she looked at him, "honey am I your black cock cum loving slut"? "Yes you are, there a problem with that"?

"No I'm very happy with that arrangement". "Honey why do I have to continue to wear panties after we fuck"? "Well soon we'll all be going to parties", "we will"?

"Yes everyone is in there bra and panties", "cum stains in the front and back indicated you are part of group", "you are not available unless someone asks and permission is given". "Permission to what"? "OK let's say we all go to a party tomorrow night and you look the way you do now".

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The host has a nut he wants to get rid of, he's seen your video and would like to give it too you". "He must ask me if it's ok". "If I agree you take care of the nut and get right back to me, got it"? "Yes". "I'd rather get another nut from you"? "Now"?, "No Cindy I need to rest a bit". Saturday morning Howard and Denzel left to go to there part time jobs, Eve gave all three guys a good morning blow job first, Jason stayed in bed, so Eve went to the kitchen, there was Cindy making coffee.

"Hi girlfriend, how you pussy"? Asked Evelyn, Cindy smiled "well I got laid six times, my pussy is still very sloppy but it feels great". "My ass burns like hell but I admit I enjoy being spanked". "From four DP my asshole is stretched quite a bit, but I feel good". "I do too but I can't sit down properly, if my mother in law realized what's going on I'm fucked"! "Don't sweat the small shit; the guys are taking us to a party tonight".

"I'm not sure I can go", "why"? "The mother in law thing", "tell her you're helping your neighbor with a church event". "That just may work she is a religious nut". "Cindy I do have one other question for you"? "Sure girlfriend what"? "They just keep pumping live sperm into us; don't they know we can get pregnant"? "Not only do they know but Howard has told me if it happens I should have his child".

Evelyn's eyes bugged out of her head, "are you serious"? "Yup I've had a gallon of his black sperm pumped into me in a two week period".

"His cock feels way too good for me to bitch about getting pregnant to him and frankly if my husband would fuck me like he does I'd be faithful too him but a girl need two thing".

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"What are they"? "A hard cock almost daily, gallons of warm fresh cum and a good spanking". They both laughed. "That's three things"! Evelyn was standing because her ass was still unbelievably sore. Jason entered the room. "Hi girls, how are our pussies feeling"? Evelyn responded "well sir speaking for myself I have one very sloppy pussy which feels wonderful". "My asshole is still leaking cum as well, it feels terrific too". "My only question is when can I come back for more"?

"Tonight Eve, were having a party here". Cindy looked at her son "we are"? "Yup, were getting one more guy involved and then our group is closed". "One more guy" asked Eve. "Yes but the only cum going in your pussy is from me". "How come babe"? "Well that way were sure who the daddy is". Jason turned and left the room as he left he called to Evelyn "be back at 8".

Evelyn just looked at Cindy, "Is he serious"? "I think so; he seems very pleased with himself"." But, I", Cindy held up her hand. "Look Evelyn it's pretty simple, either you get the morning after pill, just don't say anything about it or you can get knocked up if you want". "You have a third option which is never come back", "I'm sure they will not bother you as they already know there are a lot of horny women who will be more then happy to fill your shoes".

"But I want his cock in me as often as possible". "My dear you should go home, take a hot shower and reflect on the rest of your life". "I personally want all the cock and cum they are willing to give me". "I got the pill", "they keep fucking me, which make me and my pussy very happy". "He wants you back at 8, if you decide you don't want his cock that's your decision".

"Just don't come back". Evelyn went home thinking about the conversation. She went in and was coming out of the shower when she heard her mother in law yelling for her.

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She put on a robe, twisted a towel around her hair and headed for the kitchen. After several hours of conversation about the church event she was suppose to be working at her husband arrived home. She dressed and they talked for a bit. By 4:30 he was asleep in his chair. She called Cindy, "I'll be there at 7, got wine"?